8 Ball Crop Circle -
"So who's behind the 8 Ball Now "
Monster Garage Busted!
Trevor Wisconsin
June 25, 2005
Mary Sutherland Copyright 2005

Aerial Shot of the Crop Circle  - Nice Try Guys , but No Cigar!
I want to thank all of these wonderful people for coming together in the search for
truth. We were hoping for cherries but only got the pits on this one.
Iam sure that some day we can all have a good laugh about this one, but after
working out there in the field for days at 106 degrees , Getting up at the crack of
dawn searching out the owner of the field, spending a fist full of dollars  for the
rental of an airplane to get the aerial shot, traveling expenses, motel and food
costs, having these guys come in from Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois
, being publicly embarrassed with the onlook of the Press being there --needless
to say today no one laughed.
However, I did have to admire the professionalism of the team and how they
chalked it all up as a learning experience. Today I walked out of the field having
the utmost respect for crop circle researchers that unselfishly volunteer their time
to give us a better understanding of these strange phenomonon only to suffer the
bunt of practical jokes .
I also walked out of the field gratified in knowing that their prank no more held up
than did the authenticity of their crop circle.
Along with a compilation of information we gathered from investigating this circle,
please make sure to check out the photos and watch the video clips.
Thank You. Mary Sutherland  BUFO Paranormal and UFO Investigations.
Checking for abnomalies in the Wheat
Finding the holes left by the pins
Walking through the circle looking for evidence left
behind by the hoaxer .
Photo Documentation
The Disappointment is obvious.
Although a full story will be up on this site next week.
Click the following photos to watch the video documentation I tried to do of our
findings .

Explaining the examination of nodes
Click Photos

The Comparison of the Wheat outside the circle with the Wheat inside the
circle clearly shows us that this was made by human hands.
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Courage and integrity comes when one is willing to keep going
forward when it is so much easier to just call it quits.
What is Important

The important thing is not to
stop questioning. Curiosity
has its own reason for
existing. One cannot help but
be in awe when one
contemplates the mysteries
of eternity, of life, of the
marvelous structure of reality.
It is enough if one tries
merely to comprehend a little
of this mystery every day.
Never lose a holy curiosity.

Albert Einstein
Our Thanks to
Jeffrey Wilson
Director, ICCRA

Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association

734-891-2689 (cell)


This is the plane we used to photograph the crop circle
According to Jeff Wilson, Director of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association one in every five crop circles are hoaxes.
Brad Sutherland, while in Los Angeles working on a crop circle project for the Discovery Channel, discovered that over 60 per cent of the crop circles in Europe are hoaxes. However, people take such
delight in them that it seems they don't mind one way or another - Its great entertainment to pack up the family and take a trip to the country to view one of these circles - and its Free!
These hoaxers are actually taking pride in the destruction of the farmers field and call it 'art' -  Well it is art - but if they do not first  receive permission from the farmer and pay him for damages then it
should also be considered trespassing and destruction of property.

A crop circle is a crop circle - simple as that - and the public loves them. BUT-
One is manufactured by man which -although may be a work of art and worthy of gathering the kids up to go 'take a look at',' there is nothing really extraordinary about them.  BUT
The other is something entirely different - It is the one, that we researchers and truth seekers are willing to fly across the world to investigate - many times at our own expense. It is manufactured from
an 'unknown source'. Within its perimeters lies not only beauty but one of earth's greatest mysteries. A mystery once  solved could give us answers to the age old questions 'who are we- where did we
come from- why are we here - Are we the only ones out here in this great universe?'  These circles tempt the inquisitiveness of our very nature - opening our minds to explore the unknown into  
inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional science.  And once you have the courage to step outside that box you come to find that the possibilities out there are endless - limited only by you and your
thought processes.

The real damage of the hoaxed crop circle is not in the destruction of a field, but in the deliberate and cruel manipulation of our mind and beliefs
I am a firm believer that everyone should be given the freedom to believe whatever they wish to believe. I try to show respect to these individual beliefs,  regardless if I agree or not.  I also expect that
others show me the same respect for my beliefs - regardless if they agree with mine or not. By doing so this allows not only them to grow , but for myself to grow.  This creates a  healthy growth
pattern  - Not only spiritually, but emotionally and physically.
What is not healthy, is in the manipulation of others through deceit and ridicule - which is exactly what you get from the hoaxer 'artist'. Not only do they not believe in the natural crop circle but they put
out a great amount of effort to make sure the general population does not belief either. They do this by 'faking' a crop circle -then 'setting' people up to make them 'think' it is real - then when they set
the hook, they mock the believers at every given opportunity.  People become embarrassed and turn away from searching any further for truths , stepping back into the box filled with established
doctrines already accepted by society. When you back down through fear of ridicule the bully has won. Now that may be good for the bully but where does that leave you?  Well I will tell you - It leaves
you stagnating, just like a stagnate pond. And since when is a stagnate pond healthier than a fresh running stream???

Duality is a natural law. Just as there is a sun to a moon, darkness to light, there is negative for positive,( a democrat for a republican and vice versa) .  It is a natural law. It would be no more healthier
to believe in everything than not believe in anything. The Hoaxer and the Researcher or Truth Seeker are each others ying and yang .  The Hoaxer is the necessary evil of the Researcher - BUT even
though we are aware of this, it is very important that the public be given all the facts concerning the crop circle - the hoaxer- and the researcher . It is important then, after the facts are given to the
public, we then just allow the public to make up their own mind. It is equally important that the researcher and truth seeker - go on and not get caught up in the game of the debunkers and
disinformationists. If we stop our work to defend each and every action we take, we no longer can go forward - thus missing out on some great opportunities still yet to be discovered.

When I first received an email concerning the crop circle in Trevor, Wisconsin, I did two things . 1.) I contacted the media to inform the public. and 2.) I contacted experts in this field to prove or disprove
the event.  There are those out there that have told me , I should have waited on informing the public until the facts were in. Maybe, but that is not how I do things. I like having the people aware from
the starting line. I like for them to feel they are part of what we are doing. Then it is there choice to respond or not.

I consider us lucky that the team of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association responded to our request for help on this.
While they were enroute to the crop circle, I was knocking on doors in the area in search of the farmer that was leasing the land. I got lucky and we had a name. We then went to the farmer , told him
what we were doing, and "got his permission" to be on his land and investigate the crop circle.  Although him and his wife had no clue as to the crop circle being in their field, , they were quite kind and
gave the ok to do what needed to be done. They even  called one of their friends that had a plane which we could hire out for the aerial photos.( I will not give out he farmers name due to respect for
his privacy- do don't even ask..)

We then went airbone, visually observing and photographing the formaton from about 2,000 feet above. Although the team had not gone into the field yet, it didn't look good for an authentic crop circle.

Once we got inside the circle, we noticed that the stocks pointed to or layed over objects such as rocks. If it had been authentic the stocks would have fallen or flowed over these objects.

We also had serrated edging as a circle would show after someone had pushed the wheat down with a board. According to Jeff Wilson, the director of ICCRA, "As you push down with a board, the
wheat goes flat in one direction, so when they try to make a turn, they end up with an edge thats

Instead of falling or flowing around standing objects, such as rocks, all the stocks pointed to or lay over the objects.

"You got a serrated edge here, Roger," Wilson yelled to Roger Sugden as he moved on to the outside of the circle.

"As you push stuff down with a board, the wheat goes flat in one direction, so when you try to make a turn, you end up with an edge that's saw-toothed or serrated,"

The team used a gamma scout Geiger counter to measure background radiation levels around the field and in the crop circle, as well as electromagnetic and broadband field detectors to monitor the
levels of electromagnetic, microwave and radio emissions.

"You need to measure the energy around the field. There's energy that takes it down. There are readings that these crop circles produce and you need to measure that," said Dr. Chuck Leitzau, ICCRA
investigator and a teacher in the Detroit public school system.

ICCRA investigator Delsey Knoechelman found several small pole holes within the circle, pointing out they used string to  get the measurements and pattern more precise.

The Team and I were disappointed but all agreed that we needed to follow through on the investigation. Although we hoped for the real thing - we got the 'art'. - and we learned from it.  Myself, probably
more than the team . It was a learning experience and I made some new friends..  So all is not lost.  We took the negative and turned it into a positive . And hopefully after you read this, look at the
photos, and watch the videos, you will now have a better understanding of Crop Circles - the People that research them and those that try to manipulate your thinking through the Hoaxed Circle. .

Remember, there is a difference - the fake can only mimick in shape and patterns. It can not leave the tell tale signs of the authentic crop circle.
And this is what the research teams such as ICCRA looks for -  EVIDENCE - Without that - it is only art.

We want to thank the RACINE JOURNAL TIMES, for their support in our efforts to inform the public of the mysteries around us.  It is through the combined support of the media, researchers and public
that we will find TRUTH.
My special thanks to RJC's
Janine Anderson and Tom Barton for being such great sports,and enduring the hot sun right along with us.

This came out in the Journal times just before the show aired - to give you an idea what we were all thinking here.
Nothing could be said by us on this end until after the show aired, according to Brad's contract with them.

by Janine Anderson
The Journal Times - Racine Wisconsin

(Note: Janine Anderson was on this from day one as she went with Mary Sutherland to the Trevor Crop Circle and met with crop circle researchers that were called in to help Sutherland with the

Burlington - In late June, a crop circle showed up outside Trevor, minutes away from Burlington.

Mary Sutherland, a local paranormal researcher, was on top of the investigation. Her husband, Brad, normally at her side for investigations of this sort, was out of town. he had been flown to California
for the taping of 'Monster Garage' episode. The Discovery Channel show as to follow producer Jesse James as he worked with a team of mechanics, UFO believers and crop circle fabricators to build
a machine that could make one of the mystical formations. The episode airs at 8 p.m. Monday.

The show found the Sutherlands through the Couple's website.
http://www.burlingtonnews.net and asked Brad Sutherland if he'd be interested in working with them on the episode.

Suthreland joined Travis Walton, an alien abductee; John Lundberg, a British man who makes crop circles; and a host of others who helped turn the broken down tractor into a machine that could
make mysteries.

Paco Medoza, executive producer of the episode, said the team was put together to include people who believed in the paranormal aspects of the farm field formations and those who didn't.

"We wanted people on both sides of the aisle.", he said. "Crop circle believers and skeptics".

Sutherland said he had a great time, even though some of the people thre didn't share his beliefs about aliens and UFOs.

"I loved it", he said.

One of the skeptics, Sutherland said, was Jesse James, who married actress Sandra Bullock in July.

"He don't believe," he said. "He made fun of it the whole time we were building. It made me feel bad for Travis Walton. It had to bring back some bad memories."

Waltons abduction story was turned into the movie "Fire in the Sky."

Sutherland said the experience was great, working togethre to make a machine that would replicate the mysterious circle formations that appear in fields throughout the world. But no matter how
meticulous they were in constructing the machine, Sutherland said there was no way it would make a circle that could confuond the experts.

Unexplainable crop circles have a few tell-tale signs, Sutherland said. The nodes of the plants are often misshapen, and traces of radiation show up in the cirlce.
The plants also are often bent over a few inches off the ground, all in the same direction. Those characteristics don't appear in man-made cirlces, Sutherland said. Even though hoax circles are
diappointing, researchers don't always mind that they appear.

"When people fake them it makes it easier to study the ones that are unexplained because you, almost every time, tell the fake ones," Sutherland said. "It makes it actually easier for researchers to
study them."

The crop circle that appeared in Trevor while Sutherland was in California filming,  the expert got those researchers out to the Burington area. They ultimately determined the circle was a hoax, but
Sutherland and the people at "Monster Garage" have their theories.

"The timing was too convenient for it to be real," Mendoza said. "He was on "Monster Garage' and over thre his wife was finding crop circles."

Sutherland agreed.
"I have a feeling the Discovery Channel sent somebody up to do that," he said. "I'm not saying for sure, because I don't know. They're the only ones I can see doing it because of Mary being here and
having it that close and me being out there building what we were building".

The Journal Times

Mary Sutherland's Note:
Although no one was talking about the possibility this hoaxed crop circle was created to spoof Mary Sutherland and Crop Circle Researchers, we all sat back playing the waiting game to see how  this
would play out in the upcoming show.

As you see, the end was a complete flop. Something happened to cause the show to fizzle out in the end.
Could it be that the ending they planned on never played out as planned?
Sorry guys - It wasn't us left holding the eight ball on this one!

Speaking of the eight ball - you can read all about the foiled plot at http://www.burlingtonnews.net/cropcircletrevor2

Mary Sutherland
From our conforum

E. "I'm hearing that there were reasons why they just blew it up - I saw it work so they should not have blown it up.
Can't wait to find out why!"

Mary: Yes, the machine the guys made ran - but big difference between running and being able to duplicate a ufo crop circle.
I was impressed with Jesse James stating that he believed that Travis was abducted. Thus he in respect stated that ufos would thus have to exist.

E. I saw it work in a straight line in the tall grass outside the shop after the build completed and it was successful. Perhaps the design was at fault (which I can easily see being the problem as the thing
didn't have a joint in it - it was just straight behind the tractor so it couldn't make tight turns), but no mention was made whatsoever of the thing not working -  UNLESS it was cut for extra commercials
(which I bet
it was). It just came back from the break with Jesse sitting on some sand dune saying "I bet everyone wanted to see this thing out in a wheat field...but we're going to do the right thing" or some such. I
don't know - I just turned the TV off once they started to torch all that hard work. Sounds like a continuity problem with the production company.
Wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't made it the centerpiece of our halloween party - "we're going to watch this great show!". Hmpf. Thanks anyway.

Mary: bummer. sorry about the halloween party.
Brad thinks that Jesse tried to get it to make the crop circle and it didn't work. He said that Jesse 'hates' failures. So in most likelihood he got 'pissed' and blew the thing up.
I guess it is a guys thing
But here is my "theory"  - for what it is worth.
At the same time they had Brad in LA making the crop circle fabricator - a crop circle 'mysterious' appeared ony a few miles outside of our town of Burlington. Mysteriously again, some unknown person
saying he lived across from where this crop circle appeared contacted 'me' and reported it.
Monster Garage, although I wasn't on the show, contacted me daily . When I told them about the crop circle, they asked me to call Brad while taping the show and tell him about it so they could tape
Brad's response to the circle on television. Which I did.
Then they got some other dude on the telephone telling me he didn't believe in ufos and the likes and said anyone could have made the circle and most of us would believe anything. ..of which I argued
my case.
This kind of blew me away , being that I 'thought' I was only supposed to make the announcement to Brad for a reaction on the show. Not be part of some on-going dispute over ufos. . This made me

Fortunately for me, the day before all this transpired, I had called in some of the crop circle researchers and Nancy Talbot.
The crop circle researchers came out and met me at the crop circle. We were able to prove that the crop circle was a hoax and I made my announcement as such.

They had even designed the darn thing as an eight ball!
I then posted it on the site, calling it a hoax and jumping on whoever it was that wasted our time in over 100 degrees heat.
I think what happened is that they tried to make a joke out of us ufologist and crop circle researchers, using me as the sacrificial lamb.

It would have made a great show for them if I had fallen for the gag and announced to Monster Garage that it was real.

Brad also told me that the crop circle hoaxer, John Lundberg, was gone for an entire day. (He was flown in from Europe to be on the show.) Interestingly again it was just before the crop circle appeared
in Trevor.

I think that Jesse and those guys was left with egg on their face as the joke backfired on them. Jesse didn't like it and blew the darn thing up.

Of course that is just my opinion along with the crop circle investigators that were here with me on the investigation in Trevor. - Along with some of the newspaper reporters here in the area that covered
the story of Monster Garage and the Crop Circle in Trevor.

I may be wrong - but there sure were a lot of coincidences going on at that time...too many.
However - just like the ufos - it is my story and I need the proof - and we know that Jesse and those guys are never going to admit to this.

E. Sounds right about like something 'reality tv' would pull - and that they would get pissed on if it all went wrong, for them anyway. Of course Jesse (or rather Jesse's ego) would have never willingly
admitted his grand design was a 'failure' and would be quick to destroy the evidence. 'Screw it!' as my grandson would say, we've got bigger fish to fry. I shall retain the memory of 'the successful build
and successful post-build test in the dead grass' and send the rest of the show into the trash compactor of the sun to have the wasted energy liberated back into the universe (blow it up!

Larry Dicken  - Executive Producer
Jerry Pippin Show

Yeah, it was sort of a big disappointment as a show. But, at least Brad got a nice trip out of it and Travis Walton got some exposure (which again didn’t really make much
sense in the context and continuity of the program). The star of the show should stick to building motorcycles and forget lame-brained attempts to debunk things he knows
nothing about. He also should fire the producer of the show. What a piece of crap as a production in general. And, I agree that they probably wanted to include a piece to
make real crop circle researchers look foolish by faking the circle near Burlington while Brad was out there during the filming. That failed to materialize as well. The whole idea
was a failure, so you can see why they got pissed and just blew the machine up. I am sure they would have liked to have the producer tied to the steering wheel of the tractor.
Larry Dicken
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