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Bruno D'Argenio, a geologist working for the Italian National Research Council, and Giuseppe Geraci, professor of molecular biology at Naples University, identified and brought back to life
extraterrestrial microorganisms lodged inside 4.5 billion-year-old meteorites kept at Naples' mineralogical museum."When in contact with a physiological solution, they became visible and began to
move," D'Argenio said while presenting the finding at the Italian Space Agency yesterday. The bacteria, called "cryms" (for crystal microbes) by the researchers, remained dormant for billions of
years and survived extreme ambient conditions — a clear indication, according to the researchers, that "life can exist everywhere in the solar system, though in a quiescent state." Once brought
back to life, the cryms were cloned by the researchers and their DNA analyzed. "Their genetic code is unlike any known on Earth," said Giovanni F. Bignami, scientific director of the Italian Space
Agency. In studying the bacteria, the team found that they tend to gather in clusters. The bugs are also killed easily with antibiotics. Disputing critics who suggested that the meteorites were
contaminated with terrestrial microorganisms, Bignami added that the bacteria came back to life after the samples were sterilized at 950 degrees Celsius and doused in alcohol. The discovery, if
borne out, would strengthened the "panspermia" theory, first suggested by chemist Svante Aarhenius in 1900. According to this theory, outer space seeded Earth with primitive life forms about 4
billion years ago. The theory was recently supported by Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick, as well as noted scientists Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. "Life would have formed as an initial
seed in the protoplanetary nebula from which all the planets originated. This microorganism can be found ... in planetary bodies and in the meteors fallen to Earth," said Bignami. The Italian
researchers have also identified microorganisms identical to the "cryms" found in the Naples meteorites in 50 samples of billion-year-old terrestrial rocks from five continents. "I'm skeptical, very
skeptical," biologist Martino Rizzotti of Padua University told the daily newspaper La Stampa. "Those bacteria seem to be too similar to the terrestrial ones. I can't avoid thinking about possible
contaminations. "Margherita Hack, director of the Inter-University Regional Center for Astrophysics and Cosmology in Trieste, is more positive. "It is very likely that life is spread in universe. This is
an interesting result, but it requires more study to be completely accepted," she said. Today the researchers present their findings at the Accademia dei Lincei (Academy of the Lynxes) in Rome, a
prestigious scholarly organization that counts Galileo Galilei among its members.
Microbial Life on Mars?

The Martian meteorite known as ALH84001 found in the Antarctica in 1984 has yielded some new evidence.  In 1996, NASA announced the discovery of ancient bacteria in the meteorite from
Mars.  However, critics at the time said the evidence was not conclusive.  Now a NASA lead team from the United States, Spain , and Germany have published new evidence claiming conclusive
proof  that bacteria once lived on Mars.  The evidence is centered around tiny crystals that are made of magnetite.  Magnetite is a compound of iron and oxygen; that are produced by
magnetotactic bacteria here on earth.  Since the meteorite is from Mars, ' it can only be assumed that the bacteria must have lived on Mars as well.' say NASA scientists.  Study of the meteorite
have confirmed that the rock is from Mars.  Further, Dr Imre Friedmann , NASA scientist, says that the crystals are undoubtedly from Mars, because they are in side other globules of rock whose
origin is uncontested
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