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 The  Roswell Riddles

Some fans of the  X-Files new  to the UFO game have wondered why  Roswell is  a  center  for alien activity.
Back in the earlier days,  official explanations  for the mysterious  lights in the Sky were coronal discharges  from  power lines , ball lightning or airplane wing tip vortices added by  temperature
inversions . Later  they  added  pollution  found in  our air.  If we were to accept the  old scientific explanations , then we would still wonder why the  Roswell  incident, alien abduction antics
accompany some of these stories.

In my studies of the   Las Alamos jOES I find  that there was  an experiment  where   pounds of  radioactive waste   was     exploded and the  luminous cloud  was last seen heading for  Roswell  
New  Mexico.
Back in the old days a  qualified scientist   would   not be   allowed to  warn his readers that the   plasma cloud seen  might contain   dangerous  deadly    radioactive   uranium daughters,  
swimming  through  the clouds.  In  Quantum   physics  there is  a doctrine  called  user created reality  and   interconnectedness   so   those viewing the    cloud would be  receiving   induced
waves   of energy  flowing from the   luminous cloud ,  which would account  for some of the   mental disturbances .    Roswell is  located about   100 miles north of the   Trinity   nuclear explosion
site  and a tongue of  radioactive  fallout  fell  almost to Roswell  on the day  of the explosion. In 1947,  near Roswell ,  scientist found   Plutonium in the soil  and on plants   and  in the cattle feces .
Plutonium  is classified as  one of the   most toxic substances  on earth   and  most   if not all  deadly toxins when inhaled cause   mental  disturbances   and long term   health problems .    So for
years  a fall-out   of poison  flowed  upon the wind ,  looking for a host  to  land upon   and Roswell   was very close   at hand .  

And so it   begins on   July 1947. A large glowing  object was   seen in   the sky  around 9:50 .     Mac Brazel  heard a   tremendous explosion  in the  atmosphere.  Next he finds  his ranch   
scattered   with strange debris   that he gives  to the local sheriff   who , in return, contacts   Roswell  Air  Field and   Major Jesse A Marcel   of the CIC  .
(Marcel is now deceased, death due to
)  Counter Intelligence Corps  investigates  the   sighting   And the CIC  was created  by the    Manhattan  District   Project to  prepare and   implement  cover  stories to hide   the  Crimes   
committed  by their  work.    
In Jan of 1947  the   Manhattan  District  Project changed to Atomic  Energy  Commission under   allegedly  civilian  control, but with all of the Military codes of  
obedience and  coercion  that was used  to instill  terror  and silence into it's employees  and the public at large .  In the fall of  1947 , a  joint  AEC-Pentagon project  Task  Force 7  was formed  to  
terrorize the  Eniwitok Atoll .   But in the summer 1947 , on a  Roswell  ranch were found  strands of  wire   small metallic rods  covered with    undecipherable   writing pieces  of   parchment  like
paper  and lots  of  a  tin foil-like substance   that    the CIC   spent days  collecting and  hauling   back to base.   So if we accept  the testimony of   the  CIC involvement   in our  riddle,  
then My
Answer  is The  AEC was performing   high altitude   atomic explosion  experiments that failed to reach the correct  altitude . When it  exploded ,  it failed to go critical  thereby  spewing it's   
radioactive  pay load   all over the debris  and the ranch.  
During that era the Military would  announce  that the  flying saucer  mystery  had been solved   then the  press release   was canceled  
and the  sighting  or crash was attributed   to  standard   weather  balloons  or other  mundain causes  that way  
controlling  both sides   and drawing attention  away from the  AEC  and making all
effected  people look  like loons .

We Zoom ahead  now in time  to the  1980 Cash-Landrum   incident.    2 women and a  child  driving   down a   Texas road  at night First the child   notices  something strange in the    sky As it got  
near it   resolved itself        into   a    brilliant diamond   shaped object flames shooting  out from the underside. The strange  object covered   about 75 yards  away  emitting a beeping  noise .  
Intense   heat  flowing  from  the apparition .  After the object  moved on,  a squadron of   military helicopters  swarmed it   and it   sped away.  When Cash and the   others in the car ried to follow  
phantom ship  they saw it change to  a cigar shaped  phantom . By the time    Betty Cash returned home   she was feeling  ill .  All 3   people developed sunburn like blisters  nausea  and
diarrhea.  Typical    symptoms of  radiation poisoning .

We find  this Atomic Sickness  a common thread  in countless  UFO encounters .    
During the  60's   the   Abduction    stories   began  to  surface.  Barney  and  Betty  Hill   had theirs  on  Sept. 19 1961 ,  at night   while travelling  along  Route 3 . First   they saw a   bright star
like   object  moving through  the sky   2 miles north  of Wood stock . Iit began to hover to the right  of the car   looking through   a pair of  binoculars  Barney could  make out   lit portholes   and
humanoids   busily working inside .  After the encounter   Betty began to    have     terrifying UFO  dreams Barney suffered from  apprehension    insomnia and a  worsening  of his   duodenal ulcer .
He also  was unable   to account   for   2 hours  of time  between the  first encountering the  UFO  and reaching home.  
Loss of time   and stopped  clocks  are common  to the survivers of   
And Finally  after experiencing  Trinity's light  found he  was unable  to drive because" It seemed to him as if the   car were jumping  from curve  skipping  the  straight  stretches   in
I believe that   some quantum rays   are capable   of distorting the  arrow of time . The Cerenkov light  seen in a  nuclear reactor   is one example of   time distortion .

So in our  riddle we  will   look now  into is how  a cloud  of luminous plasma can account  for the  flying disk    phenomenon .
A thermonuclear  cloud  will contain Plutonium  or   Polonium  and or  other metal ions   dust and  pollution suspended in the cloud. If this cloud  enters into  a vortex ,  ether  man made or natural  ,
like a   dust devil , it   will retain   a spinning swirl  of  suspended ions  of thermonuclear daughter  ions   and    other  pollutants and dust. Next this  spinning plasma  cloud would need  to enter  into  
a magnetic field  either   natural , like a   thunder storm ,  or man made.
Then the  Magnecystallic force   would cause the ions  to cohere  and form  molecules  with a spiralling  crystal structures
and a  spinning metal disk  or a  triangle  would be born in this  disk  
.Their could be   one or   more of the   following   dragons daughters Radium .     When Mamadam Curie made radium  the
metal  it  was said  to  be the most dangerous  scientific experiment ever done .

PlutoniumThe Las Alamos jOE that   held   the   metal   in  alloy with Beryllium  covered  in nickle  and Gold foil  said   it  was  warm  and  felt   like   holding    a   live    rabbit .
Polonium , the strange metal  that glow's blue  like Radium .  Hidden in a  secretly isolated  estate  in Dayton  Ohio,  Monsanto and CO   would  secretly  purify    the    metal  .   When shipping   the
Polonium foil   in sealed  containers it had a   nasty habit  of migrating  from  place  to  place  and   quickly   contaminating large areas   " The isotopes have   been observed  to migrate   upstream  
against   a   current  of  air" " And to   ranslocate    under  conditions where   it would appear  to  be doing   so  of   it's own  accord " The dragon's    deadly   daughters  spinning  glowing    blue
cloud   and crystals swirling  waves  of   light ,  both visible  and imaginary , floating  in   the air .     And according to  the New Physics     "While the       source of   electromagnetic waves  is   moving
charges   the   source of gravitational  waves  is  a  moving          mass" "     But only a   particular kind of  mass motion is   applicable:    motion  in which the  source changes it's   shape" For
example a nucleus  or the spinning disk must  go from a circular ring  to  a n  elliptical   shape    or   a   diamond shaped  cloud  to  a cigar shaped cloud.

Which brings us to our  next riddle .
If the theory  behind   gravitational waves  is so  darn simple    then   why  our  sky's NOT filled  with gyroscopic  propulsion   and   linear induction  craft??
First I belive  that  the USAF aurocar that can be seen in the  UFO picture books , The  turbine seen in  the center of the craft  was powered  by a small nuclear reactor  and the  ship was  spewing  
radiation which would account for   why the pilots  of those types  of UFOs  would be seen   when   they landed in   full body suits  to protect them from  the radiation.
As for a  anti mass field or   a  
linear induction  motor drive craft ,    They present  problems with the energy  it takes  to generate  a  field strong enough  to overcome the    pull of the earth.
One needs large   amounts of  toxic  
radioactive metal   to generate the  flux   And if the flux   begins to  get out of  control  the craft   and     the      flux will    phase shift in  to unknown   quantum frequences  and  one thing that  can
happen when a quantum flux   shifts  is  it      will    effect   the     strong      nuclear      force  the   force  that  keeps   the  nucleus of  one atom  from forming a coherent  bond with a       different
atom which is what  happened  in the Philadelphia experiment of Tessla  where  men were  found     bonded  to  metal.

That brings our riddle   to near  where we started .   Around 100 miles from Roswell   in July of 1947
Grady L Barnett came upon   what he   thought   was a crashed   flying   disc. Beside it lay   4 small dead   bodies        encased in tight one piece  gray suits  with no visible  fastenings with  
disproportionately  large heads  with big    slanted eyes
and the military  quickly ushered away  Barnett and  other eye witnesses  to their crimes. My Answer to    this one   is the craft  was a man
made   nuclear turbine type and the   suits   had large          helmets  with   lanted eye pieces  and the bodies  were  that of  small people with normal  heads and eyes    if not children  used to test
the craft

And on that          Sick              Sad   note          we    leave  the          riddles  of    Roswell to our  Dear reader    

Quantum X-Files         QCoptic      
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