The Spectrum of Reality encompasses both that which we can
see and measure, as well as that which we can neither see nor
measure.  Our human senses detect only about 5% of reality.
Scientists can measure, perhaps, another 10%, above and
below our sensory range. The remaining 85% is the
non-physical.  It has been called quasi-physical, supernatural,
mystical, spiritual, astral, and/or celestial.
Burlington Research Center's goal  is to research - document -
and share with the public  this remaining 85%

Photo showing a Vortex in the woods outside of Burlington, Wi
Haunted Burlington Wisconsin
Ancient Sites- Mormon History - Masonic History
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by Mary Sutherland

Burlington's historical district rests uneasily on top of twenty-seven
ancient burial mounds. No wonder everyone in the seemingly sleepy
Wisconsin town owns a ghost story or two. Residents have spotted the
White Beast of Burlington near the old fish hatchery, bumped into a
Confederate apparition on Academy Road and caught a glimpse of the
Lady in Blue at the Malt House Theater.

Mary Sutherland spent fourteen years chasing local lore through the
underground tunnels and eerie skies of this hotbed of supernatural
activity. Now she stands as a ready guide to the mysteries of the
Burlington Vortex.
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In reading ‘Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional Worlds’, you
will realize that the greatest secret of all is in the fact that ‘Everything is
connected’; from the physical to the metaphysical, Life and Death, the
Sub-Conscious and Conscious, Portals, Vortices, Dimensional and
Time Travel, Gateways to Heaven and Portals to Hell. This book will
simplify how to ‘tap’ into portals and ‘travel’ into Alternate Realities,
Parallel Universes and multiple Time Lines. ‘Portals- Gateways to the
Multi-Dimensional Worlds’, could be seen as a ‘Metaphysical Self-Help’
book, because it will help you tap into your extrasensory abilities that are
just waiting to be awakened! For the last several decades, it has been
my desire to bring people together who are engaged in the process of
learning the ‘Truth behind the Invisible Realms’. It has been my goal to
inspire people to open their minds to all the possibilities in life; to apply
their metaphysical skills for the enhancement of their lives as well as
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Tours of Burlington are now offered by Brad and Mary Sutherland
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Haunted Burlington, Wisconsin
Mary Sutherland

Burlington Wisconsin is a Ghost Hunter, Orb Photographer , Ley Hunter, Historian and Ancient Mysteries Researcher's Dream . It  lies on a 'Rainbow Vortex' and Home of the Ancient Mound

Just like in the movie 'Poltegeist', they built the town and never moved the bodies. As far as we can determine the downtown area of Burlington Wisconsin was built over twenty seven ancient burial
mounds. Local newspapers have reported unearthing the remains of  human bones while digging foundations for several  buildings in the historical downtown area...including the location at 532  
N. Pine Street.  Human bones were also found on the old fair grounds where the Burlington Blanket Co originated and is  located near Tower Hill on Storle Ave,  the northeast side of the Fox River.
(now the old Burlington Mill)

Outside of town, is Voree. The congregations of the Mormon Church speak of Voree
as 'The Ppromised Land' or 'The New Jerusalem'.  It was in Voree that the Prophet
James Strang discovered the famous Mormon Brass Plates in a hillshide
beneath the roots of a giant oak tree.


While Burlington promotes itself as Chocolate City, USA,
people 'in the know'  are allured  to the town because of its occult and ancient  mysteries
Have you noticed that when you are in the historical district of Burlington,  the roads don't run in a grid pattern but are angled?
The historical district was designed in the form of a pentagram, similar to  Washington D.C.
See Burlington Wisconsin Mysteries 2

While taking the walking tour of Burlington, Mary Sutherland points out  the occult symbols displayed in the architecture of it's buildings and explains  the history and meanings
behind them. . The founding fathers were quite aware of the meanings behind these symbols and the magic they hold over  the land and its residents.

Burlington's White River is once known as 'The River of the Dead'. Its name was coined due the Mormon practice of baptism through proxy at this river. The Mormons favored
this river above all rivers, being that the river runs 'North'. (all rivers run south except those that are controlled by the gravitation pull of a large vortex). In the area where the baptisms
took place lies a hidden 'serpent mound' . Its location was only known to a small handful of residents in Burlington , one of which is Burlington Research Center.


Not only are there ongoing reports of ghostly phenomenon and opening of portals or gateways to dimensional worlds  being reported by residents of Burlington, but  an ancient tunnel system runs
under the town.  Most of the entrances to these tunnels have been sealed off  but we are hoping someday to find other entrances  open for us to explore and document.

The tunnels are easy to trace if you consider that the older citizens of the community (1800's) knew about the tunnels and utilized them. The more prosperous families built their homes and
business over the tunnels. They have been used for purposes such as:  the purpose of hiding runaway slaves, distributing bootlegged liquor, hiding valuables, storage, traveling during the winter
months when the weather was cold and the snow was deep, etc.  During the Prohibition Days the 'speak easies' operated in buildings built over the tunnels, giving their business easy
accessibility for the delivery of contraband . These tunnel speak easies were ideal for Al Capone and his men to use if the need arose for a quick and successful escape.
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