UFO Sightings, Encounters and Paranormal of Dr. Oren Swearingen
Mary Sutherland @ July 2003
                                                         Dr. Oren Swearingen -   My Earliest Sighting

At the age of 3 or 4,  in or about 1933 or 1934, my family lived in a 2 story house, acorss the street from Terrell School in Griffing Park, a suburb of Port Arthur Texas.
On numerous occasions, my parents would awaken to see a small ball of light floating in their bedroom.
My father's sister came to visit and awakened to see a ball of light floating near the couch where she had been sleeping.
They described the ball of light to be about the size of a softball.
It only moved if they pproached and tried to touch it.
They experimented by opening and closing curtains, shades, etc to determine whether it had an outside source, without no success.
They tried to locate a ray or beam of light by placing their hands above it, below it, to the right or to the left, with no no success.
When the room lights were turned on, the ball of light was not visible . When the lights were turned off, the ball of light was still there.
Our neighbor told us that 'nobody ever lived in the house very long.'
Later the house ws torn down and a new one built in the same place.
                                                       My First UFO Sighting

During World War II, either 1944 or 1945
I was in Junior High School (Woodrow Wilson) which flanked the inter-coastal canal in Port Arthur Texas
We sat on a levee of the canal to eat lunch in the shade of Oleander bushes and then would lie back to look at cloud formations until recess was over.
While cloud-gazing, we noticed silver balls, or globes, high up in the sky overhead which aways hung, motionless, for the duration of the recess period.
Sometimes the globe would be alone and sometimes in pairs spaced about as far apart as barbells...always maintaining the same seperation.
Sometimes there would be 2 or 3 pairs of blobes, along with one or more single globes.
They were never seen to move during any of the recess periods, so after a few weeks of daily sightings wer finaly lost our curiosity and stopped wtching them.
Since they never move, it
became boring to watch!
Not knowing their size, I would not estimate their usual altitutde. They were obviously very high, small to the eye and would never be noticed unless one was already looking up with the
eyes focused on infinity. Their apparent size was about that of a pin-head held at arms length. I would guess 10,000 feet.

                                                     Silver Balls During World War II
                         Apparent size and patternless distribution of shiny-silver globes (?) high in a cloudless  sky- as seen during recess on a daily basis.
                                                                         A Fireball

Around 1947, while I was still in high school and washing dishes every night for my mother, I saw a strange sight.
I had finished cleaning up the kitchen and went outside to take some trash to the garbage can. It was well after dark and as I had the lid off the garbage can, I was facing easterly - toward a
vacant lot next door to our house - when my attention was drawn ( I could hardly have missed it!) to a very bright ball of fire rising silently and slowly above a neighbors trees. Its apparent
size was about twice that of a full moon and I call it a ball of fire because it looked exactly like a round bon-fire in the sky!
It had the colors of flam and the light shimmered and flickered like flames, while it was perfectly round. The edges may have been a little fuzzy and not sharply defined. (I have seen
parachute flares and this ws nothing like them)
As it rose, it was moving somewhat to my right, and slowly ascended until it reached a point almost at a zenith (I don't really understand a zinith - but I assume elevation must mean
overhead is 90 degrees and half-way up is 45 degrees) If that is the case, it began around 15 or 20 degreees elevation and rose until about 75 or 80 degrees and then, as if someone
threw a switch, the light went off! It was an eerie sight and there was no sound.
I remained outside for another 10 or 15 minutes, hoping to see something else.
In a few minutes I saw something like a meteor, steak across the sky, from horizon to horizon, almost at the blink of an eye! It was the size and brightness of a star, and if I had not been
standing still, looking up, I probably would never have seen it.
*Note from Mary Sutherland : It is interesting reading the above statement, because my husband Brad and several of his friend seen the exact same thing. And just like Oren, it went from
horizon to horizon in a flash..two times. After that they decided to leave the area they were in and go back into town quite shook over what they seen.

About 5 minutes later, there was a 2 second one, which duplicated the performance of the first. But no more fireball.
I attributed the star-streaks to meteors, even though I have never seen one flash all across the sky, without burning out.
At this time, I had heard about flying saucers, so that is what I called the ball of fire, even though it wasn't green like those being studied by Dr. Lincoln LaPaz.
Earlier that year, an acquaintance of mine had been shot and killed by a bouncer in a Louisiana night club, for sailing an ash tray across the dance floor and shouting "There's a flying

It's hard to draw this 3 dimensionally! The azamuth, or elevation, should appear to be higher in the sky and more over head - if its course had been toward my position it would have been
almost over me when it turned off. I have no idea how far away it was or how high it was, but it wasn't low enough for its light to be reflecting off the housetops.
My impression was that it was at least 2 or 3 thousand feet up - but that is only an uneducated guess.
If it was very high, then it wasn't rising, but flying level and just appeared to rise.


In the late sixties, I went on a deer hunting trip with 2 friends to a place in WestTexas near Ozona.
At the end of one days hunt, while eating supper, my attention was drawn to a very right star which kept bothering me because it was in the wrong portion of the sky.
Finally, I got tired of wondering about it. So after finishing my meal, I dug out my binoculars (7 X 50) and focused them on infinity.
Placing the binoculars on top of our car for stability I was able to clearly see that this was not a star or planet. (It was very low in the Northern Sky). It was a GOLDEN GLOBE with a small
red light on the top and a small green light on the bottom.
The binoculars remained, without being moved, on top of the car for 20minutes and the object remained in the field of view for the entire time---a feat impossible for planets or stars, which
are constantly moving.
Finally, after about 30 minutes of immobility, the object began to drift almost directly away from our position and in a few more minutes it could no longer be seen.
It seemed to be about 2-3 miles or more away.

Below  is an illustrated sighting provided by James Neff.  I will be using this photo as an example as to a very exciting encounter, much similar to what is shown above.  Coming soon.
Hopefully it will be up yet today.

Keep watching this page. Oren has much more to tell you of his experiences on UFO and Paranormal!   Mary Sutherland
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