The white race, especially the Nordic strain, have pigmentation that is suited to lower ultraviolet radiation levels than those found on much of this planet. Their eyes and hair pigmentation also
reflect this. The only regions of the world that are still reasonably tenable for such a lightly pigmented race are Northern Europe, North America, Canada and Northern Asia. However, even those
areas are now rapidly becoming hazardous to whites due to depletion of the ozone layer.

Maybe our hypothetic settlers on Mars were segregated for a long enough time to adapt to its planetary environment and distance from the sun, just as we speculated earlier may have happened
with the settlers upon the earth?  This could have meant a midway adaptation of skin pigmentation to suit the sun's radiation as it affected Mars. Being some 88 million kilometres further from
the sun than the earth, solar radiations would have been less, and a lesser amount of melanin would have been need to safeguard the skins of the Martian groups. Therefore, as the Earth
colonists become dark brown to black, the Martians became a light golden brown color, while those who still remained on the homeworld, Astrida, kept their original pallid hue.


However, lets consider further the two principal ways in which our theoretical Astridians may have come to occupy Mars and Earth, and perhaps decided which would appear the more likely.
First, we postulated the possible destruction of Astrida by a rogue meteor or planetoid, and that, if the inhabitants were sufficiently technologically advanced, they would have had a reasonable
amount of warning and time to make escape, plans for a substantial proportion of their people, and their flora, and fauna.  Given the technological 'know how' to effect such an escape - where
would they have made their escape to?  Mars, or Earth - or perhaps both?  According to those scientists who have studied the asteroid belt and believe it to actually be the remains of a shattered
planet, the size of the original planet, calculated roughly from the visible debris of asteroids that comprise the belt, might have been close to the size of our own earth, or maybe even a little larger.

We contemplate the possibility of Mars having been colonized already, with a burgeoning, self reliant republic that might have been at political odds or even at war with their home planet. If such
were the case, and they were refused admittance by the Martian colonists, the only place they could go to would be Earth. What if the Earth, too, had already been colonized by those off world
immigrants  we considered, who'd originally pioneered Mars? How would they accept the sudden influx of a larger number of  Astridians and all their animals?  Would they have been able to
resist such an invasion, or had they perhaps let their own technology and civilization to deteriorate  as they struggled to cope with the savage young planet's environment and wildlife?

It's obviously impossible to be certain what may have happened, or what state of civilization or technological development could have been reach by the now -dark skinned inhabitants of planet
Earth. They might have taken pity on their  refugee cousins, and permitted them to inhabit the less hospitable regions of the Earth, in exchange for goods and technology. Perhaps we should be
charitable and imagine that they did?

It's conceivable that Earth might have encountered its own lesser cataclysms in the interim, and had already begun to develop infant polar icecaps and the beginnings of a continental drift. By
now, a change in climate might have killed off the bulk of the giant saurians, and allowed mammals to become more abundant-  or conceivable, the Astridian refugees may have brought many of
their own mammalian animal species with them from their doomed planet?   This could explain the sudden emergence of mammals at this juncture. The permutations and possibilities of such
a great scenario are legion, and some where amid these theoretical alternatives the real truth might lie waiting to be discovered.

In his book, FOOTPRINTS OF THE GODS, Graham Hancock suggests that there was a  likelihood of a super technological civilization  living on an ice-free Antartic continent - the poles then
being located elsewhere- thousands of years before any of the recognized great empires of antiquity, like Egypt or Babylon, were even dreamt As I've mentioned before, he discusses those
enormous Olmec stone carvings of heads found in the jungle of Central America, which were clearly objects of veneration many centuries before the Mayans and Aztec built their empires. The
Mayans are said to have claimed to have gained their knowledge of science and astronomy from 'a very ancient and mysterious civilization' which existed at least fifteen thousand BC and
possibly a great deal earlier!  

Scott-Elliot mentions how the continent of Lemuria began to break up and sink into the ocean bed - apart, that is, from that single portion which extended into the North Atlantic.  Two large
adjacent pieces of this peninsula still remained after the rest of Lemuria had vanished and these became the so called continent of Atlantis.  These became the home of the first sub - race of the
Fourth Root Race, known as the Atlanteans, who according to the book, later became the forerunners of the Cro-Magnon  race that occupied Europe and Northern Asia!  Next came the Tlavatlis,
who occupied an Atlantean colony that is now called Mexico. The third sub race were the Toltecs, who brought Atlantis into its Golden Age which lasted for 100,000 years.


Scott- Elliot's story takes a very interesting turn, relating the demise of the two joint islands which Daitya, the larger portion of Atlantis  prior to its submergence, was occupied by another sub race
of Atlanteans, who were Semite Sorcerers!   Just before Daitya sank under the waves, a large group of these Semites moved into Central Asia, where they then evolved into the Aryans, the Fifth
Root Race, of which we now belong to.

Apart from domesticating leopard like animals and developing the banana plant, they were also great alchemist and manufactured rare and precious metals in vast amounts.  Their scientists
invented gas bombs, atomic devices, and tcreated aircraft which were propelled by the so called 'vril' force (which was sought after by Hitlers weapon scientists during world war II , in their quest
for new secret weapons). This 'vril' force was mentally directed energy, which some believe to be the technique they used to raise huge block of masonry in ancient building works.

Rudolph Steiner, COSMIC MEMORY: ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA, describes the Lemurians a s simple minded (bi-camera) but possessed of enormous will power which enabled them to raise
and manipulate great weights, a faculty which they seemingly passed on to the Atlanteans. They also had souls, which their predecessors apparently didn't have, and they had begun to develop
some form of rudimentary speech.  Not having the ability to reason (bi-camera), they did however have excellent memories, and were educated in such a fashion as to be able to solve problems
by recalled precedents.  However, new and unprecedented situations left them bemused, since, they simply 'did not compute' . They apparently also possessed certain magical word powers of
command, which they could employ to heal the sick or tame wild animals.   He, too, like Scott Elliot ,(from whom clearly borrowed  freely from Madame Blavatsky), spoke of Atlantean Semites
evolving into the Aryan race, and acquiring, along the way, the ability to reason and develop consciousness.  


The first mention we find of the Hyperboreans, is in the mythology of ancient Greece, before the time of Homer.   However , Herodotus mentions them as being part of the legendary 'Theban Epic'
and being in some way connected with the Cult of Apollo, the Sun God and that their homeland was in a paradise like country 'beyond the North Wind', which indicates a region that may now lie
with the arctic Circle, or certainly in the far North Atlantic.  The Hyperborians according to this same source, were alleged to live for a thousand years, but they had a tradition that any who tired of
such a long life could end it in a ritual  suicide ceremony, whereby the person involved was decked with floral garlands and allowed to jump off a high pinnacle into the sea.

Other legends seem to indicate that it was ' that happy land lying to the west, towards the setting sun',  The Garden of the Hesperides, where trees bore golden fruit; the Elysian Fields or even the
Happy Isles!  Generally, it is believed to have been a veritable paradise on earth, and many have been an island lying somewhere between Azores and Iceland, which, like Atlantis, sank beneath
the waves after some great catastrophe.  There are some scholars who directly connect the two, and claim that Hyperborea was, in fact, the lost continent of Atlantis.  THis also blends well with
the Golden Apple Legends of Avalon which may lead you right to North America and Nova Scotia.

Hyperborea and Thule may go back to the period prior to the last polar shift. In which case, much of the land that now lies with the Artic Circle was then warm to temperate country, richly carpeted
with grasslands and forests, and all of Natures bounty, both vegetable and  animal. Greenland may be Ultima Thule and Iceland as Thule.  Although they are connected geologically, under the
ocean, Ultima Thule and Thule seem to be separated in mythology into two distinct islands, and since the name Ultima Thule implies furtherest away, the Thule must have been closer to
Europe than it.  The obvious candidate for Thule then, must be Iceland.  According to Pytheas, a famous navigator of the 4th century BC , Thule was a six day sea voyage north of Britain, though
whether by sail or by oar power isn't stated,  but it seems to set the location of Thule as moder Iceland.  Common Sense would then suggest the Aultima Thule had to be Greenland,   And both,
at one time could have been united in one un-submerged land mass - the Continent of Hyperborea.

Jean Sylvain Bailly ( 1736 - 1793) who was an astronomer and a mystic, comment " It is a very remarkable thing that enlightenment appears to have come from the North, against the common
prejudice that the earth was enlightened, as it was populated, from the South"  He then goes to point out that, according to all the legends and ancient wisdom, " as  humanity began to
reconstitute itself after the Noashic Deluge, the purest stream of civilization descended from Norther Asia into India, which to this day carries evidence of having the most ancient astronomical
system on earth."   He continues on to point out that, in most of the ancient mythologies of the world, there appears to be a race memory of a racial origin in the far North and a subsequent
gradual migration southward. ( But keep in mind, south and north of those days, before the polar shift, would not be the same today)

Another great scientific mind of the same era, the Comte de Buffon, placed the first civilizations in northern and central Asia, est of the Caspian Sea, but he seemed to be in general agreement
with Baily about a northern origin for mankind, rather than a Middle Eastern or Southern One. Rev. Dr. W.F. Warren, who was president of Boston University and belonged to several learned
societies, revived the polar origin theory for mankind in a book published in 1885 ,  PARADISE FOUND, of which the thesis was ' The the cradle of the human race was situated at the North Pole,
in a country submerged at the time of the Deluge;.

His theory compared  very well with all the relevant sciences and comparative mythology - especially that of Germany.  Warren was a Christian and an avowed anti-Darwinist, and he utterly
rejected the concept of man having evolved from the ape, through a period of primitive savagery.  He , like the Greeks, believed that the earliest men were the noblest and the longest lived, " and it
was only after the Deluge, that humanity began to take on the feeble lineaments of ourselves."   At least, in his works he reveals some amazing insight into what could have caused the Deluge,
through God's Hand, by pointing out that, after the survivors of the polar flood settled in their North  , and he mentions that 'they perfectly understood why this was so"... "but their rude
descendants , unfavoured with the treasures of antediluvian science, and born only to a savage nomadic life...might easily have forgotten the explanation. "   - which was that , " instead of the
human horizon, it was the earth that had shifted"!  A polar Shift!

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920) , a renowned pioneer protagonist of Indian Independence (India), at the turn of the century, was also a scholar in astronomy and Vedic antiquities, who among
other feats, was able to place the oldest Indian Vedic Civilization at around 4500 BC .  Tilak was jailed by the British for Anti -British writings for several years, and his time, he put to good use in
studying the Veda Scripts, in relation to known astronomical and geological events.   He published his findings in a work THE ARTIC HOME OF THE VEDAS, in 1903.  In this he stated that,
according to his readings of the Vedas, the original Artic home of humanity was destroyed around 10,000 - 8,000 BC by the last Ice Age, and that from 8,000 - 3,000 BC was the Age of
Wamderomg. before the Vedic people finally settled in India between 5,000 - 3,000 BC. By then, he went on to add, they had already begun to forget their Artic orgins, and their traditions had
begun to go rapidly downhill.

As we have seen in earlier account, his timing of the cataclysm fits in very closely with what we know of the destruction of Atlantis and MU, so we can attribute it to the same cause - a sudden
polar shift, resulting in both tidal waves and tectonic upheavals followed by a very rapid relocation of the polar ice caps: the so called ICE AGE.   So, we have the destruction MU, dated very
approximately at 12,000 years ago, that of Atlantis around 10,000 -12,000 years ago, and according to best estimates, the destruction of the Hyuperborea also at around the same time frame of
10- 12,000 years ago.

Ancient Indian texts seem to point most clearly to the fact that the arctic region was the 'realm of the ancient gods' since they specifically mention that it is where the sun rises and sets only once
a year, which demonstrates that the writers had a clear knowledge of the astronomical situation at the North Pole. Of course, they were quite right, since the sun only appears above the horizon
for  six months of the year  and is below it for the remaining six months!   The question here is "How did those ancient Indians know this?"

The obvious answer is because it was recorded in the Vedic Hymns, which speak of "the Dawn of Many Days" and  "The Thirty Dawn Sisters Circling Like A Wheel" .  When applied to the Pole,
these terms makes sense, since the sun takes exactly a month to actually appear above the horizon after the four month night.  Four months  because the sun also takes  a further month each
year, to set.  So , adopting for a moment the ancient world calendar of ten months, there's a polar twilight of one month, followed by a night of four months.  Then a dawn of one month, followed by
a day of four months!   The Vedas are thus correct in every detail regarding the polar night and day, even though written thousands of years ago!  Obviously, these ancient  Aryans, knew this from
first hand experience.

The oldest Vedic year had only two principle divisions, which were called Devas and Pitras; names which correlated with the "Day of the Gods" and the "Night of the Gods".  This curiously
enough, is very reminiscent of another dramatic piece of Germanic Aryan mythology - "Gottdammerung" - "The Twilight of the Gods" - which is a strangely apt connection with the Vedic Aryan
Polar Year! Mayans used this same principle.

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