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This is a reprint from the site of Robert Neil
Boyd. I could not explain it better than Neil has.
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There is a view that we live in a 3 dimensional
infinite volume universe that is one of an infinite
number of infinite volume universes that live in
an infinite volume 4 dimensional hyperspace.

If these 3D universes are all in [random] motion,
relative to one another, and in motion relative to
the 4D hypervolume, we can have the situation
where these 3D universes may interpenetrate or
overlap on certain occasions for certain
durations. Several 3D universes can occupy the
same hypervolume without being unduly
effected. But, topological forces can also arise
due to this "hypermotion", which can have real
and physical effects in observations of our world.

There are studies related to the above
description which are given in terms of m-brane
theory, non-compactified N-dimensional
Kaluza-Klein spaces, and Quaternionic or Clifford

(See: .innerx.net/personal/tsmith/SegalConf.html
.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/9971504278/cassiopaea for

In the situation where there are
hyperdimensional overlappings of one or more 3D
universes, these overlappings may be of finite
area and last for some finite time. These
overlappings could allow, on occasion, for
materials and entities from the inter-involved 3D
universes to "feed-through" into other 3D
universes. It is quite possible that these various
3D universes may have variations from physical
laws as we know them. Such variations might be
small and unimportant, or these variations could
be wild and extreme. (For more on how this is
possible, see A.D. Linde's quantum cosmology
"The Inflationary Universe," Reports on Progress
in Physics 47 (1984): pp. 925-986. Note, however,
that my view differs from Linde's descriptions, in
that, in my cosmology, there was no "creation
instant". All the universes and dimensions, in my
view, have always existed, and are not created
ab initio, thus such an inflationary scheme is not
necessary in my view. However, internal to these
various universes, creation is an observably
continuous process.) Further, the Clifford Space
model shows where such overlappings and
interpenetrations must occur, on the
mathematical basis.

Given these events of inter-universal
interpenetrations of universes in relative random
motion, these overlapping events may occupy
certain areas or volumes, at indeterminate times,
for indeterminate durations, due to the
unpredictability of the relative hypermotions of
the infinite number of 3D universes in the
hypervolume. These might be discernible as 2D
planes of intersection, which might take on the
appearance of rectilinear formations, thus, the
label "doors" or "windows" might be used to
describe them. It is even conceivable that higher
dimensional spaces than the 4D space might have
interactions and overlappings, as well. We might
then call such phenomena, if it became visible,
"dimensional doorways", if it were also the case
that substances and entities could actually pass
through these overlappings into our world, or
that entities here could pass to there (wherever
"there" might be).

Now, the point of all this, is that there are such
"dimension doors". The majority of these are
ephemeral, lasting small fractions of a second.
But there also exist more permanent
overlappings, which appear to reside in one
particular spot year after year. Such locations can
be found globally.

It is conceivable, that a human being might be
able to pass into these "doorways" and end up in
quite a different universe. At issue, is the return
path. Because of the ephemeral nature of such
doorways, the trip might become a one-way
affair, into who knows what?

There have been many unusual and unexplainable
events over the world, throughout time, which
can be accounted for by the acceptance of such
a view as "dimension doors".

R. N. Boyd
In  photo, Mary Sutherland took one photo of researcher and photographer Jenny at the vortex at Eagle Lake. As you see TWO Jenny's
showed up in the photo. One smiling and the other not.  Camera used was digital.
Another evening, a bunch of us went back up to Eagle Lake to shoot photos of the vortex.  Mary Sutherland took a photo of investigator and
photographer Corral  with a digital camera.
As you see again, instead of one Corral, three Corrals appear on the photo.- all standing at a different level of heighth.
This photo show not only a multiple
dimension - but a shot in to the
Mary Sutherland photographs
researcher and photographer Jolene
and captures two of her in one
shot..But the one of the Jolenes was
actually a position she took for
another shot minutes later...but it
showed up on the photo at this
present time.
Here is a great shot of multiplicity.
Corral -Peggy- and Brad Sutherland
in the car.
Mary Sutherland shooting with
Digital Camera.
The Following Four Photos have taken me almost a month to put up on the site, being that the experience so greatly affected me - and I
was at my wits ends trying to figure out how to explain how this happened.  Thanks to studying Neils site and talking to a few others that
research such phenomenon I think I can now explain it. If Iam wrong and you have a better answer - contact me. Iam open to suggestions.  
But until then - Here is my story.  This is not the first time I have traveled outside my body . One time in Apache Junction, Arizona -
another high vortex area - I actually traveled in my sleep and brought back a stone.
See Apportation
But that is another story. Now on with this one :

On Valentine's Day, I went upstairs to visit with Brad. (We live over the UFO and Paranormal Center). I felt cold so I put my jacket on ,
grabbed a few blankets  and pulled a seat on the couch with Brad to watch some television. Just as I was getting comfortable I felt this
pressure on the top of my head and over my forehead . It felt like some large hand had set itself down and was applying pressure.
I told Brad what I felt -asked him if he could see anything. He said 'No' after de-focusing his eye ( as he does when he is looking for auras.)
The pressure would not go away and I took the chance and asked Brad to go back downstairs, grab the digital camera and take some photos
of me to see if we could see any presense around me through the eye of the camera.  
He went downstairs, grabbed the camera, came back up. The pressure was still there. I asked him to start shooting photos of me, which he
He kept the camera still, shooting in the EXACT same spot..EXACTLY on me.  Never did he turn the camera away.
He only took a few shots - but as you will see below those few shots told it all.- unfortunately what they howed had no explainations to go
with it.
I will do the explainations below each photo. Each photo is in sequence as to how it happened.
Another thing I want to mention..is that this could have happened anytime while Brad was down stairs...but it did not.
The 'experience' waited UNTIL he was back upstairs with the camera and ready to shot before it took place. Just as if it was a
deliberate attempt to show us something -
First photo shows a plastic type sphere -maybe an orb- over my face. It
takes up most of my face and you can see distortion around the top of
my head.
Now - notice the coffee table is in front of me -level to the couch. and
you can see the yellow flow of the lamp on the other side of the table.
Approximately 20 seconds later, Brad shoots another photo of me
sitting on the couch.
Iam disappearing right in front of the camera.
The coffee table and lamp have lifted to a higher elevation above me
to the right and the entire area around me has become distorted.  -
Note however, the painting above my head has remained as it was in
photo one -except for a reddish hue.
In approximately 20 - 30 seconds later, Brad shoots another photo of
me. Again same position as the previous photos.
Now NOTHING can be seen except for the 'swirl' of bright light
moving upwards. The white is the actually energy..the yellow tail is
the result of the light in motion .
What is the light - That light my friends is ME! That is my spirit
essense which has left this dimension into another ethereal world.
How do I know it is me. Fortuanely I had a auraic photo taken of
myself several weeks ago. Below is my aura which will show you my
color vibrational light.
This last photo shows me back on the couch and everything settling
down. if you look closely you can see my ethereal self sliding back into
my physical , thus solidifying myself to the eyes of the camera.
As you see the coffee table and the lamp are back in their normal
positions as well.
Now this is where it gets spooky. Brad never noticed a change in me and I
didn't notice a change in myself.- except for the pressure. As far as Brad
and I knew -nothing had occurred.   After this photo was taken, I simply
told Brad to stop shooting because the pressure had gone away and I
could no longer feel its presense. I then immediately took the camera to
the computer upstairs and downloaded it. You can not even imagine my
surprise to see what was on these photos!
Iam so happy to know that both Brad and I followed our 'instincts' or
higher voices and photographed this event!
Quantum physics, with its startling revelations
and freakish discoveries, has successfully
awakened the world from what William Blake
called Newtons slumber. We can no longer
look at a world that appears real, local,
consistent, and causal, and believe with full
conviction that we are perceiving the whole of
reality. Nor can we say that we know
what reality we are perceiving. Until more
secrets are revealed, perhaps all we can say
is What the bleep do we know?
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"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
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What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
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phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
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