The modern secret societies which are being manipulated by the saurian or reptilian races are apparently extensions of the ancient societies who were also manipulated and influenced by these
subterranean creatures. Unlike man today, with the exception of the secret societies, ancient man not only believed but knew of the existence of an "underworld" inhabited by serpent-like
beings possessed with supernatural powers. People were forced to worship to these creatures. The saurian gods demanded human and blood sacrifice. To appease the destructive influence of
these "demon gods", temples and shrines were often built over or near caverns which were regarded by the people to be openings to this nether world.

One such shrine is located several miles southeast of Oaxaco, Mexico among some very ancient ruins. Among these ruins lies the ancient temple of "Mitla". Various accounts allege that in ancient
times this temple descended deep underground into a basement, a sub-basement, and an ultra-sub-basement level. Within this third sub-level a large stone door was said to have concealed
subterranean recesses beyond. According to the late subsurface researcher Charles A. Marcoux, as well as the anonymous U.S. Intelligence worker "Commander X", and others, the native
Indians of the area centuries ago used to sacrifice humans to the underworld "gods" that were believed to exist within the dark caverns beyond the stone door. These victims were allegedly
thrown into these dark chambers alive and were never seen again.

Some centuries ago some priests arrived in this area of southeastern Mexico and commenced to explore the ruins, including the ancient Temple of Mitla. They managed to pry open the door in
the third basement level and entered the underground chambers beyond. Torches in hand, they continued deep into what seemed to be an endless subterranean concourse leading in the
direction of a distant mountain range. After penetrating a considerable distance they became fearful as they noticed serpents slithering among the rocks off in the darkness, they would see
strange shapes and shadows among the ancient stone pillars which lined the concourse, eerie noises and winds began to blow through the large passage, and a they were overcome with a
general feeling of fear and dread. Convinced that they were on the outskirts of Hades itself they made a hasty retreat, after which the Priests sealed the door and ordered the natives to fill-in all
three basement levels with rock and earth, completely concealing all evidence of the subterranean connection.

Another such account involves the ancient Greek "Temple of Apollo", in Hierapolis (now Pamukkale), Turkey. This city was once part of the ancient Grecian empire, which covered an extensive
area in and around the Mediterranean sea. One article which appeared in the January, 1989 issue of OMNI Magazine, referred to strange disappearances which had taken place in a cavern
adjacent to this now broken-down temple. The article quoted from the writings of the ancient Greek philosopher "Strabe" (who lived between 63 B.C. and 24 A.D.), to the effect that animals
would often enter the cave and never return. Also MANY PEOPLE throughout history who went past the mouth of the cave never returned. The article also quoted one Sheldon Aaronson, a
professor of microbiology at Queens College, N.Y., who told OMNI that several Australian students had entered the cave and disappeared just a few days before his visit in 1987. Sheldon stated:
"The Turkish government put iron bars over the opening to prevent other people from ever going in. As far as we knew, the Australians were never seen again."

According to the article, the Greeks believed that the cavern was an opening into the "land of the dead ruled by the gods of the underworld." As for the possibility of an underground
subterranean "world", science tells us that the lowest depths of the earth (upper and lower mantles) contain temperature and pressure extremes so great that physical life could not possibly
exist there. Some however believe that there is evidence for the existence of a vast global network of geothermal and hydrothermal cavities, somehow connected to the ancient deluge
wherein the "...fountains of the great deep were broken up". This allegedly occurred as magma-heated stratas of subterranean water-filled caverns (brought to enormous pressures by an
expanding and over-heated mantle) suddenly burst through the crust (Gen. 7:11) like a tremendously large exploding pressure boiler. Some claim that the underlying basaltic rock layers within
these gigantic global aqua-systems were dissolved into these global subterranean reservoirs as their temperatures and pressures increased. Afterwards these vast amounts of water exploded to
the surface, thus explaining why the oceans now contain large percentages of "salt". These underlying chambers, many of which collapsed yet many of which remained intact, are believed to
exist throughout the moho and crustal regions of the planet, just above the upper mantle.

If evidence of ancient sunken continents ever becomes irrefutable, then such a theory would explain why whole island-continents may have collapsed. Such a cataclysm may have resulted from
the possible fact that huge underground chambers, no longer supported by these subterranean waters, suddenly caved-in on themselves. Other higher-level cavities created through seismic
activity may also exist, cavities which may dwarf the Flint Ridge-Mammoth Caves of Kentucky or New Mexico's Carlsbad-Lechuguilla cavern system. It is suggested that THESE may contain
conditions sufficient to support physical life (ie. air, water, subterranean flora and fauna, and perhaps even electromagnetically-induced illumination diffused throughout the underground
"atmosphere" through a phenomena somewhat similar to the effect produced by the Aurora Borealis or "Northern Lights").

The antediluvian races sometime before their destruction, possessed the ability to construct and excavate vast systems of underground tunnels connecting many of these natural cavities.
Scientific discoveries including "ooparts" (out-of-place-artifacts) also prove that these people were more intelligence and scientifically-advanced than most think, although of course many
accounts state that this intelligence became corrupted, leading in part to their own destruction.

The following account was given in a letter which was submitted to AMAZING STORIES science fiction/science fact magazine, Dec. 1946 issue, p. 162. The letter was from a George A. Lehew
of (at the time) 1918 W. Newport Ave., Chicago, ILL. Lehew wrote:

"Sirs... I have been a reader of AMAZING STORIES for a very long time... I too, know of one of these entrances into the world below. It is about fifty miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa., in the first
range of the Allegheny Mountains. My experiment with the caves have been only partial explorations, consisting of traveling about a mile and a quarter down into the cave itself, and returning.
The cave IS VENTILATED from below, and stays at a constant 50 degrees no matter what the outside temperature may be. It is a series of rooms or galleries with narrow passages from one to
another. In about the sixth room down, there is a large tree trunk which could not have come from the surface as the stratosphere (sic) is almost completely free from local fault; and it could
never have come DOWN through the openings in the cave itself as they were small at the top, and kept getting progressively larger as they got deeper.

"I traveled down as long as I could find comparatively easy travel--about 45 degree descent all the way--and finally came to what I thought must be the end of the cave, for I could see no more
openings into rooms, but on closer examination found instead a bore, about six feet across, straight down into solid rock. I turned my flash downward and could see that it must have gone
straight down for at least a hundred feet, the sides were perfectly smooth, and the shaft, or bore, in a perfect round--no apparent irregularities anywhere--I had no way of descending any
further, so I retraced my steps back up through the different rooms to the top of the mountain where the cave opens into this world. I made discreet inquiries of several old timers in that
region, and found that in 1915, or about that year, six surveyors took gear and equipment, and spent a month in exploration of the cave, going 18 miles from the entrance, and down almost
five miles below sea level. I have never gone back, but I hope to some day in the future, with escort, equipment, and supplies. I'd certainly love to see the machine that made that bore! If you
have any information on other caves in that area, let me know--they too may tie in with this one, though if they do, their connections are very deep. Also, if you can, please describe the
equipment that made that vertical shaft. Oh, yes, one more interesting item--the surveyors in their exploration of the cave, distinctly heard the rumble of MACHINERY--but their calculations
proved they were nowhere near a large city (surface), and they were too deep for surface noises otherwise. What is the answer?"

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