Multi-Verses and Parallel Universes

As you see the group is facing its own group here. It is not a shadow nor are there any mirrors set
up. However it does resemble mirroring more so than shadow. Notice the person to the right of
photo. He has a white shirt on. Go to his opposite. He is also wearing white.
Thus meaning - no shadow.
This was an area that Brad had discovered a week prior. He had noticed it as a high energy area
and at that time, he was getting a lot of 'orb' photos.
Either a portal had opened or the group had activated one there through their state of awareness
and presense.
This area still under investigation .
In this photo is Steve Fell, one of our investigators.
He was attracted to this area and decided to photograph it.
As he got there,  coldness took over. He was suspicious of this cold spot and asked me to take a
photo of him as he shot the area with his camera.
I took this photo.
You see two Steve's.
One  full bodied and the other his upper torso , head and extended arms.
I had taken a group out to the 'haunted woods' as we like to call it at night. During the day, we call it
the 'Enchanted Forest'.
It gets its name for obvious reasons.
In this photograph you see a displacement of space.
My face was put on the blondes head in front. Notice the faces of the gentleman she is with. One
has his eyes open..the other eyes shut.
These are the more obvious phenomenon in this photo - but look it over . there is more.
We have been researching what the Native American Indians call the 'Manitour Stones' - meaning
'Spirit Stones'.
The ancient ones, marked these places of interdimensional travel with these stones and the Native
American Indians held them very sacred as of their great magic.
Missionaries , coming through North America, destroyed them as they came upon them.
Fortunately for all of us, they never got them all.
We have tested these manitou stones several times now and found that when people sit on the
stone, meditate, they will seperate - one staying in this dimension and other ethereal selfs moving
into the other dimensions.  The front is the original person. But you can see he is dissapating  The
double behind him, although looking more solid is the one in a higher
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