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offers you the reports and updates on Mars. This site created 12-19-02  .  Cydonia de-coded!  Pyramids of Mars, Orion
Constellation, and much much more coming.  This site updates as we get reports.
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12-13-02   Cydonia De-coded by A. Luke Nichols
Princeton, WV USA
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Thank you.
A. Luke Nichols
Princeton, WV USA
Email received 12-19-02
Inter-dimensional Photos Taken in the Haunted Woods of Burlngton, Wisconsin
Burlngton Tours - Brad and Mary Sutherland     
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Mars and Earth Connection
by Mary Sutherland
Exploring the Unknown   with Mary Sutherland
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006
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Portals...Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional
19.99  120 pages
Full Color

Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional
Believe in the Magic Series

In reading my book, ‘Portals- Gateways to the
Multi-Dimensional Worlds’ and my series
‘Believe in the Magic’, I assure you, that you will
not be disappointed. Quite the opposite; this
book and upcoming series offer to the reader a
unique understanding of ‘All that Is!’

Spread throughout its pages, are photos my
husband Brad and I have taken through the
years of the invisible worlds, filled with multiple
selves, faeries, trolls, UFOs, angels and more.