My First Haunted House Investigation by Laura Held

I have been interested in hauntings and things associated with them since I was a young child. So, when Mary Sutherland of
www.burlingtonnews.net asked if I would like to come along on an investigation, I jumped at the opportunity.

Mary gave me a little background information about the house that we were going to investigate. The people that lived there are a mother and
her 16 year old daughter. The daughter has seen what she believes to be dark shadowy figures in her bedroom. She also senses the presence
of a little girl.  I also knew that the house was an old farm house that had been moved to its current location. Other then that I knew nothing about
the situation or the people.

It was cold and rainy when we arrived at the house. I got out of the car thinking what a perfect night for a haunted house. We were greeted at the
door by the 16 year old daughter. She led us into the kitchen where her mother began to show us some light bulbs that had been blown from
socket. The metal part of the bulb remained in the light fixture. The part of the bulb that 'shot' out of the fixture is the glass. The glass bulb is
intact. It was not broken in any fashion. In fact, the filament is intact. This happened on more then one occasion. She showed us four empty
sockets except that the metal part of the light bulbs remained in the fixtures. She kept the glass part of the bulbs. I took one of the bulbs and I am
going to be contacting Phillips (the manufacturer of the bulb) to see what would cause more then one bulb to shoot from the fixture.

We greeted one another and began to set up our equipment. My equipment wasn't very high tech. I carried a cassette recorder and microphone.
I was hoping to catch some EVP on it.  E.V.P stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. This Phenomena occurs when the voices of a Spirit
interrupt an Electro Magnetic Field,"E.M.F's", so in turn using audio tape i.e. from a micro cassette recorder reveals these voices where as
before they could not be heard by a human ear. It is the same way with a dog-whistle, the dog in this case being the audio recorder. We as
humans cannot pick up the sound of this dog-whistle because the frequency is to high. The dog, on the other hand can, because its ear drum is
designed for hearing higher frequencies. The audio recorder uses magnets to record onto tape when an Electro Magnetic field is interrupted
such as when paranormal activity occurs. This in turn effects the tape i.e."E.V.P"
Unfortunately, I didn't get any extra voices on the tape. That is usually the case. Others in the group brought digital video recorders, digital
cameras, EMF detector and digital recorders. We had high tech equipment and we also had ancient equipment. Some of us in the group had
dowsing rods and pendulums.

While I was trying to capture the perfect EVP I was asking questions to the unseen spirits and energy. I was trying to find out the names of the
entities that are said to inhabit the daughters bedroom. I would also ask the entities to touch me or to make a sound. I was hoping that the energy
in the room would be able to manifest itself on the tape. Mary Sutherland was in the room while I was asking questions of the energy. She could
sense where the energy was and would take pictures of the area that she sensed the energy to be located. Mary snapped many interesting

Some of the pictures at first glance look like camera movement. But only half of the picture would be blurred. If it was camera movement the
entire picture would be blurred. Objects would be blurred in the picture that never moved yet everything else in the picture is crystal clear. There
is a picture of a television set. Half of the TV is clear half of the TV is blurred. In another picture of the same TV the TV is clear but the rabbit ear
antenna that is on top of the TV is blurred. No one moved the antenna to blur the image. Images would be superimposed over one another.
Digital cameras don't have double exposure. The 'superimposed' image would be a part of the house that a picture wasn't even taken of. How did
the 'superimposed' image get on the picture if we never took a picture of the 'superimposed' image? Strange!

There was a video camera that was set up on a tri-pod. It never moved yet the light that shows it is recording looked as if it was a light trail. How
could that happen? In two other photographs the recording light on my recorder looks like a red light trail. I never moved my recorder in the
direction that the light trail shows. It is only the red light that has moved. If the light trail was a result of me moving my recorder, the recorder
would be blurred as well as my hand and arm moving the recorder. The recorder, my hand and my arm are resting on my lamp. Not moving. They
remain clear.

We have pictures of light energy shooting across the room. We have pictures of a candle and the flame appears to be shooting all over the
room. We would have had to pick up the candle and run around the room all while the camera shutter was opened. You can see the candle
sitting on the floor. I can assure you the candle never left the floor. We captured these pictures of the candle light when we were asking the
entities in the room to manipulate the candle flame. It is believed that the spirit world can manipulate the energy of a candle flame. We could
blame the 'extra' movement of the candle flame on air circulation, however, when you look at the pictures it you see no one is moving and the
candle is clearly on resting on the floor. It makes you wonder. Well....it makes me wonder anyway.

There is another picture that convinces me that there is something going on in the house. In the picture is a mist. In the mist is clearly the letter
'A'. Not a wavy, hard to make out letter 'A' but a straight letter 'A'. This is even more interesting because....
One of our investigators was using dowsing rods to try and communicate with the spirit energy of the little girl. She was asking the energy what
it's name was. She got the name Alice. I can not be certain if the picture was taken at the moment when she was getting the name Alice. However,
we did on several occasions during the evening ask if the energies name is Alice. That picture could be a result of any of the times we asked the

It could be that I have a propensity to believe these types of things because I have experienced what I would call paranormal activity in my own
home. I won't go into a lengthy description of what happened but suffice it to say that my friend and I were the only people in my house. We were
sitting in the dark watching TV and a very bright flash went off in the adjacent room. It was generated in the room. It was as if someone took a
picture and the flash went off. Only the flash was more blue then a white flash.

Although, I am no expert..I am convinced that something is going on in that house. Is it the spirit of a little girl? I cant say for certain....but I know I
think so.

It was a very enjoyable evening. We shared many laughs and made the owners of the home feel more at ease.
Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books
  • Living in the Light: Believe in the Magic
  • Mysteries: Exploring the Mysteries of Burlington and Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Revelations: Truths Revealed
  • In Search of Ancient Man: Lost in Time
  • The Red Haired Giants
  • Haunted Burlington Wisconsin

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