We here at BRC pride ourselves in our research  of the Interdimensional and Anomalous Phenomenon  Primarily with our work  in  providing ,  to the science world,  documented evidence that worlds
exists within worlds that exist right here wthin our world and our world exists within even other worlds. . Does it sound confusing? Well - it should. It has mystified the scientific world for Ages. Why
should you be the exception!  And why should we not be honest about it. Face it there are just things in this world we don't understand!

Science has always toyed with the theory of multi-universes  and have come up with some wonderful theories. But that is all they have is theories. We here at BRC have the evidence to support some
of their theories. Hopefully the two can come together as one someday.

BRC likes to do what we call 'The Test of Three'.  Which is - Science - Experience - and  Photographs. If the work can pass this test, we feel we have something.

What we want to accomplish with this site is to lay it all out on the board for your review and opinions.


Being that we have all been conditioned not to believe 'anything' until we have heard it from some form of authority, I would like to submit an excerpt from a documentary made on multi-verses by the
Science Channel. You will be able to watch and listen to some of the top scientists in their field on what they theorize to be true. While you are watching it, I want you to pay particular attention to a
segment where the people walking about are being split into parts - This is important as it is the stepoff into our photographic evidence . Their theory is exactly what we have photographed to happen
when one steps into a  'wormhole' or an interdimensional portal.

Now that you have watched how these parallel universes work let me begin to show you our  photographic evidence of what takes place when you enter a place where two universes have joined - a
point in time collision.
All these photographs are taken with digital cameras - double exposure is impossible , unlike cameras using film.

Due to the upcoming Earth Shift, there is an event
that has recently started that, if you are unaware
of it, may cause you mental distress ... even

Our inner Earth's plates are grating, creating a
vibration that is now opening, or thinning, various
"veils". All will be experiencing mental/body
"shifts" due to this.

The veils will get thinner and much more frequent
as time goes on. These veils will reveal
phenomena, such as visually seeing Angels,
Demonic Beings, various Inner Land Beings,
more UFO sightings, etc.

Parallel Time Shifts will take place as well. We
are made of the Earth, and are thus attuned to it.
What has already started, and will get stronger, is
as natural as breathing. By BEING AWARE that
these things are before you, you will be

This knowledge alone will allow you to accept
and understand. BE NOT AFRAID!

Again, THIS IS NATURAL, and happens at each
earth flip.

Bend like a green reed and you'll be safe.

This warning will remain on this site at all times.

Red Elk
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