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The "actual news cast" photo is  from an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
UFO Touches off Probe Near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.
The Picture to the top right is taken off an actual television news cast of the down ufo.
Pictures may take awhile to download but definately worth the wait!
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Information I received from Stan Gordon. Mike Orrell  and other on the site witnesses shows strong evidence of a UFO Crash in
Kecksburg, Pennsylvania over 33 years ago.

40 miles from Pittsburg, many people first observed a brilliant object moving across the sky. Police authorities, newspapers,
radio and television stations around the Pittsburg area had their telephone lines jammed with call in on UFO reports.
Witnesses saw the object go down into the woods. Moments later a blue smoke rose up among the trees where the UFO
crashed. Within hourse after the reported landing or 'crash', members of the Army and Air Force arrived on the scene, cordoning
the area off from spectators, proceeding to investigate. During that time neither reporters or civilizations were able to get near
the location of the crash. Hundreds of spectators looked on from a narrow country road observing the military at work. Those
that were brave enough to go in the marked off area were turned away by the military. It was reported that later that night,
witnesses seen a military flatbed tractor-tailertruck, carrying a large tarpaulin covered object, leave the area at a high rate of
speed. Reporters are among the many witnesses to verify that they saw military personnel in the Kecksburg area that night. The
front page of the Greenburg, PA Tribune-Review county edition, dated December 10, 1965 can be found on the pictures above,
top left. Oddly enough, after this edition was run, the following edition, claimed that "Searchers failed to find object".
Fortunately for us, BEFORE the military was able to get in there and seal off the area, there were others including some
reporters that went down into the wood and came across a large metallic acorn shapped object partially buried in the ground.
The device was large enough for a man to stand inside of it. The object was a bronze-gold color and appeared to be one solid
piece of metal, displaying no rivets or seems . One witness, Jim Romansky, said the back of the acorn shape was he thought
to be the bumper area. This ara had unusual markings much like that of ancient Egyptian hieroglypics. Romansky, a machinist
for many years, said the object itself, looked as though it had been made from liquid metal and poured into a big mold. It was
noted that the object seemed well intact.
A reporter, the director of WHJB radio in Greensburg, was the first reporter to have arrived on the scene. He also said that he
had went down into the wood and saw the object.
According to sources, a former Air Force security policeman has come forth, admitting that he was among the unit that guarded
the object from PA, when it arrived in the early morning hours of Dec. 10th at Lockbourne Air Force near Columbus Oh. He
remembers extreme security measures at the time and that the object was only at the base for a short time and then was sent
to Wright-Patterson Air Force base near Dayton, Ohio. *Note it seems this is the base that most crashed ufos end up going to
after militry picks them up.
From what eye witnesses have said, the object appeared to have been slowing down miles before the impact. During it's flight,
it appeared to have made several turns and when the object did drop from the sky, it was moving very slowly towards the
woods. This may account for its good condition. What ever this object was, it created a lot of stir between the civilizians and the
military. Various witnesses said there were armed soldiers around their town and were preventing anyone from going near the
crash site. Jerry Betters, a popular jazz musician from Pittsburg said that soldiers had actually threatened him and his friends
with the soldiers rifles aimed at them. Another report came in from a now prominent businessman of the area, that when this
ocurred him and his friends were just teenagers they went into to sealed off area and was stopped by military personnel and
frightened, thinking that the soldier was actually going to shoot him. We must ask ourselves what was there that was so
important that these soldiers were given orders to 'shoot civilians'.

Some of you are aware that earlier this year, I released a 92 minute video documentary on the incident called "Kecksburg The
Untold Story" which I produced at my own expense. Many key witnesses are getting up in years, and some are not in good
health. This was an opportunity for those involved to tell their own experiences about what occurred. For the first time some new
and startling information is revealed about what allegedly occurred. Some of these people reveal details which strongly
suggests a coverup. Also included in the video, are audio excerpts from the original 1965 WHJB radio broadcast "Object In The
Woods." One man details his claim of seeing a partially covered body inside a building at Wright-Patterson, at the same time
the Kecksburg object was being examined.
There is a Kecksburg video for sale if you are interested in more information on this crash.
You can contact the producer of the video at his webside
or contact him at his mailing address:

P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601. UFO Hotline 724-838-7768
Stan Gordon

The government sector that is protecting these secrets have  a saying that goes something like this, "They can say all they want
to say about seeing ufos, crashes or aliens. But until they have cold hard evidence, they have nothing."
It seems our military is making darn well certain that none of the evidence is available for the American public..even if they have
to threaten civilians in the process.

Mary Sutherland
Copyrite 2003  All Rights Reserved

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Lyndon B. Johnson

During a recent visit to the Lyndon Johnson library in Austin Texas, I spent a week looking at the UFO connection to the 1965
power blackout in the northeast, and the role of the Johnson White House in the crash of an object in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

Based on information supplied by Kecksburg expert Stan Gordon and researcher Leslie Kean I was looking for information that
would support stories, which showed the involvement of such groups as NASA (who have now agreed to turn over 3 dozen
pages of documents they have always claimed they don’t have) and the Office of Emergency Planning at the crash site.

My library research involved checking the president’s movements and contacts between him and his top advisors with the
information Stan Gordon had collected related to the crash.

At the time of Kecksburg crash President Johnson was at his White House ranch in Austin, Texas. A careful review of the
evidence showed some interesting parallels to what Gordon had discovered about groups reported at the crash scene. These

James Webb, the head of NASA arrived at the ranch at 9:50 the morning after the crash.

All members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived the morning after the crash.

The Governor of Pennsylvania arrived at the ranch in afternoon.

On Sunday night, three days after the crash Johnson arrived back at the White House. The next afternoon, Johnson met off the
record with Buford Ellington. Ellington was the head of the Office of Emergency Planning, which is inside the Executive Office of
the President. This was one of the groups that appeared to have been involved in the Kecksburg crash.

One of the key people under Lionel Ellington was USAF Col. J. Leo Bourassa. He headed up the "Special Facilities Division"
within the Office of Emergency Planning. He is the person mentioned in the Blue Book file dealing with the Kecksburg crash.

While at the Johnson library I was looking for files on Bourassa and on the "Special facilities Division" to see how it fit into the
Kecksburg crash. What I learned about Bourassa while at the library is that he had also been heavily involved in the 1965
blackout of New York City. In fact, he wrote a report to Ellington detailing his findings. Bourassa’s findings hinted at the
possible role of UFOs in the blackout.

From the November 23, 1965 Bourassa report we read,

"The lack of specific information at the time, plus the state of confusion that existed in the Northeast U.S., the fact that sabotage,
enemy action, and unknown phenomena were all considered possibilities…"

It was not until I got home that I figured out who J. Leo Bourassa was, and why this might be significant to his involvement in the
Kecksburg crash. It turns out that Bourassa was the head of Mount Weather, the nuclear attack proof bunker outside
Washington D.C., where the president and top government leaders are taken in case of nuclear attack.

In fact, on September 11 when the Trade Towers were hit, the top 15 government leaders were rounded up by the secret
service and taken there, while Cheney directed things in the bunker under the White House.

Bourassa, who at Mount Weather had instant access to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Command center, all the military services, fire
departments, NORAD, and other key agencies, was involved in the Kecksburg recovery and may actually have been directing
the proper units to the site behind the scenes.

Aerial photographs of Mount Weather show the presidential heliport where the president is dropped off. The tower that directs in
the president’s flight is known as "bluegrass tower." In the Kecksburg Blue Book file right after J. Leo Bourassa’s
name you will find (Code blue grass). Another connection to the code "bluegrass" is a paranormal CIA project started in 1955,
which I haven’t confirmed yet.

Another person who adds evidence for this role of Mount Weather in UFOs was Brigadier-General Steven Lovekin who testified
for the Briefings held by CSETI for Congressmen and others in April 1997. He stated,

"I was fortunate enough to travel around Washington DC area, and I was fortunate enough to speak to one individual who was a
government employee. He was not military. I only knew him as Frank, and I first met him at Mount Weather Virginia, Winchester,
which is the place many of you might know where the president in case of attack. He told me at that time, the first time that I saw
him, because he knew I was interested in this subject matter, that this place also had facilities to track these UFOs."

Finally, I should mention a final note on the Special Facilities Division. In a 1996 story former USAF physicist Robert Collins
posted a chart and a letter to the Internet following the release of "Independence Day."

As a part of that posting, Collins made the following interesting comment.

"The following has been uncovered over the years of research. MJ-12 had a "cover" under which it operated and that cover was
reportedly "The Office of Emergency Preparedness, Special Facilities Division."

I followed up on this possible role of the Special Facilities Division in the crash at Kecksburg during a recent trip to the National
Archives in Washington but was unable to come up with a single piece of paper on the unit after reviewing almost every box of
files from the Office of Emergency Planning.
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