The Mysteries of Burlington, Wisconsin
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Burlington Wisconsin

The Burlington Capstone Sits on hwy 11 and 36
11 goes east to west
Revelations 1:1  or 11:11
You Decide
11 also runs into 36 which is Revelations  3:6

And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.  (KJV)
And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.  (KJV)
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.  (KJV)
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his
servant John:  (KJV)

For all of you that are familiar with my sites  on interdimensional physics and the multi-verses, you have come to realize that we have some very unique phenomenon that
spreads from the town itself to outlying areas.

The town is built on at least 27 ancient burial mounds. Many townspeople  experience hauntings. UFO sightings are a nightly occurrence.  Underneath the town, leading to other
towns in the area, is a maze of underground tunnels built by the ancient mound builders. And of course, my favorite, are the portals or doorways into other worlds, along with
experiencing time/space distortions from them. .

I had always suspected that this area was a place of 'magik and that the Burlington  'historical district'  was made in the form of a pentagram and that our Center was sitting in
the midst of it...which of course would explain why we have an active vortex in the Center and a lot of ghostly activities. .

It took me years to find this pentagram , but several weeks ago, I finally made a breakthrough and found what I was looking for.

Just as Mikael has demonstrated in his photos, this town is set up similarily. Except no copper and crystal staffs such as what he has set up.- but definately clues that an
ancient race was here mining copper and using sacred ceremonies.

I have also learned that Mormon Temple Endowment and
Sealing rituals were derived from contemporary Masonic ceremonies.

First to show you is a Circle of Og or Sacred Circle that I found , by accident, as I was viewing some aerial shots of Burlington.
This is within the city limits of Burlington.
Washington DC & Pentagram & Hexagram
The original street plan of Washington DC was designed by Pierre
L'enfant in 1791 at the request of George Washington
Nick Reiter Suggested this site
Check it out.
Circle of Og
For those that have eyes to see and understand somewhat the masonic symbology, the following photos are another indication that the cap stone is located where I have it
marked in the diagram above.
Circle of Og Bashan
Revelation 11:1 And there was given me a reed like unto a... God's sanctuary--and the altar--and count the worshipers who are in it. ...
der blev givet mig et Rør ligesom en Målestok, med de Ord: Stå op og mål ...
Circle of Og of Burlington WI
OG or  OPHIOLATREIA represents the DEIFIED  DELUGE. The  people of OG were the people of the Deluge and  SERPENT
worshippers . It was from here that comes the Language of OGHAM.  The SERPENT GOD  was  the deity whose worship was
conveyed into western Europe, under the title of OGHAM or OGMIUS, by the Phœnician mariners, and established in Gaul and

The first mention of this name in history is in the Scriptures, where it appears as the cognomen of the celebrated king of Bashan,
overthrown by Joshua. He reigned over the territory of Argob 3, which was afterwards called by the Greeks, Trachonitis - the  
"country of the dragon:" and the propriety of this resolution will appear from decomposing the word Argob into its component parts,
AUR-OG-OB; of which the first signifies light; the second is the name of the deity; the third that of his symbol, the serpent.
OG is the DELUGE deified; whence is derived OC and OCEANUS. This, I believe is the general opinion. But whoever OG may
have been, the word Argob is his title; and this title bears allusion to the solar deity AUR, and the serpent-deity AUB. And "the
region of Argob" in his holy land. Upon this hypothesis the king of Bashan (OG) would be hierarch and king of Argob, assuming
the name of his tutelar god--
OPHIOLATREIA is indigenous in the LAND OF CANAAN
Star of David or  Pentagram
Notice the top of the hexogram  forms a pyramid and at the top of that pyramid is the capstone.
The Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center lies right there in that capstone!

In this old map of 1908 I was able to see the original streets . I discovered  that the only original  three streets running diagonally through this pyramid were Washington, Jefferson
and Madison. At the base of the Pyramid was Liberty Street!  If you are familiar with Masonic Lingo at all you will recognize that particular names have meanings. The same thing
done here is mirrored at Mt. Rushmore with the faces of the presidents representing certain virtues. In the case of these 'three' streets  (3 sides to a pyramid) you have
Washington representing Virtue, Jefferson representing Liberty and Madison representing Knowledge.
In Masonic Symbology - Follow the Clues -
The  CIRCLE WINGS found on this cap stone  
is one of the most curious emblems of
Ophiolatreian  and may be recognised in
almost every country where Serpent-Worship
prevailed or prevails. It seems to
have been a general symbol of consecration.
The WINGS implied the MOVING or
pervaded all things. This he called LOVE
This would usually appear of the portals of the
Egyptian Temples.
The Druids, however,  transferred the symbol
from the portal to the whole temple; and
instead of placing the circle and serpent over
the entrance into their sanctuaries, erected
the entire building itself in the form of the
ophite hierogram. Abury in Wiltshire, and
Stanton Drew in Somersetshire, are
interesting examples of this construction. The
former represents the ophite hierogram with
one serpent, the latter with two; the circle in
each case being destitute of wings.
The Burlington One shows the three circles
The Center being the very smallest with statue
in centre
Prophets and priests are frequently called in mythology the sons of the God who they worshipped
Burlington, WI Masonic Layout
The Pentagram From Levi's Transcendental Magic
The pentagram is the figure of the microcosm—the magical formula of
man. It is the one rising out of the four -the human soul rising from the
bondage of the animal nature. It is the true light the "Star of the morning." It
marks the location of five mysterious centers of force, the awakening of
which is the supreme secret of white magic.
Capstone C
The Cross of Solomon
Solomon, the Founder of the Masons
known as Imenhotep IV,  came up with the
concept of monotheism, in the sense that
he instituted the worship of the sun as a
symbol of 'God' rather than the sun being a
god in and of itself. He also changed his
name to Akhnaton (meaning 'pious to
Aton', the sun god) and built the  a
cross-shaped temple at El Amarna. This
cross represents this first Masonic Place
of Worship
Serpent / Solar

The  photo to left represents an
early american that was described
as Indian from a tribe in Louisiana .
Serpent Worship
This is a representation of a priest
of the Solar-Ophite
(serpent-Canaaite) religion.

The Sun and Serpent tattooed
upon his breast, and pictured upon
the instrument in his hand shows
that serpent religions pre-existed
the European Christian religions
that came later. And if this is a
native american he adapted this
custom from the earlier
Canaanites that arrived earlier.

The illustration is remnant of the
stigmata alluded to by Job, and St.
Paul, which were borne on the
body of the priests of all the old
Solar Worship of
This Priest is the one
found on the Voree
Plate that started the
Strangite Mormon
Again you see the
shaved head with
lock of hair - mohawk
style - with the  priest
standing over the  
sun and moon but
under  the Eye of Ra.
or the 'All Seeing Eye"
such as found in the
Masonic symbols.  
This shows
something similar to
a calendar.
6 mo. given to the
Sun (God)
6 mo. given to the
Moon (Goddess)
with the 12 months
This remarkable drawing
shows the good and evil
principles of Persia
Ahura-Mazda and Ahriman
contending for the Egg of the
Earth, which each is trying to
wrench from the teeth of the
other. MPH
Photo on Left is Cahokia Mounds - east of St. Louis MO
and the Photo on the bottom is of Aztalan which is almost identical to
the Hill Crest Mound of Burlington
Old New York TImes Article on Earthen Mounds Finds around Burlington Wisconsin
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Although it would be impossible for me to do a full investigation with my limited finances, we can
go off what earlier archaeologists have theorized what these ancient cities may have looked like.
Following are some artist depictions of the ancient cities.  Could Burlington have been as
populated as Cahoka - The local Indians stated that when they first arrived here in the Burlington
area, there were white people already living here and they were as many as "the leaves on the
trees".   So Yes - Burlington was heavily occupied prior to the Native American Indians.  The
Indians referred to these people as 'The Ancient Ones' more commonly known as the "Allegwi or
Ancient City of Burlington Wisconsin
The Giant Mound Builders of Burlington
Mary Sutherland
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The Mysteries of Burlington, Wisconsin
Home of the Mormon Brass Plates -  the Veiled City of Voree - Underground Tunnels
and the Ancient Mound Builders
Extra-dimensional Worlds -Multi-Dimensional Worlds- Intra-dimensional Travel -Time and Space Travel
Brought to you by:  Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center
BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio
Copyright 2005- 2006
Mysteries of  Burlington Wisconsin
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