Corral Gayle shot this photo with a digital camera  - set up on a tripod-
It was on the corner of Pine Street and Chestnut, under the overhang of an Italian Restaurant several places
down from the Burlington UFO and Paranormala Center.
The conditions of the sky that night were clear and weather was clear.
Top left is the overhang of the restaurant with their lights.
She has the camera set up to shoot upwards at the ufos in the sky.
It seems to me that the vortex was 'activated' causing the swirling -blurring effects and disportions .
Again you see the beams of light - with a large very bright orb and what we think is a ufo coming out of
another dimension. - or creating a 'artificial dimension' that they travel in so as not to be seen by hu-mans???
Could this be the 'dragons of the ancient ones' - Can it be some sort of energy coming from another
dimension? - and could that energy be a ufo in an 'ether' state?
Why do they appear to us? Maybe because we are 'listening' - trying to understand - and most important
giving 'witness' to what they present us.
Photo taken 2-18-05
Below is  a 'god' ufo that was photographed over Washington recently.  I believe that it may be the same
type, just shot at a different angle. This type of ufo seems to be the same as was reported by our
ancientmysteriesms member, Theo  from Wisconsin.
UFOs in Wisconsin