Ghosts "Aliens" of Oklahoma
Helen Langdon, shocked and frightened, and suddenly feeling a need for spiritual comfort, asked aloud if this manifestation could be "of God." Immediately the stones
focused on her, assailing her from all directions. They all moved into the living room and "it" followed them. Helen sat on the couch next to Twyla. She noted in a few
minutes that when Twyla stood up, stones had seemingly formed under where she was sitting. Twyla also said that when she woke up in the morning there were often
stones in bed with her.

There was no doubt that Twyla was the focus of the phenomenon. In his massive Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, Nandor Fodor states that poltergeists are "noisy spirits,
causing periodic disturbances of a malicious character in certain places in the presence of a certain, mostly unsuspecting sensitive person." It is also observed that the focal
person is usually an adolescent. Twyla, though a single mother, was then 18.

But this poltergeist case had already broken with the norm in one important way. Soon after the family was forced indoors by the cold, Twyla and her mother began
hearing a high-pitched "pssst" sound around the house. Then the sound resolved itself into a voice. It is rare, though not unheard of, that a poltergeist speaks.

I first heard about the case last summer from a short report on the local public television station in Oklahoma City. I contacted the Mc Wethys and arranged to visit their
home along with Peggy Fielding, a writer from Tulsa.

The drive took us three hours into this remote part of southeastern Oklahoma. We arrived at the house on Saturday 16 July, unaware that the poltergeist was in fact still in
residence and that it made a discernible sound. Upon entering the kitchen we were accosted by a number of people who had spent the previous night in the house to
experience the ghost. They were not members of the family and they told me that the ghost was still around and that it had slapped them, pushed them, pulled their hair
and scratched them the night before. In fact, they said, it had just gone into town with Twyla and would be back in a few minutes.

"Beg pardon?" I said.

"It will be back in a few minutes. You'll hear it. It makes a sound."

Mrs. Mc Wethy welcomed us warmly and introduced us to all present. She assured us that Twyla would be back in just a few minutes with the poltergeist in tow.

One of those present was an amateur investigator of psychic phenomena, Shirley Padley, who told me that she had tape-recorded the ghost. She played me a tape of a
high-pitched metallic sound, not human, that did indeed seem to be saying, "This is Michael."


"That's what he calls himself," she told me. "Michael Dale Sutherland."

Shirley Padley had originally come here doing a story with a television crew from a local station. She had left thinking it was a hoax because the sound the ghost made was
just too strange. Later, she returned and became convinced. She said she'd searched all through the southern United States for paranormal phenomena but had found
nothing real except this.

I was becoming uncomfortable. There was a ghost. It threw things, it attacked people, it talked and it would be back in a few minutes. On top of that, in my opinion, this
place had an electromagnetic atmosphere you could drive a nail into, it was so thick. It felt like being in the presence of a large, silent, invisible generator.

Some parakeets in a nearby cage squawked. They had odd colorings.

"Oh, he did that," Mrs. Mc Wethy said. "He threw food coloring all over them. He warned me the night before. He said, 'I'm going to paint your birds.' I heard them
squawking this morning. He'd thrown food coloring from the kitchen on them." One of the birds fluttered uncomfortably, rocking on its perch. The ghost had painted him.

My writer friend Peggy was in the kitchen. Soon she called out: "Come in here, I hear him!" I went and sat at the kitchen table. The ghost has apparently arrived a few
minutes in advance of Twyla. I could hear a high-pitched mewling sound, like a cat only different. It was roaming around the house, from room to room, one minute
seemingly next to us, the next minute far away in one of the bedrooms.

"He usually picks out somebody to pick on," Mrs. Mc Wethy said.

"What makes him pick out one person?" I asked.

"He can tell who's the most scared," she said.

This was not what I wanted to hear. Soon Twyla came in, a robust looking blonde girl, now 22. She sat down wearily at the table and I introduced myself.

"What is this thing?" I asked. We could hear it mewling in a nearby room.

"I think it's an alien," she replied. "I really do. Once he took me to a field and showed me a place where all the grass had been pressed down, like something had landed

"A spaceship?" I asked.

"He says he's from Saturn," she said. "And that he got left behind."

It mewled from the living room. I was wondering if I didn't already subscribe to enough odd beliefs without adopting one about invisible aliens living in Oklahoma villages.

"Course, he lies a lot," Mrs. Mc Wethy added.

A scene from The Exorcist flashed into my mind, the one in which the old priest says the main thing to remember is that the demon is a liar. We were back on firmer
ground here. I thought, please get me back to the kind of bizarre superstition I grew up with.

"He followed me home one time," said Shirley Padley. "On the way home my daughter said she felt something in the car with us and when we got there we could hear him
wandering around the house and the phone kept ringing over and over but no one was there."

I wondered what I would do if it followed me home. I wondered if I would actually have to become a Catholic in order to get a bishop to come out to the house for a little
toilet flushing ceremony.

"He draws things with lipstick on the mirrors around the house, too," Mrs. Mc Wethy said.

"Like what?"

"Symbols. Some of them we don't know what they are. This one we found in a book. It's the symbol for Saturn."

They showed me some copies of symbols the poltergeist had allegedly drawn. One was the astronomical sign for Saturn. Something like an electro-magnetic breeze brushed
by my shins. I was ready to leave.

"He gets more active at night," Twyla said. "Can't you stay till this evening? No, you look pale already, maybe you'd better go."

Pale indeed. I was ready to leave. Driving away, I reflected that the Mc Wethys were very good people. I could see why a ghost would pick them. It told them, they said,
that it learned to talk by watching television with them. As for the theory that the poltergeist is a projection of someone living in the house, there is no doubt that it is tied to
Twyla. Some time ago an off-duty police officer from a nearby town came out here to investigate the ghost, fell in love with Twyla and married her. Now the ghost usually
went with them. But, Mrs. Mc Wethy told me, it sometimes stayed with her for days without Twyla present. My belief is that something about Twyla allows it to manifest,
but that it is very much a separate being.

When I asked Mrs. Mc Wethy why she thought it picked them out, she told me: "It said it's 'cause we stay up late at night." I found that comment interesting; it reminded
me of something that Eileen Garrett, the famous Irish medium, once said: that for a ghost to manifest, the family in the house has to create a nest for it. Tolstoy once
observed that every happy family is alike; maybe we could add that every haunted family is also alike.

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