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Did you know that Burlington WI is one of the most haunted towns in
the Nation?

Did you know that Burlington is built over 27 Ancient Burial Mounds?
Did you know that Burlington has a Rainbow Vortex?
Well if you didn't know that you probably didn't know that the Burlington
area has one of the most numerous ufo sightings in Wisconsin. Or that...
Burlington is catacombed with underground tunnels with strange
inter-dimensional creatures living in them. Creatures such as the Bray
Road Beast or the white bigfoot type creature out at Boners Lake. Most
likely you weren't aware of the 'Magical Forest' near Honey Creek
inhabited by Wood Nymphs, Sprites and Elves..Or that..Brown and Eagle
Lake have portals that open up into another place in time.
Most important of all are the secrets that its citizen hold of time past. The
secrets of the ancient mound builders and their occult practices that have
made this town what it is today...The Most Haunted Town in the USA!
My new CD is literally filled with Photos and stories of these haunted
places and the apparitions that haunt and taunt the citizens living here
WBSD 89.1 FM
Burlington, WI
We wish to thank WBSB for having
Mary Sutherland as your talk show
Burlington, Wisconsin   
Proof Positive
Hilary Roberts
Hi Mary,
My name is Hilary Roberts and
I'm one of the producers for a
new show on the Sci-Fi Channel,
'PROOF POSITIVE', debuting this
fall. The creators of this show are
the same folks behind 'Unsolved
Mysteries' - in other words we
are a class act.
We are currently looking for
paranormal stories - and giants
certainly falls into this category -
which can be physically tested.
you've mentioned DNA - have
footprints been found? What
could we actually test? If not
giants, do you have any other
stories in your archives that,
again, could be put to a physical
test? (For instance, a ghost story
might have vide/photos of orbs;
someone who says he is a
reincarnation of a specific
person might have scars or
marks that match the other
person .etc.
Any ideas would be appreciated
and of course your web site
would get a plug!
You can either replay to this
email or camm me at my home
office in California  - THANKS!
Hilary Roberts
Segment Producer
Cosgrove/Meurer Productions
George Ciccarone
I'm a TV producer who has
done various shows for FOX,
I am interested in speaking to
someone who can help me
compile video and still shots of
Aliens allegedly caught on tape
(or film)
Can you help me?
I am wondering if there is
enough material and interview
with the people who captured
the images to fill an hour
George A
Unique Television (UK)
Geoff Richardson
June 2005
My name is Guy Manners and I work
for Unique Television. We are
currently producing a documentary
about people who claim to have
been abducted by aliens, for a
television channel here in the UK.
My colleague Suzy Smith has
already been in contact with Philip
Mantle and I hope you will not mind
me contacting you too.

We are currently looking for people
who are knowledgeable in this filed,
either through their own research or
actual experience and who may be
willing to speak to us in confidence
about these experiences. We ahve a
tight deadline of two weeks to find
our cases and are keen to reach out
to as many people as possible.

Unique television is producing a
documentary about alien abduction.
We aim to investigate this
phenomenon through personal
accounts of people who have
believe they have, or may have
been, abducted. We want to
The stress caused by such a
traumatic event
The stigma associated with this
The constant fear of , or wish for,
future abductions
The development of 'special
abilities' such as telepathy and
Many thanks for posting our request
for people who have experienced
"missing time". Apart from a few
pick-up interviews and a
reconstruction, we are now all done
with our filming and are in the
process of editing the programme

Thank you all for your participation.
Hello Brad and Mary Sutherland,

I just came across your amazing
site, which takes the insights of
Rudolf Steiner, Trevor Constable,
Wilhelm Reich, and your own
work to truly begin to create a
diagnostics of this portion of the
etheric world.
Congratulations and thanks!

Kevin Dann
Woodstock, VT
Hi, Mary --
I served as the Acting City Engineer
of the City of Burlington for a few
years in the 1990s.  Our family
never resided in the City, but we
have always loved and enjoyed the
community and the people; they
always made us feel right at
home!  My cartoon creation, Morsel
the Moose, was featured during the
1993 or '94 Chocolate City Festival,
and he appeared along with his
cohorts in the Chamber's

Some of the sealed entrances,
those under the downtown
Burlington businesses that lead
toward the street, are the remnants
of what once were vaults
constructed under the public
sidewalks.  It's my understanding
that merchandise would have
previously been delivered to the
business through lifts installed in
the public sidewalks, then lowered
to these subterranean areas.  As I
recall, the City adopted a policy
sometime in the late 1980s or early
1990s that required openings to
these be closed, at least when
circumstances such as
reconstruction of the building
warranted.  I believe the reason
behind this was that the vaults
were actually in the public
right-of-way, not part of the private
property on which the buildings
were constructed.

After e-mailing I found the audio file
of the interview about some of the
tunnels and note there was talk of
these in the vicinity of Kane and
State Streets.  It was related to me
that these were passages of the
Underground Railroad, Burlington
being very abolitionist in
philosophy around the time of the
Civil War, the tunnels providing
sanctuary and safe haven for
slaves escaping to freedom in the
North.  Now there may be some
other explanation, some other use,
but that's what was shared with
me.  We did not reconstruct any of
the streets in that area during my
tenure, so I have no personal
experience of actually viewing

It was interesting reading about the
Mormons and Voree.  Sometime
around when I was first nominated
for appointment by then Mayor
Steven David, a couple of
members of the Church of Latter
Day Saints approached me in
confidence to ask for my view of
their beliefs and specifically to
request that I not press for
development that would destroy or
erode Voree as they believed
Jesus Christ was going to return to
that site some day.  I gave them my
word that I would not.  I never did.  
Their beliefs, while different from
mine, deserve as much respect as
another's.  I am a Christian, as is
my family.

I enjoyed very much your website!

Chris Koceja
East Troy
Thank you so very much for such
a prepared, thorough and
enjoyable interview!   Ric and I
also appreciate your kind words
and support of our movie.  Thank
you again for having us on your
show.  Linda
PS Hope to talk to you again
when ready to promote our
Edgar Allan Poe project.
June 21, 2005
Dear Burlington UFO and
Paranormal Research Center,

Authentic Entertainment, Inc. is
producing a program for the
Channel on Crop Circles
. I am
interested in your research.
Authentic Entertainment, Inc. is
based in Los Angeles and has
producing award winning
programming since in was
incorporated in 2000.
Co-founders, Tom Rogan and
Lauren Lexton have guided the
company from
start-up to established
production company with a
growing list of innovative reality
and documentary programming.  
In recent seasons, Authentic has
produced popular series and
specials like Haunted Hotels,
Beach Eats, and Scene of the
In current and upcoming
projects, Authentic brings its
unparalleled production value to
networks like Discovery, Bravo,
Channel, Comedy Central, and

Thank you,
Dear Brad/Mary,
I am Donna Wright, writer for
The Week newspaper
would love to do a
feature story on your latest
I'd like to set up a time that
my photographer and I can pay
you a visit for an hour or so. .

Thank you in advance,
Donna Wright
Hello Mary:

I am producing the Monster
Garage in which Brad is a
said that you had E mailed her
that there was another crop
circle that
appeared near you yesterday.  
Did you investigate?  What's the

Hugh King
Monster Garage.
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