Living in the Light
Believe in the Magic

by Mary Sutherland @2002


Miracles Are Achievable and the Real Magic Is All Around Us.

LIVING IN THE LIGHT by Mary Sutherland

Within the pages of LIVING IN THE LIGHT the veils of secrecy are
lifted, exposing certain truths that have been hidden from our eyes for far
too long. An integration of psychology, modern science, physics, Eastern
and Western religions and plain old common horse sense explore the
mystical dynamics of the world we live in.
Mary teaches us how to tap
into the power of our higher selves and live each day with a greater
sense of peace and fulfillment.
She helps us understand our place in the
world and to accept our divine heritage. Through her book, we learn how
to appreciate the gifts we have been given, to throw away guilt, feelings of
inferiority and accept ourselves as Divine.
We learn that miracles are
achievable and the real magic is all around us.

Mary Sutherland. now living in Burlington, Wisconsin,  has dedicated her
life to helping others come into the Light. She made her debut as the
seventh child, born in the seventh month on Friday the 13th. Mary's birth
created quite a stir, and to this day, she continues to raise eyebrows. Her
parents encouraged her to believe in the magic of life, the beauty of love
and to follow her own path. Her non-judgmental approach to life and
compassion for others has opened the doorway for those seeking spiritual
guidance. Two words sum up her philosophy of life....Love and Truth.

Mary Sutherland is available for interviews by telephone and in person,
and for book signings. Please contact her at
(262)767-2864 or send an
e-mail to

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