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The People of MU

Unknown to the majority, America at one time enjoyed a civilization second to none on earth. They held and understood the ancient knowledge of MU..the knowledge of the workings of the
Cosmic Forces which is the 'true science  upon which the universe was built'.,. and the religion that our holy texts are written around.

Science of the First Civilization

Although we pride ourselves in our advanced technology and Intellect, we today are still very far behind a most wonderful and advanced civilization that pre-existed us.  At the time of the
destruction of MU (approximately 10,000 B.C), the sciences of which we now know and are utilizing for the last 700 years , were known to this culture and practiced through the development of
over 100,000 years of study and experience ..possibly over 1 million years. .  As you see, we have a long ways to go before we could even think of obtaining and familiarizing ourselves with what
they knew.  But we can learn and develop from the ancient texts they left behind for us.

James Churchward wrote a very informative book titled The Cosmic Forces MU which is a startling occult study of this ancient super civilization more scientifically advanced than our own... based
on his research of over 4,000 ancient  tablets originating from Mu.  Being that Churchward has devoted most of his life, over 60 years in the research and study of this ancient race,  I will be
using much of his work as reference throughout these pages. We will trace his work back to the clay tablets of the Naacals, which originally brought a library of over 10,000 tablets from the
Motherland to the precious relics and tablets of the American Mound Builders.

Fifteen thousand years ago, the Sacred and Inspired Writings were perfectly understood by our ancestors. According to Churchward, in
Egypt they were fairly maintained down to the time of Moses. Moses understood them, Ezra, who compiled the Old Testament did not.  
Two thousand years ago, only five monasteries had the learning to understand these writings. Today  knowledge of this civilization  has
been hidden from us. Why? It could and would no doubt  change our society , science  and religion as we know it today.  Where are these
writings Now? Are they Lost?  No...but they have been scattered to the wind and those that have found them have forgotten how to read
or properly  interpret them. But according to Prophecy and Divine Laws, this lost knowledge will once again re-appear and learned.

Translations of the sacred writings are very difficult and easily misinterpreted. According to Churchward, modern man learns from hearing and teaching. In the Ancient writings we can not hear
or be taught. For example, symbols or hieroglyphs form a radical and the radical has many meanings. The actual meaning of the word depends on how it is pronounced and accentuated.

In Churchwards 60 plus years of research he became convinced that the oriental Naacal tablets and the American tablets originally came
from the same source - the Sacred Inspired Writings.  This shows me that we do not need to cross the seas to Egypt and the Far East to
learn of this Wonderous Civilization. The knowledge is right here in America and we can re-discover much of this in our research of the
American Mound Builders.

By studying our history we stand less of a chance of repeating their mistakes. Unfortunately, being that this history has been hidden from us, we stumble through the same pitfalls as our ancient
forefathers.  Today we are practicing science, developed within the past 500 years, that our forefathers trod over one million years ago plus .We are stuck in religions based on dark age
superstitions denying us truth and permission to seek out who and what we really are , why we are here, how we originated on Earth and what the Cycles show us as to our future.  Our life
cycles or Ages have come and gone. We have ...more than once... advanced to great civilizatons just to watch some disaster , nature or man made, create circumstances that have taken us
back to a primitive society , starting over, once again to rebuild from scratch. In the case of the the Mound Builders we may have been looking at over 100,000 years . You may say we are stuck
on a track of a broken record, repeating the same mistakes over and over.  What we need to do is learn to skip over the rut in the track and move on.

Reviewing our Past and the Broken Record Syndrome

During the Ancient Times science was a crucial part of our religion. They were looked upon as TWINS.
The first teachings of man were that
1. Man was a special creation, possessing a something that no other form of Creation possessed.
2. He/She had an immortal soul . The material body returned to earth from which it came, releasing the soul which continued on.
After these ideas were instilled in man's mind and he/she thoroughly comprehended it..the lessons then followed.
Teachings were then given that showed him the 'laws and works of Creation'.
1. Infinite wisdom in the arrangement of the universe
2. The natural laws governing all creations
3. The perfect manner in which they are being carried out, etc.

With the knowledge of these sciences, man was enable to apprehend more fully the power, the wisdom and the Great Divine Love of the Creator.
All of these 'original' sciences which were taught man were in a form so simple that man, in his uncultured state, could thoroughly understand them. Understanding them gave him 'implicit faith in
and love for his Creator'.
These simple sciences were taught without theorising and not a semblance of theology or technology was used.

Why is it that an advanced civilization as we think we are have such a hard time seeing these simple facts of creation ?
Because the simplicity has been hidden from us in the chaos and confusion that came to surround the simple thread of truth. The Ancient scientific garden has been choked up with the rank
weeds of theory, technology, theology, misconceptions, inventions, capped with childish dreams which have neither rhyme nor reason and all of which are totally at variance with the natural laws
which govern throughout the universe.

This 'deplorable' state of our present time has come about by two factors.

1. Egotism and man's  craving to be put on a pedastal by his peers as the top most pinnacle of the Mountain of Science or Theology.  He takes the credit for 'The One'.  Forgetting that the  
greatest height a man can ever attain is the great 'honor' of being one the Creators 'selected agents'..one of his 'tools' for conveying the knowledge of truth. Today's Man as it was during the
End Times of the Last Great Age again has ignored the Source of One and shut his eyes to the Fact that he/she is only Chosen as the Agent for the One True Source.

2. Man turning from the Worship of the One True Creation Force to the Worship of Man.  As he/she goes down that path worshipping man while he/she is professing the worship of God, he/she
is only deceiving him/herself. While they may be deceiving themselves, they are not deceiving the one and true source.  The 'ultimate object' of acquiring vast material interests is to 'enslave
fellow man'. As long as we worship Material and Man instead of The Source and it's creation , peace cannot rest upon this earth.

Through the Ages, time and time again , the population of Earth has risen just to fall. The people repeat over and over the broken record. The Hogs of Materiality have rooted themselves in
deep and it has continuously led to our destruction.  Lets hope that this Age once again opens its eyes,recognizes the Hogs for what they are and choses spirituality and Truth over the worship
of man and Deception. Scientific human nature has ever been the same - very egotistical, jeoulous, domineering, selfish, craving for prominence, desiring fame with a worship of oneself (man).
Man so loved himself, that he designed a God in his image. These are all quagmires and quicksands in the paths of science; and all those who walk this road are doomed to disappear and be
forgotten. They have done nothing for themselves, mankind or this planet.

Much of my discoveries are based on the remarkable work of James Churchward whom spent a lifetime on deciphering the Ancient Text of our Ancients. It was through him and others like him
that lifted the veil to the Ancient Truths of Mu. For this I say Thank You for your dedication and devotion to this wonderous Age and people thereof.

Before Christ left his disciples, they were concerned how to go about teaching their childen the words of the Creator.
Christ simply stated
"... take them out to the forests and allow nature to teach them."

"In the Garden of Nature will be found the great school for learning true science, for nature is the school-house for the higher learning,
where man is taught to prepare himself for his undying future."  Churchward


Origin of the Great Forces:

There is one supreme infinite force of which created the four great primary forces. Through and from these four great forces all other forces are generated , and are therefore secondary. These
four grat forces are governing the physical universe today and are working under the command or will of the One Supreme Infinite Force.
This Supreme Force is the power which started and keeps all other forces working throughout the universe.
It is incomprehensible to man. Being incomprehensible, man can neither picture it or put a name to it. It is THE NAMELESS.

1. A force is that which makes changes in the position of bodies and sometimes changes in the body itself.

2. All forces known as 'atomic forces' are only 'secondary forces' governed by some superior force. The superior force moves the atoms and the atoms produce or convey another or secondary
force =- the superior force is the responsible one.
" There is one great infinite force that governs all"

3. A force may  be obvious to the sense of feeling, but no force is obvious to the sense of vision.

4. Forces cannot be stored in superheated bodies, neither can an exhausted force be regenerated in cold areas.

5. Forces are positive or negative.

6. Certain of the great forces are limitless in their scope and power, reaching from one celestrial body to another.
Forces are responsible for the movement of all bodies throughout the universe.

7. Forces have their affinities, repellents and neutrals in other forces.

8. Some of the 'earthly' forces have affinities, repellents and neutrals in elements.

Two forces meeting, may do one of two things:
a. They may form a neutral zone, where both become non-effective ie: When an irresistable force meets an immovable object a neutral zone is formed and the struggle ends.
b. When one force is stronger than the other, it conquers it and passes on.

The movements of forces are vibratory.
A live coal may be placed in the palm of the hand without burning it, PROVIDED the owner of the hand raises his inner vibrations (higher force) above the vibrations of the heat force.
A nutural zone is formed between the burning coal and the flesh of the hand, beyond which the heat force cannot pass.

Man is so created and constituted that everything connected with him has range.  His ear can only receive sounds that are within a given range...just so high and no higher...just so low and no
lower.  Beyond those points he cannot hear the sounds ...although they DO EXIST.  The same applies to Man's other senses.

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