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The Etheric World   - Orbs Part Two

The Etheric level is intermediate between the Physical and  the Psychic world.
On the scale of levels of being (table below ) one finds that above the physical is the etheric level.  
Now, all these levels can be divided into sublevels, so we can speak of an etheric level which is just
above the physical, and call this the heat- etheric.  Rudolph  Steiner distinguished between the "four
ethers", the first and most primitive of which he calls "warmth  ether".  The three other ethers evolve
sequentially  from this one.  An important Anthroposophical  writer, Guenther Wachsmuth, gives this

SPACIAL TENDENCY    DIRECTION OF FORCE                        FORM                  STATE INDUCED
Warmth Ether                 Expansive or Centrifugal (radiating)             Spherical                     Heat
Light ether                      Same                                                       Triangular                    Gas
Chemical/Sound              Suctional, Centripedal (towards center)         Fluid                           Fluid
Life ether                        Same                                                        Square                         Solid

It is not often that experimental physical  confirmation is found for subtle esoteric-occult  concepts, but
Dennis Milner and Edward Smart, working with high voltage (Kirlian type) photography,  not only
detected "auras" of objects, but also, much  more interestingly, the four Steiner ethers.  These  are
described as follows:

1.) Warmth Either -  Pure Spirit  - Spherical Shape  - Most Subtle - easiest to photograph

2.) Life Either - Immediately preceeds Matter -  Individualising, Plannar, Square or Cubic Forming -  
Hardest to      photograph.  It is Two stages removed from Light Either thus the hardest to photograph.
3.) Light -      Raying out luminosity  - intermediate position to photograph

4.) Chemical -Drawing inwards, circular, disc-forming  - intermediate position to photograph


Etheric reality is the region of the 'nature spirits' or elementals'

The elemental spirits as dynamic forces intimately connected with biological forces and the rhythms
of nature; and especially with the growth of plants. (Rudolph Steiner)
According to the claims  by the Findhorn Community, the nature spirits are considered directly
responsible for plant growth.

"The elementals or nature spirits .use the energy channelled to them by the devas [angelic beings;
the archetypes  of species] to build up an etheric body or etheric counter-part for each plant,
according to its archetypal pattern.... " , according to R. Ogilvy  Crombie, one of the four founding
figures of the Findhorn community:

Etheric Principle:
According to Rudoph Steiner and the Theosophist, when  we move beyond physical reality, we come
to a formative existence which is neither physical nor psychic, but rather something in between; the
principle of Life, or the "etheric" principle.
It is this formative reality which constitutes the locus of growth and life in the physical world.
Red Orbs taken at the Burlington
John Johnson @2005
Spherical Orb
Warmth Ether
Square /Diamond
Light Ether
Taken in Beaver Dam Wi.
Gaseous Triangle (pyramid)
Cape Town S. Africa
Copyright Mary Sutherland
Triangular Shaped Etheric
Photographed in skies near
Eagle Lake - Wisconsin
Copyright 2005
Sperical Orbs
Orgone balls
Photo taken over Burlington Wi
Copyright @2004
Mary Sutherland

Diamond shaped Etheric
Photograph by John Johnson
Copyright 2005

Known to the Egyptians as 'sun boats' and referred to in the Bible as
'merkabah'. This is not an exaggerated claim. Many people believe that
this is part of what God made when he created us. It is where we go
and how we get around after this life. The phenomenon known as an
out-of-body experience involves this aspect of our spiritual makeup. (
Another little-known aspect of our own existence.)
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According to Physicist Robert Neil Boyd the photo to left  are Devas or
Spirit Beings. Devas come in all kinds of odd shapes and colors and
sizes, but all tend to be variations on the basic shape of a sphere.

If you will look closely at the top one, the pink one,
you will see a sort of eye located in the center of the
shape. The eye is the circular blue shape at the center
of the triangular form, with a white spot in the center
of the dim blue form. See it?

They may be monitoring the phone lines near
the home they were photographed at. They can do that.
They can do all sorts of amazing things!
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Orbs can also communicate
through symbology...such as
these two orbs coming
together to create a heart ,
knowing I was taking their
picture at the time.