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Did Giants Play Balls?


It was reported on January 17, 2003 that after a mysterious object flew over taiga, microscopic
balls of some strange origin were discovered in land digging in the city of Dalnegorsk. It is still
unknown whether that was a meteorite, a fragment of a missile or a UFO. Doctor of technical
science, academician in the Russian Academy of natural sciences and honorary member of the
NY Academy of Sciences, Anatoly Garshits says that similar, but huge balls have been found in
different parts of the world. They are called balls of antique gods. The scientists think that this
fantastic story can be explained quite logically.

Anatoly Garshits told that a very interesting discovery had been made in the Central American
republic of Costa Rica in the early 1940s. Workers who deforested the tropical jungle for future
banana plantations suddenly came across giant stone sculptures of a regular globe form. The
largest of them weighted about 16 tons. The smallest balls were not bigger than a ball with which
children usually play, it was just 10 centimeters in diameter. The balls were placed in groups, each
group included from three to fifty balls.

The artifacts were called ?balls with which gods played.¦ When scientists looked at the balls
from board of a plane, the scene looked like a page from a geometry textbook. Rows of huge
stone balls made up gigantic triangles, squares, circles and other more intricate figures of a regular
form as if they were oriented especially according to the part of the world. And this scene
stretched to dozens of kilometers! Who did it, when and why?

According to the original estimates made by archeologists, the age of the balls was referred to the
14-15th centuries of the Common Era when forefathers of Indians, Inca and Maya, were living in
those places. It-s hardly believable that they could make lots of such balls without special
instruments although cultures of the people were rather developed. Is it possible that some other
civilization unknown to science lived on the territory of Costa Rica?

To investigate the issue intensive digging was started, which in their turn revealed more
unbelievable facts. First of all, in those places where the huge balls were discovered no articles
belonging to human life such as pots, instruments or decorations could be found. So, people could
have no connection with the stone balls. Second, it turned out that the age of the artifacts was
even older, different hypotheses said it could be from 100.000 to 500.000 years.

As the stone balls were grouped in forms resembling celestial constellations, it was suggested that
they were probably astronomic observatories, a planetarium built by representatives of some other
civilization. It was also suggested the place could be a ritual or war assemblage of some giant
warriors. One hypothesis became the most popular: it said that guests from the space picked out
the place for their cosmodrome, and the stone balls were limitation lines and guiding lines to
determine their course. Many researchers took modern equipment that existed by that moment
and agreed to wait for years till guests from the space would come to that place.

Unfortunately nobody arrived in that place. But later information appeared that similar stone
sculptures were found in Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Australia, Nepal, Egypt, Kazakhstan, in
Russia-s Altay and even in Franz Joseph Land. Later, they were found in the 1970s in Crimea and
in the Caucasus.

One of scientists investigating the phenomenon, doctor of biological sciences Valentin Glazkov
tells that incredible rumors were spread about hundreds of strange stone balls. For example, it
was reported that there was some ?anomalous field¦ around the balls where electrical appliances
went mad, watch stopped and behavior of live organisms became abnormal. People visiting the
zone where the balls were placed registered rapid pulse, disordered sleep and lapses of memory.
Many sensational statements were made at that time in connection with the balls. For example, it
was said the stone balls were tuned in particular waves to transmit information to the space; those
who managed to establish a contact correctly could be healed of any disease and could also have
any wish fulfilled. Such incredible statements became an incentive for more and more people
wishing to visit the site where the balls were placed. The site became the place of mass pilgrimage.
And, is it sometimes happens, some people actually were healed of their diseases and others were
unbelievably lucky after the visited the place.

Three large balls found at the end of the 1970s in Guadalahara were delivered to the American
University in the state of New York, where they were cut and thoroughly analyzed. No traces of
material culture were found inside of the balls. And scientists declared that the artifacts couldn-t be
made by human beings. The internal structure of the balls was complicated; it was a coiled alloy of
rare-earth metals. Chemical properties of these alloys were actually mysterious.

Nevertheless, geologists said that the balls were highly likely of natural origin. They had been
created not by gods or creatures from the space; they appeared as a result of effect of such
natural factors as water, wind and rain that had been washing ashes and ground for thousands of
years. Obviously, several volcanoes awaked on the Central American territory 25-40 million
years ago; convulsions of these volcanoes caused terrible earthquakes. Lava and red-hot ashes
covered large territories. Glassy particles ejected from the volcanoes started making spheres
which further turned into balls.

A ball of a regular form can appear only if crystallization goes equally in all directions. Leading
research assistant of the Central Research Geology Institute of rare-earth and non-ferrous metals
Yelena Matveyeva says that the balls emerged on the surface of the planet as a result of
exfoliation, weathering that operates in regions with large daily overfall. Similar balls are found
under the surface where temperatures are stable.

However, all scientists say that the phenomenon hasn-t been solved yet. Some granite balls cannot
be described with this theory; it seems as if they were polished by humans. It-s not clear what
giants made the huge balls and what tiny people made those small balls discovered in Dalnegorsk
mentioned above. Can they be special signs sent to people living at present which we still cannot