Photo and Email Sent to Mary Sutherland from South Africa capturing on camera a pyramidal shaped UFO coming out of the earth etherically and then solidifying before taking off.

Here is the pic.  I had it as an attachment before,
but don't know if anyone got that.  Feel free to
rename the picture as you see fit, it was just a quick
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Hi , I am the one who sent the photo from South Africa.
I am a ufologist in other words that is what i do for a living. i can
not afford to place stuff on the net that has an obvious answer like
oh that is a reflection. This is South Africa not Las Vegas lol we
don't have pyramids or glass structures that is of sufficient size.
We checked for reflections there was none. If you have a closer look
you will see that the shade falls to the right in other words the sun
is to the left. Everything that might have an influence on the
camera lens is theoretically in the photo/ having said this i do
agree that the reflexion is a possibility albeit not a credible one.

The other questions. It  was taken on the 25 of May by an unknown
person. Take note i said unknown not don't want to be known, and it
was taken in Cape town South Africa , we only found this photograph
yesterday so we went out there today. Our photographer is Greg who
did most of Cynthi Hind's photography, and he has been in this game
for close on 18 years. We took a multitude of photos in broad day
light today that should be posted here and other locations before the
end of the week and we used a 35 mm camera not a digital.

We managed to pin point the location over which the light is visible
and if you look closely at the photo you can clearly see that it is a
few hundred meters a away from the view point.

This means that if it was a reflection it was not reflecting on the
camera lens but in thin air. If you look to the left of the object
you will see that there is a dark shape that should be more clearly
visible on the photos taken today. This dark shape is slightly below
the inverted v that is directly to the left of the object.

This object is what is known as a block house by is locals. Our
country is littered with them and they used to be military out posts
or look outs from the previous wars we had ie pre ww2
this block house is now an abandoned structure where bums sleep at
night. We have some one that works with the street people here that
is canvasing the area to find the people who sleep there at night.

The exact location is on Signal Hill virtually in the middle of Cape
Town and is part of the table mountain range.

Signal Hill is a historical monument where a canon to this day
signals the noon hour with a canon shot it has been done like this
since the first settlers and fort was build in Cape Town. This  also
served as the defensive position with banks of canons to protect the

Now where does the photo come from.

I frequent an internet cafe in Cape town where it is normal for
tourists to leave their holiday photos on the network after they gave
mailed them home or backed them up on cd. i have made it a point to
look through the photos in these files to find UFOs etc. And have
found some possible UFOs before. This photo was no 0113 of a range
from 00050 to 0253 that was left on one of the network files the
rest of the photos are all normal tourist type photos. ie sunsets sea
and shots of table mountain. To me this says that the photographer
probably did not know that he took the picture and it might still be
that he still does not know. i have some one in process of trying
to find the photographer to get detail around the actual day

if you have any more questions ask mary and i will answer them gladly

I don't know if it is known, but the hill is
Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa. Also, there
appears to have been many UFOs sighted in Cape Town,
this link being one of many.

David Taylor <>

Check out Following:
Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa - 2004
Brief Description: Ball of light sighted coming inland toward mountain.
Date Posted: 3/8/2004 12:38:12 PM

Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: 1minute approximately
Number of Witnesses: 4

Number of Object(s): Single

Full Description & Details: Four members of SAUFOR, South Africa's UFO Resource were on an excursion on Saturday evening the 6th March 2004, at Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, When, at
approxiamately 21h 15, a UFO was sighted coming toward land from across the ocean. The UFO was a single ball-like object, which made no sound as it moved across the sea.
It was about 20 000 feet up in the air and moved in a 'Falling-leaf'-like manner.
It hovered about 400m from the beach, at the same height, then moved of veering left toward Camps Bay.The object was clear to the naked eye, and was also viewed through binoculars.
The entire sighting lasted about 1.5 minutes.

Personal Background: Information supplied by Fareed Hoosen, UFO Researcher for SAUFOR, in Cape Town.

Other Comments: Any and all UFO sightings that we receive a made public and available all around the world by our various members worldwide. We can be contacted via our e-mail address
supplie, or at our website being:

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: SAUFOR
Name: Fareed Hoosen
Location: Cape Town
Age: 32
I am an ex South African, (and have been lurking for a few months now), When the present Government came into power in South Africa I immigrated to Canada.  What city is this in South Africa.  
South Africa has a very strong connection to UFO and apparently the military there shot down a UFO during the 60's

My father (Carl van Vlierden) was very active in the UFO movements in SA.  Perhaps a few of you have heard of him.  He wrote a book.  "The Twelve Planets Speak". Its about alien contact with
people on earth. Its very interesting.  Its 100% NON FICTION.   If any body would like a copy I do have a few available.

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