Shape Shifting UFOs -  Sky Creature ?
This object was taken above a 3 story building at 532 N. Pine Street.  
Taken approximately 4:30 a.m.  8 -14-04
Here is photo taken of an object in the Burlington Skies after 3 a.m.
8-10-04 - For viewing Photo has been  cropped and enlarged.
Alien Energy
uts forward the theory that unknown aerial phenomena and other sustained lightforms are the outer
manifestations of a more primary energy, scientifically isolated in the 1930's by Austrian born physicist Wilhelm
Reich and recognised today by quantum physicists as the multi-dimensional superforce or unified field. It also
demonstrates how these atmospheric and ground based energy forms appear to possess an independent
consciousness and intelligence accessible to non-local communication through the intervention of human
archetypes and symbols.

Furthermore, the book argues that the presence of this pre-atomic energy continuum, or matrix, is responsible for
the many strange effects so often reported in connection with ancient and sacred sites, crop circles (whether
man-made or otherwise) and Reich's orgone energy accumulator. Such energetic states provide a perfect garden,
or gateway, in which trans-dimensional intelligences can penetrate space-time and catalyse psycho-interactive
confrontations, including the so-called alien abduction experience.

In addition to this, 'Alien Energy' demonstrates that the ceremonial landscape around Alton Barnes, Avebury and
Silbury hill - home to so many prehistoric monuments and, since 1989, literally to dozens of crop formations - has
become the focus of unknown aerial and ground based phenomena in recent years. It also reviews the Orgone 93
and Orgone 94 research projects initiated by the author to test the inter-relationship between unseen energy forms,
ritual lanscapes and the human mind.

The results of this ground-breaking work show how focused human attention can not only affect scientific apparatus
and environmental energy fields, but how it can also produce photographic anomalies that may well record the
presence of unseen energy fields......'


most of page 19) 'Trevor James Constable found a greater understanding of the etheric sciences inthe teachings of
Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical Society, and during this same period he became acquainted
with the work of Wilhelm Reich as well as with the energy healing formulated by Dr Albert Abrams and developed by
Dr Ruth Beynar Drown under the title radionics; this also brought him into contact with Reich's daughter Eva who
was also an avid supporter of Drown's teachings. Gradually Constable was able to align his own views of UFOs as
ether ships with Reich's concept of orgone energy, particularly its association with both the ORANUR experiment of
1951-2 and the flying saucer mystery. This convinced him even further of the existence of invisible lifeforms living in
the upper atmosphere so-called 'Critters' or 'sky creatures' as he decided to christen them.

During the summer of 1957, the year of Reich's tragic death, Constable teamed up with a colleague named Jim X.
Woods for the purposes of trying to obtain photographic evidence of his 'critters'. Having chosen a suitable location
in the Californian desert between Yucca Valley and Old Woman Springs, the two men set up their camera
equipment loaded with infrared-sensitive black and white film. The agreed plan was for Constable to stand on a
slight eminence and conduct a meditational practice known as the Star Exercise. This was believed to align his
body with the earth's magnetic field, while setting himself up as a 'bioenergetic beacon' in the hope that it would
attract inquisitive critters' into the recordable ranges of the IR (infrared) spectrum.

At the same time Woods would take up position a little way away and photograph the empty sky against background
features, generally with Constable in the lower part of the frame. The experiments would normally take place in the
pre-dawn desert air - the time they decided most conducive for this kind of psychic experiment.

By mid 1958 the results of the two men's photographic sessions were clear to see. In just one year they had
captured over 100 anomalous images on film. Some showed dark objects, others showed extraordinary ellipses
looking like living cells. while still others resembled more classic UFOs. All appeared to be of considerable size and
were framed by physical features such as desert landscapes, hills and people.

The potency of what Constable and Woods had achieved can he judged by the remarkable series of images
recordeon an IR motion film in the Mojave Desert on an unspecified date. The sequence. shot at 24 frames per
second and reproduced in his 1976 book 'The Cosmic Pulse of Life', shows six consecutive pictures in which
Constable stands some distance away with his hands raised in the air. Descending into frame is a clear
amoeba-like anomaly that, in a mere quarter second of exposure. divides in two. joins back together, before finally
ascending out of frame.

Constable came to believe that his photographs showed 'aerial fauna' - conscious'bioforms' of etheric energy of the
sort believed in by followers of Rudolf Steiner and studied scientifically by Wilhelm Reich. In the years that followed
Constable constructed a cloudbuster and used it not just for weather control operations, but also to draw alleged
bioforms' into manifestation (in contrast to Reich who used the device to make them fade from appearance). By
employing this process, Constable and Woods were able to obtain many more photographic anomalies to support
their case. To Constable it eventually became clear that whether he used the Star Exercise or a cloudhuster they
both appeared to produce exactly the same results.

By far the most intrigueing of the photographic anomalies recorded by Constable were the dark elliptical shapes
captured on IR-sensitive, black and white film, often set against a suitable backdrop such as a distant horizon, a hill
summit, or, on occasions. the upright tubes of the cloudbuster. These amorphous images were believed to
represent invisible bioforms encroaching the very fringes of the IR frequency range, hence their appearance only on
IR-sensitive film. Constable noted that Reich had achieved almost identical black 'dots' when attempting to
photograph microscopic bion cultures. Although minute, these black and white photographs taken in 1944 showed
sharply defined circles with a less sharp periphery or 'field'..................'
Linda Moulton Howe believes these creatures may be UFOs attempting to communicate with us
through sky writing, using ancient symbology.
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Sky Critters over Burlington Wi
Brad and Mary Sutherland
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Investigating the Invisible

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Science no longer identifies reality with the physical
universe, for mind and consciousness belong to the
unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
Portals...Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
19.99  120 pages
Full Color

Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds
Believe in the Magic Series

In reading my book, ‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ and my series ‘Believe in the Magic’, I
assure you, that you will not be disappointed. Quite the opposite; this book and upcoming series offer to the
reader a unique understanding of ‘All that Is!’

Spread throughout its pages, are photos my husband Brad and I have taken through the years of the invisible
worlds, filled with multiple selves, faeries, trolls, UFOs, angels and more.

This book promises you not only ‘understanding’ but ‘photographic proof’ that Multi-dimensional realities do
exist! When you understand the workings of these multi-dimensional levels, you will then appreciate not only
the wonders of the multi-universe, but the ‘magic that lie within’…

‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ will teach you to not only communicate with the multi-
dimensional worlds, but to photograph these worlds, the entities that live within and the strange phenomena
interacting with us.

In this book and throughout the ‘Believe in the Magic series’, I will teach you how the mind interprets your reality
and how you can use this information to create the reality or realties you desire. I will continue to inform you
about vortices, portals, time slips, the Oz Factor or Dead Zones, alternative realities, frequencies and vibrations.

It is my purpose to help you, once again, believe in your own multi-dimensional capabilities and the magic that
lies within!