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I  received an email in from a  Father who's son is now stationed in Kuwait. Due to the concern for the safety of his son, we will not be giving out the name of the
informant here. However, he tells us that when his son gets out of Kuwait he plans on gathering hundreds of statements from the other men in his Brigade were also
witnesses. If you are unfamiliar with military terms, a brigade is upwards of a thousand men.

The son contacted the father and informed him that this sighting took place while they were still in Kuwait on a training mission before going to Iraq.
On the mission, they lined up the Bradley fighting vehicles, tanks, tracks, and lit the night
sky up, out in the middle of the desert. As he further explained, every 3rd or 4th round is a tracer round. With the tracer round, the soldier can follow from the muzzle of
the weapon to the object being hit. It looks like a line a fire. Well imagine hundreds of machine guns firing at the same time. To the observer it was an awesome sight.
Whether or not it was to boost the moral of the soldiers or if it was for intimadation for observing enemies is not for sure. Maybe a little of both. The father remarked to
me, "If I was an Iraqie, my hands would be over head pronto, upon seeing this. The son described it like a 4th of July Light Show. The father figures the mission that
night was probably in most likely-hood a confidence building exercise that some General thought up.

As they were performing this Fire Display, someone looked up and saw a large black triagular object hoovering over them.  The father said, his son  told him that he has
had conversations with the guys  about ufos, and they all thought, he was a little crazy. Well after that night they all sang a different tune!

Well evidently the pilots of the ufo must have found this fire display quite interesting and hoovered over the area for an hour or two before finally leaving.

My son asked his Captain," Sir you went to Duke Univesity...What do you think it is Sir?"
The Captain replied, "I don't know son, they didn't teach us about things like this, at Duke.
His son also said ," One of the bozos actually wanted
to shoot at it !" My son told him not to go dumb on him and if he did decide to shoot at it, wait until he could get out of there first.  Then he went on to say, "It has shown
no hostility towards us, why would you shoot at it. If it can traverse space, avoid meteor hits, overcome the radiation factor and safely enter into our atmosphere without
burning up, do you really think our peashooters are going to hurt it!"

The father goes on to say, " they were all looking to my son, for answers but nobody has answers except the government and they are not talking. I brought him up
well, to love his country and to trust no one.I have explained to him compartmentalization of classified material. If you do not have a need to know,you don't know, no
matter how high, your level of clearance. People would say to me, I can get in the White House, with my clearence.and I would retort, that is nice, but your not getting in
here. You could have 50 people, with the same clearance, in a room, but if they are not involved
with that project, they will never see it, because they do not have a need to know. You here people bragging, I have the highest security clearance you can get, if they
were hiding UFO info, I would know about it. Not true..not without a need to know would you ever get that sort of information.

Well back on with the father's sons story. Although they could see it with normal vision, when they tried looking at it with night vision and thermal it appeared not to be
there. After it finally left, they returned to their exercise. Everyone was scared, awed and shocked. The son said, noting the Iraqis could throw at them, could scare them
after that.

Although we will be documenting this with pictures the names will be left out for the protection of the son until he gets safely home. We all pray for his safe return as well
as all the other wonderful boys we have over there. God Speed.

Thank You B. for this Email. We have heard of a ufo sighting over baghdad. I have a picture of this on my home site , but never such a report as your son gave you.
Look forward to hearing more on this.

Mary Sutherland
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