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Filer's Files
December 25, 2002
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern

George Filer: Majorstar@aol.com
Webmaster Chuck Warren: http://www.georgefiler.com

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Are angels visiting earth? New York UFO allegedly hit by
missile, New England Christmas UFOs 1909, Pennsylvania flying triangle, North Carolina cigar and disc, Georgia huge dark object, Florida fireball breaks up, Ohio two cigar shaped objects hovering,
Indiana sphere 3 glowing objects, Minnesotta large flying light, South Dakota boomerangs, Arkansas boomerangs, Iowa bright lights with forked tail, Texas black dot aloft, Nevada two white lights in the
daytime sky, Washington flash, Brazilian abduction photo story, Venezuela singer sees UFO, Australia strange lights. A letter about Angels and Canadian intercept of UFO.

ANGELS -- It seems fitting that during the holidays that we should discuss angels that many people feel have a connection to UFOs. Countless witnesses claim to have seen angels, and many believe they
even have their own Guardian Angel. Thousands of books, television shows, paintings, and movies indicate angels are real. Some people claim to have seen bright lights or human like beings, that they
associate with angels. According to the scriptures angels are messengers of God and visitors from heaven. Of course many think of heaven as a mystical home of God, but many passages in ancient
scriptures indicate heaven is actually another planet in the northern sky. Angels are essentially spiritual and superhuman beings who are credited as coming from heaven bringing God's message to
mankind. The scriptures state that God created the heavens and the Earth. In various scriptures, angels clearly state God should be glorified, but not them. Our ancestors who saw strange craft in the sky
or alien beings several thousand years ago often thought of these landings as being religious in nature. Much of what is written could be explained by extraterrestrial visitors and advanced technology. I
personally feel that the stories in the scriptures are true, based on the knowledge then available. An Angel of the Lord spoke with Abraham in the Torah, when he was 99 years old and childless, telling the
Jewish leader he would become the father of a multitude of nations. According to Genesis the prediction was full-filled. The Eastern religions speak of Devas who are organized in a military hierarchy and
operate in a similar manner to angels. One angel brought the message of the entire Koran to Mohammed and the Moslems.

In the New Testament of the Bible it states: "In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth and a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of
David. The virgin's name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, "Greetings you are highly favored! The Lord is with you." Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting
this might be. But the angle said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great
and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his Father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, his kingdom will never end. Mary asked the
angel, "How can this be, since I am a virgin?" The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will over shadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called
the Son of God!" Luke 1-verses 26 to 35. Two thousand years later, much of world celebrates this birth at Christmas.

Much of our history revolves around visitors from a planet called Heaven. In Indian Vedic writings the topmost authority in the material universe are known as Brahma, and he lives in the highest material
planetary system, called Brahmaloka. In these writings they describe UFO like craft called vimanas flown by angelic like alien beings. These extraterrestrial angelic visitors are real according to most of the
great historic religious writings of mankind. It seems reasonable that these are not simply myths, but are based on actual visits by angels, visitors, watchers, ET, devas or what ever you choose to call them.
They are given credit for bringing writing to Earth. When I spoke to Presbyterian minister Barry Downing with a Ph.D. in science and religion, who has written extensively about UFOs such as the "Bible
and UFOs" told me UFOs provide evidence for the reality of Biblical phenomena, such as visits by angels that have often seemed mythical to many people. Recently in Philadelphia dozens of children
during a church service claim to have seen angels, while older people were unable to see them. NASA is already planning on terraforming Mars, to create an inhabitable atmosphere and eventually
settlers. Is it possible angels were sent to develop Earth, similar to our plan to transform Mars? Thousands of books have been written describing angels interactions with Earth bringing knowledge, new
types of food, and even intervention in human DNA creating modern human beings.

Sumerian and Babylonian texts according to Zecharia Sitchin and geologist Christian O'Brien the Elohim or angels manipulated from earlier human forms. Genesis 6 tells us that, "The sons of God saw the
daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." If you visit the great temples and churches around the world, almost all have the story of an angel who oversaw
their construction. Often there are similar stories of strange flying objects in the sky. Several friends of mine seriously claim they were healed by angels. To understand the full meaning of Christmas is to
realize all that happens in the world may not be simply by chance, angels may be here accomplishing miracles in among us. So remember when you enjoy Christmas it all started with an angel. And if you
are ever in trouble or need, never forget this wonderful promise, "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." Psalms 91.

Dr. Don Johnson writes, "During Christmas season of 1909 UFO sightings throughout New England were reported. The evidence that makes me continue to believe that we were dealing with unorthodox
technology and not misidentifications of Venus was the reports of a powerful searchlight being employed. That, combined with the distances covered, keeps me open minded that we may be dealing with
an unidentified, UFO-related, phenomenon. Thanks to Don Johnson Ph.D.

GRIFFISS AIR FORCE BASE -- Ed Jarrett writes, I'm looking for information on the following: When I was stationed at Griffiss AFB, 1971-1974, while attending a meeting, some of the senior NCOs
were discussing UFO's. When I asked them about this, they said, why yes, there was a piece shot off one a couple of years ago. The UFO was picked up on radar coming in over the Atlantic. East coast
bases could not scramble fast enough, and a fighter from the 49th Fighter Interceptor Squadron was scrambled to intercept. They had F-106 Delta Darts stationed there at the time. The pilot tracked the
thing and fired a missile, knocking a piece off the UFO. His aircraft began to burn/melt and he bailed out. The aircraft wreckage and the piece of the UFO were recovered and laid out in the main hangar.
They said the piece was several feet long and bright metallic. No one was allowed to go near it, but you could see it from the office windows upstairs in the hangar. The pilot was shipped out the next day.
He was a captain. When queried whether they were joking with me, they all agreed it was true and in the newspaper. They further stated the UFO piece was sent to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. I
don't know if this is true, but should be easily checked out with the Rome, New York newspaper. This would be the first hard evidence if true. Thanks to Ed Jarrett ejarrett@innernet.net and

CROYDON -- On December 8, 2002, the witness says, "My girlfriend and I were heading toward Philadelphia on Route 13 in Bucks County at 12:20 AM, when we saw three white lights in a straight
horizontal line." My girlfriend said, "It was moving toward us, but limbs on the trees made it difficult to get a good look." We drove towards the object which hovered for at least two minutes. I saw the
speed of it as it started to accelerate not super fast but enough to where we couldn't gain on it. The weirdest part was that it moved with its lights staying horizontal, so it didn't turn like a normal aircraft.
Instead it slid right across Route 13. It slowed down and slowly descended, and when I got to the Corydon Train Station, it was only 65 feet away from my car. I was astonished, but I saw three white
lights in a V triangle shape with a red light in the middle which was not always on. It didn't make a sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

TARBORO -- The witnesses had left church to take some girls home on December 8, 2002, around 9:00 PM, when one pointed up and said, "Look what is that?" I said, "It looks like a UFO." She said
I thought so too. So we kept going straight to it to get a closer look. We got closer and it looked like a saucer shape and had lights and looked like it was spinning and blinking. It had a circle around it. It
kind of sat in the sky blinking and spinning. We got closer and it went down behind some trees, then came back up for a split second and was gone. It was not a plane because it was too big, and it wasn't
moving at first.

WILSON -- Twenty-five miles southwest a second group of witnesses also spotted a UFO that flew across town on December 8, 2002, until it went out of view over the treeline at 9:00 PM. As we
exited off the highway to go into the city, I spotted the big, bright light in the sky. It was about 150 feet off the ground and two miles away. The sky was thinly veiled in clouds, the crescent moon and
some stars behind them. The light we saw was almost as large and as bright as the crescent moon and was clearly visible on the underside of the clouds. It was a cigar shape and moved with us as we
drove into the city. We were traveling at 60 mph and it was doing 150 mph. We got caught at every stop light trying to follow as it passed over the town. We kept up the best we could and finally lost
sight of it as it disappeared. We were out in the country and no roads led to the object. It must have been of huge dimensions as we could tell it was always at least a couple miles away, but was still as big
as the moon. NUFORC

LYERLY -- MUFON State Director Tom Sheets reports that on Tuesday, December 10, 2002, a family was driving up Highway 100 in when they observed a large dark object hovering low over the
roadway about 10 PM. White and blue lights were observed on the craft flying perhaps as low as 50 feet as the car drove directly underneath the object and continued. While passing underneath, the car
was said to "vibrate." The Mrs. witness stated that the object was at least as big as a semi-rig, and of unusual shape. She was able to see a pointed end, fanning out towards the form of a half circle type
of configuration. She had difficulty describing it, but stated a sketch would be more enlightening. Efforts to stop and relocate the object were futile. It is unknown at this time whether the "vibration" was
due to the vehicle's engine running rough or if it was caused by the craft. This SD did not let the witness vent too much, as she agreed to talk further with MUFONGA's Rome investigator Mary Dee
Janssen. This witness indicated that she got the phone number of "UFO Reports" from the telephone operator, so this was the first official use of the hotline by a citizen. Thanks to State Director

SUWANEE -- While taking trash bin down to the end of our driveway on December 15, 2002, which is about 250 feet away, my fourteen year old son saw a light appear behind a neighbor's house. The
light proceeded at a "speed, that is hard to describe" on a horizontal path until it disappeared and seemed to land beyond the horizon behind some trees at 10:30 PM. My son described the light as " a
perfect ball of light that did not give off light but 'was' light and made no sound...but moved at incredible speed.

BOCA RATON -- A bright orange-yellow flare-like light traveled across the sky towards the south on December 10, 2002, breaking into two still-flaming pieces before disappearing at 10:55 PM. A
fireball flying south across about a third of the sky, broke into two pieces just before it disappeared from sight. It was like no "shooting star" I have seen before because of the brightness, duration, and
also the length of its path. It was more like a steady orange-yellow light like a space-shuttle night launch.

NORTH MIAMI -- On December 10, 2002, a small fireball like object was seen hovering over a water treatment plant at the back of FIU campus. Students saw a fireball like object rotating then it sped
out and disappeared at 10:15 PM. It looked like the aurora when it disappeared, but in Florida we don't have an aurora. We also noticed after the object disappeared it left this very cold smelly fume like
air with faint colors like a little bit of water on some gasoline. The distance between where we were standing to the object was about 2 blocks away. The object was about 2000 feet up. It was not a
helicopter or a student's science project.

SAFETY HARBOR -- I was looking at the stars on December 10, 2002, when my friend and I saw a flashing red light at 11:05 PM. It was moving fast to the left and right and then it went straight up in
the sky and turned right going straight for two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

VIENNA -- The witness was driving through town on December 8, 2002, when he spotted two somewhat cigar shaped objects hovering in the east at 9 PM. A beam of light appeared to come from one
of the objects that hovered for about six minutes. The beam only lasted about one minute. Shortly thereafter what appeared to be possibly three aircraft approached the UFOs and they almost instantly
disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

FRANKFORT -- On December 10, 2002, my husband and I were driving ten miles south of Frankfort at 7:30 PM, when we noticed two balls of light and I thought that I had seen another one briefly to
the left of the larger ball. There was one large ball of light and another smaller one to the right. The light was a kind of yellowish with pinkish tones. They appeared to be about one half mile away and
lasted for about ten seconds. About eight minutes later, we were just outside Frankfort when my husband saw them again. There were three distinct balls of light, one a bit larger than the other two but
farther away. The larger one's light got bright and then dimmed, and then brightened briefly again, then all three balls of light dimmed and went out together. We called my son-in-law at the Tippecanoe
County Sheriff's Dept. to see if anyone was reporting UFOs, but none had been reported. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

STANCHFIELD -- The witness was driving to his cabin on West Rush Lake, on December 21, 2002, at about 5:15 AM. The witness was traveling east on Highway 65 towards Rush City when he saw
a very large light in the eastern sky. He reports, "I guess that it was 1000 feet in the air and hovering above me that I was so pre-occupied with it that it was effecting my driving.'" I viewed it for about five
minutes before it took off into the eastern sky at a very high speed. It was roughly three seconds before it was out of my view. I never believed in this stuff before, but I know I wasn't imagining it because
I was wide awake. I would like to know if anyone else reported this? Shep034@cs.com

GREEN BAY -- Just after arriving for the Packers/Vikings game on December 8, 2002, a group of us noticed three white lights in a triangular pattern come above us and fly directly over Lambeau Field
heading west at 5:30 PM. At first, we thought it might be a plane leaving Austin Strabel Airport because several aircraft had passed over already, due to the wind patterns. This had been broadcast during
the game. The flying triangle flew over without making any noticeable sound. Since it was dark at the time, we can only give a description of the pattern of lights, not the overall size or distance. Due to it
being a prime time broadcast football game (ESPN) a group of us think it might have been some sort of surveillance aircraft, however I have decided to report it just in case. Thanks to Peter Davenport

SIOUX FALLS -- The witness reports seeing a tear shaped white light that shot straight up out of sight on December 7, 2002, in a starry night sky at 11:15 PM. The object was pointed on the top side
and rounded on the bottom with pure white light with a white tail. It flew from true north and shot straight up from a lower altitude 30 degrees to 90 degrees above the horizon and disappeared within 1
and one half seconds. When it disappeared the light did not fade it simply vanished as if it went into a black tunnel. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

BENTON -- The witness an amateur astronomer was driving east on US 30 as dark fell and saw a shimmering bright white light three times the size of Venus on November 23, 2002. It was a brighter
than usual light in the east with a dripping tail with a liquid appearance at times just like Venus at its most intense. The light hovered for five minutes, then it moved and doubled in intensity and appeared for
a time to have a forked tail pointing downward, and it seemed to throw off a particle or two. It briefly faded down to a bright ball of light but then flared again to a brilliant white shimmering light more than
three times the size of Venus. As he drove the red blinking lights of 1000 foot towers were now visible about twenty miles away. The object was twice as high as the towers and 15 miles southeast of
Cedar Rapids. As he drove straight east for over twenty minutes this light did not change its location and appeared similar to the "Star of Bethlehem" pictures. I just checked star charts and verified that
Venus is now a morning star and this was not Jupiter or any other star. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

CHIMES -- A middle aged couple was driving home on State 254 during the evening on December 8, 2002, when they saw 2 boomerang shaped flying craft hovering over a neighbor's field. On at least
one of the crafts a series of lighted windows could be seen with occupants moving around inside. When the couple turned around to go down the neighbors driveway, the objects vanished. They turned
around to go home and when they arrived, their college aged daughter was waiting for them. She had just arrived home from college from the opposite direction and excitedly told them about seeing a
triangle shaped object up the road, before they could tell her about what they'd seen. This area is very rural.

RICHARDSON -- The observer is a 59 year old former police detective who has extensive experience in microwave and RF engineering, and in uplink satellite telecommunications. He initially saw the
object at 8:56 AM on December 5, 2002. He was driving and it was necessary to focus intermittently on traffic until he could stop in a parking lot. At that point, while still visible, the object simply
disappeared, leaving nothing but a small and dim point of white light that continued to fade until it too disappeared. Elapsed time from the initial glimpse until the light faded completely out was less than
two minutes. The object appeared as a black dot, initially about 1/8 inch in size at arm's length. It was at altitude and was heading east at about 080 degrees and at an elevation angle of around 40
degrees. The light was clearly visible in the daylight but was not moving.

ODESSA -- Object traveling at a very fast rate A very fast moving oval object traveling from south to north on December 8, 2002, at 5:55 AM. It was making a gradual accent near the horizon. A
beautiful sight, one I will never forget. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

LAS VEGAS -- On December 7, 2002, the witness was outside of the building he works in and heard a helicopter flying nearby at 10:10 AM. He stated, "When I looked up to see where it was I
noticed what I first thought to be an airliner flying west at high altitude. When it stopped and appeared to be falling I realized it was not an airliner but a light instead. It seamed to be falling for about ten to
fifteen seconds when it suddenly moved back to the west very fast. That is when I noticed a second dot of light that the first had moved to and stopped. Both dots of light were stationary at that point and
did not appear to be changing altitude. I called my coworkers to come and look but the dots seemed to slowly gain altitude and fade away before they were able to spot them. It should also be noted that
I am a former air defense crew member and have had extensive aircraft recognition training. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

TACOMA -- November 27, 2002, 8:04 AM, a flash of light streaked across the daytime sky at about the altitude of a jet, but at least ten times faster. In my peripheral vision I saw a light streak across a
short distance of the sky -- if it had been just a few feet away. Its speed was at least 1000 mph. If I had witnessed this at night, I would have assumed it was a "shooting star," but the sun had been up for
an hour. It was foggy, but I could still see the blue sky clearly. It left a short contrail that faded at both ends. The incident and contrail seemed too close to Earth to be a meteor.

RISCOS -- Martha Rosenthal reports that "TOO MUCH Magazine," claims pop singer Deborah Sachs as well as her manager Ingrid Angulo saw an object, standing still over their Los Riscos III
building at 7:07 PM, on December 14, 2002. The craft was at an altitude of not more than 120 meters southeast of Caracas. The craft had red and yellow flashing lights set in a ring form. The craft made
no sound and then moved toward their building in such a way that they lost sight of it as it passed. They called immediately to the magazine and the reporter indicated she was highly impressed by their
sincerity. Thanks to Martha Rosenthal, martha@ifxnw.com.ve, http://www.ceinpla.com

Felipe Castelo Branco wrote to Jeff Rense that, "I would like to share a couple of photos of the traces found after an abduction took place in a farm house near the city of Campo Grande, about 1300
kilometers northwest of Rio de Janeiro. The event was witnessed by 28 people present in the farm (I was there as well), who saw the big "disc of light" (maybe 50 meters in diameter) hover silently above
the house about 100 meters high ... then the disc shot down a bluish beam of light on the house and "abducted" a man who was lying on his bed. This was around 8:00 PM and when we broke in the
bedroom, there was this intense ozone smell. We were all very amazed to have witnessed such a phenomena. The man who was abducted returned after 48 hours and had a lot to say about his
experience (it was his 3rd abduction). Our group has been studying the UFO phenomena in this area for the past 6 years. Thanks to Felipe Castelo Branco 11-29-2 See photos at:

It was roughly 4 AM, I had been awake for two hours on December 11, 2002. I was looking out at the backyard, when I noticed three white lights. I thought they were drops of rain, but as I looked
closer, I could see that they stayed in the same position as I walked around the kitchen. All of a sudden, a fourth one emerged from behind the ground 150 meters away. They then begun to interact with
each other and fly right through each other. Then as I went out onto the balcony to get a better look, one approached in my direction. I was in the house within seconds, as I peered out of the window, it
continued its approach. The three behind it lit up brightly for about a second, and the object immediately flew back to the group.

They hovered for a few minutes when they merged together and changed shape to an oval with the furthest points of the oval pointing horizontally. It then began to shrink then expand and finally began to
fly up, and glare through the clouds until it disappeared. The lights when I first saw them appeared to be diamonds, but seemed to round themselves out.

Mike Rogalski writes, "First, congratulations on your www.filer.unfranchise.com website. I wish you prosperity and joy!" I appreciate your comments linking God, Christ, angels, etc., to the UFO
phenomena. Of particular interest to me was your statement about the "world" actually the Greek word "Cosmos" which would obviously not be translated as "world" if we took it straight from the Greek.
I really appreciate that insight, because of some of the difficulty in linking God with aliens.

You may find it interesting that in Ezekiel, he mentions that the pilot of the crystal craft was "like unto the son of man." He doesn't say it was human, necessarily, but the phrasing implies that it was a
similarity to a human....perhaps a gray. Also, that phrase is often used capitalized to indicate Christ -- The Son of man. Playing around with a little bit of ambiguity, and you could easily place Christ at the
helm of the UFO. At the very least, it was not an angel piloting the craft.

One problem I have with the aliens being moral beings is their conduct performed in the "greater good," which subjects us to experimentation. Perhaps the concept of "lab rats" is only relative to the
intelligence conducting the experiments. I agree that the aliens are varied, with many differing motives, morals, and conduct. So this does make it difficult to place all of them in one category of classification
as angels, gods, or whatever. Angels and Demons works well, so there you go--the bible telling us all about it when we're ready to hear it.

After working at Edwards AFB for NASA, I got to realize that you just don't scramble a $30 million dollar plane on a whim. Those scrambles always indicate a substantial bogey before anyone leaves the
ground. Only in Washington would I scramble jets before I knew for sure what I was looking at. I wish you and yours a happy new year! Perhaps it will be a year of breakthrough!
Thanks to Mike Rogalski djdjdisco@email.com

NEWFOUNDLAND -- Canadian fighter aircraft were scrambled Christmas Eve, December 24, 2002, to intercept a UFO with red blinking nose light. The interceptor pilots reported seeing a jolly old
man wearing red clothing who smiled and waved. The craft was in the shape of a slay and was drawn by numerous flying reindeer.

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to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential. CAUTION, MOST OF THESE ARE INITIAL REPORTS AND REQUIRE FURTHER

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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George A. Filer
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