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The Test of Three
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We here at BRC pride ourselves in our research  of the Interdimensional and Anomalous Phenomenon  Primarily with our work  in  providing ,  to the science world,  documented evidence that
worlds exists within worlds that exist right here wthin our world and our world exists within even other worlds. . Does it sound confusing? Well - it should. It has mystified the scientific world for
Ages. Why should you be the exception!  And why should we not be honest about it. Face it there are just things in this world we don't understand!

Science has always toyed with the theory of multi-universes  and have come up with some wonderful theories. But that is all they have is theories. We here at BRC have the evidence to support
some of their theories. Hopefully the two can come together as one someday.

BRC likes to do what we call 'The Test of Three'.  Which is - Science - Experience - and  Photographs. If the work can pass this test, we feel we have something.

What we want to accomplish with this site is to lay it all out on the board for your review and opinions.


Being that we have all been conditioned not to believe 'anything' until we have heard it from some form of authority, I would like to submit an excerpt from a documentary made on multi-verses by
the Science Channel. You will be able to watch and listen to some of the top scientists in their field on what they theorize to be true. While you are watching it, I want you to pay particular attention to
a segment where the people walking about are being split into parts - This is important as it is the stepoff into our photographic evidence . Their theory is exactly what we have photographed to
happen when one steps into a  'wormhole' or an interdimensional portal.

Now that you have watched how these parallel universes work let me begin to show you our  photographic evidence of what takes place when you enter a place where two universes have joined -
a point in time collision.
All these photographs are taken with digital cameras - double exposure is impossible , unlike cameras using film.

Temporal Displacement , multiverses,-  Extra-dimensional Worlds,-Multi-Dimensional Worlds, Intra-dimensional Travel ,Time and Space Travel, - multi-verses,- synchronized universes,- parallel
dimensions , phased shifts , the triangle,  wormholes , interdimensional portals,- wormholes,
This is a portal that seemed to have opened about three months
ago...or that is when we started getting these type of strange photos.  I
believe that through the act of awareness and presense, the portals
become activated.
Note that this group seperated into two groups. You can also see that
one side's color is slightly different than the others - as well as their
What you think are orbs above them is just the result of fog. Sorry no
spirit here. except that of the living.
Photos taken September 2005
Many times in these portals we capture on
camera a very bright light coming from above.
This was an area of the manitou stones.
Notice to the right of the photo. You will see two
of the person found at the bottom of the page
sitting next to the woman with the dark coat.
Also you see the gentleman in the backgroup
actually looking up towards the light - although
he couldn't see it. The light was only seen when
we uploaded the photos onto the computer.
There are other anomalies in the photo but
these are the more obvious ones.
September 2005
The light to the left of this photo is
camera flash. No strange light
BUT - look at the woman in black
She is sep
arating from herself.
Her molecules are Dissipating.
Many times when we experience
an area that has a portal, we have
sensations such as  throbbing in
the third eye (center of forehead)-
nausea - dizziness- slight to
severe headache - chills and/or
hot flashes - sense of
disorientation .
September 2005
This entire group was affected by the manitou stones. Everyone is experiencing some form of molecular 'scattering' and duplication.
Again, we are meditating on the manitou
stone. Notice the lady in the white jacket.
She is two places - to the left and right of the
The gentleman standing is seperating .
Notice the two heads.
And the gentleman that is sitting has
become so transparent that you can actually
see through him.

Dr. Claude Swanson - educated as a physicist at MIT and
Princeton University
and author of
The Synchronized Universe

Put simply, our universe is operating on a certain wavelength. A phased shift, where we simply operate on a slightly different wavelength, may reveal whole new worlds
that are beyond our sensory constructs.  Interference between these  wavelengths has been postulated as an answer for ghosts and other paranormal activity

"...the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them"
(2 Cor. 4:4).
More photos of multi-dimensional shifting. - Count how many times you find a person shifting into another dimension.
Hey Sistah,

This is "time lapse photography" if you will. Definitely a jigger in the Continuum. It reminds me of what the acid taking hippies used to call traces. You know, where you wave your hand in front of
your face and it trails across your line of sight (like we can do with our computer mouses). These two images are pretty much sequential in format. A hologram is like a house of mirrors and this is
different. These 'traces' look like phantoms. The past present and future all happen at the same time, eh? and this is what is happening here. Definitely a portal/vortex. Exactly like the Montauk
tears from the Philadelphia Experiment. This is why channels can go back in time and into the future. I think you
 got it right when you called it Phase Shifting. Like a Black Hole, eh? Parallel
Universe may be an incorrect term.

Yes,  definitely a blip in the Continuum would be my opinion.  It's like an accordion
. When you scrunch time which is in a straight line for the purposes of this discussion, then point A and point B
are side by side instead of "across the room" so to speak. That's why you get the double images which are really not a double but a sequential time lapse in your photogra

If I had to go out on a limb, not being there to know the series of events, I would say that the clearer pictures are of the present and the foggy ones are a capture of the recent past hence the
phantom flavour to them. Such as the one fellow taking a step prior to and then standing still for the photo.

This vortex is "slowing down" time it looks like so I would set up a tent there and live in it until I had reversed all my grey hairs!! This brings into account Einstein's work that someone out in space
will age slower than someone here on earth during the same time expiration. The faster you go speed wise, closer to the speed of light, the slower time goes -- that's why Ascended Masters don't
age. When I do session with someone, an hour feels like many hours to them because time has "stopped" during heavy meditation. Ever done that experiment by staring at a clock until the second
hand stops moving? same thing.

Your thirst for knowledge and sticktoittiveness  never ceases to amaze me and I thank you for your dedication and efforts.

You might want to try an experiment with two exact cuttings from the same plant. Put one in this vortex where it gets the same lighting etc as the other one and see which bears fruit first and which
one is retarded in its growth.

Hope this helps Hon, and keep me posted.  Essena
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