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The internet site of radio talk show host Jeff Rense (http://www.rense.coin/general15/hiss.htm) has unearthed a mysterious, unexplained, but very
provocative clipping from the August 5, 1947 edition of the San Diego Union. According to the clipping, explorers had unearthed, near the
Arizona-Nevada-California line, the mummified remains of strangely costumed giants which the discoverers dated to around 80,000 years ago.

The Union reported that a Howard E. Hill of Los Angeles was recounting the work of Dr. F. Bruce Russell, a retired Cincinnati physician who had originally
located the first of several tunnels near Death Valley in 1931, but had not been able to return to the area until 1947. With the help of Dr. Daniel S. Bovee,
who with Hill's father had once helped open up New Mexico's cliff dwellings, Russell had recovered the remains of several men of 8 to 9 feet in height.

"These giants," said Hill, "are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees. The texture of the
material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."

Hill also said, according to the Union, that in another cavern was found the ritual hall of the ancient people, together with devices and markings similar to
those now used by the Masonic order. In a long tunnel were well-preserved remains of animals, including elephants and tigers. So far, Hill added, no women
have been found.

He said the explorers believe that what they found was the burial place of the tribe's hierarchy. Hieroglyphics, he added, bear a resemblance to what is
known of those from the lost continent of Atlantis. They are chiseled, he added, on carefully polished granite.


LOS ANGELES, Aug 4. (AP)-- A retired Ohio doctor has discovered relics of an ancient civilization, whose men were 8 or 9 feet tall in the Colorado desert
near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, an associate said today.

Howard E. Hill. of Los Angeles speaking before the Transportation Club, disclosed that several well-preserved mummies were taken yesterday from caverns
in an area roughly 180 miles square, extending through much of southern Nevada from Death Valley, Calif. across the Colorado River into Arizona.

Hill said the discoverer is Dr. F. Bruce Russell, retired Cincinnati physician, who stumbled on the first of several tunnels in 1931, soon after coming West
and deciding to try mining for his health.


Not until this year, however, did Dr. Russell go into the situation thoroughly, Hill told the luncheon. With Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, of Los Angeles -- who with his
father helped open up New Mexico's cliff dwellings -- Dr. Russell has found mummified remains together with implements of the civilization, which Dr. Bovee
had tentatively placed at about 80,000 years old.

"These giants are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees." said Hill. "The texture of the
material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."


Hill said that in another cavern was found the ritual hall of the ancient people, together with devices and markings similar to those now used by the Masonic
order. In a long tunnel were well-preserved remains of animals including elephants and tigers. So far, Hill added, no women have been found.

He said the explorers believe that what they found was the burial place of the tribe's hierarchy. Hieroglyphics, he added, bear a resemblance to what is
known of those from the lost continent of Atlantis. They are chiseled, he added, on carefully-polished granite.

He said Dr. Viola V. Pettit, of London, who made excavations around Petra, on the Arabian desert, soon will begin an inspection of the remains.

Atlantis Rising
January / February 2002, Number 31, p. 11
Reprinted with permission

Ancient Chambers Span Across Beneath Northern Arizona

Saturday, April 27, 1991
ARIZONA DAILY SUN, Flagstaff, Arizona

New Orleans (AP) -- Three young archaelogists came to Northern Arizona and crept through sacred rooms, over rocky precipes and by dangerous
rattlesnakes to discover a huge complex of catagombs that could rewrite theories about the Indians of the southwestern United States.

"It's absolutely mind-numbing. We would have never believed it could have existed," John W. Hohman, one of the three archaeologists, said Friday during
the meeting of the 2,000 member Society of American Archaeology. "It will change a lot of what we believed about Indians in the Southwest. They may have
been far more advanced than we believed."

Hohman admitted to feeling a bit like Indiana Jones, the archaeologists-adventurer from the movies. Armed with a flashlight and a pistol, it was Hohman who
rapelled down the steep fissures, frequently dotted with rattlesnakes sunning themselves on rocky outcrops, into the catacombs.

The catacombs his expedition found are the first reported in the United States, officials at the conference said. "It's very exciting to have it announced at
this conference. It's one of the few times we can say this is a first. Anytime you have a first in our business, it's exciting," said Dr.James Schoenwetter,
professor of anthropology at Arizona State University in Tempe, Ariz. "The idea of a very elaborate form of ceremonial chamber being built underground
hundreds of years ago is surprising."

Indians of the southwest United States were not believed to have built underground, Hohman said. For many of the cultures the underground held special
connotations, both good and bad, he said. Burials were also done much as they are done now, he said, in graves dug into the earth. The catacombs, which
Hohman and colleagues say are about 700 to 800 years old, were discovered at a known prehistoric Indian settlement about two miles west of Springerville.
The Mongollon Indians occupied the site sometime between A.D. 1250 and 1400, Hohman said. "There had been some suspicion that there was something
underground there," Adams said, "When we actually entered the catacombs though, it just blew us away."

Getting there wasn't easy. "Everytime I'd get halfway down one of the others would find the entry way, Hohman said. The carefully hidden entrances to the
catacombs varied from the size of doorways to small crawl spaces. Once inside, Hohman and his colleagues found three to four acres of catacombs,
ranging from small chambers to huge rooms 50 feet high and 100 feet long. "It's obvious that they were to protect the cattacombs," said White. ""The
average person living at the site would not have had access to the area. It was probably entered only by certain people."

Hohman, Diane E. White and Christopher D. Adams were investigating the area for the town with an eye toward developing it as a recreation area. Hohman
expects the site to produce at least one more major find. "We think there is something else underground there. We're working in an area that we think will
produce another major surprise," he said.

The area, but not the catacombs, is open to the public, and will be developed into a recreational area, Hohman said. The park is expected to be opened
within two years, he said. Called Casa Malpais, the site represents one of the largest and most complex ancient Mongollon communities in the nation,
Hohman said.

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if you can't lie about it AND  you can't bury it OR burn it...Why not FLOOD IT !!!

Ever wonder why they flooded the canyon to make Lake Havau AZ?
Reference: Rains2day 2-7-04

Pages From Hopi History
Harry C. James

This Is How It Was

THE LEGENDARY WORLD of Hopi origins lay deep below the surface of today's earth. This may seem strange to people brought up with the concept that
the world below is not by any means a place of heavenly bliss but one of hellish damnation. When one stops to realize that the dominant features of the
vast region of the Hopi world are the magnificent and mysterious landscapes of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River it is not surprising that the Hopi
concept of heaven should be an ideal nether world.

In the beginning the wide Underworld beneath the present world was one vast sea, the Hopi have told their descendants down through the ages. Far to the
east and to the west lived two female deities-the owners of such precious things as seashells, coral, and turquoise. Each of these Hurung Whuti, as the
Hopi called them, lived in a house similar to a kiva in the Hopi village of today. The Hurung Whuti of the East had one gray and one yellow fox skin tied to
the top of the high ladder which led down into her kiva-like house, while that of the deity of the West had a large turtle-shell rattle.

Every day Sun dressed for the early morning in the gray fox skin, and for the full day he donned the skin of the yellow fox. He rose from the north end of the
kiva of the Hurung Whuti of the East, slowly passed over the waters of the Underworld, and, after touching the turtle-shell rattle on her ladder, he
descended into the kiva of the Hurung Whuti of the West.

Eventually the two Hurung Whuti decided there should be some dry land in the Underworld, and parted the waters so that land appeared. But Sun could
discover no sign of life upon it and he reported this to the Hurung Whuti of the East, who journeyed over a great rainbow to confer with her sister of the
West. After a long council they decided that they would create life. They took clay and fashioned a small wren. Placing a piece of cloth over the wren, they
sang certain songs which imparted life to it

Then they instructed Wren to fly here, there, and everywhere over their newly created land to see if it could find any signs of other life. Wren failed to see
Spider Woman, the deity of the earth, who lived in her kiva home away to the southwest-so he reported that the whole land was barren.

Thereupon, the Hurung Whuti of the West created many birds and animals in the same way as the wren had been created. She sent them out to inhabit the
earth. As her sister had created the birds and the animals, the Hurung Whuti of the East created a man and woman out of the same kind of clay and
covered them with the same cloth. Again the Hurung Whuti sang their special songs, and the man and the woman were endowed with life. The two Hurung
Whuti taught the man and the woman a language, and the deity of the East led them back over the rainbow to her home. There they lived for a short time
before they and their children wandered out over the eastern land to make homes of their own.

While the Hurung Whuti were busy creating the birds, the animals, and the first man and woman, Spider Woman decided that she, too, would create men
and women. Thereupon she gave life to all kinds of people, and with the help of Mockingbird (Yaupa) taught each group its own language before sending it
off to live throughout the Underworld.

After a council with her sister, the Hurung Whuti of the West decided that she must create more people to inhabit the lands of the West. These were the
ancestors of the Hopi. After this was accomplished the Hurung Whuti parted and went to live for all time in their homes under the waters far to the East and
far to the West.

The Hopi still remember the Hurung Whuti and make many prayer offerings to them. Turquoise, seashells, and coral still serve the Hopi as sacred
reminders of those beneficent deities of creation.

ARIZONA -Grand Canyon

This spot is thought by some to be Sipapu, entrance to the Hopi
Underworld. It is a sacred place of pilgrimage for the Hopi, at the
bottom of the Canyon of the Little Colorado above its junction with
the Colorado River.
Copyright © 1974. The Arizona Board of Regents

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Exploring the Unknown   with Mary Sutherland
Brad and Mary Sutherland Researching Ancient Sites
Books by Mary Sutherland  248 Carver Street, Winslow Illinois 61089  815 367 1006
Although my website is one of the
largest sites on the world wide web,
what you find in the membership site
is the true
essense of my work....
We are living in a transitional stage
where one time cycle surcumbs to the
new. During this time, we will
experience some of the greatest
earth changes and weather events
known to modern man. It will be a
time, when those " in the know" will
adjust like a "green reed" but others
"not in the know" will begin to snap lie
a dry twig..suffering from  mental
anguish...even madness.
The Earth's plates are grating and
creating a vibration that is now
opening the dimensional veils. As
Earth experiences these shifts, so
shall all life on this planet.
The veils will continue to become
thinner, revealing to us strange
phenomena such as seeing Angels,
Demonic Beings,
various Inner Land Beings,
Interdimensional Beings, Strange
lands that were hidden within the veil ,
crop circles, leading up to full contact
with our ancient ancestors -
Parallel Time Shifts are now taking
place...leading up to the great shift of
2012. We have been given a choice at
this time..The choice is either we tune
ourselves to the vibration of Earth and
make the shift with her to a New Earth
on a New Time Line ....or we remain
out of tune and miss the boat,
remaining on the Old Earth full of war,
hatred, bloodshed and eventual
destruction. The time to act is now ..
We are in the days prophesied. This
decision can no longer be put aside.

Mary Sutherland: Author, Researcher
and Host of BUFO RADIO and
"In Search of Ancient Man -
Lost  in Time"
by Mary Sutherland

"Forgotten in Time" is Book One in
her Five Book Series "In Search of
Ancient Man" -

Author and researcher Mary
Sutherland believes that the human
race and all life on planet  earth has
and is being held captive by a race
of creator gods known as the
Anunnaki. To guarantee and
maintain their control, deals were
made and continue to be made with
a selected group of humans, who
have proclaimed
themselves to be the ‘chosen ones’.

Contemptuously they view the
human race as ‘peasants’ and their
secret agenda shows total
disregard for the quality of life on
this planet.

Through acts of genocide and
spilling of the blood of millions
history was re-written and the
identity of the true people of earth
was forgotten in Time.

Sutherland’s upcoming series ‘In
Search of Ancient Man’ will provide
proof positive that we need not look
to the sky for the return of the ‘sky
gods’ for the simple reason they
never left. They remain on earth,
hiding in the shadows using their
‘shepherd kings’ or ‘chosen ones’ to
carry on their hidden agenda .

 "Serpent headed when the
glamour was lifted, but appearing to
man as men among men. Crept
they into the councils, taking form
that were like unto men. Slaying by
their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms,
taking their form and ruling o'er
men. Only by magic could they be
discovered, only by sound could
their faces be seen. Sought they
from the kingdom of shadows, to
destroy man and rule in his place."
Emerald Tablets
Living in the Light - Believe in
the Magic

In this liberating book  Mary
Sutherland teaches us how to
tap into the power of
our higher selves and live each
day with a greater sense of
peace and fulfillment.
She helps us to  understand our
place in the world and to accept
our divine heritage.

Through her book, we learn
how to appreciate what has
been given us, to throw  away
guilt, feelings of
inferiority and to accept
ourselves as Divine. We learn  
that  miracles are achievable
and the real magic is all around
Mysteries - Exploring the
Mysteries of Burlington and
Southeastern Wisconsin


Haunted Burlington
The Rainbow Vortex of Burlington
Burlington Built on an Ancient Burial
Haunted Houses - Ghosts and
Poltergeists of Burlington
Underground Tunnels  Running
Under Burlington
Underground Railroad - Fact or
Al Capone and the Underground
Al Capone and the Speak Easies of  
Burlington Wisconsin
Al Capone and other Mobsters in
The Underground World and its
The Tunnel system of Rochester
The Tunnel system and the Third
Cyclopean Underground Cities
Shambhala and Agharta
Native American Legends
Ancient Civilizations and the
Secret Underground Facilities
Bong Recreational Park
The Earthen and Effigy Mounds of
and the Sacred Sites

The Dwellers of the Underground
Tunnels and Cities
The Builders of the Underground
Tunnels  and Mounds
Evidence Showing Ancient Man as
Intelligence, Civilized with Advanced
Native American Legends of Ancient
The Lizard People
Bigfoot Sightings
Cave Demons
... and much more
Revelations...Truths Revealed

In accordance with the Jewish
Kabbalists, the civilization of
Atlantis was advanced
far beyond ours and had
brought about their own
destruction by disregarding the
wisdom of the great teachers,
choosing power and
materialism over
On the back of a dollar bill, one
can find a pyramid and the all-
seeing Eye of Horus
which strongly suggests that
not only were our founding
fathers the  ‘Followers of
Horus” but believed it was their
destiny to re-build this nation
from the ‘ashes of
the Phoenix’.
Sir Francis Bacon asserted in
his book, New Atlantis, that
whatever was going to be
built in North America would be
Atlantean in its basic archetypal
pattern and destiny
path, and at some point it
would rise to the level of global
dominion. Then it would,
like ancient Atlantis, have to
make a choice between power
‘for the sake of service’
and power for the ‘sake of more
power’… and as it decided, ‘the
fate of the world
would be determined.’
In the writing of this book, it is
my desire to enlighten the
reader on the true history
of North America and our
ancestral heritage that took root
back when the people of
this earth lived together as “one
nation…on one continent(
before it divided into the
continents we have today)
…under the ‘Law of One’…”  
The United States ‘Pledge of
Allegiance’, “One Nation…
Indivisible…with Liberty and
Justice for All” strongly
indicates that our founding
fathers not only knew the true
history of North America, but
believed this country to be the
homeland of ancient
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
Price: 19.99

Burlington's historical district
rests uneasily on top of
twenty-seven ancient burial
mounds. No wonder everyone in
the seemingly sleepy Wisconsin
town owns a ghost story or two.
Residents have spotted the
White Beast of Burlington near
the old fish hatchery, bumped
into a Confederate apparition on
Academy Road and caught a
glimpse of the Lady in Blue at
the Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen years
chasing local lore through the
underground tunnels and eerie
skies of this hotbed of
supernatural activity. Now she
stands as a ready guide to the
mysteries of the Burlington
The Red Haired Giants
Atlantis in North America

Evidence strongly supports that
races of Atlantean giants lived in
North America and were the
advent of the smaller races of
modern men and women. As
thousands of earthen burial
mounds attest, constant war
against one another caused their
numbers to diminish and the
smaller, but more numerous
races eventually subjugated
them. "The Red-Haired Giants:
Atlantis in North America" tells
the story of the red-haired giants
fall from grace and their eventual
Temporarily Out of Print
Temporarily Out of Print
Giants Gods and Lost Races

Book Three In Search of Ancient Man
It is beyond our comprehension that
any of the story tales told to us as a
youth could possibly be true. But what
would you do if you were to learn that
these stories may be based off events
long ago forgotten in our history? Mary
Sutherland, the author of “Giants Gods
and Lost Races” takes you and your
imagination back in time when giant
humans walked the earth; Earthly
rulers and gods were riding around on
“flying carpets” warring with each other
and - as the ancient people described-
'having battles by throwing thunder
bolts back and forth.' “Giants Gods and
Lost Races” takes you back to a time of
‘celestial cities and air ships’;
mountains rising from what seemed to
be out of nowhere, destroying many
and leaving others stranded on their
snow covered peaks; strange gods and
even stranger creatures walking
around as half-man and half-animal
The Mysterious Thunderbird Phot. One of the Great Unsolved
Mysteries in Arizona. Photo of a so-called Thunderbird and a
mysterious creature that had been captured near the town of
Tombstone Arizona.

One of the great mysteries of modern times has its roots in Arizona.
This mystery involves a photograph of a mysterious creature that was
said to have been captured near the town of Tombstone.

September 1963 issue of Fate magazine, a writer named H.M
Cranmer would state that not only was the story true, but the photo
was published and had appeared in newspapers all over America.

Eminent Fortean researcher Ivan T. Sanderson also remembered
seeing the photo and in fact, even claimed to have once had a
photocopy of it that he loaned to two associates, who lost it.


Dear Brad and Mary,

I ran across your site and saw a photo at the bottom of a page talking
about the "Tombstone Thunderbird". I remember having seen this
picture many years ago in a cryptozoology book. The caption in the
book described it as "Federal soldiers posing with mysterious
bird-like creature, following Battle of Vicksburg, July 1863." While I
cannot remember the title of the book, and have been searching for it
for some time, the author also said that researchers claimed the
soldiers were super-imposed onto the photograph of a fake model,
but however, the photo had been authenticated. Hope this helps.
Giants ...Giants...Giants...Giants..
Was there a giant race of humans
before us? Could there been a giant
race existing before the flood.
One age of Man dying out being
replaced by another.
Reports of giant remains and
skeletons being unearthed show
convincing evidence
that these giants indeed existed in a
pre-existing culture.
Read below of the Giant Races of the
Ancient Maps Supporting
theories that the Aztec and
Toltecs were in North America
First -
THEN  migrated South
Click Here
Red Haired Giants of Arizona
Mary Sutherland -
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