Revelations ....Truths Revealed
by Mary Sutherland  Copyright 2008
In accordance with the Jewish Kabbalists, the civilization of Atlantis was advanced far
beyond ours and had brought about their own destruction by disregarding the wisdom of
the great teachers, choosing power and materialism over transcendence.

On the back of a dollar bill, one can find a pyramid and the all-seeing Eye of Horus which
strongly suggests that not only were our founding fathers the  "Followers of Horus" but
believed it was their destiny to re-build this nation from the "Ashes of the Phoenix".
Sir Francis Bacon asserted in his book, "New Atlantis", that whatever was going to be
built in North America would be Atlantean in its basic archetypal pattern and destiny path,
and at some point it would rise to the level of global dominion. Then it would, like ancient
Atlantis, have to make a choice between power "˜for the sake of service" or  power" for the
sake of more power" and as it decided, "˜the fate of the world would be determined."

In the writing of this book, it is my desire to enlighten the reader on the true history of
North America and our ancestral heritage that took root back when the people of this
earth lived together as "ONE Nation, on ONE continent( before it divided into the
continents we have today) under the Law of ONE".

The United States "Pledge of Allegiance"  ( ONE Nation INDIVISIBLE with Liberty and
Justice for  ALL) strongly indicates that our founding fathers not only knew of the Code of
Atlantis (Law of ONE)  but  believed that North America in the past was the homeland of
Atlantis and would in the future rise again as the New Atlantis.


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Introduction: Atlantis in North America

The Founding Fathers knowledge of Atlantis in North America
The destruction of and re-writing of American History

Chapter One: The Holy Records of North America   Pg. 42

Earthen Mounds - Testament of the antediluvian age of man and the first records of man during and after the great cataclysms.

The birth of archeology and the search of ancient artifacts

Squelching of the ancient cultures pre-existing the Native American Indian

History portrays the Native American Indian as a savage or intellectually void people and then later credits them as the builders of the earthen

Chapter Two: Evidence of Ancient Races in North America Pg. 47

Evidence of ancient races uncovered in North America

Iowa Stele bears witness to the four kings of the world…Solomon, Ahab, Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus of Persia.

New Mexico - The Ten Commandments found engraved on Las Lunas Stone.

Oklahoma - Akhenaton's (Soloman) Hymn to Aton inscribed on Oklahoma stele.

Ohio Tablet bears the ancient Hebrew inscription of Ten Commandments

Arizona - Ancient artifacts and underground citadel discovered at Grand Canyon

Illinois - Burrows Cave - mausoleum or ancient library found filled with ancient skeletons and artifacts

Wisconsin's Evidence of  Tyranenian miners found in Lake Mills

Chapter Three: Native American Indian Tradition Speaks on the Survivors of Atlantis in North America   Pg. 61

Sacred ceremonial pipe used in commemoration of the cataclysm and admonition to subsequent generations for defying the will of God.

Cherokee tell of the Atsilagigai, a rendering of the word for Atlanteans

Mississippi Choctaw Indians speak of a time when their people were invaded by the Na-hu-lo  or ˜The Horned Giants who were cannibals that
feasted on the bodies of their enemies

The Choctaw tell of the ˜Na-hon-lo, who were peaceful and tiller of the soil. These people domesticated the great mammoth and used them as
beasts of burden.

The Chippewa, Sandusky and Tawa Tribes tell of the existence of bearded giants.

The Keetoowah relate the story of a race of giants, known as the Ani-Ku-Tani, a clan of priest-kings and religious aristocracy.

The annihilation of the Ronnongwetowanca

Chapter Four: Enoch in North America Pg. 64

Enoch - Biblical patriarch, father of Methuselah and great grandfather of Noah, architect of the original Zion, the legendary 'City of Yahweh',
inventor of the alphabet and calendar. Biblical accounts describe him as being taken by God and shown the 'secrets of heaven and earth,
returning with the weights and measures' for all human kind.

The Keys of Enoch - According to the Book of Enoch, prior to the Deluge, a great and high tech civilization existed who cracked the genetic code
and possessed the Keys of Enoch-- the keys of the physical spectrum, the ˜Higher Light Physics of the Ancients. Enoch alludes to this science
as a genetic stairway to the stars.

Enoch and the Language of Light - Enochian language was a language of light and was our mother tongue, known in the past as˜Hiburu or
Jedai.  Modern research now confirms that in our natural language, alphabetic forms emerge from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain.
Born of a spinning vortex, it is a true language of light that courses through our very nervous system. Encoding the natural waveform geometries
of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The Keys of Enoch that was given to Enoch by
God are sound keys --keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself.

The Jedai Priests and Harmonics - Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Prof. James Hurtak (social scientist, comparative religionist,
scholar, author and founder of The Academy for Future Science) and colleagues, at the Great Pyramid and other sites in South America,
demonstrated the pyramids to be voice-activated geophysical computers  Subsequent discoveries further supported that the ancient priest-
scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

Enoch in North America - According to the Records of Dan, while in North America, Enoch traveled up the Mississippi River, crossed the
Wisconsin River into the territory of what we now call Wisconsin. It was from these records that St. Brendan came to know that a great river, the
Mississippi, divided the continent beyond the sea. In Wisconsin, Enoch and the Enochians mined the chocolate colored granite found in the Ark
of the Covenant, the Great Pyramid's Holy of Holies and its capstone. (In ancient times the Great Pyramids was called the Pillars of Enoch.)
While in North America, Enoch traveled southward, teaching the Native American Indians the Laws of Adam: the religion of the One True
Invisible God they call ˜Wakan-Tanca'

The Sons of Wisdom take their knowledge to Egypt - Ancient Egyptian writings tell of men from other lands that became Gods of Wisdom
before migrating to Egypt. One of these Gods of Wisdom  was Thoth (Enoch) who was traditionally designated by historians and Egyptologists
as the Egyptian God of Writing and Wisdom. It was written that he was born in a distant country to the WEST, across a great body of water.
When a catastrophe occurred that darkened the sun and disturbed the gods, Thoth led his people across the sea to the EASTERN country of
Egypt. Thoth is depicted as the 'Controller of the Flood' (Leyden Papyrus) and the Theban Recension includes the 'Island of Flame' in the Flood

Chapter Five: Ancient Manuscripts Pg. 69

'Proof that I am a Snake'“ Votan speaks to Solomon about the great wonders of the New World.

Frisian Oera - Aldland, called by the seafaring people Atlan, disappeared.

Morocco and the Atlanteans published by the Academy of Lyons.

Records of the Artificer Clans, who later became the Gnostic sects, of whom the last were the Albigenses, the Bogomils and the Cathars

Chapter Six: Ancient Miners of Wisconsin Pg. 71

Tyranenian miners of Lake Mills, Wisconsin 3000 B.C. Approximately 3000 B.C. mining operations began at Tyranena, an area near Lake Mills,
Wisconsin. This became one of the bases of operation for the early Tyranenian miners and traders of copper mined in Michigan's Upper
Peninsula. From Tyranena, the traders traveled the Rock River to the Mississippi River and then down to the Gulf of Mexico. The Tyranenians
ceased mining operations around 1200 B. C. and left the area.  Before leaving they flooded the site, creating a lake to protect their secrets and
dead left behind.

Aztec Miners of Lake Mills, Wisconsin:  Aztec astronomer-priests and their miners took over the Tyranenian settlement and renamed it Aztalan.  
Around 1300 A.D. they ceased operations and moved southward to Mexico. H. P. Blavatsky states in her book 'The Secret Doctrine', "Look for
the country of Aztalan, the original country of the Aztecs."

Egyptian miners of Lake Mills - After the Atlanteans were defeated and captured by Ramses III, Pharaoh of the XX Dynasty (identified with
Plato's Atlanteans), they divulged the location of their copper sources in North America. Ramses III declares in the Harris Papyrus: 'sent out an
expedition to the land of Ataka (The prefix At  was often used to designate Atlantean holdings)

Connecting the red-haired gene with RH-negative bloodline and Canaanites - The Rhesus negative factor was introduced into Europe
thousands of years ago by a migrating people.  Although we find a small percentage of rhesus negative people spread throughout Europe; we
find a high percentage among the Basques, the Albanians, and Guanches of the Canary or Fortunate Isles. Rhesus negative Basques were
one of the many groups of refugees from Atlantis and the root  "CAN"  in CANary is a derivative of the word Cain or Canaan and is Latin for Dog.

Chapter Seven: The Rise and Fall of the People of the Rock Pyramids - Native American Legends Pg. 75

In search of copper, the miners came from the Old Red Land to Turtle Island. (Story told to Frank Joseph by a tribal elder and published in his
book, Atlantis in Wisconsin)

The Menomonie described the ancient miners as a light skinned foreign people, who discovered ore bearing veins by throwing magical stones.

The Attiwandeton recall white people who seized both their lands and their animals.

The Algonkian tell of the Great Serpent who always comes up the Mississippi searching for copper, for which it had an enormous appetite.

In the Navajo children ceremony a masked figure wears a red wig and a horned helmet accompanied by a woman with her face painted white.

The Chumash Indians created cave paintings of the horned water spirit, Dancing Frog, who called upon the ancestral powers of ancient
forebears that brought their magic with them from the Great Lodge before it sank into the Eastern Sea.

The Winnebago's Sioux ancestors gave the Winnebago the story about the origins of the Wolf Clans, whose leader dwelt in 'a great lodge' on
an island in the ocean where the sun rises.

The Apache perform the Crown Dance, where the performers join in a circle around a speaker wearing a horned headgear, at the center of
which is the stylized representation of an erupting volcano. He wields a trident signifying Poseidon, the mythic founder of Atlantis.

Depictions of horned giants found on the walls of the Egyptian Victory Temple of Ramses III.

In Europe, the horned giant effigy's counterpart - The Long Man of Wilmington

The Yuchis make a pilgrimage every year on the fifteenth day of the sacred month of harvest. For eight days they live in booths with roofs open
to the sky, covered with branches, leaves and foliage. During this festival, they dance around the sacred fire, and call upon the name of God.
The ancient Israelites had a similar custom.

Chapter Eight: The Pyramids of Rock Lake Wisconsin   Pg.  81

1937 Scuba Gear inventor Max Gene Nohl found pyramid submerged in about 40 feet of water measuring about 29 feet high with an 18-foot
wide base.

In 1991-92, two of the underwater pyramid sites were photographed in sufficient detail to prove once and for all that these were man-made

In his book, The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake, Frank Joseph states that beneath the surface of Rock Lake lie at least ten structures.

Chapter Nine: The Princess Mound of Aztalan

Connecting the Princess Mound of Wisconsin to the Cahokia Sites of Illinois - A headless skeleton was found in an Aztalan burial mound at
approximately four feet below the surrounding terrain or about ten feet below the assumed original summit of the mound. It was found on its
back and in an extended burial position. The grave measured approximately eight feet long and about three feet wide at the bottom. According
to Ritzenthaler, Prehistoric Indians of Wisconsin, the body had been carefully wrapped in three belts of decorated shell beads numbering over
three thousand; one layer about the shoulders, one around the waist and the third went twice around the lower part of the legs and ankles.
Each belt was four feet long and six inches wide. Excavating the Cahokia sites in Illinois, archaeologists found similar headless burials, with a
skeleton resting on a blanket of 20,000 shell beads, a copper staff and 700 arrows near at hand.

Chapter Ten: The Earthen Mounds and Human Sacrifice Rituals of the Kickapoo Valley Pg. 85

Kickapoo Valley - Near where the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi runs a serpentine river called the Kickapoo. This river winds up
through the Kickapoo Valley into Crawford County and it was here, in a small hollow, known as Crow Hollow, ancient tools were discovered,
dating back to approximately 3,000 B. C.

Situated on the west highland of the Kickapoo River, about 30 miles northeast of Prairie du Chien, an ancient site was found, consisting of a
grand or outer circle, enclosing pentagonal or five angled walls, seven truncated mounds of various dimensions and a small inner circle. The
central mound was held as the most holy sacrificial altar known to tradition; and the peculiar form of the surrounding works show it to have
been of the highest order of sacrificial monuments, dedicated to the offering of human sacrifice only. Recognized as the representative of all
five senses, the head was the only thing used for this particular offering. It was considered the highest and holiest of all offering known to the
ancient sacrificial service. According to their tradition, the human sacrifice was offered at this altar twice a year. One ceremony was given to the
sun and the other ceremony given to the moon.

Chapter Eleven: Ceremony of Fire Pg. 92

Wisconsin - The Wisconsin human sacrificial fire ceremonies connect these people to a common tradition observed by the ancient ones
around the world.

Egypt - The Egyptians used friction devices to start their fires as far back as 10,000 BC

Ireland - Fire is also a vital part of the Irish culture and the focal point in their Beltane Unification Festival, a time when they also welcome the
coming of the new light. At one time all the Fires in Ireland were extinguished on the eve of this festival. Four high kings from the provinces met
on that darkened night on the Hill of Uisneach, at the Cat Stone, a 30-ton marker. At dawn, the Fire was lit and the kings were given a flame to
carry to their kingdoms. The flame was passed to every village and then to every home until all of Ireland burned from the same flame. The Irish
believe this festival brings together the solar and lunar cycles. The sun symbolizes the heart, an outpouring of love, which supports all life. The
moon symbolizes the mind, always changing and complex. This festival is the time to bring balance and unity to the heart and head. (They have
kept their last ceremonial fire burning for over one thousand years.)

Arctic -The Inuit Eskimos have had a Fire ceremony to celebrate the first light for thousands of years. The Inuit of lgloolik in the Northwest
Territories have lived on this island of ice in the Canadian arctic for more than 4,000 years. The time when the sun disappears for seven weeks
is known as "the great darkness." The day the sun finally emerges from the horizon was the most important day of the year. A great igloo would
be built in anticipation of the return of the light. The first person seeing the sun would rush back to the village to tell everyone. Traditional
soapstone lamps, filled with lumps of pink seal blubber, that had provided the only illumination during the long night, would be ceremoniously
extinguished, and then re-lit from a single wick, by a female elder.

Cherokee - The Cherokee carried their Fire for the entire length of their forced relocation from 1838 to 1839. According to their tradition, in a time
long ago, the Cherokee high priest had the ability to generate heat and light from his own body. The Creator removed this "inner fire" from the
priest when he abused it, during a time of war. He hunted, to extinction, a seal that was used to make chemicals to kill the enemy. The Creator,
as a gift, then gave the Fire back to the Cherokee people and they have respected it and kept it burning ever since. Each year Cherokee families
clean out their fire hearths and then restart their own fire with a coal from the original one. For each family it is the Fire that initiates a time of
renewal and new beginnings. This Aniyunweya (Cherokee) Fire has burned for thousands of years.

Potawatomi- Ojibwa  Ottawa - The eternal Fire of the Potawatomi was originally located in the Midwest. The Potawatomi are part of the Three
Fires Confederacy (Nations) along with the Ojibwa and the Ottawa. Each tribe had responsibilities to fulfill for the ongoing of the people. The
Ojibwas are the "Keepers of the Knowledge," the Ottawa are the "Keepers of the Trading," and the Potawatomi are the "Keepers of the Fire."

Chapter Twelve:  The Earthen Mounds and Earth Writings Pg. 95

Earthen Mounds in the Days of Adam - It is written that as soon as the waters of the flood receded, Noah built an altar, upon which to offer
sacrifice unto the Lord. This being the first work of Noah in his advent from the Ark fairly implies that the custom of mound building was of
antediluvian origin.

Instructions to the Israelites to build mounds - In the Holy Scriptures, we find the passage instructing the wandering Israelites to establish
mounds, in order to guide them on their return to the land of their nativity.

Earthen Mounds created as records - The altar of earth was not only recognized as a holy place but was used as an abiding record. In the
migrations of Lot and Abraham, by divine authority, an "altar of earth"  was to be built at each place of sojourning and wherever any
circumstance of importance occurred. Each mound was a form of writing and provided information to the passerby. In knowing how to read the
mounds, the passerby would know the tribes, their ancestry, guides, power ally and specific events such as wars, births, deaths, etc.

Burial Mounds built on sacred sites - The burials would be found at the vital points of the effigy, such as the hips, head or heart area of the
animal, bird or human forms they represented. These points were considered sacred because it was there where energy was collected,
transferred or transformed.

Chapter Thirteen – Burlington Wisconsin Pg. 98

Burlington built on burial mounds - This sleepy little town was built over twenty seven burial mounds.

Ancient race found outside of Burlington older than Kennewick Man - Although the Kennewick Man has come to be known as the oldest
archaeological find of ancient man in North America, he is only a child compared to ancient man found only miles from Burlington. Kennewick
lived 9,000 years ago, while radiocarbon dating of an ancient race of man found outside of Burlington dates back to 11,000 B.C., which pre-
dates the earliest Egyptian Pyramids.

Voree - Right outside the city limits of Burlington is the old Mormon settlement of Voree. Prophet James Strang and his congregation of
Strangite Mormons believed that it is in Voree that the prophecy of Christ's  return will be fulfilled. They believe this area to be the'promised land  
or the 'New Jerusalem'  and during the 'End Days'  Christ will return to this very place! It was in Voree that Strang and several other Mormons
discovered the famous brass plates describing an ancient race that once lived in the area.

River of the Dead - The White River that runs through Burlington is a phenomenon in itself. While the Fox River runs from north to south, the
White River goes against the natural flow and runs south to north. The White River has been coined '˜River of the Dead' due to the strange
Mormon tradition of baptizing their dead in its waters.

Chapter Fourteen – Burlington Vortex and Earthen Mounds   Pg. 101

Harnessing earth and stellar energy - Prior to the deluge, our ancestors were harnessing earth and stellar energy. As evidence points out, an
ancient high technology utilized the frequency transmission capabilities of the earth's oscillating electromagnetic grid. The sacred sites were
designed in the forms of pyramids, stone circles and mounds. Crystal transmitters and receivers were 'tuned'  to particular electromagnetic
frequencies, which are still working today just as they did when originally built. These 'tuned' structures work like antennae of radio towers and
can be energized as sonic receptor sites by the graduated dial of master transmissions.

According to modern grid researchers, such as mathematician Captain Bruce Cathie (Retired), these transceiver sites and structures were
somehow calibrated in terms of a master electromagnetic spectrum geared to consciousness and life-support needs of humans and
biosphere. Each site was an interactive energy switch point, an energy vortex that could both receive and transmit resonant frequencies through
the local web system. The early 20th century researchers Guglielmo Marconi and Nikola Tesla were forced underground after publicly
demonstrating how we could tap 'free energy' from the oscillating earth field. The vested interests of the day were horrified and acted quickly to
stifle this knowledge of the earth grid. In the sixth century, Pope Gregory, in a letter to those who were to carry Catholicism to Britain, cautioned
the missionaries not to destroy the ancient power sites. Although he wanted their idols destroyed, the missionaries were to have churches built
on their holy sites.

Serpent Mound of Burlington- On the east bank of the river, opposite the city of Burlington, is a series of mounds arranged in an irregular row
along the margin of the stream. The largest of the series, near the middle, was ten feet high, and fifty feet in diameter at the base. It is
connected with the next by an embankment, a circumstance observed in several other cases. At the north or upper end of the series, are four
oblong mounds; one with a divided extremity, or horns, as shown in the drawing. At one time, eleven conical tumuli could be traced, while
others had been removed. This series represented a serpent, with its mouth open, as if in the act of swallowing its prey. The description of this
series of mounds is similar to Ohio's Great Serpent Mound.

Burlington built over burial mounds - Burlington Historian, Duckett, reported that the historical district of Burlington was built over twenty-seven
burial mounds.

The Mound Builders - The Potawatami, called the mound builders the ˜Yam-Ko-Desh"  meaning "the prairie people" . To give you an idea of
how many of mound builders populated this area, the Indians who migrated here told of finding the "Yam-Ko-Desh" to be "thicker than the
leaves on a tree".

Extermination of the Mound Builders - Some of the Native American Indians have recalled old legends telling of their ancestors conquering and
ousting out an ancient civilization, which had dug for copper and built earthen mounds. It is believed that the Ottawa, Ojibwas, and Potawatomi
formed an alliance to exterminate them.

The Canal Builders - These people not only had developed a great urban civilization based on an agrarian economy but with amazing skill, their
engineers developed an internal system of navigation, creating artificial rivers (canals) that linked the natural lakes and rivers with the various
metropolitan centers of the region. Many of the rivers we have today are the artificial rivers or canals that our ancestors created so long ago,
such as the rivers that flow through Burlington.

Southeastern Wisconsin area was known as the "˜Place of the Healing Waters" - The Native American Indians used these waters for healing of
their sick.  Today, it is claimed that their properties are hidden by what the aborigines call the "Adnamatna" or "Caretakers of the Magic in the
Land" .

Tichigan and the Maney Mounds - The Man-ey Mounds burial sites and the original name of the Lake "Tish-ar-gan" give reverence to the area
and the life blood its waters provided.  Tish-ar-gan means sacred burial grounds or home of the dead.   The name was a reference to the effigy
mounds and burial grounds in the area. Tischargan was later changed to Tichigan.

Chapter Fifteen – The Panther Mound of Burlington Area Pg. 108

Five miles south of Burlington, near New Munster, is a solitary panther mound, with curved tail, enlarged at the extremity. Today it is known as
˜The Wehmhoff Effigy" and is situated on a sloping hill side with the highway passing directly through it.  The panther mounds are long-tailed
forms that make up the second largest class of effigy mounds. These effigies represent the water spirits found in areas with large lakes,
swamps and marshes and were typically located near springs. These springs flow from the earth and have been revered by ancient people as
a source of life-giving water, symbolic of rebirth and renewal. Springs represent entrances to the water underworld for the powerful water
spirits. They are also a source of  primary water.

Chapter Sixteen:  Brown's  Lake Pg. 109

Lake of the Shining Arrows - The Native American Indian name for Brown's Lake, located outside of Burlington, is 'Lake of the Shining Arrows'.  
This name links them to the Paiute Indians of California and the  'Sea People' known to the Paiute as the "Hav-musuv", also known as the "Su-
vians". The Hav-musuv are described as a sea-faring race that discovered large caverns around three to five thousand years ago, deep within
California's  Panamint Mountains. In these caverns they established vast underground cities. When the inland seas dried up and could no
longer be navigated, they began building and flying '˜silvery eagles' which became increasingly advanced as time went on. The Hav-musuv
eventually established interplanetary and interstellar travel, exploration and colonization. The Paihute claim that, although many left our planet,
others remained and still live in the underground cavern cities within the Panamints.

There are also accounts of these sea-people inhabiting the inner mountain of California's Mt. Shasta.  Telos is a name given to the
subterranean city that is said to exist approximately one mile under Mt. Shasta. Telos is a  Greek word meaning uttermost which implies that
the Hav-musuvs and possibly those that flew the Shining Arrows over Brown Lake were a neo-Grecian race. This would be the same with the
many other Telosian connected societies allegedly existing below the surface of North America, beneath the Tetons, the Wasatch Range,
mountains surrounding Prescott, Arizona and elsewhere. There are other corroborative accounts taken from ancient Hindu scripts, which state
that the ancient Greeks developed flying ships thousands of years ago.

In 1965, the TASS Agency reported that a drawing found in Ufekistan in Soviet Central Asia showed a figure resembling an astronaut wearing
something similar to a space helmet with an antenna and carrying a contraption for flight.

The March 1970 issue of Atlantis, references a national newspaper reporting a three-thousand year old treatise on aeronautics discovered in
Mysore, India, which described with diagrams the production of aircraft in 1000 B. C

Chapter Seventeen - The Underground Tunnels and Cities  Pg.115

Native American Indian Lore - The Native American Indians believe their ancestors surfaced from inner earth, after they had taken refuge deep
in the inner earth caverns in an attempt to escape the earth cataclysms. Stories of these archaic subterranean passages are spread
throughout the many tribes. Even today, the Hopi hold sacred rituals in an underground chamber known as the kiva in honor of their ancestors'
life in the inner world. The Hopi believe there has been a succession of four worlds. The first world was destroyed by fire, the second by a pole
shift, and the third by flooding. Some people were saved from the disasters that destroyed the first two worlds by taking refuge underground,
and some survived the destruction of the third world by being sealed inside boats made out of hollow reeds.

Karsts and the Underground Cave Systems - The karsts of Southeastern Wisconsin have created a landscape of rolling hills, mounds with
shafts, tunnels, caves and sinkholes. The karsts were created by groundwater dissolving the sedimentary broken up by an underground vortex
of spinning energy. Over millions of years, as flow routes are enlarged, carbonate aquifers change from diffuse-flow aquifers with water moving
as laminar flow through small openings, to conduit-flow aquifers with water moving primarily as turbulent flow through well-developed conduit
systems to discharge points at springs. As the water table lowers below the level of surface streams, the streams begin to lose water to
developing cave systems below.

Burlington and Rochester Tunnel System  - After an attempt to explore a tunnel system in Rochester Wisconsin, an elderly gentleman, who had
lived in the area all his life, warned us to stay out of the tunnels. He explained that the townspeople had sealed tunnels after hearing screams
and moaning coming from their depths. He and others were convinced that the tunnels led to hell itself, protected by demonic creatures who,
from time to time, would surface in the cover of darkness to steal women and children. A story coinciding with the Rochester story comes from
anthropologist James McKenna who reported finding human skeletons in a cave him and his team were exploring in Idaho. They also heard
similar screams and moans coming from the cave;s depth. According to McKenna exploration was terminated due to a strong smell of volcanic
sulphur. This smell has also been reported by those coming in close contact to Bigfoot.

Sir Francis Bacon and the Underworld - While describing Atlantis, Sir Francis Bacon told of its culture having large and deep caves of several
depths. Some were dug and made under great hills and mountains, going as deep as three miles. These caves were used for various
reasons, among which was refrigeration, production of artificial metals, curing of diseases, prolongation of life, and the storage of compost,
seed and soil.

Edgar Cayce, Edgar Allan Poe, Edmund Halley, Jules Verne  and the Underworld - Edgar Cayce further described the people of Atlantis building
vertical tunnel shafts with elevators that descended down into the bowels of the Earth. 17th Century English astronomer, Edmund Halley and
writers such as Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe shared the belief that our Earth was a hollow sphere.

Science and the Underworld - Since the declassification of ground penetrating radar SIRA, data has come forth proving the existence of large
underground tunnel systems and inner earth cities existing right under our feet for thousands of years! Tunnels have now been mapped under
the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the country. This tunnel system now sheds light
on how half a million Mayan Indians escaped the decimation of their culture! SIRA radar was also used in 1978 to map a subterranean
complex beneath the Egyptian Pyramids.

The Great Road - Using modern seismic sonar instruments, scientists detected what is called "The Great Road", located miles beneath the
earth's surface. This is a gigantic, globe-spanning ribbon around the earth, made from a series of caves. Thousands of meters wide and
hundreds thick, this ribbon encircles earth horizontally at the equator and vertically around the poles.

Cyclopean Underground Cities - Mobil Oil geologists have also found Cyclopean underground cities at two intersections, located beneath the
jungles of equatorial Ecuador and an ocean trench off the southern coast of Malaysia. These highly advanced cities, complete with
hieroglyphics and pictographs, predate not only dinosaurs but the vertebrates. They can be dated back millions of years!

Hopi tradition of the underworld - The Hopi believe that we are the surface people living in the Fourth World The other three worlds are inside
this earth and are occupied by other entities.

Mandan tradition of the underworld - According to the tradition of the Northwestern Mandan, the first men to emerge from the tunnels were the
Histoppa or the "Tattooed Ones".  Having left safety too soon, they perished. The ones, who remained below, waited until a bright light dispelled
the darkness on the surface

Apache tradition of the underworld - The Apaches claim that their ancestors came from a large island in the Eastern Sea where there were
great buildings and ports for ships. The Fire Dragon arose and their ancestors had to flee to the mountains in the South. Later they were forced
to take refuge in immense and ancient tunnels where they wandered for years.

Cherokee tradition of the underworld - The Cherokee describe the subterranean world to be much like our own, with mountains, rivers, trees
and inhabited by people.

Pima tradition of the underworld - The Pima tell of emergence into our world through a spiral hole bored up to the earth's surface.

Aztec tradition of the underworld - The Aztecs said their ancestors came from a land called "Aztlan". After escaping its destruction they lived in a
cavern called "Chicomoztoc" or "The Seven Cavern Cities of Gold"

Chapter Eighteen - Burlington Tunnels and the Underground Railroad Pg. 126

Worldwide network of underground tunnels and cities.  The tunnels running under Burlington connect to tunnels in other towns in the area,
which are part of a worldwide network of underground tunnels and cities built thousands of years ago by a long forgotten race, forced
underground during the last world cataclysms.

Underground Railroad fallacy- Local Burlington historians link abolitionist Dr. Edward Galusha to the Burlington tunnels and the Underground
Railroad Movement

Al Capone and the tunnels of Burlington - Evidence of the tunnels can be found through the escapades of Al Capone and his gang, who used
them to distribute contraband and avoid detection. In my research of tunnels, knowing that Capone utilized the tunnel systems from Florida to
Canada, I seek out Capone's  travel routes, places he and his gang stayed, homes he lived in and speakeasies.

Bong Recreational Area Underground Tunnels - Bong Recreational Area, formerly known as RI Bong Air Force Base, can be found outside of
Burlington, In Kenosha County, in the township of Brighton. Indian trails traversing a north to south path between present day Hwy 142 and
Country Trunk JB frequented this parcel of land. Although the land holds a beauty of its own, the mystery lies below its surface.

Chapter Nineteen - Occultism in Burlington Pg. 136

Burlington architecture - Walking about Burlington, one can not help but notice the strange symbols depicted in the architecture of its buildings -
¦old and new alike. The town is encoded with powerful images intended to guide, direct, shape and inform. Through symbolic metaphor,
ancient ideology and Masonic philosophy, messages hidden in its masonry is multi-layered and employs symbolism in a context, which is not
only remarkably intelligent but hidden in plain view.

The power of symbols - Spiritually speaking, symbols have been employed to communicate hidden mystical messages and for practitioners of
the occult, these symbols are tools specifically used in wielding supernatural powers and in communicating their various doctrines. These
symbols can be many centuries old, yet their meanings and power remain the same. Although in this Age we may not 'know' the meanings, it in
no way negates their significance. Manly P. Hall, one of the most influential occultists of the last century, wrote, "They are centers of a mighty
force, figures pregnant with an awful power."

Freemasonry - In Freemasonry, all the instructions in the Mysteries are communicated in the form of symbols. Symbolism is therefore, the
prevailing characteristic of these Degrees. Secret worship is paid to each of the pagan gods and none are admitted to the ceremony but the

Freemasonry and Astrology - Astrology  is a science known to the ancients as the divine art. From that science many of their most significant
emblems are borrowed. The Lodge itself is a representation of the world; it is adorned with the images of the sun, moon and stars.

Chapter Twenty -  James Strange, Mormon Prophet and King Pg. 143

James Strang - The prophet who became king. The year 1843 was a turning point for Strang, when he packed up his wife and child and moved
to Burlington, Wisconsin. Strang proposed to Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum the idea of a Mormon colony near Burlington, Wisconsin.
Upon the death of Joseph Smith, Strang claimed he heard celestial music, looked into the sky to see an angel accompanied by a heavenly host
glide down onto the meadow where he stood. The angel stretched forth a hand, anointing his head with oil as a sign that henceforth Prophet
Strang was to be "Supreme Ruler of the Saints on Earth."

Chapter Twenty-One -  The Voree Plates Pg.153

Ancient Burial Tablets found in Voree - The Voree Plates were excavated in 1845 near Burlington, Wisconsin by four men who were acting
under the direction of Prophet James Strang.

Raja Manchore , the Serpent Priest King of Vorito - The title Raja has a long history, being attested from the Rig-Veda. Ultimately the title means
"to rule" with "Rajah" denoting "overseer or ruler of the people". Reading the word Raja in its correct order of left to right, we eventually come to
the given Christian name Yahweh. The Egyptian/Israelites used a coded language as does today's secret societies. This written language was
in the form of anagrams, a type of word play, resulting in the rearranging of the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase.
Consonants were interchangeable and vowels omitted and added later.

Ancient Races of Voree and Burlington - North America gives evidence of these ancient people through the quantity of place and river names of
Egyptian or Semitic origin, such as Tennessee means Ta-N-Ese or Land of Isis; Missouri means Mazura or River of Ra; and Kentucky comes
from the Egyptian Quantuck or Kintuck meaning Land of Anuboc. Among many artifacts, there is a tablet from Ohio County in the Nashville
Museum referring to the "Eye of Tanish"

Chapter Twenty-Two - Burlington Discoveries and Artifacts Pg.158

Evidence of ancient races in the Burlington area -
We have found evidence supporting an ancient harbor outside of Burlington. The various shoreline levels are evident throughout the area, due
to regions subsiding from the changing water levels, brought on by a slow drainage of the inland sea and geological instability. Many of the
stones and boulders we have found along the ancient shoreline were inevitably used as mooring stones to anchor boats or to fly ceremonial or
territorial flags. Sites such as what we have found were used not only as boat docks, but also for lodging, ceremonial purposes, funerary
burials and storage. Using sophisticated electromagnetic instruments, some researchers have been able to locate, beneath the ground, the
outline of structures, including longboats.

Ancient Hieroglyph and Rock Mounds Found Outside of Burlington - Rock Mounds can be found between Burlington and Honey Creek. These
are very similar to what one would find in Scotland.

Evidence of electroplating found on small stone outside of Burlington - It shape is triangular or heart shaped and the outside is ˜electroplated in

Evidence of mummification -  One of our favorite finds was that of a mummified finger found at an ancient crematory site outside of Burlington at
a site we are investigating. The finger was mummified in red ochre, which pre-dates the ancient Egyptian method of mummification.


Chapter Twenty-Three  -  The Spectrum of Reality Pg.163

Spectrum of Reality  - This spectrum encompasses both that which we can see and measure as well as that which we can neither see nor
measure. Our human senses detect only about 5% of this spectrum, while the other 95%, although very real, is invisible to us.

Realties - Realities are based on the perception of the observer that come to us through our senses which are respondent to signals sent from
the brain. Just like a computer, the brain needs to be programmed to accept and process data.

Spectrum of Light - Visible' light is energy vibrating within the frequency range that can be detected by the receptor cells in the retina of our eyes.
Visible light is light we can see, ranging from the color red to violet. Invisible light is Infrared,(below the red range) and ultraviolet (beyond the
violet) which we can not normally see without using special equipment to extend our own vision. There are very real entities and even worlds
that exist in this invisible spectrum. We would also become invisible to others when the speed of our vibration increases past the spectrum of
vision. While we are in an increased vibration state, not only do we see ourselves and physically experience, but we also see those in the lower
frequency band. And - when we have slowed down our frequency we once again become visible to others.

Chapter Twenty-Four -  The Jacob's Ladder phenomena  Pg. 166

The World of Shadows - The Kabalistic books strongly express everything objective on earth or in this Universe is but only the Shadow of the
eternal Light or Deity:

"All that is on Earth, saith the Lord (Ormazd), is the shadow of something that is in the superior spheres. This luminous object (light, fire, etc.) is
the shadow of that which is still more luminous than itself, and so on till it reaches ME- The Light of Lights."

Chapter Twenty-Five - Multiple Worlds and Parallel Universes – Pg. 167

The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics- All possibilities exist, each world splitting into multiple possibilities after each and
every event. Though consistent with the entire experimental basis of quantum physics today, this is a reality where all possibilities are
physically real in their own dimension, although seeming to be 'virtual entities' to an observer in another dimension.

NASA and Phase Shifting - NASA has been extensively researching the phenomena of phase shifting calling it frame-dragging. Instead of
focusing on the spinning earth's vortices such as what we have found in and around the Burlington area, their scientists are focusing on the
spinning vortices in space, known as black holes.

According to Star Trek  lore, warp drives can propel a starship at faster-than-light speeds by moving a wrinkle of space-time containing the ship.
Wormholes are supposedly tunnels in space-time that allow travelers to take an inter-dimensional express route between two distant locations.

Chapter Twenty-Six -Dimensional Shifting Pg. 174

Transformation and Shifting - It is now common knowledge among cutting-edge researchers that the ability to transform and shift has little to
do with leaving the physical planet and more to do with aligning to the geometry of the sacred sites on key calendar days. Specifically, those
that align with the equinoxes, solstices, and galactic center which is exactly what the Egyptians did in their passing!

Shifting into 2012 - In both the Northern and Southern hemispheres sacred sites have been found to reside on specific latitude and longitude
lines that connect and hold energies that create an electromagnetic grid around the earth. The grid acts as a platform for dimensional
transformation and as such, many of the grid points have been built on and rebuilt on for thousands of years. The grid is supposedly in place
so that during the next magnetic pole shift, those who attune to the energies and geometries of these sacred sites will more easily attain a
hyper-dimensional shift into the fourth dimension. In the Mayan calendar, the end date and upcoming paradigm shift for this planet occurs on
December 21, 2012, when the winter solstice sun aligns not only with the galactic plane but the galactic center at approximately 26 degrees 31
minutes and 23 seconds Sagittarius.

Sacred Sites - Our ancestors have passed down the locations of Earth Power Points and Special Places of Worship -  Every civilization
"thereafter" has marked these power point locations and constructed their places of worship on the very same locations. The earthen mound
locations such as we see in Burlington, are the most numerous of all the sites because they were the easiest to construct. Many of them
conceal, or rest above structures that were built long before their time. As history has proven, every civilization builds on top of another (older)
civilization, this is also true for today's civilization. In addition to the building, the natural process of the Earth also conceals Ancient Civilizations.

Stairway to Heaven in 2012 - The stairway to heaven is not just a matter of passing through the eye of the needle by virtue of pure deeds and
actions, it is a matter of understanding and experiencing the physics and geometry of the celestial events and sites, which in itself breeds
initiation, cosmic awakening, and transformation. Only at specifically timed intervals can we ascend this stairway most precisely and enter the
next level of cosmic consciousness. The Mayans and Egyptians knew this and spent their lives preparing for the shift through the eye of the
needle, seeking newer levels of initiation and understanding. Today's sojourners can find the path up the stairway if they first familiarize
themselves with all paths, including the remote and shaded, while the clueless will remain bound within the confines of their self-imposed
linear perceptions.

The Rapture - According to Bob Monroe, a pioneer- of techniques to induce out-of-body experiences, when an OBE is occurring, the body's
polarity or electromagnetic field reverses itself. If the Earth's magnetic field reverses, would this trigger the mass of humanity to have an out-of
body experience?

It has been suggested that shortly before the Earth Shift, some people may achieve resonance in advance of the mass of humanity, and their
"mer-ka-ba" fields (counter-posed tetrahedronal fields)will counter-rotate and merge to form a saucer-shaped light body, carrying those people
into the fourth dimension., which is known by the Christians as "the Rapture".  The key element in this process is an increased application of
energy caused from the activated vortex. Due to the conditions in the vortex, we, as a solid matter, absorb the additional energy. As the body
absorbs this energy, the molecules increase in speed and start to vibrate more rapidly, causing the molecules to move apart from one another
or shift. Being that our vaporous body is no longer restrained to the 3D physical world it phase shifts through the veil into the higher dimensions.

The Ascension - During this process, our molecules are speeding up, along with Earth's and everything on it. We are moving from the 3D solid
state to a more fluid reality. By 2012, this reality will be more like the 5th and 6th dimensional reality. A tip off to this new reality and the upward
shifting is in your awareness that things 'seem' to feel like they are moving faster - including time.

Chapter Twenty-Seven – Ley Lines and Rifts of Burlington Pg. 177

Dead Man's Hill - Some Shamans describe particular points of entry, that serve as gates or doorways, not only to other worlds or planets, but
other times.  Brad, four others and I stepped through one of these gates and entered an alternate reality, fifteen minutes into the future. Local
legend tells of the "Bray Road Beast" (Wisconsin Werewolf) being spotted on this site. There have been several sightings of Bigfoot less than a
mile from this area.

The Life Force of Mother Earth - Earth is powered by a life force that emits electro-magnetic energies. She is a live breathing entity of which we
are a part. Her blood is energy and her veins are known as ley lines. Her heart is the center of the earth and her chakras are energy points.
Where her veins cross over (in the form of a cross (+)) gateways or doorways manifest creating an entrance or gateway into the dimensional
worlds. As a rule, major ley lines don't  cross each other, but when they do, a rift is created, which is a tear in the fabric of reality. The size of the
rift would be in accordance to the stress of the reality of the environment around the nexus point (cross section) proportional to the ley lines that
cross. Frequency of rift openings is determined by the relative strength of the nexus point. If a strong magical nexus exists, the chance to split
reality occurs more frequently. We have found several very strong rift openings in the Burlington area. One is near Browns Lake, another off
Mormon Road, another near Honey Creek, Rochester, Bong Recreational Area and Eagle Lake.

Earthen mounds and portals - In Celtic mythology, the ancient mounds or sidhe (pronounced 'she') were portals to the other world, accessed
by astral flight. Chambered mounds comprised of alternating rock (inorganic) and soils (organic) are orgone accumulators and concentrate
energy, with some emitting sound waves while others blank them out. These frequencies may have a positive effect on the biorhythms of
someone within a chamber or enhance an altered state of consciousness.

Recognizing a portal - At first, I only knew when I was in a vortex or portal area after reviewing our photos - now I can tell immediately when I
step into one. I "feel: the distortion of time and space. Many times the sound of the woods change - The stillness of sound reminds me of one
walking into a void. The air pressure changes and I experience ringing in my ears and/or a throbbing in the third eye. Sometimes I will
experience a small headache or my vision becomes blurred. My equilibrium is off and I lose my balance or begin walking like I may have had a
few too many drinks. Emotions and judgment are off as well. While some people may feel exhilarated, others may feel depressed. Brad and I
both feel that the attitude of the person becomes intensified while in the portal.

Chapter Twenty-Eight - Hidden Worlds Pg. 177

World within worlds - Our universe is operating on a certain wavelength. A phased shift operating on a slightly different wavelength may reveal
whole new worlds that are beyond our sensory constructs.

The Little People - "The Little People are normally invisible to human sight. Many of them have their Being in part in another dimension, or
reality, slightly removed from ours. This reality is right next door to ours, in fact, touching ours. So I call them the "Almost Here People". In some
locations, there are overlappings of these neighboring realities, which make the Little People readily apparent to the normal human visual
faculty. If such a location is in your vicinity, it is highly recommended that you spend some time there. Because in these places, not only will you
see the Little People, but you may well encounter many of the other supposedly mythological creatures as well."  Dr. Robert Neal Boyd

Chapter Twenty-Nine - Power Points and Sacred Sites Pg.179

Star energy - The mound builders viewed the stars as major sources of magical energy. Many of the Mages believe that at the center of each
star is a small pinpoint which intersects with the no-dimensional space where the ancestors make their home.

Primary water - Every valid sacred site has been found to have primary water under it. There are two types of water, however. One is the water
table which is rainwater absorbed by the earth. The other is primary water which comes from the bowels of earth as the by-product of various
chemical reactions. This water is forced under pressure towards the surface of Earth in what dowsers call domes. In Great Britain the domes
are called blind springs. They could be described to be like geysers that don't reach the surface. The water continues an upward journey until it
hits a layer of rock or clay. The pressure then forces the water out (horizontally), in what dowsers call veins, through cracks and fissures in the
rocks.  When these veins of water reach the surface they are considered to be holy wells, places of healing and spiritual contemplation.

Energy of the seeker - I am convinced that there is a connection created between the energies of a sacred site and the energies of the seeker.
In researching the sacred sites of Burlington, I have determined that when frequencies or vibrations of the observer are tuned into the
frequencies or vibrations of the area, windows or doorways open to allow the observer to experience. I contend that the observer experiences
multi-dimensional worlds that exist within our own world and that the totality of our dimension and the multi-dimensions make up a holographic
universe. I further submit that the holographic universe is controlled through the 'collective consciousness' of a partial biological 'holographic
computer'. This holographic computer is our 'collective brain' putting forth signals to create realities, both on a quantum level as well as a
physical level

Chapter Thirty - The Higher Self Pg. 182

Dr. J.J. Hurtak references in his book, The Five Bodies, first described in 'The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch', the higher
consciousness body as the Eka Body. He describes it as a consciousness vehicle used for time travel while sustaining a direct relationship to
the physical vehicle. This third of the five vehicles is a body of consciousness that transcends our space-time reality.
University of London physicist David Bohm, believes that despite our reality's apparent solidity the universe is, at heart, a hologram.

Chapter Thirty-One -  The Multi-Dimensional Self Pg. 183

Photographing the hologram - In photographing a hologram, the camera reveals that every part of a hologram contains all the information
possessed by the whole. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get a dissected pieceof the whole, but
smaller wholes. Bohm believes the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another -regardless of the distance
separating them- is not because they are sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an
illusion. If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are
infinitely interconnected.

The holographic universe - In a holographic universe, even time and space could no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts
such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else.  At its deeper level reality is like that of a super
hologram in which the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. Given the proper tools it is possible to reach into the super-
holographic level of reality and pluck out scenes from the long-forgotten past.

Consciousness and illness - Keith Floyd, a psychologist at Virginia Intermont College, has pointed out that if the concreteness of reality is but a
holographic illusion, it would no longer be true to say the brain produces consciousness. If the apparent physical structure of the body is but a
holographic projection of consciousness, it becomes clear that each of us is much more responsible for our health than current medical
wisdom allows. What we now view as miraculous remissions of disease may actually be due to changes in consciousness which in turn effect
changes in the hologram of the body.
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