Rock Lake
Lake Mills Wisconsin
'Home of the Wisconsin Pyramid'
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Rock Lake,
Located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin
is reported to have an  ancient pyramid  submerged  in its waters.
Sauk Native Americans speak in their legends of a sacred site close by a lake. The Sauk did not construct the site and related
structures - this was done by ancient peoples who were driven away when the lake flooded. Stories have continued to the
present concerning Rock Lake "pyramids" and other underwater foundations.

The "pyramid" legends were revived during the mid 1930s when a combination of low water and clear, dry summers allowed
viewing of a number of subsurface geometric forms including pyramids, cones, walls, and trenches. One individual Max Knoll,
using his own invention - a form of SCUBA dive gear - dove the lake and viewed many of these structures. Still, those who
supported the theory of man-made underwater structures were ridiculed and little was proved either way.

Interest in the structures was renewed when observations of SCUBA divers were published in the 1960s. A major effort
commenced in the 1980s with a complete side scan sonar study of the lake floor showing a number of unusual-shaped structures
along a submerged beach.

Side-scan sonar reading, indicating several artificial structures beneath the surface of Rock Lake.
Unusually clean water conditions in 1991-92 allowed two of the sites to be photographed in sufficient detail to prove their
existence as man-made structures. Sufficient evidence does not exist to date the structures or to identify their builders. One
possibility is that they are associated with prehistoric copper trade cultures which would coincide with the Post Algoma low lake
levels of 3,000 years ago.

Future research will hopefully tell us more about these ancient visitors and their contributions to Wisconsin heritage.
Mary Sutherland on the Frozen  Rock Lake
Jolene and Travis
Mary's Son Bob and Jolene's Son Travis

In the August 31, 1882, issue of the Lake Mills Spike, later re-named The Leader, appeared a detailed description of the occurrence of a sea serpent
in Rock Lake.

Again has the lake monster been seen. On Monday evening last, as Ed McKenzie and D.W. Seybert were rowing a race out near the first bar, they
discovered on the surface of the water, a little in advance of their boats, what they supposed for a moment to be a floating log and the latter called to
the former to look out and not run into it, and at this moment, the object manifested life, and reared its head about three feet out of the water, opened it
huge jaws about a foot or more and dived out of sight. Almost immediately its head was thrust a couple of feet into the air close beside Ed's boat.
"Strike him with the oar," yelled Mr. Seybert. But Ed screamed with terror, stood up in his boat and called ashore for help.

"Bring a gun, bring a gun, here's a Big Thing out here, come quick!" was what Wilson, Lund and others at the steamer landing heard him say. Captain
Wilson seized his shotgun and jumped into the swiftest boat and soon reached the frightened rowers. He saw the place at which the monster went
down. The air all around was heavy with a most sickening odor. Ed was white as a sheet, his teeth clattering. Seybert said he didn't want to row any
further. John Lund said he could drom the shore distinctly see the animal. He said at first he thought it was a man struggling in the water. Ol Hurd,
from the same position, thought it was a huge dog.

Ed McKenzie says it was fully as long as his boat, and somewhat the color of a pickerel. He says, "Let them talk about striking it with an oar, or
anything, there isn't one of ‘em would do it if they'd see it come up sudden like, with its mouth wide open!"

This serpent has quite a history. Mr R. Hassam saw it about 15 years ago, in the rushes. At first he thought it was the limb of a tree. On closer
observation he saw it was a thing of life and struck it with a spear, but could no more hold it than an ox. Mr. Harbeck, now of Waterloo, who formerly
resided across the lake, frequently saw the saurian while rowing back and forth. On one occasion it hissed at him just as he was entering the rushes.
Fred Seaver, Esquire, has encountered his snakeship twice. On one occasion the monster seized his trolling hook, and pulled his boat along over
half a mile at a rushing speed before he let go. Last week it seized John Lund's troller and in attempting to pull it in, the line, before breaking, cut
entirely through the skin of his finger.

Not one or two people, but many, are reported to have seen the monster as it would raise its head from the waters. Perhaps it was a giant species of
extinct amphibian origin ...

adds the Lake Mills Leader, of September 4, 1941, in republishing the above news items

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