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Pishtaka is a BRAHMIN name for RICE
Pishtaka, what is now the FOX River was described by Louis and Clark as a river of rice fields.
How would the N.American Indians have known the Brahmin name for rice if they had not had
some interaction with them?  Mary Sutherland
According the local tribes here in Wisconsin, "When they arrived on this land, there were already people living here"
They called them the HU-KADESH ...and described them as "White skinned giants with red haired, with a population as thick as the leaves on the trees."  
They also described them as builders of 'stone' and mounds  from who they gained much information from.
The Lost Empires and Vanished Races of the Book of Mormon
By Phyllis Carol Olive
The Mound Builders of North America Part 10
Brahman in Ancient America
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"Thanks to the introduction of new state and Federal laws, Wisconsin's
remaining mounds have now been protected.
According to the Burial Site Protection Law of 1985, Wisconsin progressively
defined all Native American mounds as human burial places. The law protects
them from disturbance and destruction, as it does for all cemeteries and family