The Pleiadians are from a star system called Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of
Taurus the Bull. We call it the Seven Sisters. The Lyrans from Lyra are our common ancestors.
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Pleiadians are from a star system called Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull; it is 500 light years from planet
Earth. They are a humanoid race who visits Earth often and whom we share a common ancestry. The Lyrans from Lyra are our common ancestors.

The names of the seven stars in the Pleiades system are as follows:

2) Maya
3) Coela
4) Atlas
5) Merope
6) Electra
7) Alcoyne

Because of the wars on Lyra, the  peaceful Lyrans left on their spacecrafts and traveled for many years till they came upon the seven cluster stars in Pleiades. They landed on a planet
now called Erra, which is located around the Pleiades Star called Taygeta. Here is where they started their new civilization in the year 228,000 B.C.

The Pleiadians are a very ancient race of humanoids. They have kept a record of the complete history of Earth's human evolution from the very beginning to our present time.
Pleiadians claim our Earth is 626 billion years old.

Around 225,000 B.C., the Pleiadians discovered a small sun system with a planet  we know as Earth on one of their scouting missions away from the Pleiades. They discovered on
Earth, three groups of uncivilized people living there. The larger of these groups were light skinned and were of Lyran descent. The Lyrans had landed on Earth earlier and were
forced to stay on Earth and enter into a uncarnational cycle, because of their ill treatment of the original brown skinned natives. This became their karma. At this time, the Pleiadians
decided to stay and create societies on Earth.

The Galactic Federation allowed the Pleiadians to enter into a incarnational cycle with humans on Earth. The places designated for them to do this was Bali, Hawaii, Samoa and
India. Civilizations came and went on Earth with many wars, peaceful cycles and natural disasters, between 196,000 B.C. and 10 A.D.

The Pleiadians stayed with humans on Earth until 10 A.D. trying to help develop various civilizations such as Leumuria, Maya, Inca and a civilization at Machu Picchu. They also were
trying to guide humans toward a more spiritual path.

At about 10 A.D.; the last Pleiadian leader called Plejas left Earth for good, because Pleiadians finally achieved peace back home in the Pleiades. They felt it was time for humans to
evolve on their own. Before leaving Earth, the Pleiadians left a spiritual leader called Jmmanuel, who later was known as Jesus. Jmmanuel was a very evolved soul, whose father
was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary of Lyran descent.

Earth  has continued to evolve on its own without direct Pleiadian leadership till our present time.

By year 2000, the Pleiadians were to help bring all humans on Earth into the light.

The following is a brief description of Pleiadian Culture on the home planet of Erra.

Erra is located around the star called Taygeta and is 10% smaller than Earth. The Pleiadians are a fifthdimensional frequency which is one of love and creativity.

About 400,000 people live on Erra, which the Pleiadians feel is the ideal amount for the welfare of their planet. The people of Erra communicate through telepathy. There means of
travel around the planet is done by a tube system. The Pleiadians are primarily vegeterians, but on occasion eat some meat. They have no medical problems for they control their
health by using their own mental powers. The average age of a Pleiadian is 700 years. Their skin is whiter and smoother than ours, has no blood such as ours , their   memory matrix
is in light.

The Pleiadians have no currency as we know it; they share the resources of their planet with all the people. All material goods are given to the people freely, based on their
contribution to their society.

When children are born into the Pleiadian society, they are taught for the first ten years to understand the purpose of their lives. The children then spend the next sixty to seventy years
being educated in various occupations.

Pleiadians travel in spacecrafts called Beamships; different sizes for different usage. .The average craft is approximately 21 feet in diameter; can carry several people and have
inter-plantary capabilities. Beamships can travel billions of miles in a part of a second by traveling in hyperspace. Because of this ability, the trip from Erra in Pleiades to Earth takes
only seven hours.

The Pleiadians will land along with other benevolent extraterrestrials after the major changes have occurred on Earth. They have the technology to grow food immediately on their
Mother Ships by using special soil and seeds. The plants grow immediately to full maturity. So people of earth, do not despair, help will be there when you need it. All you have to do
for now is keep your body frequency to one of Love, so you can ascend to the fifth dimension


Pleiadians and Religious Philosophy

According to Billy Meier

Religion, in the current Earth-human sense of comprehension, is foreign to the Pleiadians. A creator-god, or whatever the various terrestrial cult religions call him, is a horror to the
Pleiadians, and they consider the concept unrealistic. They can not understand why the Earth humans have not succeeded, despite all the efforts in that direction, in severing the
cult-religious chains and finally taking upon themselves, through their own initiative and responsibility, the fate of their species; or in commencing with the long overdue commitment
and fulfillment of the laws and commandments of Creation and the evolution.

The path of life aims straight as an arrow through the hard-earned values of vast knowledge within the Creative guidelines, spiritual and technical matters, and wisdom and ability.
The Pleiadians gained their knowledge through hard work and obedience to the truth of Creation, the power of the spirit, and the Creative laws and commandments which teach pure
love of all things.

The Pleiadians have been enjoying a wholesome spiritual life, and emphatically reject terrestrial religions due to their connotation of cult involvement, being illogical, against the laws
of Creation, fake, and an enslavement of the consciousness.

Their philosophy is based on the universal truth of Creation and life in the knowledge of Creation, and it is directed solely toward truth of existence and of being, as well as to the
Creative laws and commandments, which in know way can be equated with a god. As the ultimate power, Creation embodies the universal consciousness and the spirit of the spirit,
all truth, wisdom, and love, all logic, the laws and commandments and energies of life, of being, and of eternity. Creation, as universal self-awareness, is the source of life of all
creations within its domain, which is to say, within its universe. This universe, furthermore, is one of 10 to the 49th power other individual universes, which exist in infinite number,
infinite space, and infinite time, as part of the highest form of Creation -
the Absolute Absolutum.

Religion as the Earth human knows and pursues it, in the form of the adoration of a god, adoration of saints, and as faith in a god, is a horror to the Pleiadians. They consider this
form of religion a blind faith based on cult activities, false teachings, lies, and other falsehoods. It is faith that can never be proven as true, and one which contradicts all the truthful
and logical foundations of the Creative laws and commandments, and also defies intelligence. Religion embodies a deprivation of the spiritual freedom of the human being. Religion
is also a brutal, criminal and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, reaching from total dependence, serfdom, and a lack of willpower al the way to uncontrolled
fanaticism, mental illness, demonic obsession and utter idiocy.

The spiritual life of a human being means, in simple terms, life in the spiritual recognition of, and obedience to, Creation, its laws and commandments. This alone is the guideline
that the Pleiadians adhere to regarding a philosophy of life and a lifestyle tuned in to Creation. This must be the final goal for humans on Earth as well. Creation means the same as
love, life, spirit, truth, wisdom, logic, and intelligence, built upon the Creative laws and commandments, which are valid and absolutely unchangeable for all time and eternity.

Only a life form which recognizes, lives, and obeys the true knowledge of Creation, the spirit which results from it, and related laws and commandments of Creation, can live the true
way and in accordance with Creation itself. This means that the life form is living with true knowledge of the truth and with the truth of Creation and spirit, in fulfillment of the Creative,
natural laws and commandments which are valid universally, without any weird and false faith in illogical and anti-intelligent forms of belief.
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