Shag Harbour UFO Incident

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On the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1968,  a group of men were driving down a road when they saw what looked to be a plane in trouble. It was flashing lights along the tree line and then plunged into the bay.
They didn't know what to do so they went to the police and told them that a plane may have gone down.

Fearing that people may have been injured,  they sent a search team out over the waters the next day. There was no sign of a plane or survivors but there was a long trail of thick yellow foam extending a hundred yards
across the surface of the water.

The men had seen nothing like it before. It smelt a bit like sulfur and didn't seem natural. The men went down to see what there was but reported that they had found nothing.

The ship had supposedly travelled under water for several days. All that the witnesses could say is that there seemed to be a second object "lending assistance" to the damaged craft.

Before another crew arrived, the craft travelled underwater at an incredible speed, broke the surface and flew away. The case never seems to end because people keep on coming forward and telling their share of the
story and that lends a big hand in solving the Shag Harbour incident.

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