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Guardians of the New Energy

There are those of you who have felt this call many years ago and through your own "intent"  and dedication began to "form the energy portals"  on planet Earth. We see these portals as swirling
energy signatures.

Some of you have been drawn to purposely open new portals of energy in various parts of the planet. This is very powerful work which will accomplish much for what is needed to come.  These
energy signatures that formed the potential vortexes have been waiting a long time to be activiated.

There are also many people who we know to be the Guardians of the New Energy - The Gate Keepers . These are people who form the nucleus and nurture a particular vortex of energy. These
people often travel to other places to help in the opening of new vortexes or who visit an established vortex to return home and strengthen the energy of their own portal. These energy signatures
of swirling energy will be the portals that will ultimately link the dimensional realities together.

Help from the Old Guards
The previous guardians of the Earth’s energy are all around you in excitement as you take these steps.  They now stand at your side to watch as you take the steps of responsibility for the
Earth’s energy. Tap into this source often for this communication has now increased.  Utilize them often and seek them out. As long as there is work for them to do here they will stay.

First Contact
Have you ever imagined first contact with another race of beings?  The vortexes that you are forming and nurturing are the key to these contacts. For the link energetically through the tools and the
portals will call the dimensions together.

In the new paradigm we must all work together for the good of the one. The old paradigm of separation is ending.  Only through love and unselfishness will we be able to step through into our new

Mary Sutherland

Imagine a human race which chooses reality--at least as its base--and then takes its  flights of fancy from there.

(Technical material on this page was prepared by Dr. Rudy Diaz of Arizona State University, for ARC Technologies, Inc.)
Fundamentals of EM waves
Electromagnetic (EM) waves are created by time-varying currents and charges. EM waves can be guided by structures (transmission lines) or by free space. An
antenna is a material structure that
directs EM fields from a source into space, or, by reciprocity, from space to a receiver. The shape and size of the antenna controls the transition from the near field to the far field.

Near-field behavior is most clearly seen surrounding small antennas; the electric dipole is a capacitive object:

The near field consists of the reactive near field,
also known as the quasi-static near field, and the
radiating near field also known as the Fresnel zone
or Fresnel region. In the quasi-static near field we
see fields that strongly resemble the electrostatic
fields of a charge dipole for a dipole antenna and
the fields of a magnetic dipole for a loop antenna.
In large antennas the quasi-static field can be
seen near edges.

In the Fresnel zone the waves are clearly not plane
and may have phase shifts that do not vary
linearly with distance from a (fictitious) phase center.

From the near field to the far field, EM radiation
changes from spherical waves to plane waves.
The far-field is sometimes called the Fraunhoffer region.
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Mary Sutherland
Acting as an Antennae
Mary (antenna) creating a spinning vortex
Phase Shiftings
In the 19th. Century, Michael Faraday , working with magnets re-discovered that they can create a spinning
vortex which can open dimensional doorways. If a bar magnet is set spinning, the differential in velocity,
down the radius, of each turning magnetic element, it can create a magnetic vortex. At a certain threshold of
angular velocity, the magnetic vortex sets up an inter-dimensional energy portal through a vortex resonance.
Although Faraday was working with 3d gadgets , the photo of Mary  sitting at her desk, gives evidence that
the human body is capable of achieving the same effects.

At the end of the Vedas it says , “tat tvan asi”, which means “thou art”. This is essentially means “I am that I
am” and “As above so shall be below”. This seems to be what the sacred ritual is all about.In the act of
sacred ritual;energy of consciousness is brought back in upon itself - thus creating the 'spin' .The
mathematics of recursion may be a spin path to the zero point of infinite energy/information.
Norma , comments on Mary Sutherland's Photo “Mary created a 'mirrored spiral,
swirling one direction above, then a zero point or center below ~ which is a mirrored spiral swirling opposite

Tharbo supports Norma's theory in the following remarks, “There is a zero point in this movement.Under this
zero point the movement is in contrast with the part above. This part is the component of the part above..
The energy above is positive while the energy below is negative. ..or better said + and - like a magnetic
force.” (Schauberger demonstrated this)

One reason why Mary can open portals is that her body is  being used as the component of contrast for this
wrong turned vortex and the zero point between her body . The produced vortex can change the energetic
point by pressing it into the right direction. Tharbo further explains the who's and why's behind Mary being
able to open portals in the following.  

“ The human body can be a living component, being one part of a counter action between energies. It even
can change the direction of a vortex by changing the energy point as being the zero point between this body
and the vortex. In this way the body can change the negative pole into a positive pole. When the chakras of
an individual whose consciousness is high in frequency are fully open to both sides, the cells inside the body
vibrate with the highest potentials, they can activate the portals... even the body itself can be seen as an
active portal..In this way the zero point in a vortex can spin around the both sides, the positive and the
negative sides . In this way the body and the vortex are both one in being a portal..
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Mary Sutherland

I have been playing with the idea of 'quantum language'. Don't feel
confused over the name...I made it up..laughs
Allow me to define my new word for you.
"Quantum Language" is a "universal" language and sight based
off "vibrations".

This would also be the language of the extra and ultra terrestrial
entitites. They ARE contacting us daily..but we do not hear them .
Why? ... Because we are not vibrationally aware enough to pick up
the vibrations being sent to us.
I believe, the reason they have been picking the areas of
China/India is because of the vibrational advancement of the monks
and practioners of vibrational religions there.

I believe we may have used "quantum language"  before the Tower of
Babel. This was when one world people spoke  one language.
Due to the frequency barrier produced during the time of the Tower
of Babel we lost this ability.
Now that the frequency barrier is weakening we are again getting it
back...However..we do not understand it.

Being that we don't understand , we ignore the messages coming in.
Passing them off as imagination or unexplained thoughts or voices in
our head.

Quantum language will involve exercising our third eye. You will
know when it begins to work  because of a swelling and pulsating
sensation .
Try this exercise to improve the quantum sight:

Concentrate on the third eye.
Send one message of  love out through the third eye directing it to
the universe.
Open third eye and receive a message.
Believe in the message coming in. (Do not question it, as it closes
down the spiritual eye and activates the 3d mind )
Do this a few minutes every day.

Ask for a teacher and the universe will appoint one for you. He/She
will be your personal instructor. Trust in your teacher, but always
remember to discern the spirit.

I came up with this idea of Quantum Language by watching and
studying Nature. Nature seems to have an unspoken word that all seem
to understand -mineral - plants -animals-fish and birds.  I believe
that it could only be one thing - vibrational . Thus a 'universal'
language orchestrated through vibrations.

This is why we 'think' the aliens have 'only' contacted the world
government leaders. We are wrong. They have contacted us and have
done so all along. It may be that the world government leaders have
this language figured out and the aliens are able to communicate
with them. At this time, it may be the extra and ultra terrestrials
only way to make contact until we have further developed our quantum
language skills.

Simply put..To speak and listen to the message of the
extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial is through Quantum Language .
Limit your usage of the 'spoken' language (sight and sound)  and
increase your usage of the 'unspoken' language (vibrations) and you
will hear the messages of the Universe -ET - and - UT.

I thank Dr. Wes Bateman for my understanding of the frequency

Mary Sutherland
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