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Nordics are a humanoid star culture often referred to as the Elohim. They have angular faces with bottomless blue-eyes that project light from them, capable of lighting an entire room.  
This race of Ancient Star Travelers could very well be THE WINGMAKERS reportedly discovered in Southwestern United States. This also could be the same race living within the Inner
Earth of the Poles and the ancestors of some of the Native Americans and Vikings.  Read below and you decide for yourself as to who the Nordics really are.  This site will be updated, so
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The Beautiful Blondes and their Incredible Flying Machines
by Don Worley

Source: UFO Universe
Winter 1997 issue

Cover Page Wording: Angelic ETs predict Earthly Doom

[Though the Grays seem to get all the attention these days, there are still plenty of other alien-types flying around the galaxy, including ETs who could pass as humans.]

When one thinks of aliens, in all likelihood the mind conjures up images of strange creatures that show up regularly on the SciFi Channel or at least on the movie lot of a Steven Spellberg

In the last half century or so Hollywood has thrown all kinds of bug-eyed boogie monsters from space at us, but only in a handful of motion pictures (such as the classic The Day The
Earth Stood Still) have our "visitors" been depicted as resembling human life as we recognize it, here on Earth. We've been exposed to, a multitude of giant insects, meandering bloobs,
things with tentacles and a host of other mix-shaped aliens, but outside of a shapely female cyborg here and there, directors and script writers would lead us to believe that almost all
aliens are just plain ugly as sin ... or at least down right weird looking.

With this background in mind, when one enters the UFO arena as a serious researcher, it would seem obvious that common sense would dictate to us the appearance of alien crews
based upon "past performance," Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that human-looking UFOnauts not only exist, but that they play an extremely important role in the
riddle of the flying saucers.

When I embarked upon my research of the Nordic-types as they are generally referred to, I certainly was not prepared for what I was to learn. My preconceived ideas were quickly
shattered when it came to this particular aspect of the UFO enigma. In my role as an investigator I found that many of those claiming encounters and abductions were describing the same
types of beings and events without knowing each other.

For the most part, those whom I spoke with for the purposes of this article are lifelong experiencers. Most frequently their contacts have occurred during the night time hours and in what
science might refer to as as altered state of consciousness. In rare instances a small number of individuals have said that their encounters have transpired in broad daylight under like

In a total of approximately 100 cases, 36 of the reported episodes involved Nordic-type aliens, Utilizing the testimony of these contactees, I was able to place their experiences in the
following categories:

A - The nature and appearance of the Nordics.

B - Special revealing cases that have occurred involving this particular type of being.

C - The Nordics affinity for discussing forthcoming cataclysmic Earth changes.

Appearance and Nature of the Nordics

# We hear first from Donna, a Canadian who hold a BA degree whose experiences started in childhood while residing in Scotland. 'I observed the occurred involving this particular Nordics
along with the worker Grays and a group of child-like beings who were very pale. They were all in one place and the Nordics - who were blonde - wear silk ysmooth, light blue suits. The
only symbol of their victims I recall is a dragon-like snake with wings. The males were handsome with bottomless blue eyes, set in angular faces. The only emotion they displayed was
serene amusement until they began to mentally talk to me. The place had a beautiful glow and atmosphere of serenity. Most of the beings looked young, but there were some there who
looked older with beards and flowing robes. I had an intense longing for these beings after I left them, and an intense love, respect, and awe when I was with them."

# Julia, a rural Mississippi housewife. "They do have underground bases, even an under-river base. I have seen the little Grays, the Nordics and their friends the red-eyed apes. They
also had a military pilot with them who was being held against his will. The big blondes might weigh 275 lbs., had striking blue eyes, dark skin, and white teeth. Some of the good kind don't
like what the bad kind are doing and there is warfare in space."

# Judy, an extensive Texas experiencer recently emotionally declared that if the extraterrestrials who manipulated her into the mess she is in don't help her soon her life is doomed. "Yes,
around the age of 11 or 12, I had the first experience with the Blondes as you call them, the Elohim as I call them, when I was sitting in our yard near the plum tree. Suddenly my flesh
began to itch and I heard a buzzing sound. Directly in front of me, I saw them through a window in the air. They were very, tall, exceedingly handsome, and dressed in White hermits and
suits. The one sitting down had on a long white robe and their eyes were weird for they had light coming from them. I felt they were talking to me, but now I don't remember what was said.
After the image vanished the itching stopped and I sat there for a very long time. I knew something truly remarkable had happened to me in this chilling experience."

# Andy Anderson, an Indiana man, has been abducted far too many times for his liking. According to Andy, there also exists a shorter, adolescent appearing Nordic. This kind of entity
approached Andy in a normal daylight setting as he worked in a supermarket. The two who approached him spoke a strange language making him think they must be retarded. So began
years of frequent abductions in which a Sanskrit-like language was used to communicate. Andy was informed of this and when he spoke the language in public he ended up in a mental
hospital under observation. Sanskrit was the language of the ancient Gods of India who flew in aerial craft. Who knows why it has surfaced in modern America in this case of an abductee.

The Giants

There also exists a giant type of Nordie. On a Mediterrean island the titan sized entities were called Genitori. In South America a Costa Rican contactee was taken to a base in the Andes
mountains run by giant Nordics. There were also Grays, and humans there too.

Nordic contact has also been reported in such diverse places as England, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. In northern Mexico, in a zone of silence near Cebal los, Durango, Nordies have
wandered into town from the desert, accepted refreshments, and then vanished back into the desert. In Canada, one large religious group still has contact with Nordies they call
"Overseers." This intirnacy, they say, extends back into ancient days in Europe.

Initially, I was surprised to learn that the Nordics are the controllers of some of the android-like Grays, there are several examples of such cases.

# Near Red Fork Falls, Uanaka Mountain, Tennessee: One August evening in 1990, five persons watched a curious event. Near a large fire was an unusually tall naked man with long
blonde hair. Dancing around him were some 30 midgets with large heads.

# A farmhouse bedroom near Floyd's Knob, Indiana: During one abduction a blue eyed Jesus-like figure in resplendent robe appeared in a shaft of sparkling light that came through the
ceiling. He took the abductee's hand and said, "Don't be afraid my child! These are mine," gesturing to the little humanoids who were standing around the room.

Now let us turn to our next category. In it we will learn some even more startling things from the very lips of Nordic experiencers. There are a number of close contact cases in which the
persons insist that their Nordic friends are physical in every sense of the word.

Special Revealing: Episodes

# Janice, residing in New Hampshire. Since a child she has considered the Nordics as her "other family" and perceives them as true physical beings. She insists, "They are not gods or
angels. They are another race who are here because they are responsible for us. I have seen them breathe in a physical state, but not in the non-physical state.

"I have seen them sit, lie down, have sex, but not go to the toilet. However I have used their standup toilet. She also said, "It is the fear a person is living through that changes his or her
perception of the experience. Just because I am not afraid doesn't mean I never was. It's the same for the nine other persons I know about. I can't tell you how many times we are referred
to as "aliens lovers or delusion-driven breeding stock, because we are no longer afraid."

# Amy, who lives in Michigan, is a very kind experiencer who has tried to help others. My last communication from her had her feeling caught in the middle due to the arrival of new players
who gather to find out what the other ETs are doing. The situation has caused her to be hospitalized. She has not seen the Nordics eat, but has seen them resting on what looked like a
chaise lounge. Amy told me, "As you know, I believe there are different groups of tall beings making contact. When I stated I had not seen any Nordies with the Zeta's (Grays) .. or maybe
what I should have said is that I don't have any recollection of seeing them. I know that Janice and I have the same Zeta contact.

"We have seen each other on board their craft several times. Needless to say, we find this exciting and call each other up in the morning. We have never met in person on Earth. Anyway
Janice does see the tall beings the Pleiadians, on board with our group of Zeta's, I would say that not all Nordic types are from the same community and perhaps their goal/agenda is not
the same. The Zeta's I am in contact with do have humans living among them. They are from genetic material that they have collected from us earthbound experiencers. I have met
several of their people, both human and halflings. I have been shown different living areas for these humans on board.

"One seemed to be for recreation in a park-like atmosphere, I have had several conversations with both males and females about their life there. They seemed genuinely happy people. I
do not think they are being treated like slaves."

# A highly respected pastor from Canada says that as a child he was held on the lap of his lifetime mentor "Gold" (Entity has a golden sheen to its eyes which can change color according
to its mood), and watched what was done to his loved ones. Over 300 lost time periods and many abductions, details have been recalled over 45 years. Some of these memories involved
groups of persons in his religious group.

In his intimate relations with those he calls the "Overseers or non-Terrans," the cleric has seen them breathe, eat, drink, lift some abductees out of a lake with their arms, and glide over
the surface of the water,

Here in the Pastor's own stunning words is his description of the Nordics most astonishing appearance. If memory serves me right, it was in late August 1987. Just about all our brethren
who would be participating in the almost fall ritual were out on the landscape. That would make about 400 men, women, and children, and several hundred animals. They appeared just as
we were commencing our march to our most holy place. One second they were not there, and the next second they were. Of the few brethren who'd been facing in the direction in which
they appeared the word was that there was a rippling in the air not unlike that of heat just prior to the arrival of the non-Terrans. A most abrupt silence descended on the group when they
realized. Just who had joined our party, It was five Nordics led by my "buddy." Only he was observably masculine. The others were of the non-gender variety as far as we could, determine.
As chief functionary I approached Gold. He said they wished to witness the ritual in person.

They hung around for the entirety of the ritual, then went back to the spot where they had arrived before departing in the same manner."

This man who holds a number of PhD's, further explained... "Yes, Don, the ones I have been around do respirate. I have touched and been touched by them on plenty of occasions. You
don't think that what I felt was real? Thanks to the number of events wherein I've been in the presence of ephemerals, I assume that I've come to know the difference."

In a later conversation, the Pastor who is also a physician-described some medical instruments and techniques used by his erstwhile benefactor. As the cylinder is passed slowly from the
apex of my cranium to the soles of my feet, probes descend and pass through my exterior derma and into my various interiorties. Yes, I do believe that I can sense something, that can be
construed as feeling or sensation. Feeling not good or bad but both. It's not unlike being able to laugh and cry at the same time. There is a separate wand which wields the needle which
they stick in your nostril. Having thought about it, I'd venture to express that I have seen a little ball-thing that they install, remove or re-install. It's creamic-like only more toward
slivery-white. It's quite slender, and some inches in length.

The crunching sound is constant whether they are sticking it into you or taking it out. Sometimes the placement seems to affect the sight of the eye that they've placed the little ball

Some of the things that we have learned about the Nordics are pretty startling. Perhaps what astonished me the most was when I learned due to the series of lifetime experiencers-that
our enigmatic Nordics seem to exist in both the space/time dimensional world of the spirit and the physical world of sensory substance. Now let us move on to the fascinating Nordic habit
of giving out cataclysmic Earth destruction warnings.

Nordies Warn of Cataclysmic Earth Changes

The dire warnings of a supposed future axis tilt and Earthly chaos repeat themselves like a broken record in the UFOlore of the English and Spanish speaking parts of the world, and
probably elsewhere that we don't know about. The warnings date back in Biblical antiquity and other ancient sources and continue to the present day. One amazing source is the Hopi
Indian religious mythologies, legends, pictographs, and petroglyps. These - thus far -incredibly accurate predictions seem to come mainly from seven foot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed,
Nordics by way of the Hopi ancestors who called them the Hisatsinom. Not Anasazi as is sometimes mistakenly stated. Anasazi is the Navajo word that means enemy ancestor.

Now, let me describe four of my best cases. When it comes to the United States, the southwestern and mid-America/Great Lakes regions seem to be the focal points of the greatest
upheaval although plenty of changes are due to happen in other places. Are the Nordics telling it to us straight or are they really colossal deceivers? Or, can they just be off timewise? I
have noticed a few important misses I'll give later. Maybe reliability is contingent upon the relative hieratical status of the being imparting the warnings.

# Dannion Brinkley, the man who was struck by lightening and died, spent time with a series of magnificent beings in a fabulous crystal city of light. Thus far many of the 117 predictions
that were given to him about future events have come true.

# Sarah, a prolific message receiver wonders if those who identify themselves to her as "The Lifeforce" may not be the well known Ashtar group through her prediction about Ashtar's
arrival on Earth in 1994 proved inaccurate. "The place known as California will disappeang. The ocean will relocate during the shift and the deserts of Nevada and Arizona will be a wastrel
of waters. The Great Lakes will be destroyed in the latter part of the shift, distributed into waterways that now, are oceans. All animals know what is to come and some are even glad to
end their mistreatment at the hands of humans. They prefer to embrace the leaving of this planet. There will be many liftoffs in the days before and right after the shift. All persons have
chosen their paths and know within their souls the choice that they have made in advance."

# Donna, of Canada, among my foremost Nordic experiencers, predicted a big quake in California, in 1995 which did happen. Regarding the urging of the Nordics for her to move further
north in Ontario, I suggested she stay put, which proved right. Donna said, "California will undergo terrible destruction and most of it will be covered by water. Water will cover some parts
of the central USA, including Mississippi, and they specifically mentioned New York. Certain people, myself included, are being trained to be helpers during this crisis.

"Massive numbers of people are going to die, and at death, the Nordics usually assist people in making the transition helping to minimize the fear, disorientation, and trauma. However,
there will not be enough Nordics to go around and human helpers will be necessary. The Nordics have always oriented us to the new dimension when we die, moreover, it takes some
time, because the shock of "dying" and yet, finding one's self alive and not in heaven or hell in the traditional sense is more than some souls can't olerate. Also, there is normally a 'review'
and `evaluation' period where we are required to look over events and choices of our Earthly life and determine which experiences contributed to our evolution of consciousness and
which retarded progress."

# Brenda of Kansas has experienced many abductions and on one occasion the Grecian-featured platinum blonde figure with stunning blue eyes, appeared in broad daylight. Brenda has
received messages of Earth's destruction as well as other predictions. One of these given in 1989 was that Bob Dole would become president of the U.S. This of course was a clear miss.

# El John, a lifetime New Mexico contactee, also made a prediction of a great California quake in 1994, which never happened, "Most of this I receive from direct physical contacts with
Nordic beings like the Orion group, who almost always appear wearing blue tights or jumpsuits. Among those encountered are both light-skin and dark skin beings whose life span is 1,000
to 3,500 Earth years. As far as I know the two mile high tidal wave will, happen soon, striking from the far east.

Due to my own personal involvement, I have come to understand from those involved that each contact with the Nordics can prove to be a gripping drama. To the majority of those who
have been selected for contact these beings can be wondrous-almost angelic. But in studying these cases I have come to understand that there are many unanswered questions which
these encounters pose to the serious investigator.

For example:

# Exactly who are these beings?

# Where do they reside' and furthermore are they physical or paranormal in form?

# Are their intentions good, bad or indifferent, and are they guided by a supreme, wise, master somewhere whom we might call God?

We know at least some of the Nordics can be classified as "deceivers," as many of their predictions and dire warnings have not proven accurate. As a good case in point, is the recent
demise of the followers of the Heavens Gate group. Their leader, Bo or Do, had in the past detailed out of body experiences, mentioned hearing voices, and told of a higher level of
consciousness which could be reached with the help of beings from space. Many of his followers were contactees who seem to have been easily swayed by these beautiful entities with
awesome powers.

In not one of my 40 articles published over the years have I ever advocated trusting totally in the aliens. I'm convinced 'that all of these aliens should be judged by their actions and riot by
what they show or tell anyone they have contacted. We must keep an open mind but always remember never to put our life on the line.

Author's Note: In order to safeguard the reputation of those involved so as they will not be the brunt of ridicule or harassment, no actual names have been used in this article, though the
files are here at my home for reference. Those with experiences to relate may contact me at:

1051 Beech Street, Connersville, IN 47331.
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