"You must completely destroy all the places where the nations you dispossess have served their gods, on high mountains, on hills,
under any spreaking tree; you must tear down their altars, smash their pillars, cut down their sacred poles, set fire to the carved
images of their gods and wipe out their name from that place"  (Deut. 12:2,3)

Mary Sutherland 2004

In 1881 the Congress of the United States gave $5000 to the Smithsonian Institution to conduct archeological excavations relating to the prehistoric Mound Builders and prehistoric mounds.
Mr. Wills de Haas of Wheeling, West Virginia, was placed in charge of the project. Mr. de Haas who had studied Grave Creek Mound at Moundsville, West Virginia, resigned after a year. He
was replaced by Cyrus Thomas and the project continued until 1890. The goal of the mound explorations was to settle the question of who were the Mound Builders. Were they an ancient
vanished race as many scholars believed or were they the ancestors of the American Indians. By the completion of the project in 1890, over 2000 mounds and earthworks had been studied
in the eastern United States. About 100 of these were in the Kanawha Valley. In 1894 Cyrus Thomas published his book Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology and
proved that the Mound Builders were not a vanished race but the ancestors of the American Indian.  This was the birth of modern American Archeology and the American  birth place of the
Great Lost Race Coverup.. Once the question of the identity of the Mound Builders was directed away from any pre-existing advanced cultures, the archeologists then blindly focused all their
attention on tracing the  tracing the development of North American Indian culture.  

By the 1880s, the governing establishments of Christendom were dreading the very word 'archaeologist'. And so, archaeological digs were brought under strict control, and their funding and
undertakings had to be approved by newly designated authorities."

"One of these, the Egypt Exploration Fund, was established in Britain in 1891, and on the very first page of its Memorandum and Articles of Association it is stated that the Fund's objective is
to promote excavation work "for the purpose of elucidating or illustrating the Old Testament narrative".

"In short, this meant that if something was found which could be used to support the scriptural teaching, then we (the public) would be informed. Anything which did not support the Church
interpretation of the Bible was not destined to see the light in the public domain."


The Kurgans are an 'Earlier' people than the Pharaonic Egyptians  and the Babylonians.

Kurgan means "Mound builder". In Latvian KURm - means "mound, hill" which corresponds to Sumerian KUR.MA "a star rising", all with the same basic root KUR- "hill, mound" as in
KURgan. The Russian and Turkic meaning is 'barrow' or 'artificial mound'.

Marija Gimbutas writes that the Kurgans Yamnaya or Pit-Grave culture) ostensibly started their migrations in Southern Russia and the Ukrainian steppes at the Black Sea, reaching Anatolia
and Mesopotamia through the Balkans and Greece, across the Caucasus then east to Central Asia and south into Iran. These migrations would account for all the mound-grave cultures we
know, even those surfacing in China (through the Tocharians) and in the Indus Valley at around this time.

Did the Kurgans move because of the Flood? Was this 5500 BC ? at the time of the Black Sea Shelf Submergence? Are these the people then known as the Sumerians in Mesopotamia
who brought the tumulus mounds south, leading to the building of the ziggurats (i.e. baked earth instead of pure earth mounds) and thereafter the building of the pyramids of stone (where
the mound builders perfected their system.

The initial temples of Pharaonic Egypt were made of "mud bricks" (as in Mesopotamia), whereas building in stone came thereafter, "mimicking" the same style of architectural building
previously used for building in mud brick. This fact led the Egyptologist Walter Emery to conclude that the Pharaonic Egyptian culture traced its origin back to an immigrant people, perhaps
from south Mesopotamia. The Kurgans provide us with an "EARLIER" people who buried their dead in a manner which must be regarded as a technological precursor to the later burial
mounds of Babylon and Egypt, a people of Europe.

WAKING UP FROM A DEEP SLUMBER  ...Are the Lyran , Sirians  and Anunnaki the Same.?

If the Lyran and Sirians are in fact referenced as the Anunnaki, then would Enlil and Enki be equivalent to Lyran and Sirian
An Una Ki  = An + (A)na + Ki  = God +Goddess+earth  = gods and goddess of earth = male and female rulers of earth.

In The Prism of Lyra the Sirians(Enki) are depicted as interfering with the plans of a Lyran group(Enlil) that were trying to create a species that was to have no knowledge of good and evil.

The Prism of Lyra states that the Lyrans and Sirians, who had worked together in the creation of humans, the primitive workers, disagreed philosophically concerning their creation. While
the Lyrans (Enlil)  wanted to create a species devoid of the knowledge of polarity - or of "good" and "evil" - the Sirians(Enki) saw that humans could not evolve spiritually without this
knowledge. Royal and Priest point out that Enki in the Sumerian texts is sometimes portrayed as a serpent - an evil serpent - and that perhaps this was a ploy by Lyrans to keep humanity
from following the instructions of the Sirians who were attempting to help humankind. Royal and Priest imply that it was the Sirian group (Enki, Serpent, Satan) that encouraged Adam and
Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge in the story of the Garden of Eden, as contained in the Bible.

The Sirians (Enki) may have been at least temporarily thwarted by the Lyrans (Enlil ) in the Garden of Eden, but it seems that the Sirians (Enki) had the last laugh. According to The Prism of
Lyra, the Sirian group inserted a latent DNA code in humans:
The code is triggered by an accelerating vibration that occurs when a civilization begins to evolve spiritually. As Earth accelerates toward self-awareness and fourth density (which is
occurring presently), the code is activated. Once activated, the human race unwinds its limited vision like a coil until the expanse of 'All That Is' becomes visible.


The Legend of Marduk

The King from Marduk was named Annu. (An/Ana, Twins connection ie Osiris and Isis,)
A governing body was formed. later known as The Council of Twelve (r six from Lyra and six from Sirius)

Enlil (Lyrans) were given reign over one sector of Earth and Enki (Sirians) were given reign over the other sector.
The Lyrans remained as overseers to the operations in the valleys of Mesopotamia, while  the Sirians  remained with the gold mining operations in South Africa.

The Sumerian texts relate how Enlil, while visiting the South African mines , was informed of a revolt of the Annunaki miners and their intention to abandon the mines. Enlil summoned his
bodyguards in an attempt to find the leader of the rebellion and order his swift execution. It was hoped that the death of the traitor would permit continuation of the mining operations without
further interruption.

When Enlil was informed that Enki was responsible for the Anunnaki uprising, he summoned his father, Annu, and convened the Council of Twelve to settle the dispute.

After years of elemental mining, the Anunnaki expressed to the Council of Twelve their refusal to work in the mines. Enlil explained to the Council that for 150,000 years, his Marduk brothers
had toiled to save the atmosphere of Marduk. The Anunnaki could not continue to withstand the long, grueling hours necessary for the continuation of successful mining operations. They
refused to endure the toil, sweat, and dust.

Enki also asked for the Council’s intervention, as well as for permission to allow his half sister Ninhursag, who was also the Chief Scientist and Engineer, to experiment and create
through genetic engineering a mutation of existing animal life on the planet. This manufactured genetic creation would be known as a “lulu�. Its primary purpose would be to work in
the mines as slaves laborers to the Anunnaki.

These slaves would be genetically engineered with the necessary intelligence to comprehend and take orders, but they would be significantly altered for submissiveness to maintain order
within the mines and eliminate future rebellion. The Anunnaki would never have to toil the mines again with these genetically engineered mutations as their obedient slave laborers. The
Council agreed, and as time passed the first lulu was created without procreative properties. These beings were the prototypes for the first human beings created by the Anunnaki.

Sumer, one of the oldest civilzation known to man, attribute the  beginning of  civilization to the Marduk Gods. This civilization was said to have begun long before humans beings were
created. After the creation of the humans the GIANT Marduk Anunnaki became as Gods to the humans. The humans were taught basic skills and were provided with the contents of
Anunnaki writings. These writings were given to the Sumerians to provide them with a historical account of the beginning of human origin.

Ownership of the lulus presented a continuing battle between  Enlil and Enki. Enlil captured some of the lulus and brought them to an area of Sumer known as E-din.  The captive lulus had
the same fate as the other manufactured lulus; they became servant laborers to the Marduk Gods and labored in the gold mines of South Africa for thousands of years.

After much time had passed the God Enki bestowed the gift of procreation upon the lulus. Enki had fallen in sympathy with them; no doubt because of their similarities to the Gods. The gift
of procreation made the lulus full-fledged human beings and assured them a continued lineage of human beings to come. The lulus considered this gift of procreation to be a blessing
from their God, Enki.

Enlil was not pleased with Enki’s decision to further alter the lulus and provide them with procreative capabilities. Enlil felt the slaves were not as productive as they had been prior to
being given the gift of procreation, and he felt that the slaves had became a nuisance. He decided there was no other option than to drive the slaves out, far removed from his sight. The
Adamu/lulu (humans) were driven out of the garden into the Zagros Mountains.

Enki took pity upon these exiled creatures. Sitchin paralels this story with the biblical account of Adam and Eve being exiled from the Garden of Eden. The new homo-sapiens, those with
procreative ability, were driven from Enlil’s presence away from their homeland Edin. (The Sumerian records and Sitchin’s interpretation of same implied that there were many
Gods.) As history evolved, the idea of many Gods could have evolved into the condensed image of one God.

Previously, we mentioned Marduk’s planetary cycles wherein the planet would periodically align itself within the pathway between Jupiter and Mars. (Which is strangely reminiscent of
the "...the dawning of the age of aquarius�.) This planetary realignment occurred in cycles approximately every thirty-five hundred earth years. It was at about the time of the advent of the
next thirty-five hundred year cycle that Enlil knew that Marduk’s alignment would create earth changes of tremendous proportions.

The Anunnaki scientists predicted an enormous tidal wave the magnitude of which would threaten the survival of all inhabited parts of the world. Enlil did not want the lulus to know of the
ensuing disaster. He persuaded the Council of Twelve to supress this knowledge from them. He was apprehensive of the panic and fear that would be generated throughout the land.

It was also at about this time period in Sumerian history that the new breed of Earthlings began to increase in numbers upon the face of the earth. The Sons of the Gods took as their wives
the daughters of the earth-human beings, hence mixing the blood of the lulus with the blood of the Gods from beyond the heavens. Enlil discouraged this and thought of a way to destroy all
flesh. This also is a strange parallel to biblical references to "...the end of the way of all flesh".

Enki was protective of his creations but because he wanted to avoid panic and maintain control he refused to tell the humans of the ensuing floods. He formulated a plan and Ziusudra
(Author's note: striking parallel to Biblical story of Noah) was summoned. Enki told Ziusudra to stand behind a wall of reeds and converse with the wall.

Enki told the wall to relate to Ziusudra that there would be a horrific flood. Ziusudra was told to "...gather your family together and all of you shall make a secure boat. This boat shall be made
of the best quality materials to secure it from the seeping waters yet to come. Put enough food on the boat for all of you to consume freely and two of each of the animal creatures who co-
habitate upon the land with you then shut-up the door. Do not open the boat until all signs of the raging flood waters are gone and the sea is calm.�

Enki was satisfied that he had protected part of his creations and, unbeknownst to Enlil, had assured the survival of at least one of the families of the genetically engineered human beings -
Ziusudra and his family.

The Anunnakai Nefilim would also have to leave the Earth because of the torrential flood waters that would engulf its entire surface. They remained in orbit until such time as the Earth could
again be inhabited.

After the great flood was over the Earth was repopulated by Ziusudra and his family. The family had been blessed with the knowledge of agriculture, and the Earth yielded plentiful food and
bounty for its inhabitants.


The Sumerian texts state that the Annunaki (Marduk)  returned to Earth after the deluge. Although they retained ultimate power and control as the stewards of the Earth, they also formed a
benign alligience to the surviving human beings. Later, they helped the human beings to build the ancient royal cities. Even modern archieologists cannot fathom how ordinary man-power
could have moved gigantic pillars and slabs and set them to such exacting specifications. The Marduk also held Councils, which would pertain to the future of the Gods and their continuing
association with Man on Earth.

The God Enki initiated a race of human leaders further enhanced with Anunnaki genes, the Shepherd Kings . . The Gods taught these future leaders the advanced scientific knowledge of
the Anunnaki. Even today this royal blood line is alleged to come down through these kingship bloodlines.  It has also been suggested, which I agree with, that what we believe to be the
small grey 'aliens' are in fact androids developed and used by the Anunnaki as 'watchers' over the creatures of Earth.

If we are ever able to positively determine the existence of a tenth planet then we can logically assume the existence of the planet Marduk/Nibiru. Further, we can then assert that the stories
of the Anunnaki are true.  Following is what we do know on the events happening around this time.

Excerpts taken from the Chidren of the Matrix, David Icke.

Mars as we now know , at one time, was very similar to Earth. But what  happened...and also what caused the  great catastrophies that hit Earth  causing the end of our last Golden Age.

In the 1960's a group of physicists  from Boeing got together to launch a  private study aimed at explaining the  many anomalies of th Earth and other  planets of the solar system thta could  
not be explained by normal physics.  What they concluded supported  Velikovsky's proposals. They came to  the agreement that around 5000BC, a  huge body, Jupiter, careered through  the
solar system. This threw the outer  planets into disarray, so explaining   their present anomalis of spin  direction and speed. Jupiter crashed  into a planet that once orbited between  where
Mars and Jupiter are today and  the debris from this planet , they  said, can be seen s the otherwise  unexplained astreroid belt that  occupied the space between ..Mars and  Jupiter.
Possibly one of the three  Atlantean catacysms,could have  destroyed in stages, happend around  10500 BC  and was caused by a close  pass of the Earth by Mars, which has  been
knocked out of the original orbit.  James Churchward says there are  enormous 'gas belts' and chambers under  the Earth and when these 'blow' on a  vast scale, the land is destroyed. He  
says that gas belts ran under both  Lemuria/Mu and Atlantis.
Churchward explains that cvilisations  existed for tens of thousands of years  before Sumer emerged.  Central to these  Sumerian accounts were the 'gods' the  Sumerians  caled the
Anunna (Sons of  An). Their lter Semitic names were the  Anunnaki (Those who from the Heaven to  Earth Came) and DIN.GIR (The Righteous
Ones of the Blazing Rockets).
The Anunnaki were a reptilian race from  the stars.  The Sumerian tablets  describe a collision between the moons  of aplanet they called Nibiru and one  orbiting between the present
Jupiter  and Mars. The debris from the collision  created what the Sumerians called 'the  Great Band Bracelet'..the astroid belt.
The Boehing physicists suggested that  part of Jupiter broke away on impact  with another planet. This is the body  we now call Venus, they concluded. It  was projected towards Mars,
destroying  the atmosphere and life on that planet.  After devasting Mars, the 'Venus' comet  was caught by the gravitational pull of  the Earth, they aid. It made several  orbits of the Earth,
causing the tidal  wave and devastation that ended the  Golden Age and hurled vast quantities  of ionised ice at the poles. In  momentum then hurled it into is present  orbit as "Venus" the
plant.  Synchronistically, the most ancient  Mesopotamian and Central American  records don't include Venus in their  planetary accounts, but the later ones  do, and thre was a focus n
Venus with  human sacrifices made to it.  "The  Biggest Secret" , Brian Desborough.  Resource. and "Children of the Matrix",  David Icke.

Velikovsky, Boeing physcists and an  increasing amount of other researchers  today bring the time scale for the end  of life on Mars to within the period  that saw the end of Atlantis and  
Lemuria-Mu.  Brian Desborough suggest,  along with others that the Golden Age  was the result of many extratrrestrial  and other dimensional races visiting  the Earth and operating openly
among  the human population in a long period  of at least thousands of years. That  the earth was much closer to the Sun  beforee these events and that Mars  orbited in the area the Earth
now  resides. Dr. CJ Hyman and C. William  Kinsman suggested that the Earth once  followed the present orbit of Venus and  that Mars was located in the present  Earth orbit. Ancient
legends say that  Earth days and years were once shorter  than now and humans lived for far  longer.  The closer orbit to the Sun,  Desborough says, would have demanded  that the first
Earth races would have  been blck, with the pigmentation  necessary to cope with the fiercer rays  of the Sun.
The Sumerian tablets describe that the  Anunnaki left the earth before the  great catastrophies..and the people who  sheltered deep underground or in the  mountain ranges above the flood
water  which , according to the Boehing study,  could have reached heights of 10,000  feet.  The earth is riddled with  tunnels and caverns, natural and  created, which date back to the
ancient  times.
After the catastrophies, the people  came out of their shelters and the  Anunnaki returned.

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