The History of prehistoric Giants around the World by Mary Sutherland


Millions of years ago, before what we call the Age of Modern Man, another race of man existed, who were of high intelligence and had advanced technology with aerospace capabilities. Great
earth catastrophes wiped out much of this race , mutated some and drove many more underground.  By the time it was once again safe to live on the surface of earth, the underground dwellers
found life as they had known it was completely changed. Knowledge was lost and their old technology was gone. Man had to start over. ..just as they had done in previous Ages.

Today we still remain very ignorant  of our past.   Until 1847, almost nothing was known about fossil man. Science ignored the study of ancient man. It was only through the bible and traditions
that the Western Worlds had any knowledge of these past races.  Genesis refers to a race of giants who were in the earth in those days.   

H.P. Blavataksy, The Secret Doctrine wrote of (Giants,(the mighty ones),   the Spectres (Phantoms), the Nephilim, or the Fallen Ones . They are described  "as if identical in nature. The Bible calls
them 'Ancient Ones or the Mighty Ones.  e.g., Nimrod.  These names, which belong by right only to the four preceding races and the earliest beginning of the Fifth, allude very clearly to the first
two Phantom (astral) races; to the Fallen Ones - the Third; and to the Fourth . It was after these races mankind began to decrease in stature.

BOOK OF ENOCH - The Children of the Djinn  (Nephilim)

"And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied, born unto them were beautiful and comely daughters. The Nephilim (those cast out of Heaven)  saw and lusted after them, and
said to one another: 'Come, let us... choose women from among the children of men and beget our own children. SEMJAZA , the leader of the Djinn , said unto them: 'I fear ye will not indeed
agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bound ourselves by mutual imprecations not
to abandon this plan but to do this thing.' They all  then bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.

All  two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared chose and mated with  women of their choice. They  taught them charms and enchantments, the cutting of roots, instructed them on how to
use plants and herbs. When the women became pregnant, they bore great giants, whose approximate height was three thousand ells: Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. When
mankind was no longer able to sustain the giants hunger, the giant borne began feeding upon the birds, beasts and fish, eventually devouring mankind and drinking their blood.

The Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch (THOTH), the great-grandfather of Noah:



The Iliad bears similarities in both Sumerian and Babylonian Culture

THE BATTLE OF TROY was once considered a mere fantasy and science would not recognize that such a wondrous place such as Troy  could have actually existed.   Thanks to the
determination in the late 1800's of  German-American archaeologist , Professor Heinrich Schliemann , it was alas proved that the accounts of the Trojan War  were indeed true.   While
excavating in Troy he had found, in the treasure house of Priam, an exquisitely wrought bronze vase bearing the inscription:
FROM KING CHRONOS OF ATLANTIS . Ten years later, while
wandering through the Louvre in Paris, he came across its mate, which had come to light in Tiahuanaca, on the South American continent.

Schliemann's discovery validated the writings of H.P.Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine.
 Blavatsky's work was in, her time, an outrage and was condemned  by men of
science and theology.  I found it quite interesting however that both Hitler and Einstein studied her writings in depth. What were they looking for if not the hidden knowledge within these books.

Homer declared that Agamemnon and Clytemnestra had lived in Mycenae, and, according to Pausanius, they were buried there. After the return of Agamemnon from the  Trojan War, he was
slain by his wife Clytemnestra , who in turn was murdered by her children, Orestes and Electra. Based on this information Schliemann began his excavations.  In the hillside tombs he found a
number of skeletons wearing golden crowns, masks and girdles, and a vast treasure house filled with golden ornaments which, he believed, had once adorned  Helen of Troy.  No longer was
the Iliad regarded by scholars as mere fairy tale!

After Schliemann, Professor Sayce of Oxford went further to suggest the word Tiryns come from an ancient pre-Aryan language spoken before the Greeks arrived.  Based on this new found
history, we then come to the realization that these people were the Pelasgians. These people lived in the time of the building of the great  Lion Gate of Mycenae, with a slab weight of a hundred
tons, poised twenty feet above ground level. They were also the race that existed during the time of the building of the  great hillside tombs of Mycenae with their 45 foot domes built without a
keystone. The magnificent architect were equal to the pyramids in their grandeur.  

The excavations of Sir Arthur Evans in Crete proved that these early settlers belonged to a highly cultured race. We have evidence that they  had built a road across the island upon which they
travelled in wheeled chariots. Their palaces were equipped with bath-rooms, running water, drainage systems, heating devices, and even elevators! Their artificers in ivory and bronze "wrought
masterpieces which remain today among the world's greatest works of art."


The Greeks proudly traced their lineage to the Gods, divided into three distinct classes


The Gods of Olympus may be regarded in seven different ways. The meaning of the myths depends on the personification of the gods, which may be any of the following: of the noumena of the
intelligent Powers of nature; of Cosmic Forces; of celestial bodies; of self-conscious gods; of psychic and spiritual powers; of Divine Kings on earth; and finally, as actual historical characters. A
historical character that was seen as a god , for example, was Odin whose lineage can be traced through the
Tribe of Dann.

In my books, I describe Four Ages  of man and his  evolution  from the Gold Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in more detail.

THE FOUR AGES OF MAN   Ref: H. P. Blavatsky , The Secret Doctrine

The Golden Age was the period when the First Race lived in the "Sacred Imperishable Land" which capped the North Pole. The forms of this Race were ethereal. They could walk, run, fly, and
see objects at a distance. They were sexless and the principle of Karma had not yet been developed.

The  Silver Age  occupied  the Hyperborean Continent. . The Greeks called it the LAND OF THE GODS . It was the favorite abode of Apollo, the god of light, and its inhabitants were his beloved
priests. The story of this Race is contained in the myth of Uranos, the King of the Second Continent. He personified the creative forces of nature, while his wife Gaea represented matter, the
basis of all forms. According to the legend, Uranos produced giants and nymphs from drops of his own blood, suggesting the method of reproduction in this Race. When the new gods arrived, ,
they began experimenting on the creation of mankind, creating the NEW AGE.

The  Bronze Age was inhabited by the Third Race of Man in LEMURIA. This Race was itself divided into three periods. The early Lemurians were sexless, producing their young by exuding drops
of vital fluid, which formed an egg-shaped ball. The myth of Leda, whose twin sons were gestated in an egg, refers to this early method of procreation. Then came a cycle of bisexuality. Plato
gives us a description of the Third Race at this point of its evolution. "Our nature of old," he wrote, "was not the same as it now is. It was then androgynous. Our bodies were round, and the
manner of their running was circular. Hence Zeus divided them into two." Finally mankind became male and female, and since that time the reincarnating Ego has depended upon the union of
the sexes for the production of its physical vehicle. *Adam and Eve and E DIN

CYCLOPS OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY : At the beginning of the Fourth Round  every class of being was one-eyed. The one-eyed Cyclops of Greek mythology were the sons of Coelus and Terra.  
Three in number, represented the last three sub-races of the Lemurians,
for the two front eyes, as physical organs, did not appear until the beginning of the Fourth Race. The myth of Ulysses,
who visited the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus and destroyed his vision by means of a fire-brand, symbolizes the atrophy of the "third eye."
The adventure of Ulysses with the pastoral Cyclops,
a giant race, is an allegorical record of the gradual passing of the Cyclopean civilization of stone and gigantic buildings to the more physical and sensuous culture of the Atlanteans, which finally
caused the "eye of wisdom" to disappear.

In the middle of the Third Race, the "lighting up of Manas" occurred. At the beginning of our evolution the Monad (the "vivifying agent" present in every atom in the
universe) had been plunged first into the lowest form of matter, the mineral. Gradually, by the passage of the Life Wave through the vegetable and animal kingdoms, a superior form was evolved
-- ready at last for the Host of Manasaputra whose destiny it was to incarnate upon this globe. Some of these mindless human forms were neither ready nor suitable for occupancy and remained
destitute of higher knowledge until the Fourth Race. Into those forms which were half ready, a spark of intelligence was infused. Into those forms which were ready, the "Lords of the Flame"
entered, kindling the germ of mind in the "mindless men" and adding to them the flame of their own Manas.

The Secret Doctrine. Blavatsky adopted the nomenclature for the geological periods devised by Sir Charles Lyell, the "Father" of geology. To this she applied a proportional calculation based on
thickness of strata that was proposed by Professor Lefevre, which harmonized with occult data regarding the true age of the strata. Thus, the Pleistocene (Lyell's Quaternary) began about
1,600,000 years ago. The Cenozoic Era (Lyell's Tertiary), or that of Atlantis, began about 10-12,000,000 years ago; and the Mesozoic (the old Secondary) about 37,000,000 years ago (Cf. S.D.,
2:693-711). These are the time-periods intended to be understood in talking of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the present fifth race. The latter was formerly identified by Western scholars as the
Aryan peoples, but now is termed the Indo-European speaking peoples of the world.] This theosophical interpretation can explain why certain aboriginal Indian traditions emphasize a "fourth"
and others a "fifth" world.
Those, like the Hopis, who say they have "one foot in the fifth world" and, by proper living, can bring in "the other foot" as well, really are telling us that although their roots
derive from the previous stock-race they have survived beyond its natural term into the present or Aryan world and so can in some important sense fully enter it. Others apparently by reason of
more recent racial origin believe they are an Aryan or fifth-race stock.


These creatures could speak the local language and were friendly. They were called "Nommo" meaning "the monitors" and their home planet was in the Sirius system orbiting Emme Ya. The
Nommo stayed on Earth for some time teaching.
They are described as having arms and legs but also a fish tail, that they breathed through 2 holes in their back, had a slimy skin, and pointed teeth.  These holes however could have been
some artificial breathing apparatus that they needed due to the fact that they could not breath our air.
Dagon was the fish-god of the Philistines. Dagon was the founder of  Sumerian, Babylonian, and Chinese civilizations.
It was recorded by the ancient Greeks that the Babylonian civilization had been founded long before the great flood by amphibious beings called Oannes, Musari, or Annedoti. The latter 2 names
mean "abominations" and "repulsive ones". Despite the names these rulers were greatly loved and credited with providing us with all knowledge and learning and the founding of civilizations.
The monitorial duties of the Nommo may have included helping to save Noah by providing him with his Ark. The book of Enoch says the ark was built by the Angels or "watchers".  Some of these
Watchers "fell to earth" (came from the sky ) and became the gods of the olden times - best known to us from the Greek legends and the Indian Vedas.

The Greeks preserved the tradition of the sinking of Atlantis in the myth of Deucalion. The legend says that after the fourth race had passed its apex of development, a change occurred in men.
Modesty, truth and honor fled, and in their place came crime, fraud, cunning and the wicked love of gain. Seeing the condition into which the earth had fallen, Jupiter determined to destroy it and
form a new land where men would have fresh opportunities to live a virtuous life. So the waters came and covered the land, leaving only Mount Olympus above the waves. There Deucalion and
his wife Pyrrha found shelter, and from them sprang the new, fifth race.  * This story was later mimicked by the Hebrew in the story of Noah and the Flood.


Cain went to the land of Nod, and produced giants. They were educated, intelligent, builders, inventors and scientists and knew the art of metal.  The Scripture says one of those giants had
fourteen inch fingers. Now, your finger is just as long as your closed hand -Open it up; that would be a twenty-eight inch hand! In short, that's a
mens tungsten wedding bands size of a whopping
448! The God of Moses commanded  Moses to exterminate the whole race of these people from the Land of Canaan whom He said would corrupt their morals and pervert their heart to
paganism if they intermarried or made agreements with them.  Here we find  the 2 opposing gods , Enlil and Enki, in the war of the gods with the people of earth being caught right in the  middle
, being forced to take sides .


On his historic round the world trip, Captain Magellan made an interesting reference in his ship's logbook. He mentioned a race of giants living on the Pacific coast of South America.

But even a
stranger event happened in this area. Captain Cooke wrote of actually capturing one of the giants and tying it to his ship's mast. This human was reported to be over nine feet tall. The
giant freed himself from the ropes, and was last seen diving overboard.

The Secret Doctrine
The Secret Doctrine teaches that the Aryan nations of the present are in their fifth root-race. Hence the Aryan nations could trace their descent through the Atlanteans, who constituted the fourth
root-race, from the more spiritual races of the Lemurians who preceded the Atlanteans, and in whom the "Sons of Wisdom" had personally incarnated.
*See Leumurian1 . It is taught that with the
advent of the divine Dynasties, ... Referred to, the first civilizations were started. Under the guidance of their divine Rulers, the third-race built large cities, cultivated arts and sciences, and knew
astronomy, architecture and mathematics to perfection. Such divine Dynasties among men were claimed by the Egyptians, Chaldeans, Greeks, etc., as being those which preceded their human
kings; they are still believed in by the modern Hindus, and are enumerated in their sacred books.

The primeval civilization, that of the Lemurians, did not, as one may think, immediately follow their physiological transformation (i.e., that of the separation of the sexes from the hermaphroditic
condition which preceded). Between the final evolution and the first city built by the third-race Humanity, many hundred thousands of years had passed. We find the Lemurians in their sixth
sub-race building their first rock-cities, out of stone and lava. One of such great cities of primitive structure was built entirely of lava, some thirty miles west from where Easter Island now
stretches its narrow piece of sterile ground, and was entirely destroyed by a series of volcanic eruptions. The oldest remains of Cyclopean buildings were all the handiwork of the Lemurians of
the last sub-races; and an occultist shows, therefore, no wonder on learning that the stone relics found on the small piece of land called Easter Island by Captain Cook, are "very much like the
walls of the Temple of Pachacamac or the Ruins of Tia-Huanuco in Peru," and that they are in the CYCLOPEAN STYLE. The first large cities appeared on that region of the continent which is now
the island of Madagascar.

GIANTS by Immanuel Velikovsky

The traditions of peoples all over the world are quite unanimous in asserting that at an earlier time a race of giants lived on the earth, that most of the race were destroyed in great catastrophes;
that they were of cruel nature and were furiously fighting among themselves; that the last of them were exterminated when after a cataclysm a migration of peoples brought the forebears of the
peoples of today to their new homelands.

The Japanese narrate that when their forefathers after a great catastrophe about two and a half or three thousand years ago, came from the continent and invaded the isles, they found there
long-legged, furry giants. These giants were called Ainu. The forefathers of the Japanese were defeated in the first encounter, but in the second encounter they were victorious.

Ixtlilxochitl described the wandering of peoples of the western hemisphere in the four ages of the world. The first age came to its end in the Flood. In the second age, called the sun of the
earthquake -there lived the generation of the giants, which was destroyed in the cataclysm that terminated this age. The third period was the sun of the wind, called so because at the end of this
period terrible hurricanes annihilated everything. The new inhabitants of the new world were Ulme and Xicalauca who came from the east to find a foothold at Potouchan: here they met a number
of giants, the last survivors of the second catastrophe. The fourth age was called the fire sun, because of the great fire that put an end to this epoch. At that time the Toltecs arrived in the land of
Anahuac, put to flight by the catastrophe: they wandered for 104 years before they settled in their new home.
n the Following Pages, I have broken down and alphabetized the discoveries of giants in North America and around the world.

Giants ...Giants...Giants...Giants..
Was there a giant race of humans before us? Could
there been a giant race existing before the flood.
One age of Man dying out being replaced by another.
Reports of giant remains and skeletons being
unearthed show convincing evidence
that these giants indeed existed in a pre-existing
Read below of the Giant Races of the World.
Exploring the world of giants  with
Mary Sutherland
Giant Foot Prints - Cleveland National Forest USUA
Giant Female Femur
Giant Thumb bone of
Pre-Flood Man
Modern abnomalies showing
recessive genes of the ancient
ones - six toes and double rows
of teeth
Giant leg bone found in Turkey
Giant Skull found in
Aztalan Wisconsin USA
with Elongation
Maximinus Thrax, The Thracian was Emperor of the
Roman Empire from 235 to 238 AD. Every major
account of his life remarked on his massive build,
gargantuan strength and cruel, barbarous nature.
There seems to be some discrepancy about his
date of birth. His height was 8'6" tall. He was born in
Trace, which is modern day Bulgaria. He spent
most of his time as emperor fighting against the
Germanic Tribes. The Germanic Tribes were north
of the Danube River. The Danube was one of the
northern borders of the Roman Empire. You might
also want to take note that the eastern border of
Bulgaria is on the Black Sea and the territory in
which Maximinus was fighting was modern day
Romania. Modern day Romania in ancient times
became part of the Roman Empire. Maximinus was
one of the 10 great Roman persecutors of the
church. His life came to an end on May 10, 238AD,
while resting in the afternoon sun. He and his son
were murdered by Roman troops.
Photo provided by Brandon Lashbrook
Site Link:
Recessive Genes of the Ancient Ones found in Modern Man Today
- Six Fingers and Six Toes -
Formor/Formorian Giant
Fossilized giant discovered in 1895 by Mr. Dyer
during minerary activities in County Antrim,
Ireland. In the photo (published by the British
magazine "Strand") it is compared to a goods
wagon. The main measures were: total height
12ft and 2 in (3.70 m), thoracic circumference 6ft
and 6in (1.97 m), length of arms 4ft and 6in (1.37
m), weight 2 tons and 112 lbs (2050 Kg). The
right foot had six fingers. After various legal
debates to determine the ownership, nobody
knows what happened to the giant and to his
In 1973, a rock collector named Lin Ottinger was searching over a
rock plateau that had just been bulldozed over, in preparation for the
beginning of mining operations by the nearby Big Indian Copper
Mine. The mine is situated 35 miles southwest of Moab, Utah.
During his pickings in the exposed rock, Ottinger suddenly found
pieces of bone and teeth, and
traced these to a patch of sand with a brown stain - the tell-tale sign
of decayed organic matter. Carefully removing the sand, Ottinger
discovered the top portion of a large intact bone. The rockhound,
realizing the importance of his find, decided to have
a credited expert look at it, and let him do the digging, so that
everything would be "scientifically acceptable."
Giant Jaw and Teeth compared to Modern Man
Giant Spear Heads
Giants of Patagonia
Excavation site in Australia....
Unearthing a giant
Petrified fingers.... How long does it take Mother Nature to change flesh into stone?
Giant Foot Print found in Mexico  
Glen Rose, Texas  - Paluxi River  Giant Human Prints walking with

The common denominator of religious traditions and customs can be traced back to when our world was one land surrounded by water.  These people shared the same locations, same
religions and same history.  If mankind , as mainstream science would like to have us believe, got its start in Africa, we need to understand where Africa was during this period.  As you see on
this map of Pangea , North America was once connected to the western part of Africa, Nova Scotia (Canada) was adjacent to Morocco and New Jersey was connected to the Western Sahara


Resulting from magnetic influences, the earth experienced great cataclysms causing such disasters as volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, typhoons and a  great flood that destroyed about half of
the earth and most of life living in the disaster zones. These magnetic disturbances changed climates, cardinal points and altered latitudes.  Mountains were pushed up from the plains and
melted rock flooded enormous areas of land. In other places the land was covered with ice, miles thick. Fleeing the wrath of the gods, survivors migrated to safer places to live in.


America (  A.Meru.Ka) was once known as Pushkara and known as the Land of the Giant Gods , The Mighty Serpent Kings of Old, also known as NAGAS .   Esoterically, it is two Varshas that lay
directly at the foot of Mt. Meru, known as the abode of Brahma and Vishnu . The Vishnu Parana describes the country as “inhabited by god-like men who lived for ten thousand years, free of
sickness or failings.”
In Modern times Pushkara became known as America or (A-Meru-Ka ) with Meru still left in the name linking it back to Pushkara.

n her book “The Secret Doctrine” H.P. Blavatsky claims that geographically, “Pushkara” is North and South America. Allegorically it is the prolongation of
“Jambu-Dwipa” in the middle of which
stands Meru. It is the country inhabited by beings that lived for ten thousand years. People were free of sickness or failings. A place where there was neither virtue nor vice, caste or laws, for these
men were “of the same nature as the Gods”. Located in Meru is “Loka-Lokas,” (Vishnu Purana, Book II. Chapter IV).

In researching the name “Loka-Lokas” I learned, through the works of C.S.Raflinesque, A.M., Ph.D., that the antiquated name of the Allegheny Mountains in Kentucky was Loka-lokas”. And
beyond them was “The Great White Land” which was the seat of the Western Atlantic Empire or the “Great Atalan Empire”. The Atlantic shores were called “Locuta”, or “Lachacuta”, which were
uninhabitable due to the arid soils emerging from the receding waters of the Deluge.

Ancient Maps Supporting
theories that the Aztec and
Toltecs were in North America
First -
THEN  migrated South
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Rex Gilroy Discovery of
a giant foot print in
Giant Skull found in Minnesota
Giant Skull Showing Double Row of Teeth
Waldo, Giant of Illinois
The tallest man in recorded history was (8 ft 11.1
in) tall.Robert Pershing Wadlow (USA) born in
1918. In those days people's nutrition was different
and the average body frame was much smaller
than it is today. In 1918 the average height of a man
was only 5 feet tall.
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RED HORN PIPES - Not only in Oklahoma,
have they found pipes and busts of Red
Horn but he was also quite popular in the
Wisconsin area.  For example, a Native
American legend of Red Horn was found
portrayed in forty cave paintings at the
Gottschall Site at Muscoda, Wisconsin.
(This would be in the approximate area of
Frank's Hill) Depictions were found
portraying men and women with red hair, of
tall stature and superior physical strength,
shown living behind the ‘high walls of a
great lodge’. Some illustrated them
engaged in sporting events.  
Red Horn is portrayed as a descendant of
red haired giants. His name was drawn
from his own crop of red hair. Dr. James
Scherz, a professor at Madison’s University
of Wisconsin, confirms the stories of Red
Horn being drawn from real historic events.
Photo by Mary Sutherland  - Milwaukee
The Norimitsu Odachi is a huge sword from Japan. It is so large,
in fact, that it was said to have been wielded by a giant. Apart from
the basic knowledge of it having been forged in the 15th century
AD, measuring 3.77 meters (12.37 ft.) in length, and weighing as
much as 14.5 kg (31.97 lbs.), this impressive sword is shrouded
in mystery.
Ruble's Wonderings - Forbidden
Archeology & Science
This Giant Skeleton,  reported to have
been approx. 11 ft. in height, sat is the
corner of a restaurant in until it closed in
the 1960’s and was later purchased by a
millionaire (doctor?). Found in a cave in
Pennsylvania around 1909-1911 by a
professor and was on display in his class
for a short time at the university where he
taught until he was fired for what he was
trying to teach in class about human
history. After World War One, he was
displayed in a traveling freak-show
traveling circus until traded to a restaurant
owner during the great American
depression in the 1930’s.
Currently I am working of leads on finding
this skeleton and to get permission to
photograph (and video) the skeleton next
year. It is very hard to break the wall of
secrecy and gain the trust to do this.

Photo taken early 1960’s in the restaurant