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Reviewing some aerial shots taken of the Burlington Area, I found this sacred circle only a few miles outside of Burlington.
I will keep you posted as to our investigation of it.
Not far from the sacred circle we also found a large pyramid filled in with water. This is in the same area as where Mormon
Prophet Strang found the Brass Plates. It is in the same general area as where they believe Jesus Christ is to return in the latter
Lost Diamonds of Burlington and Eagle WI
Mary Sutherland   2005

I feel that this entire area may be one of the lost mines of King Solomon.
I have been working on getting evidence to this.

Where the pyramid structure is is where I photographed a temple manifesting in another dimension. Photos of it are on the site below
This is also the same area that the Mormon Prophet Strang found the Brass plates to found the Strangite Branch of Mormonism - He always claimed he saw in his vision a temple
manifesting there. The place is called Holy Hill and to this day is protected by the Mormons.

This is what I have found so far on the diamonds.

Sharon provided this:
A few diamonds are also found in the glacial drift. Such diamonds have been found near Eagle in Waukesha County (neighboring county of Burlingon's Racine) southwest of Oregon in
Dane County, near Saukville in Ozaukee county , Burlington in Racine County, Eagle Lake outside of Burlington and Kohlsville in Washington County. The largest of these weighed 15 12/32
carats. Their source is unknown , but is supposed to be somewhere inb Canada. As long ago as 1670 the jesuit fathers related a story of diamonds on some of the islands at the entrance
to Green Bay.
(Wouldn't surprise me at all if it was the Isle Royale where Solomon and the Phoenicians were also mining Copper.)
There was also a diamond found at Eagle Wisconsin in Waukesha County that was found in 1876 that weighed 16.25

Is it or is it not sounding more and more like some of the lost mines of Solomon?


Most diamonds form within the earth's mantle at depths of 100 to 200 km. They are brought to the surface by the action of deep-seated magma which crystallizes to form pipe to d**e
shaped bodies of the igneous rock called lamproites. Since diamond is physically and chemically resistent it survives weathering and can be transported long distances from its source by
rivers or glaciers. When deposited it occurs with the denser minerals such as magnetite, garnet and gold. A number of diamonds, however, have been found through the years in glacial
drift and river sediments in Wisconsin. Recently, a diamondiferous lamproite was discovered in the subsurface in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This suggests a local source for at least some of
the drift diamonds, although others could have been transported longer distances, from Michigan or Canada

RACINE COUNTY: (This is the county we live in)  In 1903, an irregular rounded 2.11 carat diamond was found in Burlington (Hobbs, 1901; Cannon and Mudrey, 1981). Previously a 2.06
carat white twin was reported found there in 1897 (Eckert, 1980).

A member sent this to me:

>>>WAUKESHA COUNTY (County that adjoins this one) : A 16.25 carat diamond of a "warm sunny color" was reportedly found by drilling in 1876 near Eagle. The diamond has a
dodecahedral form with triagular and circular markings on the faces. The locality was later salted with diamonds and other stones, a situation finally debunked by George Kunz. The Eagle
diamond was in the American Museum of Natural History until stolen in 1964 ( Kunz, 1894; Olson, 1953, Cannon and Mudrey, 1981).

My friend that lives with me always watches the Jewelry Tevelision where they sell gemstones and talk about them ad nauseum, but one of the things they talked about as George Kunz,
who was a explorer and gemologist for Tiffany - well, he and his pal J P Morgan got into it because the next new stone to be found was to be named after George Kunz, but instead went to J
P Morgan - Morganite, leaving Kunz fuming - later though, the next stone found was called Kunzite. Interesting, however useless, trivia.

Anyway, George Kunz knew his stones and he said the mine was 'salted' (diamonds scatter around on the floor to presumably impress the buyer and sell it at a high price) and he could
prove that the diamonds that were put there weren't from there at all but commercial diamonds from somewhere else.

Has your learning been 'salted' with what *they* want you to see - and the truth lies just below the surface?

Here was my answer:

They may have salted in some areas, to impress upon the people that the diamonds were not here. And apparently it worked.
One of the places outside of Burlington, at Eagle lake had one of the largest diamonds in the world found there.
Interestingly , they flooded the mine and turned the whole area into one huge lake...Now known as Eagle Lake.
This area is where we have taken a lot of photos of the portals. getting our first multi dimensional photos.
There is something very very strange about that area.
and I have a feeling the diamonds have a lot to do with it.
They won't even allow people to swim in the lake.
for some reason, people become disorientated while swimming in the lake and drown. Sound like a portal to me. Could the diamonds be connected to the portal???


I believe the copper mining in this area, which brought in the Bronze Age, the pyramids of Rock Lake, the mounds here, the sacred circles, the manitou stones, the phoenicians and king
solomon who were here mining copper in upper Michigan and Wisconsin , the diamonds and the portals are all connected. Lets not forget also the Mormons say this is the 'coming new
jerusalem' during the end times and Jesus is supposed to appear here along with the new city and temple . The  lost
brass plates were also found here...and that i was able to capture on
film the temple manifesting in another dimension.
I just need to connect the dots .
The largest piece of the puzzle is missing though - Where is the main power point.
When I find that I have something.
Iam not interested in the diamonds - but Iam interested in what this area may be and the potential it may have for the coming age of man.

Love and Light

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Mary Sutherland wrote:

I was thinking the bottom had a pyramidal area that has been filled in with water.
Next to those beds of water is a large quarry. There are two quarries around this area.
My suspicions is their original intent for the quarry was looking for diamonds that had been found in that area in
ancient times.
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