Stephanie's gifts cross barriers beyond the psychic.Her spiritual powers are cosmic in their
scope and magnitude allowing her to connect to you cosmically  and  in a far greater way to
help you in any area of your life.Stephanie was born with two spiritual birthmarks that assist
her in her work.They represent certain spiritual powers .
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TONIGHTS SHOW - Stephanie and Mary speak on the power of the Omm and Mary gives and
example of what happened to her as Steph sent the Omm to her...
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Steph gives readings to some of our listeners
Steph and Mary chat about the metaphysical
Last week Steph sent Mary Sutherland the Om -  Upon waking Mary realized she was being downloaded with information. As the information came to her she recorded it on paper - which she later
put it up on this site for all of you to view.
Following is Mary's Story.
To the left are images and
symbols that were given to
me. As information comes to
me, I will add it to this site.
Mary Sutherland
Hello Mary,

The symbols appear to be
alchemical symbols. You will
notice that many of them are
doubles or mirror images and
interlocking. Some, like the
Venus and Mars symbols,
denote the union of the
male/female polarity.

Best wishes,
Mark Amaru
Serpents of Wisdom

Dear Mary

Each of these symbols is the
eqivalent to a set of our
encyclopedias, in so far as
thier meaning. They are a
combination of ancient
Hebrew and the language of
MU as related to the worship
of the ultimate Goddess of
Mu, Amara-Omni. Amara is
the Primal Goddess, and a
type of Celestial Dragon.
One of the Hebrew symbols
is the Aleph Bet letter "Tau"
which is also a feminine
Dragon symbol which is also
found in the "T" shaped
doorways of many
abandoned Anasazi
cliff-dwellings, and which has
the same connotations.

Sir Clifford

in the tornado drawing, i
actually visualized  and felt
myself and a few others
jumping through it - into this
plane or reality.
I don't think it was actually
me..but I was 'experiencing'
the person as if I was her...

I 'felt' this sense of
desperation and
determination for those that
jumped through and that it
was a forbidden act.  I also
felt the 'shock' of those that
were on this 'ship?' that
witnessed their act.  As if
they couldn't believe they
had just done this.
I also felt there were others
that came in search of them.

I "felt"  the spinning vortex
and the jump through 'time?'
. It was so real I awoke from
my sleep
...BUT that is when
everything started really

Symbols and voices in my
head talking rapidly
explaining so much to me
that I did not understand.

I grabbed a paper and paper
and started writing and
drawing as quickly as I could
- as they were giving me
information .  Finally after
about 4 sheets of paper they

My adredaline was pumping
so rapidly I could not get
back to I went to
the center and moved
furniture around until I
practically dropped from

It was very strange Clifford to
say the least.   Mary

Not all of the rest of the
galaxy was excited about
spiritual masters coming here
to jump start the evolution of
humanity. Ask the spirits to
bring the memories of all of
your lives forward to provide
a continuity of conciousness
from then to now.   Sir Clifford
Again more images with events and names - I  recorded them as I  saw the images
coming to me in my mind. I will try to describe how I saw this -
Like eyes behind my real eyes seeing a screen in front  of me..
And Adam knew his wife Eve, who was pregnant by Samael , and she conceived and bare Cain, and he
was like the heavenly beings, and not like the earthly beings, and she said, I have gotten a man from the
angel of the Lord." Gen. 4:1 -Dead Sea Scrolls
Two Seedlines  - Sons of Adam and the Caanites (Nephilm)
(information came to me through synchronicity March 30th 2006 - a week after images were
given to me)

When new evidence was brought forth from the Aramiac Targums confirming an omission in
Genesis 4:1 (similar to that of 1st Samuel 11 in the Dead Sea Scrolls), Ted R. Weiland, a
caustic and unyielding antichrist anti-seedliner, pronounced all such evidence as
"Babylonian influenced." When the Targum evidence is added to Genesis 4:1 in italics it
would read thusly:

"And Adam knew his wife Eve, who was pregnant by Samael  and she conceived and bare
Cain, and he was like the heavenly beings, and not like earthly beings, and she said, I have
gotten a man from the angel of the Lord."

The antichrist anti-seedliners point to 2nd Corinthians 11:3 and by taking that verse out of
context will claim she was only "mentally seduced." Genesis 3:13 asks the question: "What is
this that thou hast done?"
Had it been a "mental"  crime the question would have been, "What is this that thou hast
"thought?" The word "done" in that verse is #6213, and in both Strong’s and Geseniusâ
€™ has nothing to with anything mental, but everything to do with "to produce or create." In
fact, Genesis’ includes a definition with sexual connotations:

There are those today in another dimension that are coming through the veil  via somehow  
plugging into certain blood types and DNA strutures that  carry  a strong  nephilm gene.  
(recessive gene?)
When the LORD your God (God of Abraham - Adam Lineage) brings you into the land which
you go to possess, and has cast out many nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites
and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites,
seven nations greater and mightier than you  and when the LORD your God delivers them over
to you, you shall conquer them and utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them
nor show mercy to them.Nor shall you make marriages with them." Deut 7:1-3
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