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Photo One:  Mary Sutherland pulls scorpion tulpoid out of the invisible
realm while dowsing at a sacred site.
Here is a site that will  help explain what happened.
Photo Three : Orbs was taken while Mary Sutherland and researchers were at Eagle Lake
Photo Four: Mary Sutherland feels this large apparition standing in front of her and catches it on camera
Photo Four is of a light going into or out of Brad Sutherland's head..although he felt nothing
Photo Five is of two apparitions taken at Potters Field Cemetery by BUFO investigators
Photo Six: Two full bodied apparitions with stretched out arms pointing - taken in Haunted Woods
Photo Seven: Also taken at the Haunted Woods is of a beast (lion) with arm draped over researcher
Photo Eight: Spirit Energy taken at Burlington Cemetery by researcher John Johnson
Photo Nine: Angelic  Light - Tunnel and orbs appears out of the darkness -
Jolene is standing next to gate
There are  creatures that  appear to inhabit the etheric borderland between the physical and astral realms. The astral realms are said to be inhabited by
further varieties of elemental beings and also by the souls and astral shells of the dead. Since the middle of the last century a great deal of research has
been carried out into paranormal and spiritualistic phenomena. A whole new branch of science -- parapsychology -- has sprung up, though it receives as
yet little recognition from mainstream science. But there's plenty of evidence, for those willing to see it, that something like the astral realms and astral
entities must exist.

Photo Two:  Although Laura Held cannot 'see' the ecotoplasm ,
she feels it and we catch this apparition on camera

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