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Circle of Og
The following photos were sent to me from Laura Lee  from an Mikael Koch in  Canada.
Notice the Crystal on the stakes going around the circles.  And the orbs taken around the circle after the vortex opens.
"the center spiral delineates fire,
and the rings are the stones on
which the parishoners  set
themselves  -feeling the warmth
from his hairy coat as he walked
and taught"
Og - The Son of Fire
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Cmments of Mikael Koch  on his crystal work and the circles .
Taken from Mikael's  Post at Yahoo's Ancientmysteriesms Group.
Crystals…as we know crystals are used in computers,watches etc…their propreties of being able to be programmed..and hold the information…is also known.  It has been said that dowseing
programs seem to wane after awhile…(pendulems…).  Well I decided to incorporate crystals to the solution to this problem…as there is many varieties of crystal (stones) there are just as
many  of uses and characteristics of each…type… many good books and info on the net as to such…if one is so inclined.    The Tibetan iam kinda fond of..since this one is what facilated an
activation…at the harmonic concordance event in Nanaimo                                       (jj hurtak ,keys of enoch,grid leylines)…Since then this experience has accelerated into more then I ever
expected. I guess I should start from the beginning..i went to an event in Nanaimo with 144 other healers ,psychics,etc.What was envolved there was many copper pipes and crystals sitting in
these stands holding six pipes to each stand spiraling up ,with the crystals on/in the top of the pipes.picture over a thousand of these in a sacred geometric patern…(eagleye.com)    Well on the
night of nov.8 2003 ,I waited till about 12 at night, maybe 6 to 12 people witnessed what transpired,I walked into this grid..and immediately I felt waves of this energy …like being in a power
station or something.i proceeded to walk this spiral design,I got to the middle where a cluster of crystals were assembled,hovered there momentarilly …then walked out of the grid..over to a
huge crystal sitting on the floor. This crystal was used in the harmonic convergence ceremonies..of 1987.i went and stood over this crystal between my leggs.i looked up at a merkaba (sacred
geometry).took a double terminated Tibetan crystal and held my right hand to the heavens (like the tarot card ,magician). Wham.. this energy implodes in me knocking me out sorta  ,iam
standing there, hanging suspended like…people are watching ,wondering,whats going on?a woman ,Gabriel which puts these events on… says take the crystal out from his leggs..iam
conscious of everything around me…so when the crystal is pulled..i pull myself forward and drop to my knees and drop the crystal that I was holding….now iam in pain ..my muscles are
contorting like ive been plugged into a wall..being electrocuted by this vibrational energy…its now buzzing throughout my whole body .iam wondering what the heck is going on here…and how
do I stop this pain…well I sat down ,in buddhaist position and started to do this set of hand movements…mudras…then this energy calmed down and I normalized..smiled at gabby and left the
room…well I ended up channeling this energy about five times at the event…sometimes I was ready for it and others caught me off guard..as when I was on stage playing crystal singing bowl.i
was holding the crystal (Tibetan )in hand and the bowl started to oscilate very strangely ..some people noticed this…this time I wasn’t ready for this energy , it seemed that holding the
crystal in hand and sound had something to do with it…to describe this energy its like ..take a 12 volt battery those little square ones,put it on your tounge and a vizzzz feeling occurs,now turn it
up and run it thru your whole body,also think of sitting in a tub full of alkesiltzers…tiny bubbles…? Laurence welk on drugs…? theres also a sound that occurs it’s a vizzzzzz  sounding…ita
all related …, (this is how the pyramids were built leyline /vibrational energies,lifting of stones ,levitation) Sound ,vibrations,energy,light…the creative energy? The creator?I Call it cosmic
kundalinni…very simialer to the kundalinni experience that I ve heard of,and it was said by many that.that was what I was going thru….only one problem  this energy was comin down thru me..
not from within…so it discounts that, I believe. I dicided to do some backwards engineering and what I found was …that on  four times a year people gather at sacred spots on earth,on the
solstices and equinoxes..where someone would stand over a crystal and knowledge and power would be transferred…these places are Stonehenge,newgrange,jeruselem,and giza…(hence
closure to the public on these times) also its been said that churches and temples have been built over leylines/ vortices to harness and control the energy of these sites? Old pagan sites? So
tripping around b.c. last year I had the joy of meeting and working with many people .I make something called a(holy hand grenade) in a pyramid shape..that has crystals, metal filings,fibronichi
spirals.etc etc…these hold the programs that you program into them…along with the copper pipes filled with crystals..this info is available at educate-yourself.org  tesla/reich techno;igies…met
a person (danny)in the village of Hartley bay .i was gifted a crystal pendulum and a eagle feather… this is where I got introduced to dowseing community…so I reciprocated by gifting some
pyramids…we related so well he said I must meet someone by the name of david, we spoke , and I said ill drop in when I come thru town…well when I got to davids place I notice a medicine
wheel , wow whats this…?and so got to play and set up grid within the wheel…while I was is this town .i had the pleasure of meeting Telkwa Ted…I went to his wheel and I pluncked down my
pyramid in his wheel..we spoke and he taught me some things, i did energy/channeling and he checked the energy he said you’ve brought something different to my wheel, you’ve
changed it…it also doubled in size (energy vortice) after I did this..well my journey continued ..building medicine wheels and gifting pyramids … I ended up finding moonstones,opals,amethysts,
and crystals…traveling around.and setting up grid /wheel at both conventions last years and this..100 mile..we checked consiousness scale of the labyrinths and the grid seperatelly.labby came
in at about 460 and grid 590…it seems to offend some people that I combine these two modalities but I take the best from all systems..as we should take the truths from all races and tribes for
this is the we can change the state of the world and consiousness…in the wheel I use sacred geometry,mathamatics,William reich /tesla technos..,qabala,geomancy,dowseing ,astrology/moon
phases etc..crystals,medicine wheel,paganism/shamanism,and my channeling this cosmic kudalinni and most important emotion and group intent …at least three…where three gather in my
name iam ?..…..what  do you shall do also..and more .but not of the biblical sense..for I believe it is the christal consiousness that has/will return, not a man…(in my opine)what I found that
progressivelly we were getting larger and larger vortices on our wheels..and combining our intents…(healing missions)we would target different sites and the last (Niagara) went global and
beyond… wow…with only a few people we had this success…awesome it is….one person/few can make a diference...we usaully go with healing mother earth first…converting/transforming
negative energies into positive energy, sent to the centre of and for the utilization by mother earth for her healing processes, then rasing the vibrational consiousness of humanity,to each
individuals highest maxium comfortable level …last a personal intent of healing for oneself or someone else…health,abudance,wisdom and knowledge and the application of, there of….or right
application of knowledge…It seems that many are  now experienceing this actvation…vibration … I went to the naramata festival of awareness as a healer and I set up the grid with in their
labyrinth…28 people attended…after I conducted the ceremonies..every one left and I took some pictures…this  is where the orbs started showing up…I got back to my grid in the mountainsâ
€¦and they started showing up there also…it has become somewhat of a portal..? this is now another piece to the puzzle…what are they? And whats going on?in my opine I believe they are
spirit orbs? (people?) the  essence of the soul… you when you leave your material body….in my photos I seem to be able to see a sacred geometric pattern in the centre of the  orb… spheres
of energy…and the  mekaba…?a photograph…of the beginning or  starting point of life? a 3 demensional shape…is this the eye of god? The all seeing eye?     They are attracted to the
wheel as you may see in the pictures… The wheel,grid consists of ,twelve quartz boulders on outside circle,then eight in the next,six in the merkaba,and one in the centre….or as shown in the
picture…along with orgone generators,copper pipes, all built and ceremonies conducted…over  of a quartz vein…(geomancia).It has been said that the veil is  lifting.,ascension is happening
now…not 2012… be mindfull of your intents..you manifest what think…with the application of wisdom/knowledge and spiritual understanding,  The aquarian age shall be ushered in with all its
glorious blessings…                                                                                 

ps if one is interested in aquiring a grid,  pyramid..or info….contact me

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