Phase Shifting - Projecting a Hologram of Self

To posit a full theory of this phenomena, a number of questions must be fully examined:
1) What is the relationship between the test object and the subject?
2) How does the test object carry and transfer the complete information of the subject?
3) How is this information optically obtained by the camera  system?

The proposed theory is that the test object is a specimen from the subject that emits a complete quantum hologram, representative of the subject for the condition tested, and that
such hologram represents quantum entanglement/coherence with the subject. That the quantum hologram can be caused to affect the optical part of this phenomena through
mediation of the operator's  focused intention; such mediation creating resonance, entanglement/coherence of the entire system, and, under the right conditions, produce a
holographic-like image.

To make a standard hologram, two optical waves are needed: a reference wave and an object wave. These two waves make a 3-D holographic image by creating an interference
pattern frozen in space-time. Both waves are spatially and temporally coherent at the moment of creation, then separated into an object wave and reference wave. The object wave
is directed towards the object and experiences intensity changes and phase-shifts upon illuminating the object. Normal 2-D photographs record only the intensity changes of the
object wave and do not record the phase-shifts. However, when the reference wave is directed back towards and recombined with the object bearing wave, an interference pattern
is created that records the phase-shifts of the object wave relative to the reference wave. These phase-shifts are what produce the apparent freezing in space-time of the object's
3-D image.

The prerequisite need for
human intention/anticipation as part of the BMC  (Brain/ Mind/ Consciousness) modeling also seems vital. Without that component it is unlikely that
any of the images would have been produced
All the evidence indicates that the BMC matrix of a human being obviously "captures" or "resonates" with the target information which it seeks by either sensory contact with the
subject or an icon sufficiently representing the subject, so to permit resonance and their quantum entanglement/coherence. The transduction of that information is what appears
to take place quantum holographically when the cameras are imprinted during a typical imaging session.

On the basis of relevance alone it can be adduced that the human brain creates holographic images from the visual (and other sensory data) experienced on an empirical
. It seems likely that it (the brain) must of necessity produce that which it can understand; thus, multi-dimensional images, or at least good quality two-dimensional
structures, which it can partially extrapolate into acceptable pictures

M. Sue Benford - Empirical Evidence Supporting Macro-Scale Quantum Holography in Non-Local Effects- Journal of Theoretics
The author suggests that a reference wave originating from the directed intention of the camera operator is put in circuit with the object wave, combining to create a holographic
interference pattern which is recorded on the photographic material. The possibility of information transfer between test object, camera operator and photographic plate is further
supported by evidence from a 1993 experiment, in which C. Bennett and his scientific team demonstrated that photon quantum informational characteristics can be transmitted
instantaneously between two laboratories independent of space-time, via EPR entanglement.

"Paranormal Pictures"

Reference: Colonel Thomas E. Bearden, U.S. Army (Retired)

Briefly, one model of reality can be constructed whereby orthogonal worlds (3D spaces) all share the same 4th dimension, time, much like spokes of a wheel around an axle. In
this model, all 3-spaces, three or more orthogonal turns away from the laboratory 3-space (i.e., from the observers spatial frame) are minds or mind-worlds. Each thought is an
object in the mind-world of the thinker, in such a model. Further, all the 3-spaces crosstalk a tiny bit, usually so small a magnitude as to be virtual (unobservable even in theory).
However, under certain amicable conditions, thought-forms or thought energies in such thought worlds can superpose sufficiently to breach the threshold between worlds. When
progressively turning or rotating towards the laboratory frame a s a result of such super-position, the tulpoid energies/forms pass first into one frame away, which constitutes the
ordinary electromagnetic field. In that frame they can affect ordinary photographic film, particularly film which is sensitive in the ultraviolet or infrared. In fact,
if visible light is of low
intensity or nonexistent, the effect is enhanced because visible light is a quenching of the paranormal channel.

Quite simply, the infrared and UV regions are essentially windows into other orthogonal 3-spaces and hence mind worlds. If the effect of visible light is lessened or
eliminated, but these windows are left open, paranormal pictures are fairly simple to initiate.

Finally, one other effect is important: the kindling or flashing effect, i.e., repetitive shots or snaps also pulses through the IR/UV windows and causes time oscillations a la
Kozyrev. If the visible light quenching effect (dampening) of the persistent decay curve of each pulse is not too great, then the pulses build into resonance -- or bursts across the
threshold through the UV/IR windows.

Portal Jumping
Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional

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The Art of Psychic Photography Photographing the Invisible World
From my book, ‘Portals – Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional World by Mary Sutherland’

…Another tool that can be used to communicate with the spirit world is my personal favorite…the camera! Just as you would your rods or pendulum, you program it to what you
want through ‘mind talk’.

I personally like to photograph the invisible world and the entities that live within. Brad likes to use his camera to photograph faeries, angels, orbs and spirits.

So you ‘mind talk’ to your camera and tell it what you want… What is ‘mind talk you ask? It is just a simple matter of ‘thinking what you want’; a form of ‘quantum language’.
First you have to recognize the ‘fact’ that ‘everything has its own intelligence with conscious awareness’.

We have been taught since childhood that we are superior over everything, because we have the ability to communicate with one another, but this is not true. Everything - and I
mean everything - is consciously aware and communicates back and forth with each other…in this dimension as well as the others.

Because we bought into this deception, we created a wall, shutting ourselves out from communicating and understanding everything around us.

When you finally become aware of the intelligence of ‘all there is’, a whole new world opens up to you. You begin hearing the old stories from the rocks and the trees. You feel their
happiness and their sorrow. You hear the shared stories as the trees speak to the elementals and understand the messages sent to you in the wind.

You also gain a new respect for the camera you hold in your hand. No longer is it just an inanimate instrument used to photograph memories of family get-togethers or of nature

With this new respect and understanding, you will now start bonding with the camera. In the bonding process, the camera becomes a friend or a companion that understands
your thoughts and shares information with you. This may not happen overnight, but it will happen. Tarot card readers, rod and pendulum users understand the significance behind
the bonding process and put their instruments under their pillow at night to hasten the process. The bonding process is no different with your camera, except you don’t need to
sleep with the camera under your pillow.

You must not only ‘believe’ in your camera’s ability and ‘trust’ it to provide you with the photographs you desire, but you ‘must believe in yourself’. I don’t know how many times I
have heard people come up to me and say “I just can’t get the pictures you get…What am I doing wrong?” My answer to this is ‘always’ the same… ‘You don’t believe in yourself!’
I have found that the people with high self-esteem seem to quickly adapt to their camera and get the photos. Why? Because they believe in themselves!

I have also noticed that for those that lack confidence will eventually have great success photographing the invisible world….as soon as they get their first picture! It seems they
have to ‘see it to believe it’. I had a young man work for me over a year and helped me on my haunted woods tours. Regardless of what I told him, he just could not get those
photos. Finally he managed to get one and that was all it took. After that he was sometimes getting better photos than I was!

When you finally become bonded with your camera and the two of you achieve success, not only will you be getting the photos of your desire, but these photos will start
communicating with you. This is a form of what the metaphysical world calls ‘psychometry’. Your photos, just like your camera, will present you with ‘information’ about the
environment you just photographed.

When you learn to psychically ‘tune’ into the photo,(In-tu(ne)ition) your other senses may kick in and provide you with certain smells, tastes, body sensations i.e. feeling cold or hot,
body tingles, third eye pulsations, etc. You may begin to see things in the photos other can’t see. The photos may even bring up an old memory, or a story or a tune may start
playing in your mind.

When purchasing a camera for your new adventure, please do not buy an expensive camera. What you want to photograph lives in the infrared zone and expensive cameras have
strong infrared filters on them. The weaker the infrared filter, the better. I suggest an inexpensive digital point and shoot camera. Samsung is a great camera, but I have also seen
people capture great photos from their cell phones.

After you have established success with your camera, you may want to use that camera only for the paranormal and metaphysical activities. We have three cameras we use; one
is Brad’s that he uses for photographing faeries, orbs, ectoplasm, spirits, etc. My camera is used for photographing the phenomena of the multi-dimensional worlds and we both
use our third camera for photographing normal events, family, nature photos, etc.
Dave Geres,, writes the following:
“This is very interesting stuff. Technically, we are multidimensional beings. The fact is that most of us do not know, understand, or even believe this as possible. That is why most
do not practice ‘mindfulness of mind’ and the 'psychic tuning in' of our minds multi-dimensional reception.”

“We, as human beings, are all essentially capable of seeing all dimensions through our own mind's natural abilities. If we focus our minds on the present moment and truly look
at all that is happening around us, we will eventually begin to see things that we never knew were there before.”

“We will also begin learning intuitively through this same focused ‘tuning in’ to 'know' that all things can do the same, as everything around us is, in essence, consciousness as

“In knowing this, we are then able to understand that any camera we choose to use to photograph what we perceive to be paranormal (or whatever term you would like to use for
it), will be able to capture this phenomenon if we share our focus with the camera, empowering it to capture what we are tuning in to see.”
“Scientists are beginning to understand that this too is scientifically plausible.”
(The Practice of Recording the 'Effects' of Psychokinetic Energy using
Photographic Equipment)

On Tour Brad and Mary Sutherland teaches you the Art of Detecting and
Photographing the Subtle Energies.

Both Mary and Brad Sutherland have learned how to 'Detect and
Photograph' the subtle energy that are ordinarily outside the range of the
human conscious perception.  
Their ’superconscious perception' quickly picks up the shifting energies
around them. Through psychokinetic energy of attention (focused
conscious awareness), intention and emotion, they photograph these
subtle energies around those on their tour. .

Psychokinetic energy is the energy of the 'Collective Consciousness'   -
Conscious, the Unconscious and Superconscious awareness.  It is a
form of energy that we, and every living thing, individually and collectively
transmits and receives, from moment to moment, as we exist. Most
however, do not understand this ability and never tap in to its potential.
On tour, Brad and Mary teach you just how to tap into this phenomenon -
whereas not only will you be able to perceive and photograph spirit
around you but you will carry this knowledge with you. After the tour, and
be able to use it for future experiences.