The Chaney Beast
Wisconsin Hauntings
Provided by Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center

Michael Demar Copyrite @2001


A group of friends and myself started out with the same goal as many of you. To try and put scientific evidence to light and prove the existence of "ghosts"
But there in lies the biggest problem. There is already more evidence of their existance then there is to support the theory of evolution, yet
evolution is considered fact, and ghosts are considered wild imagination. It frustates me that it takes more faith to believe in
the idea we all come from dirty water, then to believe Jesus walked on earth.  Yet schools teach the dirty water belief and
forget about Christ  So we decided to take a new slant on things.
This is in a nut shell my core belief.

I started doing research looking for keys, anything to support my theory that ghost are really just part of a fourth dimension something rarely glimped
because we have yet to learn how to "see it". I decided that it must have something to do with magnetic fields, as the earth is covered with them and is ever
changing and no one really knows why. Concentrated fields of magnetic energy in theory can condense water to a vapor, move objects etc. So therefor I
concentrated my search to areas of higher then normal magnetism and hauntings.

The area I came up with is called the  Chaney area, it has a history of beast haunting and ties in with a mysterious indian tribe that dissapeared.
. Since the 1850's  many people have died, or disappeared in this area. The last pic of "spirit lake" I think has a chance of being the actually spirit lake I've
been told about. It is fed by 7 creeks that origanate in almost the same area. This may be related  to the Seven Fires Prophecy.


The Chaney Beast or "Green Eyes" as it is known locally, is a bigfoot like creature that has been sighted several times over the last 150 years. Again, I
believe it ties into the Spirt Tribe that I'm looking for some hard evidence on. I believe this because it closely resembles the Ojibwa creature called a
Windago. This Spirt Tribe.. if it existed at all ..was said to have left a windago to guard something. This ' something' may possibly be the Spirit Lake where
legend has  they commited their souls, to wait for the next chance for the Ojibwa Nation to rise again,

My problem is proving that this tribe even existed at all. Native Americans , as a rule , use only oral tradition, passed on from generation to generation, and
for those of us who have lived in a small town we know just  how accurate gossip is. Second they where a small group with a short time span,.
Assuming my time line is correct the Civil War and events leading to it would have far outranked them. But I have pieced together this. A small group of
braves, lead by a powerful medicine man,  joined up and raided the white settlers. They then decided the only way for the Ojibwa Nation to rise again would
be to wait for the Seventh Fire to be lit.  (The Ojibwa believe in a Seven Fires Prophecy which runs parallel to the Christian Book of Revelations). They moved
northward and disappeared some where between present day Augusta, and Gordon Wisconsin. I had thought I was on the wrong track until I discovered
Pokerville, Wisconsin. (The first and only indian massacred town in wisconsin that I have date.) Moving northward we find
Augusta and Gordon..both which have strong phenomon attaching themselves to the story line. I'm looking for a new group of people this year to help me
investigate. My past group has dwindled to one , laughs, Most have seen things or been attacked in one way or the other and have left. For this reason i do
not give out the exact locations to these phenomon, because if u don't know what to expect, it is dangerous. I was attacked  on my second outing and got
some large scrathes on my back for my trouble. I have noticed that playing Sioux war chants or Christian music seems to really tick this thing off. No
answers yet to why.
Something to
Think About

I was reading my copy of poplar mechanics, the June 2003 issue. On
page 20 they have a small article, on what happened when scientists
applied magnetic energy to metal particles in water. The results
produced several Indian like designs, somewhat like crop circles in
appearance. I urge everyone to take a look and tell me what you
Michael Demar
BUFO Columnist
Focusing on the
Chaney Beast of Trempeleau County, WI
As darkness falls, Mike steps onto  the path leading into the forest in search
of the Chaney Beast
Greetings! I just stumbled upon your website tonight about Chaney Road between Augusta and Fairchild Wisconsin.

I am originally from Osseo so I am very familiar with this road. I found your information very informative as I have been looking off and on for events that may
explain paranormal events on this road.

Although I have never personally seen old "Green Eyes", as we call it, I have had many other experiences; I have made believers out of non-believers.

I have heard school bells and the laughter of children just sitting on the road with the engine off as well as a figure of a man on a horse near the bridge that
goes over the creek (his name was John) and he would follow us down the road until we reached the bridge.

There was also a Native American woman we have seen standing a mile or so south of Chaney Road that people say is this mans long-lost love and they
are searching for each other.  I have been out here with a few different mediums (plus i am developing my ability) and they all say the same thing.

We were also chased by men on horses further down the road and they stopped at the bridge.

I have even known many police officers  try to see things while off-duty and many swear its real!

The story we knew about "Green Eyes" was that a man was being chased by some drunks leaving Augusta. They proceeded down Chaney Road and the
man being chased was killed. He had apparently missed the sharp left turn just past the bridge and crashed into that big tree. They say he now haunts the
area seeking revenge.

I have also read of a cop being shot in the head while patrolling in the wee-hours, no one was ever caught.

Also a house burning down in the dead of winter that had no electricity, no water, abandoned for many many years.

Local fisherman have told of large splashes in the water as if someone had jumped in right there or, in a shallow spot, like someone ran across the creek
but no one was ever there.

The road is basically a trail now with many other trails running through it making it difficult in spots to maneuver unless you have a truck or four-wheel drive.

Now talking about it is making me want to visit again. I now live with my family in Hayward, WI but all my family lives in Osseo area. Thanks for reading and I
hope to read more from you.

Joe Cuddy
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