Atlantean Survivors
Planet Encke and Cataclysms of the Bronze Age
Mary Sutherland   2005-06
Ancient Maps Supporting theories
that the Aztec and Toltecs were in
North America First -
then migrated South
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Intersection points (nodes) of Comet Encke's orbit with the plane containing the Earth's orbit, at various dates before the present
(BP). During the first millenium BC up to the time of Christ, the orbit of the comet or that of its associated dust trail would have
intersected that of the Earth, leading at this time to annual fireball storms of amazing intensity.
Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickremasinghe
Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age Civilisations: Archaeological, Geological and Astronomical Perspectives at a conference at  Fitzwilliam College. Cambridge. 11th-13th July 1997
Organised by The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Following is their determination


" In light of new astronomical and archaeological theories and the emergence of scientific neo-catastrophism, it seems necessary to re-assess the origins and cultural implications of apocalyptic religions and catastrophe
traditions in ancient mythologies and rituals. In particular, the significant cultural and religious changes at the beginning of the Bronze Age and those which occurred after its final collapse will be re-evaluated."

Archaeology and Geology

Ever since Claude Schaeffer published his book "Stratigraphie Comparee et Chronologie L'Asie Occidentale" in 1948, there has been continuous scientific debate about the nature and extent of the destructions of Bronze Age
civilisations. Schaeffer claimed that the repeated collapses of Bronze Age cultures were not caused by the action of man but instead by seismic activity. During the last decade, eminent archaeologists have substantiated his
claim and have linked destruction layers in Aegean and Near Eastern sites with natural disasters rather than with military conquests. The interpretation, however, which maintains that destruction layers are caused by seismic
catastrophes, has been disputed due to the ambiguity of the stratigraphical record. The need for an accurate methodology of verifying the actual cause, extent and synchronicity of Bronze Age destructions is therefore essential.

Research in the field of astronomical neo-catastrophism and impact cratering has quickened its pace since the early 1980s. An increasing number of astronomers have suggested that a series of cosmic disasters punctuated
the Earth in prehistoric times. Scholars such as Victor Clube, Bill Napier, Mark Bailey, Fred Hoyle, David Asher and Duncan Steel claim that a more 'active' and threatening sky might have caused major cultural changes of
Bronze Age civilisations, belief systems and religious rituals. Can the astronomical evidence brought forward by these astronomers be substantiated by historical, archaeological and climatological evidence?

The SIS Cambridge conference brought together historians, archaeologists, climatologists and astronomers in order to discuss whether the 'giant comet' hyopothesis brought forward by neo-catastrophist astronomers such as
Victor Clube, Bill Napier, Sir Fred Hoyle, David Asher, Mark Bailey, Duncan Steel et al. can be substantiated by the archaeological, climatological and historical record.

The work of Cambridge College is extraordinary and important for us in understanding cyclic events
I will try to keep this site updated as informatin comes to me on their work.


Gunnar Heinsohn

University of Bremen, P. O. Box 330 440, 28334 Bremen, Germany

Throwing of barley grains or small stoned showering of ashes, public defecation and obscene exhibition, panic yelling as well as manic romp and frenzy, mortal duels of humans and animals in strange costumes making them
look like snakes or mixed creatures, entire burning of slaughtered beings - these and similar activities took place in extremely carefully choreographed blood rituals which emerged at the beginning of the Bronze Age. The holy
precincts in which these sacrificial ceremonies were staged provide the archaeological markers by which the Bronze Age can be told apart from the Stone Age. The theory of religion is at a loss when it comes to understand this
tremendous turn in the history of religion which, after all, brought about the first stage of civilisation. This perplexity did not always dominate the scholarly world. Nicolas-Antoine Boulanger (1722-1759), a French civil engineer
and sociologist' had deciphered the great ceremonies of man as ritualised memories of deluges and revolutions of the earth's crust. It was the dogma of evolutionism which slowly obscured past global catastrophes from the
view of learned men. Yet, the religious texts were still there. Eventually, they were regarded as mere emanations of exalted souls. The cataclysms described in them supposedly had nothing to do with earth and cosmos but
everything with the unconscious. This paper tries to prove the basic correctness of earliest cuneiform sources which explicitly state that the first "cult places" with their priestly personnel were established to give "counselling" to
people who were left "beclouded" after a "flood had swept over the earth." Counselling, indeed, meant that the therapeutic capacities of a child's play were used to heal entire communities. The confused survivors were assigned
roles in which not only the disturbing behaviour of man under the impact of cataclysms but also the catastrophic cosmic agents themselves were re enacted. The scene of 'cosmic' clashes ended in the spilling of blood and the
killing of at least one contender. In this gruesome act the tense aggression - bottled up in the helpless survivors - was released in one dramatic and cathartic shot Reconciliatory acts in
front of the corpses of the victims required their elevation. Bowing and asking forgiveness before the natural agents who had acquired the human or animal shape of their skilled impersonators constituted the worship of--freshly
slaughtered--idols. After the gradual abandonment of blood sacrifice in the Iron Age, which was no longer struck by cosmic cataclysm, they were replaced by their portraits in wood, bone or stone giving shape to the typical
statuary gods of high religion.

GUNNAR HEINSOHN (* 1943 in Gynia/Poland) studied sociology, history, psychology, economics and religious studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. He holds a university diploma in sociology (1971) and doctorates in the
social sciences (1973) as well as in economics (1982). His publication list exceeds more than 400 tides. Since 1984 he has been a tenured professor at the Universität Bremen where he is director of the Raphael-Lemkin-
Institut für Xenophobie und Genozidforschung in 1993. His research focuses on the history and theory of civilization. Population and family history was dealt with in Theorie des Familienrechts: Geschlechtsrollenaufhebung,
Kindes-vernachlässigung, Geburtenrückgang [1974] (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1976, with R. Knieper) and Menschenproduktion: Allgemeine Bevölkerungstheorie der Neuzeit (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1979, with
R. Knieper and O. Steiger). The Great European Witch Hunt became the subject of Die Vernichtung der weisen Frauen: Beiträge zur Theorie und Geschichte von Bevölkerung und Kindheit (München: Heyne [1st ed.
Herbstein: März; 1985], 1994, with O. Steiger). On the emergence of the rate of interest and money he has published Privateigentum, Patriarchat, Geldwirtschaft. Eine sozialtheoretische Rekonstruktion zur Antike (Frankfurt am
Main: Suhrkamp 1984). His attempt at laying the foundations of economic theory resulted in in Eigentum, Zins und Geld. Ungelöste Rätsel der Wirtschaftswissenschaft (Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1996, with O. Steiger). On the origin
of Jewish monotheism he wrote Was ist Antisemitismus? - Der Ursprung von Monotheismus und Judenhaß. - Warum Antizionismus? (Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 1988). On Hitler's peculiar brand of anti-Semitism and the
Holocaust he has written Warum Auschwitz? Hitlers Plan und die Ratlosigkeit der Nachwelt (Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1995). The reconstruction of ancient history was lined out in Die Sumerer gab es nicht: Von den Phantom-Imperien
der Lehrbücher zur wirklichen Epochenabfolge in der "Zivilisationswiege" Südmesopotamien (Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 1988), Wann lebten die Pharaonen? Archäologische und technologische Grundlagen für eine
Neuschreibung der Geschichte Ägyptens und der übrigen Welt (Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn 1990, with H. Illig), Wer herrschte im Industal? Die wiedergefundenen Imperien der Meder und der Perser (Gräfelfing: Mantis,
1993), as well as Assyrerkönige gleich Perserherrscher! Die Assyrienfunde bestätigen das Achämenidenreich, Gräfelfing: Mantis, 1996). His most recent book is devoted to the rise of high culture in the bronze age when
blood sacrifice dominated religion: Die Erschaffung der Götter: Das Opfer als Ursprung der Religion (Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1997).



Date sent: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 15:45:54 +0100
From: Bas van Geel
Subject: climate change 2650 BP

Dear colleagues,

It is a good idea to start an E-mail network for those that will attend /are interested in the topic of/ the Cambridge Conference on Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age Civilisations.

I am a paleoecologist specialized in peat studies and I am very interested in climate change and the possible effects for prehistoric Man. Last week the following publication appeared:

Van Geel, B., Buurman, J. and Waterbolk, H.T., 1996. Archeological and paleoecological indications for an abrupt climate change in The Netherlands and evidence for climatological teleconnections around 2650 BP (Before
Present) . Journal of Quaternary Science 11: 451-460.

When I presented the data and ideas as included in that article during a meeting in The Netherlands, I got strong opposition by a prominent archaeologist. My ideas (and evidence) that climate change around 2650 BP was
important for prehistoric farmers living in marginal areas were called 'ecological determinism' and 'old-fashioned'. Apparently the common opinion (?) among modern archaeologists seemed to be more important than my
evidence. Here follows the abstract of the article.
Best wishes,
Bas van Geel

Abstract of the above-mentioned paper in JQS:
A sudden and sharp rise in the 14C-content of the atmosphere, which occurred between ca 850 and 760 calendar yr BC (ca 2750-2450 BP on the radiocarbon time scale), was contemporaneous with an abrupt climate change.
In northwest Europe (as indicated by palaeoecological and geological evidence) climate changed from relatively warm and continental to oceanic. As a consequence, the groundwater table rose considerably in certain low-lying
areas in The Netherlands. Archaeological and palaeoecological
evidence for the abandonment of such areas in the northern Netherlands is interpreted as the effect of a rise of the water table and the extension of  fens and bogs. Contraction of population and finally migration from these low-
lying areas which had become marginal for occupation, and the earliest colonization by farming communities of the newly emerged salt marshes in the northern Netherlands around 2550 BP, is interpreted as the consequence
of loss of cultivated land. Thermic contraction of ocean water and/or decreased velocity and pressure on the coast by the Gulf Stream may have caused a fall in relative sea-level rise and the emergence of these salt
marshes. Evidence for a synchronous climatic change elsewhere in Europe and on other continents around 2650 BP is presented. Temporary aridity in tropical regions and a reduced transport of warmth to the temperate
climate regions by atmospheric and/or oceanic circulation systems could explain the observed changes. As yet there is no clear explanation for this climate change and the contemporaneous increase of 14C in the atmosphere.
The strategy of 14C wiggle-match dating can play an important role in the
precise dating of organic deposits, and can be used to establish possible relationships between changing 14C-production in the atmosphere, climate change, and the impact of such changes on hydrology, vegetation, and
human communities.
Keywords: Climate change, archaeology, palaeoecology, teleconnections, 2650 BP.


Survivors of Atlantis
Frank Joseph

1997 Conference in Cambridge England
Short article in News Week
4 Event Horizons kept repeating themselves  - 4 x's man was pushed to the nb
where some major event takes place during a certain time that has an event on human life.
Ex. 65 millions years ago comet destroys Dinosaurs
William College
Various scientists from around the world.
Announcements where they declared that a comet and a series of comets that made very close paths
to our planet during those 4 event horizons. these events caused civizations to be brought close to the
brink of destruction

Event Horizons recent as 5,000 years ago.
Culprit was Comet Enki  .
Enki still exists today but has lost its material and mass.
Pale copy as to what it once was.
Computer analysis what this comet looked like in the past.
Enki 5,000 was a horrific site that it was so huge and brilliantit could be seen in during day.
3100 bc and three times after.
rained down a barage of material that had a horrific effect on earth and caused the displacement of civilization
and the end of others.

3100 bc was the first close past that Enki made
Created the sudden burst of civilized activity in the nile valley, mesopotamia , americas, indu
This event was linked to their beginning.

Atlantis was a bronze age civilization such as hitites, troy and contempory.
Based on Platos descriptions resembles a typical bronze age civilization

Atlantis was brought up in the conference.
in 1200 BC was the last of these events that Enki made its close pass at earth
2 astrophysists , lars and frances ( from sweden
2 large meteors or large astroid that split in half and crash part of it landed in the mid atlantic ridge
ie. Canary Islands aazores , atlantic islands
been known about 1949 when first sonar search of near atlantic was conducted   national geographic
sunken ridge  of  mountains called  horseshow sea mount  220 miles due west of the straight of gilbrator
which fits the description of Platos Atlantis

Merenta - pharoah in 13th cetury bc.
invasion the sea people who attacked his people
defeated and expelled the invaders
they later returned during the reign of  ramses iii - recorded this invasion
came from a land destroyed by a comet -
migrated and invaded the nile valley

archeologists are focused on a narrow slice of history, lacking objectivity

bronze age civilization that ruled the world that was destroyed by this comet.

Indian legends tell of this bronze race .
Menomonee Indians tell the legend of these people.

Giza Plateau
Followers of Horus and the Harpooners come  from the Field of Reeds which was synonymus to
a place of great wisdom  from the west.

Mentho 200 BC. documented these people ( The Atlanteans)
Group of people Followers of Horus
that came from the west.
brought their knowledge and religion to egypt and intermarried into their families .

archeologist 40 years ago found in a subterreanean chamber 124 ft. long ship giza plateau.
Not primitive at all, with swamp coolers .
2900 - 3300 BC

Tutanahmen - descended from the Atlanteans.
Standing on boat with harpoon in his head showing he was a descended of the Harpooners , harpooners

Mexico - aztecs said forefathers came from aztlan  - field of the reeds
Egyptians  - said forefathers came from the west - field of the reeds
both suffered from a natural catastrophie

Noah - Feathered serpent - followers of Horas may have been an atlantean migrating around the world after the
great catacylms.

Pyramids were found to be built on other pyramids..sometimes 6 pyramids build on top of each other
commonality allover the world
they are all assocated with the gt. flood..culture hero..giver of knowledge...pyramids were an acronym of the holy
mountain that the people came from.

Irish Chronicles.
Araman pre -celtic
arrived with his people after
Used to lay out his kingdom 5 and 6 were the two sacred numbers
5 and 6 of atlantis was the the sacred numbes  5 for female principle  6 for male principle

Native American
Pipe Stone Mn. reveared as most sacred site of indian tribes/
All men lived together on a island .
punished man by throwing fire from the sky.
they wandered to a place called pipe stone mountain.
smoke the pipe to remember the law.

Poverty Point
Embarrasses archeologist
concentrate circles  resembles a target  - circle of land, circle of water, central holy place, connected by canals.

1500 Bc. originated.  escavated for the first time in 1950's
reproduction of platos description of atlantis.
originated during the 3rd Event Horizon  1500 BC.
1200 bc. 4th event horizon  - poverty point experienced a great influx of populations as the atlanteans migrated
from their homeland
Intersects major river systems.
800 bc civilizations just up and left - leaving behind thousands of effigies of owls, etc.
no one knows why they left.
owls represented knowledge...owls see through the dark

Anazasi left for the valley of mexico

Gulf of Mexico.
5,000 years ago.
Mesoamerican civilizations go back to about 3,000 b.c.
mayas said their calendar began in 3100 b.c.


encke   Wikipedia
6,000 years ago, when the good climate ended,
perhaps due to a severe encounter with the 3000 year periodicity.

There may have been a thousand years or so of greenhouse effect
before the Earth's climate stabilized
at the beginning of recorded human history about 5,000 years ago.

3,000 years ago, when  the Iron Age began,
the Zhou defeated the Shang in China,
the short-lived monotheistic reign of Akhenaton ended in Egypt,
and Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt,
the Chinese recorded that a comet (perhaps this comet) appeared.

The Tunguska Impact of 30 June 1908
may have been due to an Encke fragment associated with
the Beta Taurid meteors.

Comet Encke (officially designated 2P/Encke) is a periodic comet, named after Johann Franz Encke, who through laborious study of its orbit and many calculations was able to link multiple observations in 1786 (2P/1786 B1),
1795 (2P/1795 V1), 1805 (2P/1805 U1) and 1818 (2P/1818 W1) to the same object. In 1819 he published his conclusions in the journal Correspondance astronomique, and predicted correctly its return in 1822 (2P/1822 L1).

As its official designation implies, Encke's Comet was the second periodic comet discovered after Halley's Comet (aka 1P/Halley). It is unusual in that it was named after the person who calculated its orbit rather than the person
who discovered it (Jean-Louis Pons).

Comet Encke is believed to be the originator of the Taurid meteor shower (Whipple, 1940; Kla�ka, 1999). Some consider the Bronze Age breakup of the originally larger comet to be responsible for ancient destruction in the
Fertile Crescent, perhaps evidenced by a large meteor crater in Iraq. The origin of the swastika has also been connected with Comet Encke.
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