Coaches Sports Bar and Grill has a story to tell.. a ghost story.
Many have seen or experienced the ghost that haunts coaches.
Not only does Coaches have the ghosts but 3 underground tunnel entrances!
Coaches Sports Bar and Grill Ghost
While doing some photo shots of Coaches for the Haunted
Burlington Ghost walk I managed to catch the infamous
'ghost' on film!
At first I thought it may have been a water heater with
something thrown over it...or a play with the shadows.
After uploading the photo on the camera and seeing the
ghost, I went back to Coaches immediately . I checked out
every angle to see if it may have been the result of lighting. I
also check to see if there was a hot water heater
there..something that would obstruct the view of the wall .
As I stood looking down the hall located in the basement of
Coaches , off the room that we will be having our dinner in
Halloween night, I saw nothing that would project the
image of the ghostly apparition. As a matter of fact, as I
stood looking down the hall, the wall was completely in
view with nothing in front of it...unlike what the photo shows.
The Tunnel Room
In the basement of Coaches is 3 tunnel entrances.
All three sealed. Are they sealed to keep people from going
in...or are they sealed to keep 'something' from getting out?
This door , as you see, is sealed with 'center' bricks.
All we know for sure about the tunnels is that they lead
under the road. I have heard that they may have an entrance
or exit of this tunnel at the old high school. I have yet to
check that out.
We also know that where ever there is a tunnel entrance we
have high paranormal activity.
Two other places similar to Coaches is Malt House Theater
and Chances Bar and Restaurant .
Two patrons of Coaches , while coming out of the stalls in
the restroom, which is in the basement , witnessed a large
vanity mirror fly off the wall , hurl towards them. Just as it was
about to hit them, it instantly dropped to the floor and
smashed into bits and pieces.
Notice the swirling energy at the top of the photo. Also take
note of the lights next to the stall. The swirling energy (vortex)
causes the photo to blur. The lights however are not
showing any signs of blurring.
Where ever there are vortexes, spirit energies can manifest.
The photos to your right are photos taken on our Halloween Tour .
As you see more than just the 'Living' attended this dinner at Coaches Sports Bar and Grill.
Orbs All Over the Place.
Our guests on the tour loved Coaches and are still popping in there to take photos!
Thanks Coaches for the wonderful hospitality you showed our tour members.
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Thanks. Mary Sutherland

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