The Fairy World

Communicating with the
The Fairy Realm does
exist and Mary Sutherland
not only proves their
existence but teaches you
how to communicate with
Face Signature Portals

During the days of the
Atlanteans, the
magicians used magic
concerning some
portals, in which they
used their faces as
guardians -
From these   Face
Signature Portals comes
the early stories,of the
Magical Forests, the
Haunted Forests - the
Forests that could Speak
or were seen as 'Evil' by
some but 'Enchanted' by
Mirrored Worlds

Journey into an
incredible spiritual
terrain unknown to all
but the most adventurous
The Mirrored World - a
hyperdimensional reality
that exists beyond the
constraints of time,
space, and intellect. A
reality that lies just past
the limits of ordinary
vision. A reality which,
once you enter it, will
reveal the astonishing
power of true, authentic
Guardians of the Portals

There are  many people
who we know to be the
Guardians of the New
Energy - The Gate
Keepers . These are
people who form the
nucleus and nurture a
particular vortex of
energy. These people
often travel to other
places to help in the
opening of new vortexes
or who visit an established
vortex to return home and
strengthen the energy of
their own portal.
Quantum Communication

The year 2000 set into
motion a window of
opportunity for enhanced
creation. As a direct
result, the energy vortexes
are now taking root on the
planet. These vortexes will
form the ultimate
connection between the
dimensional realities of
Human and Earth.
Out of Body Travel
Out of Body Travel
and Doorways
In the situation where there
are hyperdimensional
overlappings of one or more
3D universes, these
overlappings may be of finite
area and last for some finite
time. These overlappings
could allow, on occasion, for
materials and entities from
the inter-involved 3D
universes to "feed-through"
into other 3D universes. It is
quite possible that these
various 3D universes may
have variations from physical
laws as we know them. Such
variations might be small and
unimportant, or these
variations could be wild and
Hidden Camelots
There are places that
exist within our world but
on a different frequency.
These places have been
called Shambhala,
Avalon, El Dorado, and
even the New Jerusalem.
and Mind Creations
There are
interdimensional entities
all around us that we do
not see with or physical
eye. But our energies
can attract them to us
and we can photograph
Interdimensional Entities
When the veil drops
people will be shocked to
see what is all around
them. Some so shocked
they will lose their minds -
others will commit suicide
- and others that prepare
now will accept what they
will come to know has
always having been there.
Devas and Sylphs
Devas and Sylphs
Source: Alien Energy
Trevor James Constable
was convinced of the
existence of invisible
lifeforms living in the upper
atmosphere. He christianed
them a nice and simple
name : Sky Creatures.  He
aligned his views of UFOs
as ether ships with  Wilhelm
Reich's Orgone Energy
The Nature of Orbs
I designed this site to
help you understand the
nature of orbs  - not only
what they are but how
they move around - their
purpose and energy force
Manitou Stones
The Manitou Stones
Manitou or spirit stones
were once common,"
"The stones together
with their physical
setting were considered
The Alqonquin speaking
people had a name or
word for 'presence' or
supernatural power...(the
stones) possess 'Manitou'
" Bender wrote. "A
certain quality remains
as they still retain the
power vested in them."
Come with us as we
experience the Manitou
Reality Shifting and the
I believe we shift in and
out of realities constantly
throughout our day.
You experience reality
shifting when you go into
a day dream or your
thoughts drift.
Underground Tunnels
Mary Sutherland is one
of the leading experts on
the underground tunnels.
If you are interested in
the true history of earth
and how ancient man
survived the last great
cataclysms  then this is
the site for you!
One of the greatest
coverups modern
science has perpetuated
is that of the ancient
race of giants that ruled
the ruled prior to modern
man.  Although the bible
speaks of them - science
- until now- have
adamately denied their
Light Signals
We believe that we are
sending and receiving
signals  - but to who we
can only guess.
Healing Energies
Laying on of the Hands
Energy Healing is about
tuning in and focusing
the energies of Light,
Love and Healing in the
purer levels of existence
and directing these
purer energies through
oneself to those in need
of healing.
Atlantis in the

This is a documentary  by
Brad and Mary Sutherland
based off their  3 week
expedition in Kentucky,
searching for the  lost
mines of Solomon and the

Table of Contents
Interviews and Slide
Home Page - Discovery of
the Temples
History of the Ani Ku Tani -
Ani Gu Tani
Dimensional or Hidden
Camelot Temple
Ancient History and
Ogham Inscriptions
Cryptic clues and
Ogham Inscriptions
evidences  Serpent Cult
Ancient War of the Giants
and Serpent- Origins of
Evil and Symbol Magic
Blue Race and Giants of
Entrance to Shambhala in
Prophecy of the
Rattlesnake- Stone
Feathered Serpent
The Lizard Men of
Kentucky - Evidence Found
Reptilian Encounters -
Secret Societies of the
Serpent and Reptilian
-The Masonic Connection
Nanyehi - Nancy Ward -
The last of the Ghigua
Spirit Warriors
The Voree Plates

Found outside of
Burlington, WI.
They found a skeleton
about 6 feet from the
surface of the earth, which
must have stood nine feet
The plates were found on
the breast of the skeleton
and were covered on both
sides with ancient
I have translated a portion
of them, and find they
contain the history of the
person with whom they
were found. He was a
descendant of Ham ,
through the loins of
Pharoah, king of Egypt,
and that he received his
kingdom from the Ruler of
heaven and earth."

BUFO welcomes Master Server  Sarah Simmons . Not only do we ask
of  you to listen - but- encourage others to do the same - as Sarah  
unselfishly shares with you her wonderful insight on the principles
behind the metaphysical world and how it affects us living in the now.
The Billy Meier Case

Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy
Meier Contacts.  ARCHIVED

Listen to this 1 1/2 hour show as Sarah
Simmons Interviews Mary Sutherland on the
Atlanteans in North America and her
discoveries of temples and artifacts found  
in Kentucky proving her theories.

Listen AND watch this 1 hour program as
Mary Sutherland discusses Communicating
with those that have passed over ,
multi-dimensional travel and living in the
higher dimensions .

Interviewed by Sarah Simmons
Listen to this 3 hour show as Mary
Sutherland discusses her upcoming book  
with Mark Amaru Pinkham on Giants.
Listen as we discuss Atlantis and Shambhala
and our theories
Tecumseh Brown-Eagle AND Friends ,
Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation

General Discussion with Mary Sutherland .
on the Ancient Races, the Mysteries and societies thereof  and decoding the cryptic messages.

Peter Moon, Tecumseh, Hamsah, Mary Sutherland , Sarah Simmons and Friends
Discussing Codes , Montauk Indians, The path of the Pharoahs in North America.

James Scott, Tecumseh , Mary Sutherland and Sarah Simmons
discuss the Mysteries of Kentucky , Atlantean Temples in Kentucky, The Ancient Israelites in kentucky ...and "Did James Scott release a geni during one of his digs? Mary Sutherland thinks so!" . Listen to this show

Mary Sutherland Interviewed by
Sarah Simmons.
Mary talks about her upcoming book on giants and how she got started in the paranormal and ufo research.  Along with this we discuss various subjects such as Atlantis in America, the Lost Races , The New Race of the New Age, Surviving the
Upcoming Cataclysms.
and much more.
3 hour Show

The Blessed Woman of the Cherokee
Mary Sutherland speaks with Victoria Taylor True, ancestor to Nanyehi (Nancy Ward), the last of the "Ghigua" .  Mary and Vicki talk on the life of the Cherokee and the magik found through the bloodline of the Blessed Women or Fisher Queens.   Along
with this they speak of something they both seem interested in - the Blue People!  How does that fit into Cherokee Legend - Listen to this show and find out.

Interviewed by JERRY PIPPIN
In this one hour show Jerry Pippin and Larry Dicken talk to Mary Sutherland on her trip to Kentucky and the discovery of the Atlantean Temples.   They also discuss with her theories on UFOs and Brad and her close encounter with two black triangular
ufos. Was there an abduction that night  - Listen and find out.
Mary Sutherland also talks with Jerry and Larry about the 'Blue People'  - 'The Little People' - 'The Giants' and Reptilians.
This show is packed!
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Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books
  • Living in the Light: Believe in the Magic
  • Mysteries: Exploring the Mysteries of Burlington and Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Revelations: Truths Revealed
  • In Search of Ancient Man: Lost in Time
  • The Red Haired Giants
  • Haunted Burlington Wisconsin

Check Out Books Written by Mary Sutherland  She is also the creator of
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Exploring the Unknown   
Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work
on consciousness studies, ancient history and unusual
phenomena. She is a "hands on" researcher and the creator of
one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of
pages providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient
races and their cultures, sacred sites and power points of the
world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional
worlds , metaphysics, etc. The governor of Kentucky
commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the
ancient sites of Kentucky. For the last 5 years, she has been
exploring, mapping and documenting the ancient underwater
structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan. For the last fourteen
years she has been documenting the ancient sites around
Burlington, WI. Truth is her passion. She believes it is through
truth that we will break ourselves free of our present
entanglements in life. When we become free, we will create our
own ‘personal story’ of the ‘hero’s journey’ suggested by Joseph

Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006
“There are rare persons in this world who see things others
don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and
possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred souls to
reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden
truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-
born networker in all she does --- from her Burlington
Vortex Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and
published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for
perception more developed than in her latest title.“  Frank
Joseph .
Joseph was nominated by Japan's Savant Society as
Professor of World Archaeology. He was editor-in-chief of
Ancient American Magazine from 1993 to 2007 and has
traveled the world collecting research materials for his
twenty-seven published books.
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
own experiences. The author and investigator often takes visitors
on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly
conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
and places. She has been featured guest on dozens of nation TV
and radio shows, including Monsterquest, Sean Hannity's America,
Lost Tapes, Inside Edition, Sy-fy's Haunted Highway, Monsters and
Mysteries, Coast to Coast...and the list goes on!