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Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction

Written and Compiled by: Dragonbane Final Release (v2.5):8-6-1995

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Among the mysteries of modern ufology is the origin of the entities known
as the Greys. These small beings are the most commonly observed entities
reported by abductees aboard extraterrestrial craft, and are believed to be
the ones most responsible for human abductions. There are many things that
we do know about the Greys, derived mostly from abductee reports, but there
is far more that we do not yet know or understand. Using the evidence at
hand, including a collective of abductee reports and stolen government
files, it is now possible to make accurate estimates of several aspects of
the lives of the Greys, including physiological and mental aspects.

Current Theories:

The Majestic Twelve:

One of the currently held beliefs about the Greys is that they are
connected somehow to the United States government, and that this intimate
relationship has resulted in many of the technological leaps of the last
fifty years made by military and government science, including the F-117
stealth fighter and B-2 stealth bomber, as well as a weapons systems known
as Joshua, a ultrasonic weapon, of which a recently declassified
research-wave study variant was displayed to the public. The theory goes
something like this: A secret group within the government (known as the
Majestic Twelve, or the Jason Society, or the Jason Scholars) has given the
Greys several large tracts of land in the American Southwest, near the Four
Corners area, on which to build large underground bases, know as DUMBs
(Deep Underground Military Bases). From these locations, the Greys are able
to abduct their targets with much more ease and less observability than
they would otherwise be able to do, resulting from a closer location to the
abduction sites, thus resulting in decreased flight time, which translates
to less time available for detection by others.

This is known as the 'Alien-United States Government Technological Exchange
Theory,' and is currently popular, in varying degrees, among many
researchers and others, who believe that the government is constantly lying
about its involvement in the UFO phenomenon, and is keeping much
information secret, while using disinformation tactics to make all
eyewitnesses appear to be fooling. The disinformation appears in various
forms, from government propaganda, lies about activities, and threats to
silence witnesses, to the more vocal and outspoken of 'researchers' who
attempt to convince others that there is no UFO phenomenon, and no such
thing as extraterrestrial life. These 'debunkers' use any explanation, no
matter how unlikely and impossible, to explain any and all sightings.

There are many documents and eyewitnesses currently available that directly
and indirectly implicate the government in conspiracy after conspiracy, the
least of which are the event at Roswell and the assassination of John F.
Kennedy. These documents do tend to point towards a 'secret government,'
which controls much of what we perceive to be our benefactors. Congress, to
the best of our knowledge, has not been deeply infiltrated, due to the fact
that the members are elected by the people. This makes it possible for any
involved officials to be voted out of office. It is possible, however, that
various government agencies may set up these candidates and rig elections
to gain Congressmen who favor their plans. Congress's activities, however,
do not appear to be suspect, except for the usual political logrolling and
campaigning. State governments are also for the most part safe from very
deep infiltration, due to the fact that the 'secret government' must be a
small group in order to remain secret. Taking over state governments would
not only increase the chances of detection, due to an increase in the
number of people directly involved, and the proportionate number of people
indirectly involved, but also cause problems in the maintenance of the
government. The number of people who have direct access to the leaders of
such a group would increase exponentially as the number of leaders
increase. This would have the effect of drastically increasing chances of
accidental public knowledge of their existence. Thus, a 'secret government'
could function at its best on a nation level. The end result of such as
large project would be: A population who, as a whole, tends to consider any
who study this phenomenon, as well as most witnesses, as 'crackpots and
lunatics'; A group of trained disinformation agents used to keep the
public's mind off of such matters; Relative security in operations that
would otherwise be viewed with great mistrust. This would

be the precise effect wanted by this group, because its motives, as well as
its actual operations would be hidden from the population in general, as
well as to the rest of the government.

Beings of Light:

Another popular theory held be many involved in New Age philosophy is that
the Greys are truly the benevolent race they claim to be, and that they are
here to guide humanity into the next millennium with spiritual
understanding of each other, in order to create a more perfect society. It
also find support among those who claim to be in contact with the Greys,
and claim to receive information about what they are doing, as well as why.
This information, however, seems to be too much like propaganda as well as
disinformation to the author. This theory holds that the Greys come from a
society whose gene pool has become overly inbred or otherwise has become
depleted. It is somewhat similar to the old science fiction scenario, with
a dying Mars coming to Earth in order that they can survive.

This theory is much simpler, as well as much more direct in its thought
process, than the one above, and is entertained more by various groups
devoted to the spiritual and mental evolution of mankind. Supporters of
this theory say that same Greys have spoken to them, and told them the
reasons that they are here. According to these individuals and groups, the
Greys are trying to help humanity save itself by saving the planet, because
the death of Earth is soon to come, and tell of great storms, earthquakes,
floods, volcanic eruptions, as well as war, pollution, famine, and
starvation that will soon to sweep across the face of our planet. The Greys
claim that they know these things will happen because they aren't limited
by time flowing in a single direction, but can move forwards and backwards
though time. While they cannot stop it, they only want to prevent as much
suffering as possible. While they are here, though, they could use some of
our DNA, because their supply has been drastically reduced, for a reasons
rarely told to the contactees who communicate to them.

Analysis of Theories:

These theories both have their various sources, and both have evidence that
supports one theory, while detracting from the other. The author's personal
views lean towards the first theory, due to several key points of evidence.
Most of the evidence for the Grey-government conspiracy comes from sources
within the government, and from careful observation and analysis of
government activities over the past 50 years. The benevolent Grey belief
comes directly from the Greys, who have implanted into their abductees'
minds certain instructions and ideas to give to society at various times,
as they determine. Using the abductees as 'virtual recorders,' the Greys
claim that they are here to 'help humanity realize its potential,' and to
'watch over humanity.' The government files, on the other hand, claim the
Greys are adept liars, and they are not to be trusted. This data comes from
the few applicable documents gleamed from the military using the Freedom of
Information Act, as well as former and current government workers who claim
to have broken their oaths of silence and come forward to tell the truth.
Admittedly, the government is also run by accomplished liars, so it is a
choice of whether to believe a totally alien group, or to believe the US
government (Many would have a difficult time with this, and the author is
one of those).

If the Greys are telling the truth, then we have little to be worried
about, except for our own government, and the occasional abduction in the
middle of the night. If they are lying, then we are faced with a great
dilemma: the people of the world are being manipulated without their
knowledge by at least two forces, the Greys and at least one major world
government, that of the United States.

Analysis of Reasons for Human Abductions:

From the various documents, informants, and abductee reports, we can
postulate what the Greys are. There are many reports that can be found
today, if one knows where to look: Some theorize that the Greys are
descendants of modern humans from the future; others state that the Greys
are a totally different lifeform not related to Terran humans. This
document will hopefully finalize the various theories, and weed out those
hypotheses that are deemed highly unlikely due to contradicting evidence
and reports.

Abductions and Cloning:

First of all, the fact must be established that the Greys truly are clones.
This is not a new theory, simply a modification of others that have been
circulating for a while. There are several reasons why they appear to be
clones, if one takes into account behavioral patterns and visual
appearances, as deduced from abductee testimonies and other related
reports. However, the most intriguing evidence is their abduction plans
themselves, and not merely second- and third-hand reports from
semi-reliable witnesses about 'tanks of human and alien body parts'
somewhere in the deserts of New Mexico.

The Greys are abducting human males and females for the purposes of
extracting sperm, ova, and other samples of our genetic sequences for
reasons unknown. There does appear to be an answer as to why they do so, if
the relevant data is taken into consideration, as the reader shall soon

The Greys must be clones, and the best evidence is in the conduct of the
abductions. One can extrapolate from the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle
(which refers to quantum mechanics and the uncertainty of the location and
momentum of an electron in an orbital) that genetic sequences break down
and begin to have errors in the sequence after several generations of
continuous cloning from clones, which is what many believe is occurring
with the Greys. The result of cloning from clones, after several
generation, is equivalent to inbreeding, where errors creep up in the code,
so to speak, and eventually, clones are created that are unable to
function, i.e., stillborn. This phenomenon is also likened to the recording
of a audio or video cassette from another recording. As copies are made
from copies, the overall quality decreases. This postulate can be
extrapolated from the fact the at the human DNA chain is very long, and
contains much data. If the Greys have a similar genetic code, this
hypothesis will still stand. Humans have great genetic variation, and
mutations from one generation to the next increase the diversity. However,
the mutations that are created generally don't involve the function of
major systems of the body. Sexual reproduction is also a buffer to radical
mutations affecting the entire body in drastic ways from the norm. With
clones, however, the mutations, while small individually, will be copied
from one generation to another, and as the number of mutations build up,
the greater the chance of a fatal mutation. The sheer complexity of the DNA
molecule (in humans) makes it exceedingly difficult to keep tract of every
bit of genetic code, and so errors will slip past investigations. There is
another problem In this situation: While the Greys seem to be able to
successfully cross-breed their genetic material with that of Terran humans,
their actual knowledge of truly advanced genetic engineering concepts seems
to be lacking. They are not able to manipulate their (or human) genetic
code beyond that necessary for the mixing of the two type of replicating
molecules. This implied that they either lost the knowledge somehow, or
never had it in the first place. Either way, it appears what the Greys
don't have very much control over the genetic code of the hybrid created.
Thus, cloning from clones creates a dilemma that is fatal to a species
dependent on cloning as a method of survival. The way that they propagate
is also the method of their death as a species.

However, it may be possible, with the genetic engineering techniques that
the Greys seem to possess, to infuse viable DNA or other genetic material,
suitably modified, into their own next generation of clones, thus creating
hybrids and others much like those often reported by abductees. While some
may say that if they have the technology to do all that, why not create the
genetic materials they need and repair their genetic code themselves
without resorting to abducting humans? The answer is very simple, and is a
matter of economics: It is by far cheaper, energy- wise and time-wise, to
'harvest' the DNA needed, rather that create the genetic materials
themselves. Why spend energy and time building factories, setting codes of
purity, as well as finding a source of raw materials for the creation of
the replicating molecule, and then reconstructing an entire, functional
molecule, when there is a planet of six billion humans which do the job
themselves, naturally? The strategic location of underground bases could
make this far more economically advantageous, but even a civilization that
is FTL-capable, traveling from a distant star, would save time and energy
as opposed to massive efforts create a replicating molecule from scratch.
Thus, this theory would not only explain current abductions, but also past
visitations as well, due to the premise that the abductions are for the
purposes of harvesting DNA and other genetic materials for infusion into
their own genetic code. There does appear to be a problem In this
situation: While the Greys seem to be able to successfully cross-breed
their genetic material with that of Terran humans, their actual knowledge
of truly advanced genetic engineering concepts seems to be lacking. They
are not able to manipulate their (or human) genetic code beyond that
necessary for the mixing of the two type of replicating molecules. This
implied that they either lost the knowledge somehow, or never had it in the
first place. Either way, it appears what the Greys don't have very much
control over the genetic code of the hybrid created. The reason for this
deduction comes from an analysis of the fact that abductions are occurring:
If the Greys had advanced genetic engineering knowledge that they actively
used to the extent that they appear to, then it would be plausible that
they would be able to repair the errors in the genetic code as they
appeared. This is contrary to the fact that abductions are occurring, and
so other hypotheses must be made to account for this deviation from the

One possible explanation is that the Greys do not do the genetic
engineering themselves, but that the system is completely automated, with
or without a supervisor. In this manner, the genetic engineering involved
in combining both types of genetic code would be contained in a computer of
some type, and would create a hybrid embryo from human ova or sperm, with
the addition of Grey genetic material suitably modified to be compatible
with Terran DNA. One possible method, which would explain the taking of
both sperm and ova, would be the following scenario: The ova are modified
only very slightly, to made sure of no compatibility problems with the new
set of genetic code. The DNA from the human sperm is then removed, and
replaced with the Grey genetic material modified to interact accordingly.
The sperm is then allowed to combine with the ova, 'mixing' the two gene
patterns, and if the code is viable, the resultant embryo grows and
divides. At a certain time, the embryo would be put into stasis, by
freezing or by another means, for storage, and implanted into a human
female mother for further development whenever convenient. This scenario
would circumvent the apparent 'hole' in the theory, and would explain why
the Greys seem to have advanced genetic engineering technology at their
disposal, yet be unable to repair errors in their genetic code, nor
diversify their own code through such manipulation. They have either lost
the knowledge sometime in the past, or simply used the knowledge that
another civilization gave them, without understanding what exactly was
going on.

Physical Appearances:

Other evidence comes from abductee reports on the physical appearance of
the Greys. According to abductees and certain government informants, the
following physical profile can be deduced about the Greys: The average
height of 4 ft. to 4 ft. 6 in. for the 'doctors,' or the leaders of the
abductions, and 3 ft. to 3 ft. 6 in. for the workers or 'drones, with an
overall humanoid shape. Their skin coloration is light grey to dark grey
and appears to be non-porous. The head is proportionally large and an
inverted triangular shape in the vertical plane. The rear skull area is
large and rounded, and the eyes being large and slanted upwards toward the
rear of the skull. The arms and legs appear to be very thin, with a neck
that appears to be far to thin to support the weight of the head. There is
no genitalia visible on the ones that appear to be male, nor is there a
pubic bulge seen through the clothing. These reports seem to point to the
same conclusion: The Greys are sterile mules, with no sexual organs.
Descriptions of Grey bodies illustrate their sameness: very similar bodies,
with only slight changes in proportions, and stylistic differences being
observed in their heads. However, even without sexual organs, the Greys
seem to have gender, and are not simply neuter. The genders, however,
appear to be completely determined by the mind, with the bodies being
identical almost identical. Abductees report that some Greys 'feel' or
'seem' feminine, while others are very masculine. This seems to point to a
time of sex differentiation, which was bred out physically, leaving only
the mental pattern to demonstrate the differences between males and females
in the Grey social infrastructure. It should also be noted that female
Greys are very rarely seen, and are reported to be sterile and incapable of
giving birth to offspring. The males are the ones most commonly observed,
and simple deduction will show that there is one scenario possible: the
Grey females are few in number, and must be isolated for some reason,
perhaps to prevent their loss or for genetic repositories. Nevertheless,
because Greys cannot breed naturally, due to a lack of sexual organs,
artificial methods must be incorporated into their society on a massive, if
not simply large, scale to prevent their demise as a species.

Origins from Cetaceans:

Based on the evidence of their physical appearance, the following
hypothesis can be made: The Greys are descended from a dolphin-like or
cetacean-based life form. There are several reasons for this supposition.
The answer can be found in the similarities between cetaceans and Greys,
using physical and behavioral aspects.

Physical Aspects and Similarities:

First, let us examine the physical characteristics. The skin of a Grey is
very similar to that of dolphins in texture, and in most cases, coloration.
On Terra, cetaceans evolved legs and arms to function on land, but when
they returned to the oceans, the arms and legs evolved into flippers and
tails. X-ray analysis clearly show the residual appendages in modern day
dolphins and whales as being comparable in skeletal structure to that of
land-dwelling mammals in placement and types of bones. It is possible that
the Greys evolved much like Terran dolphins did, but did not return to the
oceans, but continued to develop as a land based mammal. Next is the skull
shape: The Greys have a large rounded skull region area on the upper
anterior and posterior sections of their skulls. An examination of the
dolphin skull shows very similar large, rounded anterior and posterior
areas. The eyes of Greys are described as large and black, with what
appears to be a protective shielding covering the eye. Many Terran aquatic
animals have developed protective outer eye shields for underwater use. It
is possible that this is a left-over attribute from the Greys' ocean
origins which has not been bred out, perhaps due to several unknown
advantages of the shield. Another factor is the dark coloration of this eye
shield. It suggests an eye structure suited for a reduced light
environment. In the oceans, this would be natural for a creature living
underwater were the planet's primary's light does not penetrate very deep.
The dark coloration would in indicative of eyes that absorb nearly all the
light that enters it, creating the appearance of blackness. On Terra,
dolphins and other cetaceans developed sonar ability as their primary
navigational aid, and thus do not rely as much on sight while underwater.

Behavioral Aspects and Similarities

There are also several similarities in the behavior of Greys and dolphins.
Terran dolphins use sonar both to navigate and stun prey and enemies. The
stun affect is of particular interest in this case. Dolphins can emit very
powerful and focused ultrasonic bursts from the anterior section of their
skulls, from an organ knows as a 'melon'. This is used to stun prey and
enemies, such as sharks and barracuda. There has been an excellent film
created by a group of students while diving, illustrating of a group of
dolphins utilizing this ability on a very large barracuda. The barracuda
was swimming towards a group of very young dolphins. Four large adult
dolphins turned so that there heads were directly aligned with the
barracuda, and emitted a sustained ultrasonic burst. The effect on the
barracuda was astounding. It literally froze, completely paralyzed in the
water, and even the gills ceased to move. The dolphins stared at it for
about thirty seconds, during which time the barracuda remained totally
immobilized. As soon as they turned their heads away, the ultrasonic beam
was no longer focused on the barracuda, whereas it fled at a very high rate
of speed from the scene. Obviously, this beam was tightly focused, and
required the dolphin's head to be pointed directly at the target. The
strength of the beam could be changed as well. When hunting, the ultrasound
beam could be directed at small fish and amplified to lethal levels,
causing instant death. Some cetacean researchers believe that this is also
used when dolphins ram sharks. Autopsies of the shark corpses after a
dolphin attack reveal the sharks internal organs have been visibly
shattered. The beam can also be controlled so as to produce a stun effect,
as in the case of the barracuda. The result was physical paralysis and
disorientation. This phenomenon is very similar to the technique used by
the Greys as an aid to telepathic control of abductees. The similarities
are almost overwhelming. Nearly every abductee states that when they are
abducted, they are paralyzed by the Greys, and become mentally
disorientated. The most striking thing most recall is what is known as the
'Stare.' This occurs when a Grey looks directly at an abductee, whereas the
large, dark eyes capture the abductee's attention immediately. Abductees
then report being unable to move, and a feeling of great mental
disorientation. On some rare occasions, abductees report a lessening of
these effects when a Grey looked slightly away from them. This clearly
indicates that the intensity of the effect was directly proportional to the
direction or focus of the front portion of the Grey head. This evidence
leads to the hypothesis that the Greys use a kind of ultrasonic sound beam
in conjunction with telepathy to paralyze an abductee during an abduction.

The 'Stare" as abductees call it, is merely the positioning of the Grey's
anterior skull area, the projection area where the Grey equivalent to the
cetacean 'melon' is located, to achieve maximum beam concentration on the
abductee. When the Grey looks away, the beam would naturally become less
focused and the effect would diminish, just as it appears when the Grey is
distracted momentarily. The description of the Grey's head is usually
large, triangular and rounded in front and back. This suggests a large and
rounded rear and frontal brain lobe structure. This is exceedingly similar
to the physical structure of a cetacean brain. It is the main difference
between cetacean and human brains. This large rounding is thought to be an
adaptation of the cetacean brain to handle the enormous data flow received
from echo-location and other sound-based communications faculties. It
should also be noted that on the rare occasions that abductees hear verbal
sounds from Greys, it is described as high-pitched, sometimes chattering or
staccato clicks or beeps. These are all similar to the air vocalizations of
dolphins. While the brain structure of the Greys has remained basically
constant, it can be assumed that the echo-location ability of the Greys
would have been decreased or atrophied almost completely. After all, there
is probably little use for echo-location is such a society, thus it could
have been bred out of the species during cloning.

Origins of Greys:

Due to no knowledge at all of the origins of the Greys, either as simply
evolved cetaceans, or as a cloned slave society, several possible avenues
must be explored. A few that might be possible are simple evolution with
later genetic self-manipulation or manipulation of cetaceans by an outside
species. Since there is no evidence, albeit no data at all, any possible
origins theory that can be developed should be judged as possibly faulty,
until more data can be gathered.

Evolved Cetaceans:

A simple explanation for the origins of the Greys would be and evolutionary
process similar to that of humans, but from a cetacean ancestor as opposed
to a primate ancestor. At one point, instead of returning to the oceans, or
perhaps leaving the oceans, cetacean simply evolved as a land-dweller,
while retaining the vestigial features of it's ancestors, much as humans
still retain body hair, an appendix, and a group of fused tail bones. At
another time, the species evolved more rapidly, created a technological
base of fire (not possible underwater), and created a complex society. Some
time later, the Greys either had a large accident or other event that
severely degenerated its genetic pool, or decided that the random genetic
mixing of sexual reproduction was inadequate for their society, and
embarked on cloning as a means to overcome their problem. After a period of
time, the knowledge of advanced genetics, as well as the technology needed
to created more advanced versions of their genetic machines were somehow
lost, and the result is a society that depends on its machines for species
survival, but who cannot recreate the technology. This theory is supported
by the reasons behind the abduction phenomenon, as is very streamlined,
without involving other species as manipulators.

The Masters:

Another of the theories possible begins with a cetacean life form evolved
on another planet. Unlike Terran cetaceans, they did not return to the
oceans, but were discovered and later altered and cloned by another
species. This species (called the Masters for argument's sakes), needed a
source of slave labor, and thus searched for an intelligent lesser species
that they could genetically manipulate in order to be used effectively.
Arbitrarily assuming that this period of time was about one million years
ago, the most evolved species at that time on Terra would have been
dolphins and whales. This might also have been possible on another planet,
where a similar species evolved instead of a primate-like organism. Under
this theory, the cetacean ancestors of the Greys were taken and genetically
altered into an upright, bipedal species capable of doing labor for the
Masters. After a time, however, the Greys apparently rebelled, and are now
on their own, using the technology of the Masters, but since they were
created to simply operate them, and not to design them, their knowledge of
the technology's operation is lacking.

This theory would explain the lack of knowledge of genetics that the Greys
seem to suffer from, and why they can't simply make their own genetic code
artificially more diverse. They are able to manipulate the technology, and
use it to their advantage, but are unable to understand the actual
theoretical aspects and operations behind the use of their equipment, thus
resulting in a need for abduction of humans.

(Another possibility is the Grey's may not be independent of their Masters,
who may continue to control and manipulate the Greys for their own reasons.
In this scenario, the Masters are often considered to be the


The final conclusions deduced from the evidence at hand is that the Greys
were artificially developed either by persons or beings unknown, or by
themselves, and that the Greys evolved from a cetacean-like life form on
another world. A cetacean-like life form developed naturally on that
planet, and either evolved naturally, or was accelerated in their evolution
artificially though genetic engineering, and later cloning, which became
their only form of reproduction. Because of the cloning, their genetic
sequence degrades after each cloning of a clone, thus leading to the reason
for the abduction of Terran humans, as a method of repairing the damage in
their own DNA (or other genetic material), as well as adding new sequences
to the cloning gene pool
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