Many have experiences that involve the workings of Light. They are told about photons and light
particles and are given instructions for spiritualizing matter. This seems similar to me to Greg
Braden's zero point ideas. If you focus on the Light or a positive outcome, without negative
emotion, the light particles actually coalesce into a coherent wave. A wave of coherent light is
so much stronger than particles of light interspersed with particles of darkness.

I suppose that a high wave of love, divorced from passion that flows up and down a scale,
could energize the wave of Light.

I also think the information about Light  was similar to what Gregg Braden is saying in The
Isaiah Effect, where he talks about praying to God "with all thy heart, mind, and strength." Many
people who have had UFO experiences have been able to visualize weather changes and have
them occur very quickly. They can create rain merely by visualizing the rain. I'm not speaking of
praying for rain, but rather of imagining what it feels like to be in the rain, to have mud around
your feet, to hear the plants growing.
Leo Sprinkle, PhD
Photo taken by Brad Sutherland of
Mary Sutherland's Higher Self Projecting from Behind -In and Around Her
Excerpt from The Secret Doctrine, Helena Blavatsky

The Higher Self

" St. Paul, another Initiate, called our world "the enigmatical mirror of pure truth," and St. Gregory, of Nazianzen, corroborated Hermes by stating that "things visible are
but the shadow and delineation of things that we cannot see." It is an eternal combination, and images are repeated from the higher rung of the ladder of being down to
the lower. The "Fall of the Angels," and the "War in Heaven" are repeated on every plane, the lower "mirror" disfiguring the image of the superior mirror, and each
repeating it in its own way. Thus the Christian dogmas are but the reminiscences of the paradigms of Plato, who spoke of these things cautiously, as every Initiate
would. But it is all as expressed in these few sentences of the Desatir: --

"All that is on Earth, saith the Lord (Ormazd), is the shadow of something that is in the superior spheres. This luminous object (light, fire, etc.) is the shadow of that
which is still more luminous than itself, and so on till it reaches ME, who am the light of lights."

In the Kabalistic books, and in the Zohar pre-eminently, the idea that everything objective on earth or in this Universe is the Shadow -- Dyooknah -- of the eternal Light
or Deity, is very strong.
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