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'Mobius, a representative of the Nexus Network clandestine group based in the States set up to expose the secrets  by the U.S. Military and Intelligence agencies talks about the great
coverup... "

It is a long standing and well known fact that secrets are kept from public view by military institutions, governments and intelligence agencies. In the past, as well as today,
99% of these secrets have been hidden under the title of National Security, defined as secrets kept for the sake of a country and its defence against other maurauding
countries. With the demise of the cold war though, most would think that certain secrets, some from over 40 years ago would now be made available for public scrutiny. This
is certainly not the case.


If anything, a ball started rolling many years ago that would enmesh anything that the afore mentioned groups were interested in. Today, these groups have even bigger
reason to keep secrets from the public eye, and there is even evidence to suggest that certain countries collaborate in these secrets and keeping them hidden. Why? What
could be so sensitive that people have their lives threatened and minds erased of memories just to keep a secret? Whatever it is, it must be something of groundshaking
significance, and would certainly send ordinary people through the roof if they knew about it.

Now, if you are reading this magazine, then I can bet you are truly suspicious of the governments, military institutions and intelligence agencies, after all, they are made up of
men and women like you and I, but with one major difference. They have an enormous amount of power at their disposal, and what does power do? It corrupts - without
exception. Surely the days are gone when people used to look upon the governments and militaries with pride and admiration, as we see so much evidence of corruption
these days.


For this article, we are going to step over the boundaries of normality and reality as we know it, and very truly enter into the twilight zone, a zone where the nightmares of man
pale into insignificance next to the actual realities so very well hidden by the masters of secrets. I will not waste time going over the history of this game, for it goes way back
beyond the Roswell crash of an alien spacecraft in 1947. Instead, we will take a look into the what is going on today.

I am taking a considerable risk by writing this article, that I am well aware of, but I am sick of the fact that so many people carry on with their lives each day, living in a false
sense of reality ignorant to the sinister aspects of our fellow man. To reproduce the words of Bill Cooper "get out there and find the facts yourself, tell your friends and family,
we have got to get the control back into the hands of the people...". Please don't misunderstand me, there is a lot of good going on in the world at the moment as well, and
we are fortunate enough to have some very benevolent and spiritual alien races guiding us towards a wonderful new age, but first we must stop the corruption at hand, and
the best way to do that is through information, talking and the grouping together of interested people.


Lets start the engine.

Obviously you have heard about the Stealth Bomber, and maybe you have heard of the Aurora project. Well, the Stealth does work on principles devised by alien minds, or
rather, the technology involved was gained by the study by top military scientists of recovered crashed alien spacecraft. The Aurora is also a super secret project, or it was at
one time. What most people do not realise about the Aurora is it is in fact a spacecraft. It can take off like a jet fighter, and totally leave the atmosphere in about 3 minutes. It
is not designed for lengthy space travel - it is not even designed to travel as far as the moon. It is mainly a prototype for an even more incredible piece of hardware. Both the
Stealth bomber and the Aurora are just covers for this super craft. It is known as the BEAM SHIP. This is the monster project.


Although the Beam Ship has been a topic of debate in closed UFO research circles for sometime now, the concepts up until now on how it works are all wrong. It does in fact
use a very technologically advanced form of propulsion, namely light.

It uses a drive which is based on the extraction of photons (photons are the etheric particles that light is made up from). An intense beam of laser light is fired through a
cylindrical tube and then this beam is dispersed by a coil supposed to generate a gravitron field. This acts as a type of photon converter which then turns the random photons
into tachyons.


Now it may seem to you that we are entering into the realm of science fiction, as up until now, tachyons (faster than light particles) have only been theorized to exist by
quantum mathematics, but these tachyon generators have been developed from the drives of recovered alien vehicles. The beam Ship houses some very sophisticated
weaponry, for what purpose is currently unknown.

Its shape is that of the typical cigar shaped object, and its propulsion techniques are of a different kind to those of the saucer shaped and triangular shaped UFO's commonly
seen. This is because the American military have found themselves in the fortunate position of recovering alien craft from more than one civilization, and these civilizations
do use differing modes of propulsion, although most work on the general unified field mode, using gravity for long and short burst space travel.


Many have wondered why the Americans have been able to capture so many crashed craft, and how the hell did they crash in the first place? Well, the answer is not very
nice. When the American government went into a treaty with the negative greys, as part of the treaty, the military were given a weapon that would ostensibly knock UFO's out
of the sky, with the exception of the negative greys - as their craft worked on entirely different principles. By giving this weapon to the Americans, the greys were basically
putting their stamp of ownership on the human race. The weapon was fairly easy to duplicate, and worked on very similar principles to earth based radar systems. Although
we at Nexus are not sure of the mechanics of how the weapon brings them down, we do know that it generates a field which reverses the field of anti-gravity keeping the
UFO's up in the air, thereby making the craft fall to earth as would a stone in normal gravity.


This of course made the negative (Zeta Reticulum) greys extremely happy, until the negative Orions and renegade Sirians lashed back at the greys by spreading a form of
virus into their habitats. How this was done is not known, but it is the main reason why they have been leaving a lot of the Earth based installations. The virus basically
degrades their bodies and they waste away. This lash back was performed during the late 1950's, and the Zeta Reticulum greys have basically become outcasts of their own
race because of the virus, unable to return to their home and unable to live without.... Certain genetic material from human beings. Hence the nasty abduction scenarios that
some people have been a part of. It seems that we humans hold a biological chemical within us that will slow down the virus.


Not all abductions are malicious in intent. There is a grander scheme at work upgrading the human body and spirit. That later.

While all this was going on, the Americans were happily taking pot shots at any UFO they could detect, and were getting great results, until they started messing with the big
boys. The Earth is currently being surveyed and visited by fifteen known and catalogued races, and two unknown races - one of which is the triangular shaped craft now
being seen all over the world, making a big show at Belgium a few years ago. These beings controlling the triangular craft have not been on the scene for very long, only
about eight years, slowly increasing their numbers.


They are the ones responsible for the movement from simple crop circles to complicated formations. They are here for the benefit of mankind and to push our evolution
forwards. They do not tolerate the military or the secret societies and governments (controllers). They do not tolerate any of the lesser negative races and work with the
benevolent factors. They are very powerful in the cosmic equation, and represent the higher councils.

The reptilian equalizers work for them. They will meet force with force, and will pave the way for the higher intelligences to come forward, of which time is nearing. The
American government is now very involved with genetic experimentation. The majority of this research is done at the Dulce base where vagrants are taken off the streets and
taken below for experimentation. Up until a year ago, the negative greys were involved with a lot of the experiments, but as mentioned previously, they are leaving to go to an
unknown destination.

These vagrants are tampered with and then shipped out to the bases on Mars for slave purposes. This is not done by the greys, but by the secret government in preparation
for Alternative 3. Mankind is shortly due for mass landings of the benevolent factors. The authorities know about this, and their plan is to convince the public that an invasion
is at hand. Worldwide martial law will be declared and Alternative 3 will be put into play. The authorities have overlooked a great many things though. Their plans will grind to
a halt. The benevolent factors have taken their plans into consideration and will be dealt with accordingly

Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books
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  • Revelations: Truths Revealed
  • In Search of Ancient Man: Lost in Time
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