Encounters of Wisconsin
With Brad and Mary Sutherland
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center
Shullsburg, Wisconsin
Gravity Hill Defies the Law of Gravity!

Stories have it that if you stop your car on this hill, instead of it rolling down the hill, it actually starts
rolling up the hill. Brad and I decided to go check this mystery out for ourselves. Well sure enough, we
got there, stopped the car on the hill, put it in neutral, and guess what....it started rolling up the hill! I told
Brad to hit the brakes, I had to get out . I got out and walked the upgrade of the road to make sure the
car was actually sitting on a downhill grade. It sure looked like it to me. Next I closed my eyes and
walked the road..It felt like I was walking down hill and when I turned to go back to the car, it felt like I
was walking uphill. Next I jumped back into the car and Brad got out and did the same thing. All we can
tell you is if it 'looks' like it and 'feels' like it...then by what we seen, Shullsburg has a mystery that defies
gravity. Brad did bring up an interesting point and that is it 'could' be an optical illusion of some sort and
he may be right. But then it wasn't an optical illusion when a miner went down into a lead mine in this
area, never to be seen again. Hmm...yet another mystery. But whatever caused our car to roll up a hill
instead of down a hill sure gave us a lot of fun as we played around there for over an hour .  If you are
ever in the Shullsburg area, stop in at one of the local stores or gas station and ask them for directions
to what is known as 'Gravity Hill'. It is not far out of town and is worth the trip and don't forget your

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