Who is this Man - and Who does he 'really' work for?
by Mary Sutherland
On Feb. 24, "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs ” Seeing Is Believing"  promised to take a fresh look at the UFO phenomenon - and look he did. He interviewed almost 150 people  with scientists, investigators and  many of
those who claimed to have witnessed unidentified flying objects.

Hopes  ran high  among the ufologists , believers , witnesses that had seen these mysterious crafts with some of these witnesses actually having contact voluntarily and involuntarily with their pilots and occupants . Finally,
there was hope that this issue may be resolved - that the truth would be introduced to the general public ....after all this was ABC NEWS and PETER JENNINGS.  A station and a man that most of us had grown up with and
learned to trust.

Jennings pulled up his sleeves and went out in the field to get the truth. He interviewed police officers,  pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens who give 'extraordinary' accounts of encounters with the
unexplained.  Being that this was the 'famous' Peter Jennings, everyone dropped their guard to 'prove' to him their stories and suspicions were true..even the aged ufologists that had learned to trust no one.  They gave him
information that many had promised to take to their grave.  Yes, Jennings did a remarkable job in his investigation of the phenomenon.  He found the truth and the truth was reported - unfortunately not to the general public but
to another group. A group that wanted to know what we knew and tricked us into spilling our guts . Peter Jennings is an information gatherer for some of the most powerful people in the world.  The  Bilderbergers ! Yes, you
read me right - The Bilderbergers.

Do I have evidence of this claim - yes I do.  Provided for you by the History Channel and my digital camera. As I watched the show, I video'd the segment off my camera so that all could see what I saw.


Government 'UFOlogy' is quite different than what we are accustomed to  . Theirs is a  disciplinary investigation that is born out of a pattern of human and non-human deception that reaches into the very core of our civilization.

Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 bodies, and 1 live alien were recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these
events, 13 occurred within the borders of the United States, not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. Of these 13, 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico, and 1 was in Nevada. Sightings of UFOs were so
numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible, utilizing the existing intelligence assets.

An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948, on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948, in White Sands Proving Ground. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were
recovered from those two crafts. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. A demon had reared its head and paranoia quickly took hold of
everyone 'in the know.' The Secret lid immediately became a Top Secret lid and was screwed down tight. THE SECURITY BLANKET WAS EVEN TIGHTER THAN THAT IMPOSED UPON THE MANHATTAN PROJECT. In the
coming years these events were to become the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world.

First and foremost, UFOs, which despite past government pronouncements to the contrary and a Peter Jennings Special debunking the very place this all began, Roswell,  are indeed the objects of intense interest by both
military and intelligence chiefs. In their eyes, objects flying unrestricted in U.S. airspace represent a distinct threat to national security. This was determined as far back as 1952 when whole squadrons of UFOs zoomed over
the most sensitive parts of Washington, D. C., including the Capitol and the White House.

Again through the courtesy of the History channel and my trusty digital camera I was able to video the segment of the UFOs over Washington DC in 1952 .


This concern even resulted early on in orders to shoot on sight being issued to all military units, an order which quickly was amended to shoot only if fired upon.

So, at least at first, UFOs were deemed hostile since everyone concerned in the military believed they were either secret weapons of the Soviet Union or invading craft from outer space. The fact that analysts were unable to
agreed on which was the correct interpretation of the ongoing sightings only heightened official paranoia.

On top of the fear of enemy invasion, there was intense interest in UFO technology. It is obvious that they  represented a technology far beyond that available to the U. S. military or any other country for that matter.  And the U.S.
wanted that technology - as did the other countries. Any technology which could be turned into weaponry is highly desirable by the military but this too involves the highest levels of secrecy. So the government dug itself in

Now lets consider the often proposed idea that our government in fact had made a deal with these alien beings, thinking that they could outsmart them down the road. Learn their technology and use it against them. What if the
aliens knew in advance that our governments would take that very stance.  (That's not hard to imagine)

To avoid getting their hands caught in the cookie jar, let's just say a certain sector of government decided to branch off from the main stream and form a 'secret organization' to deal with the alien issue. (That's not hard to

Now lets just consider that this 'select group' was given an unlimited supply of money to support their research . Along with money came power and things started getting out of control.  No longer was the main branch of
government in control of  policy but this smaller 'select group' took over.  (That seems possible to me)

Of course, they would have to keep this out of the public eye - so let's take a look at  hiding their secret projects 'underground' in secret underground bases, where they could come and go and do any research they wish without
scrutiny.  And lets just throw in a few aliens to make it more interesting.  (After all, if they are dealing with them for technology it only makes sense that a certain sector of aliens would be working with them down in the
underground bases. )

Now we have a 'Pandora's Box' Scenerio and the lid has been open. This 'select group' has information but they want more and are in it so deep that they will go to any means to get as much information as possible. ...
including handing their own race over for experiements and providing a safe atmosphere for this alien race to come and go without restrictions.  After all power is the most addicting drug of all.. And you know drugs..the more
you have the more you want ..and in the end you will sell your soul for the next fix.  Well maybe in this case, they sold our souls instead.( If not our souls - maybe our bodies and minds? ) After all isn't an abduction a form of
kidnapping. Impregnating woman and taking the sperm of men a form of rape.

I have to ask myself what is worse, the rape and the kidnapping by the aliens or what our government does about it, which is
either avoiding the subject entirely, conditioning our peers to ridicule the ordeal, or worst -- washing our brain of the memory and replacing that memory with a false one. Just consider what takes place in a session of  mind
control and brainwashing for the victim that has done nothing wrong except to be at the wrong place at the wrong time or has a special blood type or psychic ability.

Our world has become a double reality. One reality is  where we  consider kidnapping and violation of civil rights
to be criminal, rape to be loathsome , brainwashing and mind control to be heinous, lying to be despicable, unauthorized surgical invasion of the body to be monstrous, and damage to personal property to be vandalism. When
someone has done a wrong to us we go to the proper authorities and file charges .  The other reality , for some that have encountered the 'secret society and aliens , is that there is no law or moral standard to protect them.
There is no place to go to call 'foul play'  - because this 'reality' doesn't exist - And why doesn't this reality exist - Because the  very ones that are victimizing them are the same ones  making the laws and controlling the media.   
Yes, controlling the media is very important - It is through the media that public opinion  is molded.  These poor people can't even go to their friends or family!  They exist their own reality waiting for the next event to happen -
helpless to do anything.   Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones that have not had this encounter .

Here is a scenerio to consider concerning the why's behind someone like Peter Jenning going out into the field to investigate the 'common people'- so unlike the higher aristrocrats such as what you would find with the
bilderbergers. This Secret Power Group needed information - information they felt they weren't able to get within their circle. They needed someone the people would talk to. First it would really gather attention if some prince
was out there asking questions , wouldn't it. I can imagine what we would think of that!  But hey - why not someone the people would trust - I got it --- why not a news reporter that wants to 'help' the people get their message out
- After all isn't that what a reporter does - report news worthy events?  It would fly for me -- as it did many many many witnesses and ufologists as was the case with Peter Jennings.  Instead of being suspicious, as they would
in the case of a Prince, they ran eagerly and even fought for an audience with the 'what they thought to be their defender of truth ' .  Such hopes the people put in Jennings and what a sad day it was for all of us when we listen to
him shatter our hopes on ABC television.  So many of us, asked 'why did he even bother - he never said anything new - just the same o' - same o'. But wait - maybe he did say something new - unfortunately it wasn't to us - but
maybe it was to 'them'.

But you may ask - what would we have to offer that they don't already know. Well for one thing - maybe they do already know - but then again 'maybe they don't'. Maybe they think we have important 'clues' that they need to study -
unfortunately for them they can't come straight out and ask  - after all - remember - they have already said - the aliens and ufos don't exist!  So they can't blow their cover.

Consider this:
Let's begin with the humans and/or humanoids who have been reported by abductees to be present on UFOs, apparently working with/for the aliens. We have many of these accounts in our
Abduction Buddies Group, which is
an exclusive group for abductees only.
Through Budd Hopkins work , it is strongly indicated that there could be  humans who've been raised under alien control since infancy and who are thoroughly alien in their loyalties and psychology-- although they easily pass
off as  "real" people.
While seeming to be ordinary citizens, they would nevertheless be at least programmed, if not naturally inclined through psychological bonding, to identify with the alien culture.. Although Jennings extensively interviewed
Hopkins and reviewed his cases, this valuable work was not mentioned on the program . So case in point - why bother - if not to get this information to eagerly awaiting ears from those with another agenda.  How they must
smile knowing how easily we are deceived. We are way too trusting!

They may be looking for more than what we just mentioned. They may think that some of these people could have been raised  in an off-world site--say, a base on the moon or Mars or even a gigantic "mother ship" *--and then
reintroduced to human society, with sufficient training and ongoing support from aliens to make their way into careers in many fields.  There could be thousands of these 'cells' infiltrated into science, industry, finance, politics,
education,the military, etc--with some undoubtedly in positions of great power and
influence. These people could, in turn, have recruited others to various degrees, creating "cells" in the classic fashion of a resistance movement preparing to overthrow the establishment. More likely, though, they would have
made their true identity known only to other "aliens among us" and committed true-human collaborators who have been voluntarily working with the aliens.

Parallel to the above infiltration they may also be looking at some sort of  Manchurian Candidate-type programming of the abductees and alien-human/humanoids. World Take Over could be done in several ways. The obvious
is a violent take over = open warfare. BUT - there is a much easier way and less bloody (for them).  I am sure that these aliens have taken in to account the type of people we are . After all they have studied us too.  We are a
people that cannot be conquered this way. We would unite. 9-11 showed them that. We would resist by any and all means, even if our condition was reduced to POW status. It is part of our 'human conditon' .  Knowing this, the
aliens would most likely take over by conquering us through propaganda and deception - after all we have already been conditoned to accept that haven't we.  A cultural conditioning control system. - hmm.

For cultural conditioning  they would have to infiltrate the power structures to set up a one world social order (one world government) with themselves in power.  - They would chose ones that had secret establishments already
set up to direct world affairs through international banking and control of the media, education, science, military and political instititions. Such as  members in the MJ12 group and their counterparts , the Rockefellers, ,
Rothschilds, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and other groups that  are the hidden powers and the secret establishments directing world affairs through international banking and control of the
media, education, science and military/political institutions.

If the aliens have secretly planted their agents throughout civilization for decades and if they are pursuing contact with the top echelons of power here in the USA via MJ-12 and its successors--then over the years they could
have been playing out their  hand . Let's look at the membership of those power groups such as MJ-12.  Lets consider  the Skull and Bones Society at Yale. It is, from the political conspiracy theorists' point of view,  "evil empire"
within the USA. George Bush, McGeorge Bundy, and a large number of the Trilateral Commission members and the Council of Foreign Relations were tapped by this secret  society while they were undergraduates at Yale and
were bound by an oath of secrecy to loyalty to the "Bones" purpose, which goes far, far beyond simple collegial fraternity and the typical "good ol' boy" network. The Oath to the Brothers  is more Powerful than the Oath of
President to the people of the United States to Uphold the Constition.  (should I repeat that...)

The conspiracy theorists say that the aim of all this is to covertly create a new world order in which the secret establishment becomes the
hidden power controlling global affairs--its economy, science, industry, religion, education, technology, et c., even while maintaining for the masses a facade of increasing freedom and prosperity for the world.
Nationhood would wither away, but political power would not. It would be consolidated behind a screen through the fraternal bonds of men  whose aims and loyalty are not to any country or group except their own transnational

Imagine that such a conspiracy has been going on for decades; that would explain US State Department approval of high-technology transfer from American industry to the Soviet Union, even when it ends up used against
America in military situations, and multimillion dollar bank
loans to the Soviet Union with no assurances sought that they won't be used to underwrite anti-American activities.
Then imagine that the aliens not only know of the conspiracy and understand its operations, but have also cunningly schemed to infiltrate it and co-opt it by pretending to establish friendly but secret relations with it. What would
be the nature of the directing intelligence behind the aliens' scheme?

The aliens are glad to let the human conspirators continue their work aimed at world domination because the humans don't realize the danger they've gotten into by making what is in reality a diabolical pact. The human secret
establishment thinks it' s simply got an edge by making contact with the aliens because the aliens can provide advanced technology to help the power brokers advance their scheme; all they have to do is let the aliens continue
with their "scientific" work of abducting people for  "examination." BUT  the aliens' intention is to be the power behind the power behind the throne. And the MJ-12 successors played right into their hands.

The Human Secret Establishment is now scared of what they have gotten themselves into. They have buried themselves deep in deception and lies to the public. . Their vanity and arrogance is their downfall which caused
them to be suckered into a game that they can  not win.  Just as they see their "final" victory nearing--i.e., one world order , exactly as they've been working for over decades-- they see the victory being turned over to the aliens as
the aliens show their trump card.   Unfortunately their loss 'could be'  our loss as a human race and the start of a titanic war in the heavens.

Now let's return to  the alien-raised humans and humanoids that I earlier spoke of.  From gathered reports, it points to fact that these aliens have some sort of control over our human nervous system . They can cause instant
healing, alter memory,   perform precise surgical operations on the brain and visceral organs-- AND are very capable of PROGRAMING human beings to react in certain ways upon signal.  
The Manchurian Candidate - Alien
Under hypnosis, abductee Betty Andreasson stated repeatedly in The Andreasson Affair--Phase Two that she would reveal something in the future WHEN THE TIME WAS RIGHT  as determined by the aliens; quite
independently, her future husband, Bob Luca, received exactly the same mental programming from abducting Grays. I have to ask you abductees 'HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE -

Thus, the alien-humans would undoubtedly be programmed to rise up with violence and armed warfare if the aliens felt it necessary.   Imagine hundreds of thousands of Manchurian Candidates, each programmed to
eliminate/assassinate designated leaders and officials so that the aliens' hand-picked candidates can come forward.  If you were one of these secret groups that new and had the power to gather information - wouldn't you
send someone out like Jennings to gather it?   

Where do all the alien-humans come from? Many would undoubtedly be bred in vitro from sperm and ova, but many others would have been obtained the easy way--by kidnapping children. An estimated one million children
are missing in the USA each year. Where could they all go? If just one percent of them were abducted by aliens, that's a sizable population to work with at off-world bases.

It appears there is another "race" behind the Gray aliens, covertly directing their activities. This "race" is not merely "alien"--it is evil. It is truly sinister, malevolent and unswervingly committed to the damnation of all humanity--
and it is definitely not extraterrestrial. These
intelligences have been characterized in ancient scriptures and sacred traditions as native to Earth, demonic, hostile to our very existence as free people and intent upon dominating us totally--physically, mentally and
spiritually. St. Paul spoke of humanity contending with "powers and principalities." My reason, research and personal experience lead me to conclude that such entities are ontologically real, albeit paraphysical.

We humans are not alone against forces of darkness. I also see benign and even benevolent "alien intelligences" here as well, trying to assist us in this struggle for psychobiological integrity, spiritual advancement and true
planetary unity, as Brad Steiger suggests in The Fellowship. We are surrounded by "angels unawares" who, as agents of godliness, seek in subtle ways to guide and protect us. For example, the beings of light whom people
meet during near-death experiences (NDE) are providing tremendous support for humanity
in what I see as a struggle between the forces of light and darkness. The light-beings' nature is clearly evident by the effect they have upon human lives. Completely unlike the abducting Gray aliens, the NDE light-beings
produce no traumatic consequences on people whatsoever. Humans who meet them while in the near-death state report later that they sensed only unconditional love and forgiveness for misdeeds radiating wordlessly from
these entities.
Abducting aliens induce fear and long-lasting anxiety, disturbing dreams and a disturbed personality; NDE light-beings have an
aftereffect which brings people a sense of ultimate peace, cosmic goodness, reverence for life, deepened spirituality, concern for fellow humans and the environment--a general revaluing of a materialistic, egotistic life-style in
the name of God and Love. Here in America alone, an estimated 8,000,000 people have undergone an NDE. If America is the leading edge of a millennial demonic invasion, as I'm postulating, it is also the site of an even
greater number of transformative, uplifting, inspiring encounters with entities traditionally called angels, saints and enlightened teachers. And such activity must be happening around the globe.
Does this not indicate a colossal support system of metaphysical forces which intend salvation for humanity, building in opposition to  a hellish plot aimed at complete enslavement of humanity and Planet Earth?

I don't know what is going on - I can just throw suppositions at you  - but I do know that we are not alone and our government knows this. I also believe they want to know what we know and they used Peter Jennings to find out.  
There is an old saying - If you lie with dogs you come up with fleas - and that old dog is scratching !

Many of the ufologists were upset that they were not included in the Peter Jennings Interview. Many quickly came out with remarks against Jennings. It has taken me months to figure out the why's behind the ABC sabatage and
I honestly feel that I have reached the right conclusion.  But as Red Elk says : Don't believe me - Find the Truth for yourself!  Ask Questions - Don't let others think for you.

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